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"The reading was a partnership between the two of us; she did not simply recite planetary signs and meanings, but had a conversation with me, continually asking what I made of what she saw, and what I thought I could do to change the things I want to change.

When the names of other people in my life came up, she quickly looked up their charts on her computer and commented on their roles in my life -- painting a fuller picture of where I was, where I wanted to go, and how I could get there.

What was impressive was that Elisabeth took all the planets, people, and situations that made up my life and created a context for them all that was positive, hopeful, and exciting!

She has a lovely personality, a sharp wit, and a gift for astrological interpretation."

--Bill W.
New York

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Thursday-Friday 8/10-11/2017; Apoplexy in the News; Mind the Void; Rumor Has It

Greetings from Santa Fe…

…where the sensitive, intuitive and impressionable Pisces Moon went void at 9:38 AM ET. Go with the idealistic flow all through the day. Stick to routine concerns. Avoid impulse purchases. Remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill — and consider indulging in a nice pedicure, as Pisces rules the feet.

Any indulgence in beauty and aesthetics would support the the idealism and optimism suggested by patterns today and early Saturday morning: Mercury and Sun in cooperative alliances with Venus and Jupiter, respectively (today);  Venus in nurturing Cancer in harmony with dreamy Neptune (Saturday).

At 1:22 AM ET on FRIDAY, Moon charges into me-me-me Aries, likely looking to get something started. Which, given that Mercury will turn retrograde on SUNDAY at 9:01 PM ET, should be something that is a REview or REorganization or REconnection project — not something brand spanking new. Start a vacation, maybe — a REtreat is also an apt action — and perhaps the heads of state in the U.S. and North Korea will take that under advisement. One can always hope.

In preparation for the Mercury retrograde, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

And now, the news.

Remember the Sabian Symbol for the current New Moon cycle that began on July 23rd? It was “a fit of apoplexy.” Remember how there was a dominance of  planets in Fire Signs in that New Moon horoscope, suggesting four weeks of heated improvisation (because Fire doesn’t take the time to plan a strategy; it goes wherever the wind blows)? See any of that in recent headlines?

And now, the news.

Yesterday P45 improvised another threat aimed at North Korea,  “They will be met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.” Regular readers of this forecast should not be surprised by the escalated rhetoric at this time. As mentioned before, P45 has a Mars line running through Washington and North Korea. What does that mean? Places on a Mars line in the horoscope are likely areas of militant conflict for heads of state,  and we’ve seen that theory tested in the horoscopes of other U.S. presidents. Get a copy of The Psychology of Astrocartography  by Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving and you’ll find multiple examples.  For comic relief (comedy being a necesseary coping strategy for anxiety and  suffering), here’s master improvisor Stephen Colbert grading P45’s effort.

North Korea is angry about new sanctions recently imposed by the UN; thus, it has threatened retaliation against the United States because we’re so exceptional. In the horoscope of North Korea (courtesy of Jamie Partridge), we see Saturn (control, authority) at 28 Leo, which sits right on top of the Leo Ascendant of the U.S. Tweeter-in-Chief. This suggests the P45 (and the U.S., by extension), is likely to experience North Korea as a major block or wet blanket on his fiery regal image. Reading Partridge’s most excellent write-up of the North Korea horoscope, this bit about Venus jumped out:

Venus generally rules peace and diplomacy, but in mundane astrology signifies war in hard aspect. In ancient Mesopotamia, she was the Goddess of Love and Procreation when the evening star, and the Goddess of War when the morning star. In the North Korea horoscope she is Goddess of War, visible before sunrise. The furthest she can ever be in front of the Sun is 48 degrees, so at 46 degrees ahead of the Sun in this chart, she is a very fired up Goddess Ishtar. “her morning appearance woke them up to go to war” [Deborah Houlding].

So an angry Venus woke the North Koreans up at half past two in the morning to go to war. The square from Mars, ruler of the military and war, turns her anger into blind fury. The lunar eclipse before the declaration of independence was at 03°17′ Scorpio, less than half a degree from the North Korean Mars. This increases the aggressive and reactionary nature of the country.

North Korea’s Venus is 0 degrees Leo. Where was the New Moon on July 23rd? 0 Leo! No wonder North Korea responded by announcing plans to strike Guam.  Where will the next New Moon — also the Great American Eclipse — occur? On August 21st, at 28 Leo, right on North Korea’s 28 Leo  Saturn…and, as noted in previous posts, on P45’s 26 Leo Mars and 29 Leo Ascendant. Do you have any planets at 0 Leo and/or 28 Leo? Would you like to know how the Aug 21st total solar eclipse may impact your own personal world? I am offering a special mini-reading to answer just that question for  $44.88. Send me your date, place and time of birth and I will email you a brief write-up.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that on July 26th,  the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid on the home of Paul Manafort, looking for “tax documents and foreign banking records.”  Glancing at the horoscope of Robert Mueller — time unknown — we see that his Venus at 26 Leo will be hit by the August 21st solar eclipse. This suggests an increase or decrease of effectiveness in relationship and/or financial concerns, so we’ll be watching the headlines carefully the first week of September. Without a birth time, we are limited to what we can anticipate. Mr. Mueller is a Leo with Moon in late Pisces or early Aries. His 14 degree Leo Sun was hit by this week’s Full Moon eclipse at 15 Leo/Aquarius. What else will be released in the aftermath?

In other news…. from Across the Pond. A source says that  Queen Elizabeth plans to bypass Prince Charles. Prince William will become England’s next king, in a story that has NOT — let the record show — been picked up by mainstream papers. Thus we are inclined to chuck it in the rubbish bin labelled “Mercury Retrograde Rumors That Turn Out To Be Much Ado About Nothing On An All-Day Moon Void.”

But just as an exercise — and as a relief from writing about the mainstream media’s deplorable Usual Suspects —  what do the horoscopes suggest? Last year we noted that the Queen’s horoscope would experience three hits of Uranus squaring her Capricorn Ascendant, suggesting potential break-ups, separations and a need for a fresh start in matters of self-worth and values. Those hits started in 2016 and continued into early 2017.  Brexit fit that potential perfectly.

Meanwhile, according to today’s tabloid story, a palace insider said:

“Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future. She has spent 65 years making sure that the House of Windsor survives, and she sees William and Kate as having the energy and star quality to do the job in a modern world. Queen Elizabeth will always do what is best for the long-term health of the monarchy,”

When might this rumored transition of power happen? It’s interesting to note that transiting Uranus will conjunct the Queen’s Taurus Sun three times, starting in 2018.  This suggests a need for freedom and independent expression, unconventional though it may be. We also see transiting Pluto conjunct Her Majesty’s Ascendant, starting in January of 2019, continuing through that year.  This suggests a dramatic change of perspective in personal identity. We see another measurement between her Midheaven and Saturn exact in December 2018, suggesting a change in professional status and/or significant family development. Clearly the horoscope is ripe for continued change.

In Prince William’s horoscope, we see transiting Saturn conjunct his 27 Sagittarius Ascendant three times in 2017, suggesting a streamlining squeeze on his identity, enabling him to emerge at the end of it as “Prince William version 2.0”. Saturn will oppose his 0 degree Cancer Sun and 4 degree Cancer Moon, starting in January of 2018. More gravitas for sure.  In 2018, transiting Uranus will oppose  his 2 degree Scorpio Midheaven, suggesting a disruption in the family and in his professional status. That opposition occurs twice next summer: on July 23rd and August 28th, accompanied by another measurement between the Sun and Venus. Sun-Venus measurements suggest a focus on love, popularity, creativity and/or birth.

UPDATE: It was announced on September 4th that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting their third child. Huzzah!

What’s going on in Prince Charles’ horoscope? In 2018 transiting Uranus will conjunct his material comfort and stability-seeking Taurus Moon three times, suggesting an intense disruption. In 2019, transiting Uranus squares his regal Leo Ascendant, suggesting a fresh start. Uranus rules the area of the Prince’s life regarding relationships and the public. It’s interesting to note that the Midheaven in Prince William’s horoscope is hit in 2018 — a year before the hits to the Queen and Prince Charles.

UPDATE: Soon after this forecast posted, Avid Reader Patricia wrote to set the record straight:

I love all the info about the Queen. Unfortunately she can’t give the crown straight to William bypassing Charles because in England titles and the crown go to the next in line. Nobody gets to choose who gets it next, it’s birth order. If it ever happened it would be because Charles died or has become mentally or physically impaired. Also the only way we would find out is the Prime Minister announcing it in Parliament. The laws in England are somewhat rigid when it comes to inheritance and after the whole what they term “nightmare” of the abdication of her uncle, who became the Duke of Windsor, the Royal family are somewhat skittish in this area.

Patricia is English and therefore someone who ought to Know About These Things. Thank you, Patricia for writing and helping me make a point about taking at face value a story that makes news during a Moon void and/or a Mercury Retrograde. Remember this when reading the headlines between now and September 5th!

Meanwhile, in the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), it is ever so peaceful and quiet…so, so quiet. During the day in the middle of nowhere,  there is not a sound to be heard. It reminds me of the haunting opening of the movie Contact, as the camera pulls back from Earth through our solar system, finally surpassing the reach of audio transmission beaming out from this ‘big, blue marble.  Silence can be such a balm for the senses and the soul. I hope you will take time to tune in to this perspective as a necessary break from the tension of these”interesting times.”

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Would you like to know how the Aug 21st total solar eclipse may impact your own personal world? I am offering a special mini-reading to answer just that question for  $44.88. Send me your date, place and time of birth and I will email you a brief write-up.


Saturday & Sunday 7/22-23/2017: New Moon in Leo; Shake, Rattle & Roll

Greetings from Durham, NC!

It’s just like LA, only with 5000% humidity and no palm trees. Yes, surely I jest. It is hot — like most everywhere else this week — but lush and green and beautiful. The local market is a foodie’s paradise, offering delicacies such as local cheese made from water buffalo milk among the five varieties of grits. I don’t think I’d find any water buffalo cheese in the little brick store sporting “TOBACCO” in big black letters against a bright yellow background. Not “Joe’s Tobacco Shoppe,” just TOBACCO. Also in black and yellow:  fabric signs on manicured lawns  reading “Thank  you, Jesus.”  Haven’t seen those in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in the stars…

Driving the day with a need for emotional/homeland security is the Moon in Cancer, where it has been since early Friday morning. Are you staying close to home? Calling Mom? It’s a dead Moon — the last day of the lunar cycle. This would account for any sense of listlessness or restlessness felt over the past couple of days, as if you’re waiting for something new to begin, but you’re not sure what. Between now and the New Moon on Sunday at 5:46 AM ET, the Cancer need for emotional comfort will be challenged by the Moon’s weekly clash with powerplayer Pluto and rebel Uranus, at 8:49 AM ET today and 2:05 AM ET on SUNDAY.

As I was typing that paragraph just after 8:49AM ET, a friend posted an article from Scientific American on my Facebook timeline, stating that babies used to be born spontaneously throughout the day and night, but now with so many scheduled C-sections and induced labors, 8AM on Monday has become the most popular birth time in the U.S.  That’s a power play involving Cancerian motherhood concerns, right? “How does this affect natal charts,” my friend wanted to know.  Answer: babies born around 8AM will most likely have the Sun in the 12th house , which suggests a greater need for privacy than most; an ability to work behind the scenes with an insider’s perspective; and a possible strong connection to “the other side,” too. Intuitively I have always felt that a 12th house Sun may have some resistance to being born (!!!) — and being literally dragged out into the world kicking and screaming in a delivery scheduled for the convenience of Mom or a doctor would reflect that potential!

At 11:16 AM ET, the Sun enters Leo. God save the kings and queens! Creative self-expression, a sense of play and romantic love are Leo trademarks. So are royal entitlement and ego aggrandizement. Leo is born to rule; there’s no need to prove its case, and the sooner everyone in the room recognizes and honors it, the happier everyone will be. Why is that so hard for non-Leos to understand?

The New Moon will be exact at 5:46 AM ET, when the Sun and Moon conjoin at 0-ish degrees of Leo. Make a list; light a candle. A New Moon offers us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around July 30th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on August 7th — which is also an eclipse — we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 14th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on August 21st.

New Moon in Leo 2017

In this New Moon chart, the need of the Leo Sun and Moon to shine shine shine  is energized by its close conjunction with action hero Mars, also in rip-roarin’ Leo. What does Mars in Leo do best? Get away with murder with that Leonine royal entitlement. Let the record show that when we set this New Moon chart in Washington DC, the Leo Sun, Moon and Mars are strongly placed for all the world to see in the First House AND on the Ascendant. I expect we’ll have more than the usual share of regal edicts and other drives for ego assertion and recognition making waves and headlines in the U.S. during this cycle.

This “making waves” potential is echoed by the Washington DC New Moon chart’s Ascendant of 26 degrees of Cancer. You’ll note it is squared by Uranus at 28 Aries. A Cancer Ascendant needs to be seen as being nurturing, caring and sensitive; such needs are likely to be either a) disrupted or b) expressed in a way that is experienced as disruptive, eccentric, fringe and/or innovative. That disruption will also be for all the world to see, as Uranus is in the 10th house — referring to leaders and government/corporate institutions. The innovative and groundbreaking potential is echoed by a harmony between tech-savvy Uranus and Mercury (how we need to think and communicate), exact on MONDAY at 12:32 PM ET. Mercury is also in regal Leo — and we could argue that there’s a loose Grand Trine among Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, suggesting a subconscious projection of self-sufficency, i.e., who needs to ask for input from anyone else? I got this!

Note also that this New Moon chart is dominated by Fire Signs — suggesting an improvisional flair to the monthly agenda. You won’t find that agenda written anywhere; it’s make it up as you go along.

Meanwhile, there’s a harshness suggested that is likely to recall issues that were on the table in the cold, cruel month of April. –  That’s when Venus (women, money, social graces) was challenged by Saturn (patriarchy, control, ambition) in opinionated Sagittarius twice in one month. Peruse the archives of this blog to refresh your memory of that tough time.  Note that the first Venus-Saturn challenge in that harsh cycle began around the last week of January. On MONDAY at 10:53 AM ET, Venus and Saturn will oppose each other, illuminating and releasing the challenges posed during these three Venus-Saturn squares.  Venus-Saturn transits can be isolating and stark…but the silver lining is that out of the sense of lack or loss, a plan for advance may emerge. 

Also of note in this New Moon chart: power and resources to the max, suggested by the third and final of a series of squares between expansive Jupiter in Libra (law, fairness, diplomacy) and Pluto (power, news from underground) in Capricorn (Powers That Be). Follow the preceding link to a write-up on this pattern posted last December.  This third hit will be exact on August 4th. Last, but not least, nebulous Neptune, planet of the surreal, is running wild in the New Moon chart. That’s your context for the “curiouser and curiouser” events we’re likely to see in the headlines.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 1 Leo:  “a case of apoplexy” — I kid you not!  And once again, Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee’s wonderful book offers a meaningful interpretation. Given the volatility suggested by this week’s planetary patterns, the “case of apoplexy” is remarkable. “To be apoplectic refers to any effusion of blood into an organ or tissue…sudden fits of rage or embarrassment.” We last had this Symbol activated in the Full Moon in July of 2013, accompanied by tense patterns among Mars-Uranus-Pluto — not unlike those we experienced during the last two weeks. During this new lunar cycle,  Bovee advises us to watch for “focused enthusiasm eager to broadcast self-evident, universal truths…an intense desire to burst out of the mold; dramatic outsets of fever, feverish expression or fervent belief…watch especially for creating circumstances in which the unexpected can strike.”

You’ll see this theme manifest  more personally for you if you have a planet or angle around 1 degree of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius…or if you were born around the 22nd of July, April, October or January.

And now, the news….

…which is pretty much a series of “I told  you so.”  Here’s the forecast for P45’s 2017 posted last November.

Meanwhile, in Donald Trump’s horoscope, we see the first of three hits to his Moon, Sun and relationship point from transiting Saturn on 12/30, 1/6 and 1/14, respectively. Thus begins an ambitious agenda (upside) or a feeling of restrictive focus, control or loss. This pattern hits again in July, September and October. The Moon is only exactly hit once, but will still be under pressure in July. The restrictive influence of Saturn suggests he will not be able to have everything he wants — bringing to life the reality of the song he kept playing at rallies, despite objections from the artists.

These limitations are countered by expansion — in the form of three hits of transiting Jupiter to his Jupiter, ruler of the area of his horoscope which refers to creative self-expression, children and speculative ventures. Saturn co-rules that area of his horoscope, so it may be six of one; half dozen of the other. Expansion of power and resources is suggested by an extraordinary double whammy of  Pluto — also to his Jupiter — now and through 2017.

A need for innovation and excitement that disrupts his mindset, communication and professional status is also at work in 2017, suggested by transiting Uranus squaring his Venus. When I think of Venus with Uranus, I think “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” I think of unconventional attractions and surprises involving women, values, money and aesthetics. OMG I am just realizing that Venus will be retrograde in brash Aries from March 4 through April 15th. What an inauspicious time to be redecorating the White House.

Back to the president-elect…

Chiron the Wounded Healer is still in play now and next year, continuing to expose toxic patterns and relationships going back years. This week, a month from now and January-February are active for Chiron, as are June, July and August. Of special interest: the total eclipse that will fall across all of the continental United States on August 21st. This hits two points in Trump’s horoscope: Mars and his Leo Ascendant, at a time when Mars (action, aggression) will be more easily provoked. The eclipse will be triggered on September 3rd by Mars and all that week by Mercury (this applies to anyone with a point or planet at 29 Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio). Fun fact: Mitt Romney’s Ascendant was eclipsed in May of 2012. Jeb Bush’s Ascendant was eclipsed in September of 2015. A change of status? The truth comes out? Mark your calendars.


Right now, the second big Saturn squeeze noted in November is putting pressure on P45’s opinionated Sagittarius Moon and his Gemini Sun. Saturn is at 22 Sagittarius, exactly conjoining his Moon on August 20th. Saturn opposed his Sun on July 7th and will do so again on October 11th. Even his relationships are feeling squeezed, with exact hits on July 22nd and September 27th.  If your Moon is around 20-22 degrees of Gemini, Sag, Pisces or Virgo, my money says you are also feeling squeezed, e.g., isolated, alienated, desperate to make an advance — even as your resources are feeling streamlined and controlled. Same for your Sun. When Saturn is in hard aspect to your Sun (life force), the squeeze and focus on your resources may include health/vitality concerns for you and/or a member of your family (often a parent).

Contrasting the squeeze of Saturn is the boundary-pushing expansion suggested by P45’s third hit of Jupiter conjunct Jupiter — and you’ll see some of that potential in the next two paragraphs. Bombast and luck?

Another chart to keep in mind is the one for P45’s inauguration. Here it is again — with the prognosis — posted  on January 25th.  Transiting Mars and the Sun just crossed the IC — the foundation — of the inaugural chart; Mars also opposed the Sun and today the Leo Sun opposes the Aquarius Sun of the inauguration. With this chart and P45’s chart, it’s no coincidence to see shake-ups in the Administration, including one involving his “ambassadors,” the recently-departed press secretary Sean Spicer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  “Spicer’s Abrupt Departure Rattles A White House on Edge.”   “Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions,” who, by the way, totally talked with the Russians about things he said he never talked about, according to recent revelations in WaPo.   Given what we know of Mr. Sessions horoscope — posted in March — that’s no surprise.

Other (saber) rattling news included P45 warning Robert Mueller to keep his investigation far, far away from his family finances, for obvious reasons summed up in Esquire. That, along with rumblings that P45 may be looking for ways to pardon himself and his associates for any wrongdoing, tweeting this morning that “all agree the US president has the complete power to pardon.” You may recall I noted in the last forecast that we’d be seeing more and more of  “because I said so” offered as a rationale for action, now that Mars has entered Leo! Does this one fit the bill?  Vladimir Putin may or may not have been joking when he said this week that he hadn’t decided whether he would ever leave the presidency, a presumably elected  post he’s had now for 17 years.

In other news, last Thursday evening’s Sun-Uranus square was a pattern suggesting accidents and seismic activity might capture our attention.  What did I see on the news in my brief stop in New York? Planes (crashing), trains (derailing) and automobiles (also crashing — during a 120 mph Venus trine Jupiter “joyride”). For seismic activity, Greece and Turkey obliged.  Meanwhile, on the tundra, “all hell breaks loose.”

Freedom is another Sun-Uranus keyword, and this week O.J. Simpson was granted parole, a few weeks after his third hit of transiting Jupiter square his Cancer Sun. That can be expansive, for better or for worse.  He will be released in October after nine years in prison. In November he will have a hit to his Pisces Moon from transiting Saturn, along with a potentially heavy solar arc to his Sun from Saturn. That suggests a squeeze – or other serious restriction imposed. If a health issue makes news, I would not be surprised.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Aren’t you dying to know how all of these planetary patterns apply to you personally? Let’s talk about it in a personal consultation — by phone on in-person. I’m in Raleigh-Durham until Tuesday — then back in the Big Apple. Here’s how to contact me — and here’s a link to my Cosmic Tip Jar if you find these forecast informative and entertaining, with gratitude.

Thank you for reading this forecast..