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Wednesday 11/29/2017: News Round-up; Matt Lauer

Good Morning!

Moon is charging through Aries today — seeking to be appreciated for being Numero Uno. So much news to report — had to post — so you could say you heard it here first. I expect power plays as we approach the 6:53 PM ET tension between the Moon and Pluto, followed by conflict/heroism and disruption tomorrow between 6 AM and 7:30AM ET, as the fiery Moon clashes with warrior Mars and rebel Uranus.

First, happy early Mercury retrograde to Avid Readers who wondered why my last email contained two articles I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer.  Those were a gift from MailChimp, which sent them out as email after I added them to the Articles & Interviews page of my website. Not planned, but I hope you enjoyed them.

And now, the news…reflecting this week’s potent patterns:

  • A prominent and sobering control or ambitious reach in matters of media, foreign affairs, judicial philosophy and other Sagittarian concerns, as Mercury and Saturn met up in that sign Tuesday at 1:59 AM ET. This is the first of three meet ups we’ll have between now and January 13th. Remember, Mercury in Sagittarius thinks big, but is often sloppy.
  • A disruptive opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, exact Friday at 5:04 AM ET. Mars (action, courage, aggression, male sexual energy) in Libra (fairness, diplomacy, relationship, balance) is only at its best when it acts as a warrior for peace. Otherwise, it may behave badly, subverting its urge for expression into passive aggressive behavior and other toxic conflict-avoidance. Uranus in Aries shakes up the system in its quest for independence and/or technological advance. Examples of this over the past six years of Uranus in Aries: the gig economy, self-driving cars, flying cars, Uber and Lyft, drone warfare
  • A harmony between Jupiter and Neptune, exact Saturday at 9:22 PM ET. Jupiter is in Scorpio, on a mission to expand awareness in matters of sexual secrets and other peoples money. We’re revisiting the horrifying reality show experienced a few years ago when Saturn traveled through Scorpio. Neptune refers to faith, charity, redemption, oil, scandal, drugs, delusions, refugees — expressed with a need for empathy, compassion and/or universal suffering. Why so soulful? Because Neptune is traveling through Pisces, its ruling sign.
  • Added wigginess courtesy of Sunday’s exact square between Neptune and the Sun in opinionated, high-flying Sagittarius…plus a waxing Full Moon in Gemini. Emotions are on the rise this week. Oh, and Mercury turning retrograde on December 3rd.

OK, here goes:

Last but not least — Matt Lauer — whose horoscope I’ve been following since 2011 — was abruptly fired from the Today show this morning. His 8 degree Capricorn Sun was hit hard by Pluto and Uranus between 2011 and 2013, when he threatened to quit Today unless he received gobs and gobs of cash. He won that battle. The relevant posts are here   and here.  Why was Mr. Lauer fired? Allegations of sexual harassment brought by a co-worker. No sordid details yet.

We don’t have a birth time for Mr. Lauer — I’ve created a chart set just after 12PM, which puts transiting Pluto in a tense square to a hypothetical 18 Aries Ascendant. We know there is going to be some action on two of the four angles of this horoscope for such a cataclysmic event to occur, so this is not an illogical choice. When a birth time is unknown, astrologers will use noon or sunrise. Both options can reveal much.  Here, in this noonish chart,  there’s plenty of action between planets in the natal chart and where planets are right now that would also reflect the likelihood of Something Big Happening. In the chart below, Mr. Lauer’s birth chart is in the inner wheel. The outer wheel shows where the planets were yesterday morning. The yellow lines show how planets in the outer wheel are making contact with planets in the inner wheel.

Even if you don’t know anything about astrology and have no idea what those symbols represent, you should still be able to see that there is CONTACT between stuff in the outer wheel and stuff in the inner wheel. Just as a radiologist makes a living making meaningful sense out of the mysterious (to the average patient) blobs on X-rays and other tests, skilled astrologers invest years of study so they can make sense of the chart below. I’d be surprised if Mr. Lauer consulted with an astrologer this year, but if he had, he would have been alerted to the high probability of an upset to his need to be Number One — and much, much more. Perhaps he would have made different choices. FUN FACT: Mr. Lauer’s horoscope has a challenging aspect between his boundary-pushing Mars in Sagittarius and Pluto (power, persuasion). We’ve seen hard aspects between Mars and Pluto in the horoscope of many men recently outed for sexual harassment. It’s like….wow….there’s a pattern here….and there’s another pattern, too: Aries,



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Thank you for reading this forecast. Have you backed up your computers yet?



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Sunday 12/17-20/2015: Astrology in the News and Other Big Things

Alll–righty then!

This Thursday is brought to you by the Moon in Pisces, driven by impressions and intangibles. Who can say it isn’t real if it’s what you feel? This whole month has an element of that. And next month, too.

A potentially heavy kick from karma cop Saturn may have gotten you up this morning around 5:13AM ET. It was followed one hour later by a communicative aspect between Venus (in Scorpio) to “resistance is futile” Pluto (in Capricorn).  Venus-Pluto aspects suggest an empowered intensity in matters related to values, money, aesthetics and women. With Mercury on the verge of an exact engagement with Uranus and Pluto on Saturday and Sunday, the potential for shocking or otherwise disruptive communication and information is high. Let the juicy dirt- digging begin!

My vote for today’s planetary poster child has to be Martin Shkreli, whose horoscope I’ve been meaning to revisit all week. Why? Because he made headlines when it was revealed that he paid $2 million for the one and only copy of an album by Wu-Tang Clan — and then taunted the rest of the Free World about his successful bid (for power and control of the album). That, and doing other things denounced by the Free World as totally loathsome. How interesting that the karma cops knocked on Mr. Shkreli’s door early this morning and arrested him for securities fraud. Here is what I wrote about his horoscope back in August.  We do not know his exact birth time. Music, FYI, is another Neptune keyword.

East Coasters, start your Friday early, as the Pisces Moon will go void at 10:14AM, not to enter me-me-me Aries until 4:26PM ET.  Regular readers of this forecast know that Moon voids are best suited for chilling and taking care of routine matters. Go with the flow of whatever twists or flakes you may encounter in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Know that most crises that crop up during voids turn out to be much ado about nothing. Chill!!

Friday’s Moon void kicks off on the First Quarter Moon, which suggests a potential challenge to the agenda you set on last Friday’s New Moon. Make adjustments as needed to your plan for world domination. With the Moon in Aries over the weekend, we can expect a faster pace (so watch where you’re going), with the potential for an emotional power play or upset to the status quo in the window between 4 and 8PM ET on Saturday night. Why? Because that’s when the Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto. Plus, that intense Mercury-Pluto-Uranus thing.

Hey, here’s an idea. Rather than rush about doing your holiday shopping, battling crowds in the malls, I invite you to consider gifting your loved ones with a personal astro-logical report or consultation.  There’s only one thing I enjoy more than decorating gift certificates for personal astrological consultations, given to Lucky Someones by thoughtful friends and family. And that would be the emails I receive after I meet with that Lucky Someone, e.g., “Thank you so very much for our amazing meeting today. Girls from the office will be calling you already!!! You were 100% on target!!!” I am delighted to be of service.

If you sleep in on Sunday past 5:50AM ET, you’ll miss the face-off between assertive Mars and the Moon.  Sounds good to me; I’m not planning on running a marathon. The fast pace of the Aries Moon, combined with the expansive, high-flying Sagittarius Sun may feel more balanced for the rest of the day, as the two form an easy connection. But there’s still a buzz in the air, suggested by mental Mercury’s exact hit to rebel Uranus at 10:07PM ET. Not only that, but on Monday at 11:49PM ET, we’ll have the Winter Solstice, which always suggests a turning point. Watch for people with planets around 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to be making news.

Moon goes void Sunday at 5PM ET and enters comfort and security-seeking Taurus at 7:13PM ET. Good food, sweet music and a snuggle with your sweetie?

No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news…

The week started out BIG, didn’t it? Big premiere of biggest blockbuster ever for sure, right? May the Force be with you — and through the roof when the new Star Wars film opens Friday. Hooray for Monday with its big giant square between Jupiter and the Sun!

There was big news in the fishing industry, suggested by an obsessive connection between Jupiter and Neptune that will be with us through January and beyond. Jupiter is BIG. Neptune is fish, oceans, slavery and suffering. Who packed that shrimp cocktail? Read this and you’ll never eat it again, aided by a dose of reality, too, as Saturn also puts pressure on Neptune.

Other exposes involving horrible human behavior include today’s front-page piece about a cover-up involving Navy SEALS (Neptune) and a death in Afghanistan, as well as last Sunday’s NYT piece about a cover-up involving prison guards and an inmate’s death in upstate New York. It’s all happening in the U.S., as transiting Pluto continues to put anguished pressure on the U.S. Saturn. Once Pluto finally passes the 15 degree mark, we may see a domino effect in efforts to repair the corruption we uncover.

We had a BIG publishing story in which casino magnate and huge political donor Sheldon Adelson paid $140 million for a Las Vegas newspaper. Scandalous, you say? Who owns your favorite news sources? Do you know? The story broke after the last BIG debate of 2015 happened in Vegas on Tuesday. Here’s the NYT’s Gail Collins with her always-cheerful wrap, in case you missed it.

BIG hoax in Los Angeles and New York on Tuesday — which shut down the entire school system in Los Angeles…

BIG news in finance yesterday was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellin’s announcement that it would raise interest rates — the first hike since June 2006. How interesting that in August of 2006, Saturn and Neptune would be in the first of a series of challenging aspects to each other, as they are now (and have not been since that series completed). Worth more study, I’m sure…

I can’t say I was surprised by Ms. Yellin’s announcement, even as some journalists were on pins and needles, wondering what she would say. On Twitter, financial journalist Pete Spence tweeted:

Peter Spence


With under 60m left until the Fed announces its decision, what do Yellen’s horoscopes say? 

We do not have an exact birth time for Ms. Yellin, Mr. Spence. Could you be an awesome reporter and dig that up? The general Sun Sign horoscopes you posted from the Daily Mail and the Daily Star are just that — general — and thus not reliable. Plus they were written for a different time zone — adjustments must be made. That being said, we can see from patterns on her birth date how Ms. Yellin might be inclined to take a speculative risk now…and we may have a sense of how that is playing out in mid-February. I wrote about patterns on her birth date over two years ago.

Guess how else astrology made news this week? First it appears to have been dissed in a rap video Michelle Obama made with SNL’s Jay Pharoah, encouraging teens to go to college. Boo hiss! Mr. Pharoah, do you have any idea how many years of study and experience it takes to become a skilled astrologer (obviously not)? Second, Hillary Clinton mentioned astrology when answering a question about whether she’d rather be president or Beyonce (thanks, Washington Post):

“Now, if I really had a choice, I’d rather be president because I can’t sing,” she said. “Nobody would pay to see me sing or dance. Even when I was a way lot younger, it just wasn’t in the cards for me. You see her on TV, it’s impressive. You see her in person, you’re just stunned. Thinking like, how does she do that? Really. I mean, she sings, she’s up, she’s down. It’s just amazing. So it’s just not in my astrological reading, I think (she laughs). So I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.”

Mrs. Clinton is correct that the potential for singing and dancing is not strong in her horoscope. Public speaking, absolutely. Can’t speculate on what her cards might say, but I bet Beth Owlsdaughter could. Her weekly Tarot Card offerings are always in synch with planetary patterns…and she’s such a darn good writer…

I know there is much more I could write about, but then I’d have to charge you. Thank you for reading this forecast…and keep those cards and letters coming. Have a wonderful, wonderful  weekend, in this magical holy-day season!


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 7/8-9/2015: Saturn Goes to the Movies; Mercury in Cancer; Mars Trine Neptune

Headlines….headlines…and more headlines…on a day when the Moon continues its charge through headstrong Aries. Well, I told you on Monday that you would not be bored today.

At 4:16AM ET the me-me-me Aries Moon was challenged by Mars, infusing the morning with an extra dose of caffeine.  It was a bumpy ride for passengers on United Airlines, which grounded flights this morning thanks to a computer (Mercury) glitch. Fiery power plays and/or catharses are possible around 12:44PM ET, when the Moon is squared by Pluto.  Ditto those potential challenges when the history, heritage and family loving Cancer Sun squares the warrior Aries Moon at 4:24PM ET. A shock or other upset to the status quo is likely when the Moon meets up with rebel Uranus at 11:17PM ET.

Meanwhile, mental Mercury is at the Aries Point, about to leave Gemini for Cancer at 2:52PM ET. What is said and thought today has extra prominence. The oil on today’s potentially choppy waters is an easy alignment between Mars and Neptune. The harmony between them offers the potential for peace, spiritual pursuits, charisma and actions based on rose-colored ideals.

Given these planetary patterns, we can expect that when the NYT, writing about today’s debate in the South Carolina House of Representatives on the fate of the Confederate flag says it is “expected to be contentious and emotional,” rest assured that the NYT’s prediction will prove to correct.  It’s fascinating that the debate is happening on the same day that a U.S. court put the final nail in the coffin of the Washington Redskins trademark protection. It’s officially history.

Tomorrow the Moon will be void of course between 9:47AM and 3:49PM ET, facilitating self-absorbed howls of indignation that are likely much ado about nothing. Take care of routine matters during that time and chill if you can. After the void, Moon enters material security-seeking Taurus, slowing down the pace and tempting us to indulge in simple pleasures of the senses…and why not?

And now, the news.

With Saturn now back in Scorpio until September 18th, we expect heavy themes of sex, death and money to return with a vengeance. Following up on yesterday’s revelation about the stunning gender and racial imbalance among  prosecutors in certain states, consider this headline: “Louisiana Prosecutor’s Proud Goal: ‘Kill More People'”.  Did you know that only 1% of all counties in the U.S. were responsible for 50% of all death sentences meted out between 2010 and 2014? I didn’t.  In the linked article you’ll learn about Dale Cox, the prosecutor whose efforts have resulted in more death sentences in his Louisiana parrish per capita than any other county in the U.S. Vengeance is his middle name. And here’s a detailed account of one of his “success” stories, despite the controversy over the evidence presented. If we don’t become aware of these cases, how can we change the system?

Couldn’t find a birth date for Mr. Cox — looks like it might be January of 1948, where we might see in a horoscope a hard and detached social expression suggested by Venus opposing a tortured Saturn-Pluto conjunction in regal Leo.

Contraceptives — another consequence of sexual energy, as well as a battleground topic over the past couple of Saturn in Scorpio years — also made the front page. Women are spending less — a lot less — since the Affordable Care Act required insurers to cover contraception. But as you know from Monday’s forecast, that savings will now likely be charged back to consumers in the form of higher premiums. So women will pay in other ways. Which is awesome news if you happen to own stock in a health insurance company. Meanwhile, Colorado is reporting enormous success as a result of its decision six years ago to offer free contraception to teens and other economically-challenged women. Birth rates and abortion rates have plummeted.

In other news, stories of the past week’s alignments between the Sun and Mars with dreamy/escapist Neptune are reflected in these stories. First, your kids are addicted to those virtual realities they stare at on their screens. What are you going to do about it?

(A pause, while your astrologer considers whether she is going to re-type the rest of today’s lovingly and carefully-crafted forecast, which went into a WordPress black hole when she pressed “Publish” minutes before annihilating Pluto squared the Moon.)

(Still thinking about it, as the me-me-me Aries Moon demands to know what’s in it for her.)

(Concludes that she is too much of a professional to not persevere with her passion,  believing that what needs to be re-typed will be so much fun and enlightening for others to read. How can she not share?)

(Resolves that out of this temporary loss, a plan for advance will be formulated that will allow her to receive as much support from the Universe as she gives. Recognizes that this is the challenge — and gift —  of a heavy Saturn transit in a horoscope.)


Second, in what we might think is intuitively obvious, new research suggests that babies are born spiritual.   How might this impact parents and caretakers whose efforts are more focused on supporting a child’s physical and emotional development? Cue The Police now, please…preceded by a brief, silly bit embodying the seductive allure of a Mars-Neptune alignment.

Speaking of emotional development and Saturn transits, much gratitude to avid reader Diane, whose Facebook rave about Inside Out inspired me to see it over the weekend. The film opened last month, though it seemed like it wasn’t until last weekend that I noticed other raves about it in the mainstream media and on blogs. Makes sense, given certain planetary patterns, but the point I’d rather make is this:  the film is FABULOUS. You MUST see it.

Without giving too much away, it’s about an 11-year-old girl whose mind is run by five emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. It’s the latter emotion that is most challenging, and it got me thinking that in the language of astrology, Sadness is equated with Saturn. When I tell clients who know just enough about astrology to be dangerous that they’ve got a Saturn transit on the horizon, they are not happy. They would prefer to avoid Saturn at all costs, much as some of the characters in Inside Out want to avoid Sadness. Is this a productive strategy?

Go see this movie. It’s in 3-D, and there’s an equally fabulous animated short about a lonely volcano that precedes the feature attraction.  Bring Kleenex. Then read this piece on how the storyline was developed. Then read this op-ed written by two of the psychologists who served as consultants on the film.  What you learn about Sadness can be applied to your understanding of Saturn in the horoscope.

Thank you for reading this forecast. I’d be delighted if you shared it with your friends.  Meanwhile, if you’re curious to know what Saturn is doing in your own unique horoscope, here’s the 411 on consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/6/2014: Shine, Shine, Shine; Venus at the Aries Point

Get up, get to work, have fun and shine. The Moon is in drama queen Leo, poised to act on its need for love, love, love — backed by a positive expression of assertive energy in the early morning and an unconventional, friendly approach by suppertime. Not only that, but the rock-solid Taurus Sun is in a happy dialogue with buoyant Jupiter, suggesting optimism and perhaps your own personal cheering squad for your plans for world domination.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Leo Moon will be void of course as of 6:51AM ET tomorrow…until 2:24AM ET on THURSDAY. Your other Moon void to consider this week starts on Friday at 6:08PM ET. Moon voids are perfect for chilling out, taking care of routine tasks and rolling with whatever twists crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Voids are not suited for signing contracts or initiating projects you wish to be of consequence. No impulse shopping either, as purchases made during Moon voids often are not nearly as useful as you imagined.

Also of note this evening: the First Quarter Moon, exact at 11:15PM ET, suggesting a challenge to whatever initiatives you’ve taken on last week’s New Moon. Something to do with values, money and anything/anyone else we might hold dear? How are your needs for creature comforts changing?

And now, the news.

On Friday you may recall that Venus — which refers to love, social expression, art, beauty, money and women — zipped into pioneering, inspiring, warrior/hero Aries. You may also recall that the first few degrees of Aries is called the Aries Point, and that any planet at the Aries Point NEEDS to attract attention. So how have Venusian concerns been prominent in recent headlines?

Exhibit A:  nothing screams Venus at the Aries Point like the riveting red carpet parade of beauty and fashion at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Factor in the evening’s Moon in regal Leo and glamorous Neptune running wild — and feast your eyes. Exhibit B: Aries is known for its me-me-me focus and proud self-reliance. How perfectly-timed to read that pioneering sex therapist Betty Dodson is making a comeback, pardon the expression. As the article linked above states:

The pensioner once dubbed the “godmother of masturbation” thanks to her 1973 bestseller, Sex for One, is relaunching her masturbation masterclasses in New York. Now 85, Dodson wants to help the post-Sex and the City, post-Girls generation of women that she believes are not nearly as liberated as they think they are….

We should all look as fabulous at 85 as Betty Dodson. Born on August 24th, 1929 in Wichita, KS — reportedly around 6:30AM, she has a pristine, perfection-seeking Virgo Ascendant with the Sun also in Virgo conjunct dreamy Neptune. This conjunction is in the 12th house, suggesting she is well-suited to serve as a consultant, with a unique and healing insider’s perspective. Naturally her Moon, which drives the horoscope, is in — pioneering, independent Aries! Also of interest: Mars at the Aries Point — unaspected — suggesting courageous action and sexual energy needs to be prominent and may run away with the rest of the horoscope. Not to be ignored: Venus conjunct Pluto in the sensitive, watery, feminine depths of Cancer. This Venus-Pluto conjunction suggests strong potential for feminine empowerment and transformation — expressed in ways that need to be nurturing, albeit intense and possibly extreme. This Venus-Pluto pattern squares Dodson’s Aries Moon, amplifying the need for self-indulgence and empowerment! Isn’t astrology amazing? What does YOUR horoscope suggest?

Last, but hardly least: how fascinating to note that as Venus (women) demanded prominence as it hit the Aries Point late last week, the outrageous plight of the hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls is also demanding the world’s attention. They were kidnapped on April 14th, the day Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, turned retrograde…which instantly made me think of the Greek myth of Persephone, though the abductors in this modern horror story are hardly motivated by love. More like yet another Cardinal Grand Cross/Uranus-Pluto square “moment of truth” (as noted in a small number of outraged posts on Facebook), which is that the world will immediately commit millions of dollars and man hours to finding a missing Malaysian plane with presumably dead passengers, but when it comes to finding a slightly greater number of poor African schoolgirls who are likely very much alive and in danger, the response is less than enthusiastic.

Why is that?

And seriously, what DOES your horoscope suggest, in light of these intense planetary patterns? Aren’t you just a wee bit curious? Consider booking a personal astro-logical consultation — I guarantee you’ll find our discussion enlightening and helpful.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/7/2014: Breakthrough Potential

Brrrr! It’s five degrees in New York. Even my keyboard froze up last night. Extreme? Score another round for planetary patterns….

My money is on a non-stop day of action, especially for those with planets engaged with the Cardinal Grand Cross discussed in yesterday’s forecast. The Moon continues to charge through Aries, zapped by an Uranian lightning bolt at 6:20AM ET; engaged in a power play or emotional catharsis with Pluto at 11:13AM ET and challenged by willful Mars and expansive/expensive Jupiter just in time for Happy Hour. By the end of the day, you should know what needs to be done to move your New Moon agenda forward, suggested by the First Quarter Moon’s conflict between me-me-me Aries and the (Sun in) Capricorn Establishment.

There may be some idealism involving said Establishment, or at least in areas of status and society, suggested by hook-up between mental Mercury and Venus (social expression, women, art, money) in practical Capricorn, and plenty may be revealed. After writing all the above last night, I am delighted to see on the NYT home page an item in which five activists who broke into a FBI office in 1971  are now breaking their silence.

They were never caught, and the stolen documents that they mailed anonymously to newspaper reporters were the first trickle of what would become a flood of revelations about extensive spying and dirty-tricks operations by the F.B.I. against dissident groups.

Gosh, this sounds familiar. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, anyone? Could there be an astrological pattern repeating itself? The activists who are the subject of these new revelations were a product of the 1960s, also known as the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965 and 1966. Interesting to note that things really got wild in the aftermath of the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunctions, i.e., up until 1972. Astrologer Bill Herbst has opined that we can expect a similarly increased level of disruption in the years following the seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto happening between 2011 and 2015.  Wow!

Meanwhile, more news in the power and energy sector, as forecast. Toyota plans to put a hydrogen-powered car on the market in 2015 and last year,  Spain’s greenhouse emissions dropped 23%, thanks to increased usage of electricity generated by wind and hydropower. Why can’t we do that here?

More news from Spain, involving power and corruption in high places: a member of the royal family faces charges of money laundering and tax fraud. Yikes! Meanwhile, in New York, 80 police officers and firefighters were arrested on charges filing fraudulent disability claims — in a several hundred million dollar operation that dates back to 1988 — and possibly even earlier. Wow again! Oh, and JP Morgan Chase will be paying out billions of dollars again, this time to settle charges that it enabled Bernie Madoff’s ongoing Ponzi scheme.

Aries, which is where the Moon is today, rules the head. Thus I leave you with two groundbreaking stories: one about mapping the brain and the other about measuring consciousness. As Rene Descartes famously said, “I think; therefore, I am.” Yes, of course, Rene Descartes was an Aries — with a truckload of other Aries planets in the 3rd house, which refers to mindset and communication. Interesting to note that his Aries Sun is at 10 degrees and his Ascendant is 10 degrees Capricorn — both currently supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Mais oui, Rene, we are thinking of you aujourd’hui…bodies may pass away, but horoscopes live forever….

This fire-engine red is brought to you by the Moon in me-me-me Aries, inspiring you to start the New Year off with an astro-logical consultation that’s all about YOU. Here’s how to contact me.

If you must ship in the next 48 hours, ship it today or before 11:22AM ET on Wednesday, when the Moon goes void for a 10 hour spell.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/14/2013: More RAMbunctious Aries; Venus Square Uranus

More proactive pioneering energy can be yours today, courtesy of the Moon continuing its sojourn through RAMbunctious Aries. Optimism and potential excess are suggested as the day progresses, as the “believe in miracles” Aries spirit is offered an extra dose by jolly Jupiter, exact at 3:57PM ET. Get it off your desk by that time, as the Moon then goes void with a sigh…not to enter the next sign, Taurus, until 9:49AM ET on Friday.

For those new to the forecast, Moon voids are natural rest periods, when the Moon’s usually driving energy isn’t going anywhere in particular. I encourage you to observe what happens during voids. See if you notice a lack of focus or unusual twists in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Read more about Moon voids here.

At 8:13PM ET, Venus in Capricorn is challenged by rebel Uranus in Aries, suggesting the potential for sudden and/or unconventional attractions, a need for freedom in social expression, and/or breakthroughs in issues involving women, money and art. Watch the headlines. Yesterday, a tech company called Snapchat that offers a revolutionary, no-strings-attached channel for social expression rejected a zillion-dollar offer. An Andy Warhol painting brought in millions at an auction — and set a record high for paintings by that artist. Check out this bit about a breakthrough device designed to liberate babies who get stuck during childbirth. Look at this sudden upset in the world of aviation, as the Justice Dept. seems likely to approve a ginormous merger between American Airlines and US Air. And oh — look — Janet Yellen — a high-powered, pioneering woman in the world of finance —  will be grilled by Congress today. Coincidence or conspiracy?

What’s going on in your horoscope? Contact me to schedule a personal consultation…or give a consultation as a Hannukah gift to a very lucky Someone!

That’s all folks — gotta ship this forecast and charge through the day. Enjoy.



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/26/2013 and the Weekend: Escape the Madness

Note your waking thoughts this morning, as dreams and longings for beautiful escapes are suggested. Perhaps you will see a bit of that longing made real by the mid-afternoon.

We are still in the middle of a long rest period suggested by the soulful Pisces Moon being void-of-course; i.e., traveling through the cosmos with all of the energy and focus of a pinball that has made its last hit to a bumper and is now falling to the bottom of the pinball machine. When the Moon enters Aries at 5:29PM ET, we should notice an immediate boost in energy, speed and focus. Until then, roll with the twists and try to enjoy the unexpected detours in your journey from point A to point B. If you can’t enjoy them, at least have patience. Don’t turn molehills into mountains. If you work in an field with constant deadlines — such as television, and especially news — you’ll notice the effects of the void more than most.

Saturday is volatile. A fiery Moon in me-me-me Aries is prone to impulsive, headstrong warrior action. Be very mindful of the potential for angry outbursts as you go about your business. The Aries Moon will be sorely challenged all day by  hard contacts with aggressive Mars, Pluto and rebel Uranus. Intense physical efforts and power plays that may turn violent are suggested by Mars opposing ruthless Pluto at 6:47PM ET.  Keep an eye on any demonstrations that may happen this weekend. The Moon goes void again at 10:19AM ET…not to enter Taurus until 12:43AM ET on Monday.

Also exact Saturday: chilly Saturn (discipline, patriarchy, ambition) in Scorpio (debt, karma) squares the sunny regal Leo Sun (life force, will) at 9:06PM ET. This can be harsh; we’ve seen headlines reflecting cuts and restrictions all week. If you read yesterday’s forecast, you will remember that Huma Abedin is currently experiencing Saturn square Sun (and Saturn, too!)  in her horoscope, and you are too, if you were born around July 28th or January 28th.

Should be an interesting weekend for sports matches, especially on Sunday during the all-day Moon void.  Get to the gym if you need to blow off some steam.

I will post a news round-up later. There’s a lot to report. I’ll leave you with a beautiful escape that perfectly reflects the need for beauty suggested by today’s Venus (art, love, women, beauty) opposed by rose-colored Neptune..and the Moon in Pisces. A reader sent it in — thanks to Leila for sharing — here it is:

I just saw this in the metro newspaper today: – a social media site dedicated to allowing everyone to share a bit of their own happiness with the world… How’s that for being in line with today’s energy  – compassion for humanity? :)

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/13/2013: It’s a Blast!

And…we’re off! Full speed ahead on a waxing Moon in me-me-me Aries. Let’s get this party started!

Your day may begin with a sudden jolt or flash of illumination, as Moon meets up with Uranus, disruptor of the status quo at 8:05AM ET, followed by a lovely connection to expansive Jupiter. What’s your pitch?

The only other exact aspect of the day hits at 4:34PM ET — a challenge to the pioneering Aries Moon from ruthless Pluto in practical Capricorn. This could be a power play or an emotional catharsis. Let go of whatever needs to be released without looking back; an Aries Moon needs to move forward.

This fiery, inspiring and passionate energy carries us through tomorrow, which is Valentines’ Day. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift that lets them know they are Number One, consider a gift certificate for a personal astro-logical consultation. And if you don’t have a Valentine, be your own sweetheart and treat yourself. I am offering consultation specials all month long.

And speaking of being Number One, here is the Best in Show winner from the Westminster Kennel Show, chosen during last night’s Aries Moon. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Banana Joe…






Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/17/2011: When Mars Attacks!

Moon in Aries shifted from neutral into 4th gear last night at 8:10PM ET, ending two full work days in wandering, amorphous void mode.

Moon in Aries can be feisty, pioneering, inspiring, courageous, speedy, and a wee bit (!) selfish and impatient. It needs to be recognized, damn it — not now, but RIGHT NOW. Given the qualities of this Moon driving the pace of the day, I anticipate you’ll find more than the usual suspects demanding your attention. The probability of shocks and awe is great in the morning hours, as rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto challenge the need to be Number One.

Around 3:11PM ET, aggressive Mars in security-oriented Cancer may see red when it engages that aforementioned need to be Number One. You are more likely to feel this if you have a point or planet at 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; if you do, I’ll wager you’ve noticed an uptick in the ego issues getting in your face all this week. I know I have (Sun at 8 Aries, thank you very much)! How about you, Governor Rick Perry? Have you been on a warpath this week? Why — look — you have:  “Rick Perry Attacks Ben Bernanke’s…” Rick Perry has Mars at 8 degrees of Libra; it was challenged Sunday and Monday by Mars at 8 Cancer.

I share this because  a number of readers have asked me how they can apply current planetary positions to their own horoscopes. In Gov. Perry’s case, it appears  he’s using the charge suggested by Mars on Mars action to go on the offensive (not the best strategy yesterday, given the Moon void); in fact we anticipated he would be doing that when we looked at his horoscope a couple of weeks ago. In my case, with Mars challenging my Aries Sun, there is a suggested potential for issues involving “temperament, accidents, increased drive and feeling attacked”. “Increased drive?” Yes — and the workload has increased. This is a happy problem to have. “Accidents?” I tripped walking up a flight of stairs yesterday, with a cup of coffee in my hand. It was spectacular. “Feeling attacked”? Let’s just say I have a certain way of doing certain things that makes perfect sense to me, but not to certain other people. Said “other people” — note the plural — have expressed challenging viewpoints over the past two days. Isn’t that amazing?  What perfect timing! And for those who argue that anticipating an event or behavior might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy, in this case, I’m noting the planetary pattern after the events occurred. Any questions?

This is how astrology can be helpful on a very personal basis. When you see the pattern coming up in a horoscope, it helps put things in perspective. It helps one choose how to act– or react — when the pattern manifests itself, or better yet, before the pattern shows up.  Mars transits can be intense, but they don’t last long. That helps me put things in perspective, too. Do you have a planet or point at 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? How have you been feeling over the past two days?