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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/17/2014 & the Weekend: Playtime!


Planetary patterns suggest plenty of sunshine, should you choose to bask in it. If you’ve got a planet or angle around 18 degrees of any  sign, you’re more likely to be experiencing the wind at your back.  Like Neil Patrick Harris, who has Uranus at 18 Libra and Mercury (mindset, communication) at 18 Cancer. He also has Venus (social expression) at 12 Cancer, currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. What a week he’s had: a book published and a new gig hosting next year’s Oscars. And just a few weeks ago, he got married. Of course that success would be reflected in planetary patterns in his horoscope, even without an exact birth time. And if we had his exact birth time, we’d see still more dynamic potential happening right now.

So make those calls and pitches, especially of the REconnecting kind. If you’re not feeling the love, there’s likely a planetary pattern of a more challenging nature happening in your horoscope. Consider consulting your local astrologer for details, especially since she is offering a special Mercury retrograde incentive for the curious but timid. Take the plunge!

And now back to our regularly scheduled forecast.

The Moon in Leo is nearly always up for a party, and its hook-up with expansive Jupiter at 8:05PM ET favors good times tonight. If there’s a downside,  it’ll be some Royal “We” with its knickers in an egocentric twist. Or wearing a pair of seriously idealistic blinders. Or consuming way more than they can handle.  Maybe around 3:35AM ET Saturday, they’ll wish they hadn’t eaten the whole thing, but that’s the only speedbump between now and Saturday brunch.

At 9:10AM ET on Saturday, the Leo Moon goes void with a long sigh…not to enter Virgo until 7:08PM ET. Chill and take care of routine tasks, but avoid impulse purchases like the plague. Test this theory out for yourselves:  impulse purchases made during Moon voids rarely turn out to be as useful as you thought. Better to save  your money for another day, and just roll with whatever twists and flakes may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Saturday night and all day Sunday facilitates putting things back in order. Yes, you can shop with efficiency and discerning taste, courtesy of that Virgo Moon. Note your dreams upon waking on Sunday, courtesy of a Moon-Neptune contact. There’s an especially deep and regenerative aspect to the action around 5:41PM ET Sunday night, thanks to an easy contact to the Moon from potent Pluto.

No sleeping in Monday; it’s stellar for REvisions and REorganizations of all kinds, thanks to the Virgo Moon and other easy patterns which you will learn about in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

To inspire whatever organizing you end up doing when the Moon enters Virgo, here’s a helpful article about the link between clutter and depression, with suggestions for streamlining your space.

Meanwhile, more nebulous Neptune running wild, in an obsessive relationship with expansive Jupiter, ruler of broadcasting and publishing. Thus no surprise to hear HBO and CBS both announce that they will soon be offering a direct online subscription for their programming. Yep, you can soon kiss your cable company goodbye and get the programs you want straight from the source.

Another story with other Neptune themes, such as betrayal and victimization: David Glassberg, the brother of convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg, died in July — though we’re just learning about it now. His testimony against his sister sent her to the electric chair — and guess what? His testimony was a lie. Meanwhile, in New York, a man wrongfully convicted of murder as a teen had his sentence overturned almost 30 years later. Empathy and forgiveness (also Neptune), anyone? Seems we see a story about a wrongful conviction overturned nearly every week now.

If your appetite for scandal hasn’t been sated, consider this lengthy read about a fine mess at the Picasso Museum, which is finally re-opening after being closed for five years. On another note, this one involving pharmaceuticals (more Neptune) and nebulous fog, Wikileaks has leaked yet another section of a draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that is being negotiated in a back room far, far away. The headline reads thusly: “…Would Be a Disaster for Public Health”.

Speaking of dark matters, file this one under “cosmic,” as actual dark matter may have been detected, which would be a historic breakthrough….huzzah!

Have a lovely autumn weekend, and thank you for reading this forecast.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/7/2014: Breakthrough Potential

Brrrr! It’s five degrees in New York. Even my keyboard froze up last night. Extreme? Score another round for planetary patterns….

My money is on a non-stop day of action, especially for those with planets engaged with the Cardinal Grand Cross discussed in yesterday’s forecast. The Moon continues to charge through Aries, zapped by an Uranian lightning bolt at 6:20AM ET; engaged in a power play or emotional catharsis with Pluto at 11:13AM ET and challenged by willful Mars and expansive/expensive Jupiter just in time for Happy Hour. By the end of the day, you should know what needs to be done to move your New Moon agenda forward, suggested by the First Quarter Moon’s conflict between me-me-me Aries and the (Sun in) Capricorn Establishment.

There may be some idealism involving said Establishment, or at least in areas of status and society, suggested by hook-up between mental Mercury and Venus (social expression, women, art, money) in practical Capricorn, and plenty may be revealed. After writing all the above last night, I am delighted to see on the NYT home page an item in which five activists who broke into a FBI office in 1971  are now breaking their silence.

They were never caught, and the stolen documents that they mailed anonymously to newspaper reporters were the first trickle of what would become a flood of revelations about extensive spying and dirty-tricks operations by the F.B.I. against dissident groups.

Gosh, this sounds familiar. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, anyone? Could there be an astrological pattern repeating itself? The activists who are the subject of these new revelations were a product of the 1960s, also known as the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965 and 1966. Interesting to note that things really got wild in the aftermath of the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunctions, i.e., up until 1972. Astrologer Bill Herbst has opined that we can expect a similarly increased level of disruption in the years following the seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto happening between 2011 and 2015.  Wow!

Meanwhile, more news in the power and energy sector, as forecast. Toyota plans to put a hydrogen-powered car on the market in 2015 and last year,  Spain’s greenhouse emissions dropped 23%, thanks to increased usage of electricity generated by wind and hydropower. Why can’t we do that here?

More news from Spain, involving power and corruption in high places: a member of the royal family faces charges of money laundering and tax fraud. Yikes! Meanwhile, in New York, 80 police officers and firefighters were arrested on charges filing fraudulent disability claims — in a several hundred million dollar operation that dates back to 1988 — and possibly even earlier. Wow again! Oh, and JP Morgan Chase will be paying out billions of dollars again, this time to settle charges that it enabled Bernie Madoff’s ongoing Ponzi scheme.

Aries, which is where the Moon is today, rules the head. Thus I leave you with two groundbreaking stories: one about mapping the brain and the other about measuring consciousness. As Rene Descartes famously said, “I think; therefore, I am.” Yes, of course, Rene Descartes was an Aries — with a truckload of other Aries planets in the 3rd house, which refers to mindset and communication. Interesting to note that his Aries Sun is at 10 degrees and his Ascendant is 10 degrees Capricorn — both currently supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Mais oui, Rene, we are thinking of you aujourd’hui…bodies may pass away, but horoscopes live forever….

This fire-engine red is brought to you by the Moon in me-me-me Aries, inspiring you to start the New Year off with an astro-logical consultation that’s all about YOU. Here’s how to contact me.

If you must ship in the next 48 hours, ship it today or before 11:22AM ET on Wednesday, when the Moon goes void for a 10 hour spell.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/1/2012: Summer When It Sizzles

OMG, June is finally here and there is so much on deck this month that I don’t even know where to start. Neptune goes retrograde on a full moon/lunar eclipse on the 5th. Jupiter moves into Gemini for a year’s stay on the 11th. The New Moon on the 19th and the Summer Solstice on the 20th are just days away from the Mother of All Planetary Patterns — a challenge between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  On the 24th, these two heavies will square off for the first time since the early ’30s — remember those days? They’ll continue to bump into each other for a total of seven times over the next three years. If you’re someone who thrives on change, you’ll love it. Think positively!

What does all this action have to do with you? If you’re in Brooklyn on Sunday night, I’ll be talking about this jam-packed month on Ellen Reeves’ fantabulous TALK SHOW  — stop by, tell your friends and alert the media. If you’re not in Brooklyn but you know a little bit about your horoscope, you’ll find helpful information on how this Uranus-Pluto square may impact your own personal world in this article I wrote for a local astrology newsletter back in March.

Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates…and now for the today’s whether forecast: Moon heading into Scorpio at 8:31AM ET demands depth and control, fueled by soulful inspiration…or delusion. Remember how idealism — the need to see things in the best possible light — is one of this week’s themes, courtesy of a hookup between mental Mercury and social Venus? Here’s a headline that fits this planetary pattern perfectly: George W. Bush — like him or not — was at the White House yesterday, where his Official Presidential Portrait was unveiled. From the videos of this event that have been posted on YouTube, everyone was having a marvelous time.

Another theme that will become more apparent as we move into the weekend and the Moon waxes full (exact Monday at 7:12AM ET), is the passion — frustrated or highly charged — that is suggested by a challenge between Venus (the feminine, the receptive) and Mars (masculine, aggressive) that will also be exact on Monday. Anyone have a big date planned?

Remember that Venus — which relates to our aesthetic sense and our relationships — is still retrograde. Tempting as that hot new thing may be, be advised that you may feel quite differently about said thing once Venus turns direct on June 27th.  On the other hand, it could be argued that some of the most sizzling passions can be experienced during a Venus retrograde. Hmmmm…..well…if you do indulge, seriously think twice before running off to Vegas to tie the knot. And whether you’re in a relationship or not, set your intentions for a positive outlet for your passions.

I’ll post another forecast for Sunday later. Anon…