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Astrological Forecast for Monday 10/31/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus Conjunct Saturn Can Be A Bitch

Trick or treat!

How fitting to have a Scorpio Moon on Halloween, daring us to disguise ourselves in our deepest desires. What are you wearing to the office today? The Moon travels without interference all through the day, facilitating your need to consolidate knowledge for the sake of substance, power and control.

Moon goes void at 10:44PM ET, not to enter Sagittarius until 10:43 AM ET on TUESDAY. Use the long void to chill, take care of routine concerns and not freak out over twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Once in Sagittarius, may we all breathe a sigh of relief after the emotional squeeze of Scorpio. A Sag Moon pushes boundaries with its need for righteous opinion, sometimes comedic and sloppy. On the plus side, it encourages us to broaden our horizons. It also cruises without interference on Tuesday, basking in the lingering rosy glow of a 4:17AM ET alignment between the Sun and Neptune (oil, healing, drugs, scandal, illusion — that’s a partial list) that we’ll see reflected in the news today.

Note your dreams on WEDNESDAY, as the Moon also makes an early AM contact with Neptune.  I’ll be looking for a reach of ambition or a wet blanket to hit the headlines around 4PM ET, as the Moon meets up with sobering Saturn, aided and abetted by a dirt-digging alignment between Mercury (information) and Pluto (perspective; power; news from underground) at 1:08AM ET on THURSDAY.

Whatever dirt does emerge, it may well run away with Thursday, given that the Sagittarius Moon will be void between 6:35AM ET and 11:05PM ET. No shopping or signing on the dotted line, unless it is something you view as routine. A proactive, take care of business Capricorn Moon to drive the action on FRIDAY and SATURDAY. By then we should be seeing the reflection of Saturday’s alignment between Venus (women, money, social expression) and Uranus, suggesting unconventional attractions and a humanitarian focus.

If you’d like to know what all this means for your own unique horoscope, considering booking a personal consultation. Special shout-out to Avid Reader Emily, whose feedback prompted me to make it much easier to order the written reports described on this page.

And now, the news.

I saw the controlling and structuring (upside) and mean-spirited, miserly (downside) potential of Saturday’s meet-up between Venus and Saturn all over the NYT on Sunday. “3 TVs and No Food: Growing Up Poor in America;”  and “Poverty in Unexpected Places.”  “Nudges that Help Struggling Students Succeed” (makes sense, with Venus and Saturn together in Sagittarius, which refers to higher education). “Medicaid Finds Opportune Time to Offer Birth Control: Right After Birth.”  “Merciless End for  a Cop Killer.” This last one — a story of reckless violence (reflecting Mars square Uranus), drugs and failed redemption (Sun-Mercury trine Neptune) added to the Venus-Saturn mix may be a heart-breaker.

Meanwhile the WaPo offers this — about a man who has Venus conjunct Saturn in his own horoscope: “Trump Boasts About His Philanthropy, but His Giving Falls Short of His Words.”  Reality check.

Here are a few more reflecting Mars-Uranus themes of men, unconventional, surprise, accidents, aviation, technology and seismic activity: “Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal with Black Male Sexuality;” this stunner exonerating “Patient Zero,” the French male flight attendant alleged to have brought the AIDS epidemic to the U.S.; an American Airlines jet caught fire on a Chicago runway; earthquakes in Italy.

And then there is James Comey — the FBI Director whose vague letter many see as reckless also embodies the current mash-up of planetary patterns. What’s going on in his horoscope? We don’t have a birth time, but he was born December 14, 1960 in Yonkers, NY. First thing that jumps out is his Sun at 22 Sagittarius, exactly square to Hillary Clinton’s 22 Pisces Moon and conjunct her opponent’s Moon at 21 Sag. Yup, there’s a connection.

Comey’s need to think righteously with ruthless perspicacity has been under great stress all year — both controlling and expansive,  especially in June and July. With those stresses in the rear view mirror, it is unfortunate that his mindset is now only under the influence of nebulous Neptune, which can be idealistic, bewildering, duplicitous or delusional. Let the record show that Jason Chaffetz, whose horoscope was covered in a prior post, is under a similar Neptune-Mercury transit.

Comey will have his  last Neptune-Mercury hit  at the end of January 2017; from now until the end of December he’ll be in the building crescendo of a measurement between Pluto and Venus suggesting emotional overkill; of taking a sledgehammer approach to a situation better served by finer instruments.

In his horoscope we also see a potentially militant and disciplined application of energy, particularly in emotional and home(land) security concerns, evidenced by an opposition between Mars and Saturn. The “militant application” part has been under pressure from transiting Pluto for many months. Next year,  it will move on to his Saturn, just as transiting Saturn meets up with his Sagittarius Sun. The first hits will happen mid-January 2017; with more to come in July/August and Oct/Nov. These patterns suggest themes of anguished effort, a squeeze or focused ambition. We shall see.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/14/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week; A Lover Makes Headlines

Ideas and communication in their airiest form — literally — are a likely focus today, given the Moon in (airy) Aquarius in harmonious aspect to Venus and Mars, in Gemini (air) and Libra (air), respectively. With Mercury (mindset/communication) at the Aries Point (a need for prominence), it’s a fine opportunity to “reach out and touch someone,”   as this cornball commercial from 1979 suggests. Oh, were we really so innocent and sincere back then?

Get it done before 3:23PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 10:40PM ET. This is the only Moon void we’ll have during business hours in the Americas this week, suggesting fewer flakes and twists to derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Other voids are Wednesday 8:57PM ET until 12:07AM ET Thursday and Friday 10:18PM ET until 4:43AM ET on Saturday.

Highlights of the week include Jupiter changing signs on Wednesday, leaving nurturing Cancer for regal drama queen Leo — which is great news for anyone with a planet in  Leo  — but especially the Sun, Jupiter, Ascendant or Midheaven. Jupiter transits often coincide with opportunities for expansion, recognition and sometimes a boost in material resources. Yippee! It takes 12 years for Jupiter to travel through the horoscope, and it’s helpful to know where Jupiter is in yours at any given time. Consult your local astrologer for details or consider ordering the Astro-Basics Report, available here.

Other highlights include Venus happily moving into Cancer on Friday; Saturn grinding to a virtual standstill as it prepares to fiinnnnnally turn direct on Sunday; and rebel Uranus also slowing down, as it prepares to turn retrograde on Monday. There’s a tense aspect happening all month between these two planets, suggesting an enhanced tension and uncomfortable adjustment between the old guard (Saturn) and the avant garde (Uranus). You’re feeling it more personally if you have a planet or angle at 16-17 degrees of just about any sign.

Lots of news to report, most of which I’ll cover in Tuesday’s forecast. For now, please enjoy one of the most surprising reflections of Sunday’s exact trine between Venus in charming, double-talking Gemini and Mars in sweet-talking Libra, suggesting a potential harmony between sexes: the love letters of US President Warren G. Harding. The general consensus is that he was a lousy President, perhaps the worst ever. And he may have been a lousy husband, too — as these letters, which were excerpted in the NYT Sunday magazine, were written to his mistress.  Still, he had a remarkable way with words.

So why are these letters being published now? It should surprise no one that in his horoscope,  his natal Venus in Libra is opposed by his natal Neptune. That strongly suggests a dreamy romanticism, and this opposition has been and continues to be supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is currently at 12 Capricorn, making the second of three hits to his Venus at 12 Libra. Looking at the solar arcs in the horoscope, we instantly see themes of empowered communication in a solar arc to Venus by Pluto, too, as well as a solar arc to Harding’s Ascendant by Venus, suggesting a need to be seen as especially pleasing — dare I say romantic — even though Harding has long since passed on!  Also of note: transiting Saturn (gravitas) is right on Harding’s Mercury (communication) at 17 Scorpio.

I’m always fascinated to see how horoscopes continue to reflect “life events” for people who are no longer living. Margaret Thatcher made news over the weekend, and though it wasn’t pretty, it made sense in light of her horoscope. Ms. Thatcher was a Libra with a seriously controlling Saturn in Scorpio sitting right on her Scorpio Ascendant. Generally speaking, Libra detests conflict, and has been known to go to outrageous lengths to avoid it. Generally speaking, a Scorpio Ascendant needs to present an image of control…and this would include a need to maintain privacy more than other signs. So the news that came out was that she allegedly knew that one of her senior ministers had sexually abused young boys, and  instead of holding him accountable, she covered it up. And right now transiting Saturn is sitting within one degree of Thatcher’s 15 degree Scorpio Ascendant, perhaps now holding her accountable  for actions taken over thirty years ago. There are other significant transits in her horoscope now, but one in particular that coincides with the timing of this news report is Mars, planet of action, sitting right on top of Thatcher’s Mercury, triggering the release/outburst of communication published over the weekend.

Isn’t astrology amazing? Thank you for reading this forecast.

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