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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/21/2012: New Moon in Pisces

Ease back into the work week, which is getting a late start in the U.S. after a three-day holiday weekend. Moon goes void in Aquarius at 11:17AM ET; it enters dreamy Pisces at 12:31PM ET, then hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 1:48PM ET. So…more dreamy/spacey/weirdness…or something truly soulful and sublime. Which shall it be? Maybe a bit of both…

The New Moon officially begins at 5:35PM ET, with the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees and 42 minutes of Pisces; the Sabian Symbol is 3 Pisces (when working with Sabian Symbols, we always round up to the next degree; and if you’re curious to learn more about Sabian Symbols, check out Blain Bovee’s most excellent book;  I quote liberally from it, with gratitude). For 3 Pisces, we are shown “a petrified forest” — an intriguing symbol to follow last month’s New Moon, “a deserter from the navy” — 3 Aquarius. Whereas “a deserter from the navy” suggested someone ditching a set of rules that were no longer bearable for the sake of freedom, “a petrified forest suggests — on the plus side —  “near-eternal principles that stand the test of time”.  A forest of formerly living trees turned to stone hasn’t decayed or rotted, presumably because it deserves to last forever; it has stood the test of time.  On the down side, this Sabian Symbol suggests stiff, rigid forms that have long outlived their relevance — but remain because they are frozen  — perhaps out of fear (petrified).

If you know where 2 Pisces falls in your horoscope, this is the area of your life where you might consider your long-held beliefs, including those of a spiritual nature. You might also consider your senses — especially the sixth one. With Sun, Moon and Neptune all together in Pisces, a meditation on intangibles: creativity, vision, spirit, empathy and soulful union would be in order. You may discover resources rich in minerals that you didn’t know you had. Dare to expand your mind.

More on other aspects in the New Moon chart tomorrow…

In other news: on Wednesday, Moon goes void of course at 9:24PM ET…not to enter Aries until 9:48PM ET on Thursday. Get it off your desk before then, if you can — and be mindful that activities which require moving in a straight line are subject to unexpected twists and turns. The key is not to panic; just go with the flow — and double check your work before you hit “send”.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/23/2011

Audio feeds crashing, cell phones forgotten, other things misplaced and misnamed — that’s what I’ve been hearing about yesterday’s 24-plus hours of Moon void in free-flowing Pisces, under the influence of a Neptune rose-colored fog. What about you?
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke seemed to be in a bit of a fog during yesterday’s press conference in which he gave a halting, uninspiring account of the Fed’s economic projections on inflation, unemployment, etc. over the next couple of years. Nothing of consequence was said (the markets were unmoved by the speech). I’m not an economist, but I do study planetary patterns. And when I look at what’s going on with the horoscope of Greece, for example, and I see equally intense patterns building in the horoscope of the United States (exact in 2014), the more convinced I am that the status quo, whatever it is, is bound to be disrupted and transformed. Meanwhile, late July to mid-August is likely to be very hot in Greece (again), and I am not referring to the weather.

In other news, last night President Obama spoke of “the tide of war receding”. What is it with these ocean metaphors? Neptune, ruler of oceans, so prominent?  It is true that yesterday’s Sun-Neptune connection holds potential for peace and enlightenment, suggesting a fitting time to announce a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. And perhaps we should be focusing more on oceans than on wars, as suggested here  and here — with both articles published yesterday.
In your own personal world, how is that new way of thinking progressing (recall the themes suggested by this month’s New Moon)? Another challenge/illumination may inspire you to take action when Moon enters pioneering Aries at 4:24AM ET and squares the Cancer Sun at 7:48AM ET. A faster pace than yesterday prevails, marked by a potential jolt — or bolt — from the blue around lunchtime on the East Coast, followed by a potentially powerful and/or cathartic encounter around dinner time.

General note for the next several days: the potential for storms, seismic activity or other news from underground is elevated. Watch the headlines (tornado watch in New Jersey yesterday!) for details.