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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/23/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Woodrow Wilson, Right on Schedule

Good Morning!

Most of America will be waking up to an Aries Moon that is void of course, suggesting a twist or delay in your usual morning routine. Sleep through the alarm? Pour cold water over your coffee beans that you forgot to grind? Walk out of the house with your underwear on backwards? I have heard stories…

Any crisis that occurs before 11:26AM ET is likely much ado about nothing. After that, the Moon will be fully engaged in Taurus, driving the day with a need for material comfort and security. The Moon cruises without interference, colored with a bit of rose around 10:51PM ET as it makes a nice alignment with dreamy Neptune.

That being said, we may see more of the weekend’s  disruptive potential in areas of money (markets), women, love and aesthetics, as Venus and Uranus oppose each other at 5:13PM ET. Sudden attractions, the shock of recognition and/or a breakthrough or breakout in relationship matters are all possibilities, especially if you were born halfway through Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

Emotions are on the rise against the wiggy backdrop of this Thursday’s Saturn square Neptune (see last week’s forecasts for more on that pattern). The Full Moon in newsjunkie Gemini on Wednesday evening may create quite a buzz. Patterns leading up to Wednesday’s illumination and release feature Mercury (mindset, communication) in touch with Saturn, Neptune and Mars; i.e., structure/control, vision/delusion and action/aggression. Translation: heavy ambitious righteous opinion acted upon in connection with a vision or belief system, which may or may not be delusional.

A Moon void on Friday morning suggests no point in hitting those Black Friday sales, as impulse purchases made when the Moon is drifting suggests that what is purchased will be of little use. Moon enters Cancer at 2:27PM ET on Friday — OK, now you can shop. Its emotional homeland security needs will be challenged by Mars on Saturday, along with the Moon’s weekly supercharge from Pluto and Uranus. Hmmm.

And as if that weren’t enough action, on Sunday the Moon goes void for 12 hours, starting at 7:47AM ET. In that wandering void, the rowdy, high-flying, mind-expanding and opinionated Sagittarius Sun makes contact with Saturn and Neptune, echoing Mercury’s action on Wednesday’s Full Moon. More of what we see then, only hotter and brighter — after all, we’re talking about the Sun. I hope you experience more of the sublime potential than the surreal. You’ll feel it more personally if you were born around the 29th of November, February, June and August.

And now, the news.

Venus! Uranus! Pluto! Over the weekend that pattern suggested emancipated and empowered women pulling focus. Against the backdrop of Saturn (“but what I really want to do is direct…”) and Neptune (film, vision) how cool is it to see —  on the cover of the Sunday NYT magazine — a lengthy feature about women in Hollywood who are ready to run the show. And how about this homepage piece, “ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Anguish, Collaboration & Escape”. Or “Girls in California Are Latest to Seek to Become Boy Scouts”. And “States Lead Effort to Allow Pharmacists to Prescribe Birth Control”

Neptune is drugs. Saturn is control.”Pfizer and Allergan Near $150 Billion Merger Deal”.  Of course they are. And that birth control article reflects Saturn and Neptune, too.

In my last forecast, I closed with this:

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the intensifying wigginess of next Thursday’s exact Saturn-Neptune square and Full Moon, try this coping strategy. Express gratitude. Gratitude immediately makes you a “have,” not a “have-not”.  It can convey a feeling of empowerment that flies in the face of fear. Being able to choose how you react to people and events in your own personal world also conveys empowerment.

And what do we find splashed across the centerfold of the NYT Sunday’s Review? “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier”. I wonder how much the writer was paid — anybody know? I like “empowerment” better.  It implies a bit of intelligence…as opposed to “happy”, because the writer says that happiness can make you fat (and dumb?).

Today, I am grateful for cats….

Wanna hear something else that’s cool? In December of 2013, Woodrow Wilson was hot, as we’d expect, given his horoscope. Hot biography published, with film rights snapped up by Leonardo Di Caprio. I wrote about their magnetic attraction (doesn’t matter that one of ’em is dead), and anticipated as follows:

But Pluto and Uranus aren’t finished with Wilson’s horoscope yet. Wilson’s Ascendant is 15 degrees of Libra; his Midheaven (career status/reputation) is 17 Cancer; his Mercury is 18 Cancer…and all three points will be super-charged by Uranus-Pluto in 2015. If the film is made — and released in 2015, it should get quite a bit of attention.

Well, the film hasn’t been released yet — don’t know if it’s even in production. But Woodrow Wilson is getting a lot of attention — and much of it is disrupting his image (Ascendant) and public status (Midheaven) as the truth about how he thinks (Mercury at 18 Capricorn) comes to light. At Princeton, efforts are underway to remove his name from a building as he is now alleged to have been…oh, they are calling it “intolerance”.  Quite a change of status!

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Thank you for reading this forecast. Can you tell I wrote while the Moon was in Aries? Have an awesome day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/10/2013: Charge!

Readers across the Pond may notice the shift into neutral suggested by the void-of-course Moon from 1:41AM ET – 8:06AM ET today…many in the Americas will sleep right through it. Once the Moon does engage, it charges ahead in warrior Aries. Cue Reveille now, please. And I do mean “charge,” given that the Moon will be opposed by action hero Mars at 10:40AM ET, suggesting the potential for a clash or outburst of will. Be careful on the roads…

This zippy pace is noticeably different than the dreamier flow of Monday’s Moon in Pisces. Much can be accomplished — with more inspired ideas courtesy of a harmonious alignment between mental Mercury in high-flying Sagittarius and innovative Uranus.

And now, the news.

OMG — talk about empathy, compassion, suffering and institutions — all Moon in Pisces keywords. The NYT hit a home run yesterday with the first of five installments in a series called Invisible Child.  Fact: there are more than 22,000 homeless children in New York — more than any time since the Great Depression. If every homeless child was invited to a concert in Madison Square Garden, there wouldn’t be enough seats for over 4000 of them.

Invisible Child focuses on one 12-year-old girl  over the course of a year. Her name is Dasani — and The Coca-Cola Company should immediately become her patron saint. Dasani is the oldest of eight brothers and sisters, one of whom is legally blind. Her parents have struggled with drug addiction. They are homeless. How do they manage to survive? Read the article. Of course when it revealed her birth date (May 26, 2001),  I looked up her horoscope.

Dasani seems so much older than her chronological age — no surprise, given that her pixie-chatterbox Gemini Sun is tempered by a heavy conjunction with stern Saturn. That is serious. We’d expect a strong awareness of responsibility, and in fact, she spends a lot of her time taking care of her siblings and her mother. It helps that her Moon is in nurturing Cancer; she needs emotional security. She often gets into fights — verbal and physical — with her peers. Well, of course she would, with an exact opposition between mental Mercury in Gemini and Mars in rowdy Sagittarius. Not to mention Venus in Aries — sign of a warrior in social expression — impulsive, inspiring and indomitable. Just read the article. Maybe if enough people read it, we can have some productive discussions on how we’ve gotten to a point in the world where so few people have so much more than everyone else.

As it turns out, planetary patterns do suggest an overturning of the status quo — though not without a fight. Fast-food workers striking for a higher minimum wage are likely just the beginning. As for how much money you’re likely to earn, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type, here are the results of that study.

OK…other news. How about a story about magical (Mercury-Neptune) thinking out of the box (Mercury-Uranus). It seems our intelligence agencies have been practicing their Secret Squirrel activities disguised as orcs and trolls —  in role-playing fantasy worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft. No word on whether they discovered any suspicious activities. Meanwhile, 500 of the world’s leading authors are calling for a “digital bill of rights,” arguing that “state surveillance of personal data is theft.”

Mercury-Uranus aspects can suggest brilliance, nervous energy, madness or at the very least, an unconventional mindset. Here’s a fascinating item about autism: a new study suggests that some of the behaviors associated with the condition are actually gastro-intestinal issues and could be treated with probiotics. That’s your PSA of the day.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/29/2010

Weird weather aside, we can look forward to another day of information gathering and disseminating — hopefully with a focus that becomes ever clearer as the day progresses. And by “weird weather” (please see my forecast for yesterday), I mean floods in Wisconsin, 100+ degree heat in LA and a tornado watch (!!!) in New York, which fortunately was much ado about nothing But we’re not out of the woods yet, weather-wise — so be prepared, wherever you may be.

Meanwhile, the annual meet-up between controlling Saturn and Sun (our life energy) on Thursday will likely hit those celebrating birthdays between now and October 1st with greater impact. Add to this list Aries born around March 30, Cancers born around June 30 and Capricorns born around December 30. Maybe your energy is a little low; maybe you’re feeling a little pinched, restricted — it’s all in an effort by the Universe to get you focused on what really matters — so that you will get back on track with ease once this moment passes. Just ask Jimmy Carter, who was flying all over the place on a book tour and now finds himself spending the night in a hospital with an upset stomach. President Carter was born October 1st — this Sun-Saturn hook-up is happening in his 12th house — which often relates to illnesses. President Carter needs to slow down — and so might you, if you’re born on any of the dates mentioned above. This, too, shall pass.