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Thursday-Friday 7/27-28/2017: Icarus Falls and Other Wonders

The Virgo Moon went void at 2:31 AM ET, wandering without focus on its quest for perfection — for better or for worse. A Moon void suggests crises that crop up are likely much ado about nothing. Should I file this morning’s headline about the “Justice” Department’s argument that a federal civil rights law does not protect employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation in this category? Is this yet another distraction from Other Things the PTB Would Prefer We Not Know About?

At 11:37 AM ET, see if you notice the shift as the Moon engages in the next sign, Libra. A Libra Moon seeks balance, fairness and no small amount of people-pleasing. It cruises without interference for the rest of the day, pushing forward its agenda around 9PM ET, suggested by a boost to the Moon from  the Sun (leaders) and Mars (action) in “l’etat, c’est moi” Leo.

More of the same on Friday — smooth sailing for the Moon in the AM and early PM,  building to an expansive burst of optimism or excess around 6:35 PM ET, as the Moon meets up with Jupiter. A power play or emotional catharsis may soon follow, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with ruthless Pluto. Should be an interesting afternoon for end-of-the-workweek headlines.

And now, the news…a.k.a: “oh what fresh hell is this?”

Wednesday morning began with a face-off between the hypercritical/perfection-seeking Virgo Moon and delusional/bewildering Neptune, exact at 6:37AM ET. Add in the planetary pattern of the week — i.e, the meet-up of the Sun and militant Mars in rip roarin’ Leo, and you’ve got an apt backdrop for yet another boondoogle of a tweetstorm from five-time draft-dodger P45. Driving us to distraction this time was a royal proclamation that in order to form a more perfect military, transgendered persons will no longer be permitted to serve. It’s just more efficient, you see — and thrifty, too — especially in terms of health care costs — all  cherished Virgo buzzwords. And never mind that the health care cost of transgendered personnel pales in comparison to the amount spent on treating erectile dysfunction (blasted macho Mars in Leo fried to a crisp by its exact meet-up with the fireball Leo Sun) — $41.6 million on Viagra alone.   Delusional? Surreal? A tad dictatorial? The Defense Department was “blindsided” — never saw it coming, reflecting the potential of Mars (war, military) literally blinded by its exact proximity to the overpowering Sun.

Caitlyn Jenner, clutching her pearls as she processed the shock of realizing what havoc her Election Day vote has wreaked upon the nation, expressed outrage, just as her horoscope suggests she would at this time. Check out the chart and notice how the Sun-Mars meet-up is provoking her Scorpio Sun and Ascendant, while transiting Mercury in Virgo sits on her Mars; transiting Saturn squeezes the life out of her Venus (social expression; values) at 20 Sagittarius; transiting Pluto squaring her natal Mercury motivates her to transform her perspective and express herself persuasively; and finally, transiting Uranus squaring her natal Jupiter shakes up her values and self-worth. Isn’t astrology amazing? Just wait until 2018, when transiting Uranus zaps her Aquarius Moon and intensifies her need to be seen as a humanitarian of social significance. Watch her broaden her reach.

Late-night comics are having a field day, as is NYT columnist Gail Collins, whose usual cheerful demeanor is noticeably subdued once again by the influence of transiting Saturn (sobering) on her Mercury (mindset). Op-ed columnists liberal and conservative — including  Charles Blow ,  Jennifer Rubin and even Ken Starr are also reflecting the potential of the Sabian Symbol for the recent New Moon in Leo: a fit of apoplexy. Told you so.

Meanwhile, Orrin Hatch (R-UT)  surprised many when he stated last night, “Transgender people are people and deserve the best we can do for them.” I’m not surprised. When it was rumored months ago that exposure of corruption in the current Administration and on Capitol Hill would lead to Senator Hatch becoming president, I thought, “well, that seems like a really big stretch, but given the chaotic Mad Hatter Tea Party suggested by pertinent horoscopes, let’s check it out.” Do we see the potential  for exceptional recognition and reward in Orrin Hatch’s horoscope?  Yes — and we do have a birth time for him: 1PM on 3/22/1934 in Homestead Park, PA.

His pioneering Aries Sun at the Aries Point brings energy to lead and inspire, driven by a Moon in Gemini that needs to be the smartest kid in the room. It’s fronted by a Cancer Ascendant, needing to be seen as caring and sensitive, concerned with family and home(land) security.  And oh — looky, he has a Sun-Mars conjunction, too — only in Aries, champion of the underdog (on a really good day).  Those religious hymns he writes? Chalk that up to an opposition between Mercury (mindset. communication) and Neptune (faith, music) placed in the areas of his horoscope related to writing and publishing.

His horoscope has been hot this year — and will continue to be so into 2018.  Like P45, he’s been enjoying the expansive and rewarding potential of Jupiter’s return to its natal placement in the horoscope. It was exact on his March solar return and will hit again on August 23rd.   Transiting Uranus is squaring his Cancer Ascendant, suggesting a potential fresh start or upset; it’s also conjoining his natal Uranus, suggesting a need for independence and freedom, as in not having any more eff’s to give, as the saying goes. The potential for a change of status could apply in personal as well as professional affairs. The first hits of these two series of three emancipating/disruptive Uranus transits happened in May, when that wild presidential rumor hit the headlines. Let’s watch around October and next March, for hits two and three.

But the measurement that really intrigued me – after pondering how events in his life might reflect the potential in his horoscope — is between his Midheaven (career/honor/public status) and his prominent pioneering Aries Sun (technical term, for astrology pros and students, is “solar arc”).  It permeates all of 2017 and it is exact on August 2nd.  It suggests “professional fulfillment; getting what one deserves,” as expressed by astrologer Noel Tyl.  Point is, based on that transit, I’ve been anticipating an opportunity for Senator Hatch to shine in the spotlight right about now, and was thus pleased to see him making news yesterday on such a positive, caring and humanitarian note.

In early December transiting Saturn will oppose his Moon.  Hard aspects between Saturn-Moon aspects can suggest ambition/advance realized out of a sense of lack or loss.  The gravitas continues in January, as transiting Saturn squares his Aries Sun, suggesting heavy responsibility and/or streamlining —  with an extra dose of prominence in public and personal status. We shall see.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s Sun-Mars in Leo meet-up also involved the asteroid Icarus. In mythology, Icarus was given wings made of feathers and wax which were to be used to escape imprisonment in labyrinth.   Ignoring his father’s wise advice, Icarus flew high — way up to the Sun — where his wings of wax melted and he fell into the sea and died. Moral of the story: hubris will destroy you. Add that mythological element into your reading of yesterday’s news.

Meanwhile…Leo refers to entertainment and fun parks. Here’s a headline from WaPo — posted soon after that Sun-Mars-Icarus conjunction in Leo: “Aggressive Thrill Ride Snaps in Mid-Air, Killing One and Injuring Seven.” What’s the name of the “thrill ride”. THE FIREBALL. Still not convinced by the astonishing synchronicity of headline news and planetary patterns? I don’t know what to tell you then, because I can’t do any better than that! Feel free to chip in to my Cosmic Tip Jar — I’ve fixed the link — fingers crossed — if you tried it before and couldn’t follow through on your appreciative (and much appreciated) impulse. Gratitude.

Other Mars-Sun (and arguably Icarus, too) headlines:

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/8/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Stephen Colbert, Briefly

Good Morning!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend — and perhaps you are still on holiday even as I type. The Moon is in Cancer, driving the energy of the day with a need for emotional security and a focus on home(land) concerns, Mom and apple pie. The Moon travels without conflict until 9:28PM ET, when it goes void for just over an hour on a stabilizing connection with Saturn.

Moon enters Leo at 10:36PM ET, trading the emotional sensitivity of Cancer for emotional drama and need to shine, play and put on a show. The Moon will cruise through Leo without input from other planets all day on Wednesday, and pretty much all day on Thursday. So is there anything of note happening in the cosmos this week? Sure!

Today at 3:53PM ET, action hero Mars (in Leo) makes an easy alignment with technogeek Uranus (in Aries), facilitating innovative action and perhaps militant/rebellious action, too. Mars refers to war and crusades; Uranus just has to break the mold. Tomorrow, mental Mercury is squared by Pluto at 3:23PM ET, suggesting a sharp perspective that can either be cutting in ways some might find hurtful, or can be aces at digging up buried facts. Regardless, this pattern suggests no need to mince words. It facilitates persuasive efforts.

So lets’s see…these two aspects, driven by the Moon in Leo tonight…sounds like a good time for quirky rebel geek Stephen Colbert to step into David Letterman’s shoes as the host of Late Night on CBS. More on Mr. Colbert in a minute.

By the time the Virgo Moon kicks in on Friday at 9:56AM, we will be well into the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up projects from this past cycle and preparing for the New Moon on Sunday at 2:41AM ET. As you may have heard, this New Moon is the first of two eclipses this month; the second will be on the Full Moon on September 27th.

I will write more about the particulars of Sunday’s eclipse later this week; for now, just know that an eclipse in Virgo is likely to add to Jupiter in Virgo’s expansive focus on Virgo concerns, including work routines, healthcare, service, diet, food production and labor in excruciating detail. Wherever 20 degrees of Virgo falls in your horoscope is the area of your life that will be affected. If you have a planet or angle at around 20 degrees of Virgo, the matters referring to that planet will be of exceptional significance, especially in the last week of October and November. Consult your local astrologer for details. Schedule a personal consultation. There is only so much that can be covered in a general forecast (even though I could go on for days and days about astrology…)

And now, the news.

Stephen Colbert. There was a big article about his Late Night debut last week in the New York Times. Two colleagues are quoted thusly:

…Mr. Dinello said. “Once he knows the game, there’s no stopping him.”

On their various projects, Ms. Sedaris said she also recognized in Mr. Colbert what she affectionately described as “the bully-bull-bull, the Taurus in him.”

“He takes charge, and you happily let him take charge,” she said.

How interesting to see a remark about Sun Signs casually quoted — as if of course everyone would understand what Ms. Sedaris was talking about — in the NYT. And someday maybe everyone will get the reference, when the practical insights astrology can provide are valued by more people.

Elsewhere in the piece, Mr. Colbert is described as

…quick-witted, acerbic and loquacious. He uses words like “catharsis” in casual conversation and can flawlessly pronounce the name of the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl.

Why was he tapped by CBS to replace Mr. Letterman?

 To CBS, Mr. Colbert evoked the best of Mr. Letterman, who Mr. Moonves said was “the smartest guy in the room — it was the thinking man’s thing, and the humor was something that soared.”

And by this point I’m thinking, “Mr. Colbert may well be a Taurus, but my money says his horoscope is driven by a Moon in Gemini”. And as it turns out, it is –(even without an exact birth time). His horoscope also has four planets in Taurus – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars — and the last three are trine Uranus and Pluto, suggesting innovation and persuasion in matters of mindset and action — big time. Makes senses he’d be a huge fan of rocket science and science fiction. Break a leg, Mr. Colbert!

UPDATE: On the subject of “news from underground,” suggested by the Sun’s contact with Pluto over the weekend, rumor has it that the whereabouts of the mythical Nazi gold train we were tracking during last week’s equally mythic Sun-Neptune opposition have been determined — and have been sealed off by the Polish army.  Meanwhile, “archaelogy on steroids” made news near Stonehenge.

UPDATE: The murder of Cecil the Lion by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer made headlines days after Venus turned retrograde on July 25th. Palmer’s dental practice was closed for several weeks. Now that Venus is direct (as of Sunday), Palmer’s practice has re-opened for business…but no sign of Dr. Palmer yet…

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/26/2015: Neptune in the News — and Other Cosmic Stuff

Stick to routine. Don’t let the buzz over any perceived crisis carry you away. Be aware that the flake factor is higher than average. Blame it on the Gemini Moon being void of course as of 3:43AM ET, not to enter Cancer until 7:50AM ET on Friday. Chill and go with the flow of twists that may arise in your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

And now, the news.

On March 3rd, we’ll have the second of three harmonious alignments between expansive Jupiter and “far out” Uranus. That’ll be less than two weeks away from the seventh Uranus-Pluto square. Take those patterns and add them to yesterday’s weird and wondrous meet-up between Neptune and the Sun, and you might find a few cosmic stories making headlines.

For example, what are those mysterious lights on the dwarf planet known as Ceres? NASA’s Dawn spacecraft zooms in for a closer look on March 6th. What timing! Meanwhile, scientists are equally perplexed by a black hole that has a mass 12 billion times greater than our own Sun…12.8 billion light years away. Makes one wonder how we tiny humans fit into the Big Picture…

Groundbreaking, technogeek news in the healing arts caught my eye: Bionic reconstruction gives men first prosthetic hands controlled by mind. Wow. Also groundbreaking, in the sense that anyone is seriously imagining this next feat will be possible: First full body transplant is two years away, surgeon claimsHard to wrap my head around that one.

Neptune rules fish. It also rules intangibles. On a day with Sun conjunct Neptune, I was delighted to see this headline on the NYT homepage: “In Overturning Conviction, Supreme Court Says Fish Are Not Always Tangible”  Ha! A few column inches down, in the obituaries, I noted this: “Eugenie Clark, Scholar of the Life Aquatic, Dies at 92”. Born on May 4, 1922 in NYC, Ms. Clark’s Taurus Sun is exactly square Neptune…and I’ll bet fifty cents that her Leo Moon is conjunct Neptune, too (can’t confirm it w/out an exact birthtime). Coincidence or conspiracy?

A Gemini Moon just adores news, and current planetary patterns are more optimistic than pessimistic. What a great day to release a study proving that there is actually more good news published than bad news. The words say it all.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/25/2012: Just the Facts

Too much information? Hold tight; we’ve got another day of Moon in Gemini ahead of us, and its need to know, coupled with the incisive challenge between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury could likely hand you “just the facts, ma’am” — without any effort to coat them with sugar. This challenge is exact at 10:50AM ET — and we’ve been seeing it reflected in the headlines all week. Mercury-Pluto gets straight to the point, often without mercy. If you have a tense aspect between Mercury and Pluto in your horoscope, you likely have an investigative mind, persuasive communication skills — and if anyone rubs you the wrong way, you’ve got a theme song, too — Rip Her To Shreds — take it away, Debbie Harry   Me-ow!

Point is, be mindful in your interaction with others, lest you let fly an especially cutting remark. This applies to all of us, and particularly those who have 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn prominent in the horoscope. On the plus side, the facts presented today can be constructively applied to your plans for world domination, as Moon makes an easy connection with disciplined Saturn. Moon goes void at 4:31pm ET for the rest of the day, not to enter Cancer until 1:42AM ET. Remember with Moon voids, crises that crop up usually turn out to be much ado about nothing. Keep calm and carry on, despite the buzz that may surround you (it might just be all in your head). And no major purchases — especially impulsive ones, if you please.

Meanwhile, look no further than front page for reflections of current planetary patterns. Did we anticipate a day of dirt being dug up? Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is on trial for misappropriating campaign funds in order to cover up an adulterous affair  James Murdoch takes the stand in the most recent development in the phone-hacking scandal involving the Murdoch media empire  the SEC officially files charges of “making material misrepresentations” against Egan-Jones, the ratings agency that annoyed everyone  last year when it downgraded the credit rating of the United States and a few more Secret Service agents will be leaving their jobs as a result of their dalliances with prostitutes in Colombia. This case is getting quite intriguing, as the investigation has revealed that apparently not all the women who spent the night with the agents in question were prostitutes. So what difference does that make? A debate on this juicy subject would be one way to spend a day featuring Moon in chatty Gemini and philosophical Jupiter running wild in earthy, sensual Taurus, as nebulous Neptune (fantasy) opposes horny Mars in prissy Virgo. What else can you come up with?


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/3/2012: Information Overload?

Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on Neptune’s ingress into Pisces at 1:52PM ET today.

Moon continues in chatterbox Gemini all day, not to enter Cancer until 12:06AM on Saturday. If anyone is feeling just a wee bit superior (think of The Church Lady), we may hear about it around 10:24AM ET, when aggressive Mars in prissy Virgo challenges the Moon. In your own little world, count to ten before snapping someone’s head off and don’t take it personally or return the volley if it’s your head being snapped off by someone else. On the plus side, if you’re channeling this energy with the best intentions and consciousness, you can make an impassioned case for something, complete with facts to back it up.

Self-indulgence or over-indulgence may present temptations around 3:03PM ET, as Moon is challenged by Venus in all-encompassing Pisces. Resist the urge to splurge and you’ll thank yourself when that credit card statement comes due.

More on the rest of the weekend later. It’s 12:54AM ET on Friday…and I am officially fried.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/5/2012: Buzzing Around Town

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been buzzing around all morning, inspired by the Moon’s move into pixie chatterbox Gemini at 5:44AM ET. If you were feeling “stuck” over the past two days, now you really have no excuses. Get the info you need, sow your seeds,write your pitch.  multitask to your heart’s content…and take note of any dreams or flashes of insight that may have hit you before your morning dose of caffeine.

More of the same tomorrow…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/11/11: the November 2011 Elections

As I type, a group of colleagues are enjoying an impromptu pizza lunch, sponsored by one of the department’s Designated Authority Figures. All was quiet initially, but now, nearly an hour after the lunch began at 12:30PM ET,  they are still in the conference room, chilling out and going with the flow. All this after Moon in Taurus was challenged by nebulous Neptune at 11:27AM ET and then went void of course…not to enter chatty Gemini until 3:10PM ET. Sounds like a long lunch hour to me!

With the Moon in Gemini from 3:10PM ET today until 10:43PM ET on Sunday, you may find your weekend driven by a need for diversion, communication and information. No Moon voids suggest it is not an unfavorable time for making purchases, and the Gemini Moon suggests your purchasing decisions will be informed ones. In fact, making major purchases now, especially electronics, is not a bad idea, given that MERCURY WILL BE TURNING RETROGRADE  on NOVEMBER 24TH. That should put an interesting spin on holiday travel plans. Be prepared for delays and other snafus.

Finally, about the recent election, as promised. If you’ve been reading this forecast for over a year, you know that in the weeks leading up to last year’s election, Mercury was retrograde, suggesting that the information we got about the candidates during the campaign might be incomplete and/or just plain misleading or wrong. As we got closer to Election Day, Venus was retrograde, suggesting the strong possibility that we’d fall for a partner — or a political candidate — that was wholly unsuitable. As soon as Venus turned direct and got back to where it was when it turned retrograde, we’d have a serious case of Coyote Date Syndrome on our hands  We got to that point last year, about the time that Scott Walker, then newly-elected governor of Wisconsin, revealed his agenda and set off a then-unprecedented round of protests at the State Capitol.

So where are we now?  Across the country, voters pushed back against the agenda that seemed to be so popular a year ago. We’ve seen the rise of protests groups around the world, beginning with Occupy Wall Street. As suggested by the planetary patterns, especially the approaching challenge between disruptive, freedom-loving Uranus and ruthless, corruption-exposing, transformational Pluto, the masses are beginning to wake up from their collective trance, exactly when it was anticipated they would.  This is just the  beginning…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/28/2011: Chock Full ‘o Nuts

Review Monday’s forecast for an overview of the week and next, especially with regard to the alleged debt ceiling negotiations.
Moon left chatty Gemini (which needs to KNOW) and moved into Cancer (which needs to be emotionally secure) Wednesday at 9:11PM, destined to be energized (a potential positive manifestation) or bitch-slapped (a potential “negative” manifestation) by the heavies in the Big T-Square Party all day today: disruptive/illuminating Uranus at 5:15AM ET; ruthless/transformational Pluto at 7:08AM ET and controlling/disciplined/wet blanket Saturn at 7:03PM ET, after which it goes void of course until 2:16AM ET on Saturday. This suggests a major chill tonight and tomorrow — and a reminder not to get thrown by whatever strange twist may come your way.

Adding to this potential roller coaster are the “wobbles” of adjustment required by two planets changing signs. Venus (love, money, beauty) leaves clingy Cancer for regal Leo; Mercury (mind, communication) leaves regal Leo for perfectionist Virgo. Look for a few weeks of increased drama, playfulness and/or extravagance in social expression and at least a week of trying to get all the numbers to add up correctly in our thought process and communication. I say “trying” because we’re also feeling the influence of nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury (“this is your brain on drugs”), which is slowing down in preparation for the retrograde period of Aug 2- 26.  Feeling a bit fried? Need an escape? A bit of vision/inspiration? How about a vodka tonic — and/or a weekend that starts a day early.

But wait — there’s more! We’re in the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up your New Moon agenda and preparing for the new cycle, which begins on Saturday at 2:40PM ET. Readers of this forecast will recall that this is often a time of anticipation and listlessness. We know something is around the corner, but we don’t know what. So add that energy to what’s already flying around the headlines coming out of Washington. Remember that you have total control over your reaction to people and events around you. Stay grounded and attentive to what brings you security in your own personal world. An evening at home  or wherever feels like home — far from the madding crowd — may remind you of what’s really important.

If you are far, far, FAR from said madding crowd, look up in the sky at the Delta Aquarids Meteors

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/28/2011

While you were sleeping, Moon moved into Gemini, sign of the chatterbox pixie, where it immediately makes a challenge to nebulous Neptune. Note your dreams and be mindful of the potential fuzzy buzz you or others may be experiencing in the early waking hours. The rest of the day can be a productive whirlwind of ideas and communication, with a particularly sharp stance taken around 2:22PM ET.

Re-read yesterday’s forecast on the potential manifestations of ruthless Pluto opposing Sun and watch the headlines for more news from underground (e.g., oil, mines, radiation), and other Pluto-ruled arenas: corruption, sex, death and resources, to name a few. Here’s one, for starters:  Blagojevich guilty in corruption trial
Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of taking Friday off, Moon will be void-of-course all day. Sounds like a plan if you can swing it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/26/2010

This may be a day for personal obsessions…or obsessions that get very personal. That and an overload of information that can feel like a bottleneck of energy searching for a clear focus on doing something good. Moon is still in newsjunkie Gemini, tempting you to scatter your resources and multitask yourself into a caffeinated frenzy….but wait — before you throw yourself to the four winds, you could tune in and meditate on a supportive, communicative connection between Sun in Scorpio (life force) and Pluto in Capricorn  — or just meditate. Take a break. Breathe. This can bring stability to your perspective, allowing you to see what is really important. THEN you will know what to do! Point is, if you are stuck or scattered — get out of your head and get down to Earth today. We need you present and accounted for