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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/13/2014: Big Fat Everything

Moon continues in sunny, playful and/or royal pain Leo today, seeking love and to shine, shine, shine. Your creative streak may get an extra dose of innovation, courtesy of a easy connection from unconventional Uranus at 4:03PM ET.

Boundaries are likely to be pushed, for better or for worse, as Sun in extremist Scorpio is challenged by expansive/expensive Jupiter, also in Leo (like today’s Moon). Still, if you have a planet or angle around 21 degrees of just about any sign (but especially Leo), a few lottery tickets  — with the operative words being “a few” — could be a fun bet.

Sun-Jupiter aspects are a perfect set up for an “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” scenario. The temptation is to over-indulge. You have now been advised.

In other news, the results are in regarding voter turnout in last week’s election. Maine had the highest percentage: 59%. That’s wicked good, compared to the rest of the country.  Look here to see how your state did. Overall the turnout was the worst it has been in 72 years — something to consider if you ever have a chance to wonder how a man who in 2012 published a book decrying global warming as “the greatest hoax” ever got to be Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “It’s like Harry Potter for people who thought Harry Potter had too much science in it,” said Stephen Colbert of Jim Inhofe’s opus.

Senator Inhofe (11/17/1934 in Des Moines, IA) is a Scorpio with Moon in Aries, a formidable combination. Four planets in Scorpio are on a mission, and the Aries Moon easily champions the impossible. Other patterns suggest a Puritan work ethic (Sun square Saturn, like the horoscope of the United States), idealism and no small amount of pixie dust. That pixie dust easily convinced a majority of the 29% percent of eligible voters who actually voted in Oklahoma last week to send Senator Inhofe back to Washington.

In case you’re wondering how the senator reacted to yesterday’s “breakthrough” accord between the U.S. and China on carbon reduction, here it is.   And here is the video of Stephen Colbert’s commentary, in case you missed that, too.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/10/2014: Sneak Peek at a Blockbuster Week

Good Morning!

Lots of potential this week. Are you ready? As of 3:38AM ET, Moon entered watery Cancer, seeking security in family, nurturing and other home/homeland concerns. Note your inspirations in the early part of the day, as the Moon is in harmony with mental Mercury and visionary Neptune. At 6:03PM ET, warrior Mars aligns with potent and/or ruthless Pluto, suggesting a significant power play that may be especially volatile or explosive. On the plus side, this pattern may be reflected as much-needed push through a roadblock.

The Cancer Moon’s need for emotional security may be rattled in the wee hours on Tuesday as it makes its weekly clash with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, and suffers a aggressive challenge from Mars. Attention is advised behind the wheel and in the handling of any sharp objects, including the tongue. With passions running high, tensions can easily escalate. You may feel the power surge more personally if you have a planet or an angle around 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Your mission is to channel the surge productively.

Dust settles after 5AM ET on Tuesday, and as the day progresses, a sense of inspired balance is suggested, courtesy of a lovely connection between Mercury and Neptune. On Wednesday, Moon will be void between 4:16AM ET and 1:44PM ET; that’s the time to chill out and focus on routine business matters. Once the Moon enters Leo, a serious focus on relationship is suggested by a meet-up between Venus (money, love, art, women) and Saturn (discipline, structure, business) at 8:02PM ET. Minutes later, at 8:29PM ET, warrior Mars clashes with rebel Uranus and adds a element of surprising upset to the night.

On Thursday, the Leo Moon continues to seek outlets to play and shine dramatically, bolstered by an optimistic (or bombastic) contact between the Sun and Jupiter. Jovial expansion or wretched excess? Those with planets or angles around 21 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius may be feeling the push to think big.

You may learn if a New Moon project has legs on Friday’s Third Quarter Moon.  Over the weekend, the Moon in Virgo offers an opportunity to sort, refine and assimilate the outbursts and advances made this week, with a serious and streamlined focus due next Tuesday as the Sun makes its annual meet-up with taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio.

And now, the news.

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OK, now the news.

Over the weekend Venus was squared by expansive Jupiter. Did you know that in medical astrology, Venus rules the thyroid? How fascinating, then, to note the astonishing surge in the number of thyroid cancers diagnosed in recent years, along with evidence that aggressive treatment of this presumed health threat may be wretchedly excessive — and utterly unnecessary.

Meanwhile, did you also know that in medical astrology, Mars rules the head? Mars also refers to war, combat and other physical acts of aggression and violence. With Mars now in Capricorn, intensely empowered by Pluto and Uranus, the New York Times’ Sunday Magazine cover story was this: “How One Lawyer’s Crusade (Uranus in Aries) Could Change Football Forever (Pluto in Capricorn)“.  How? By publicizing the fact, documented by evidence, that the concussions many professional football players experienced on the field led to serious brain damage. And by filing a class action suit against the NFL.

Mars also refers to guns and assassins, and I found it interesting to note this headline about another Navy SEAL claiming credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden, so now it is a matter of debate. But Fox “News” will be airing a documentary about the SEAL this week, perfectly reflecting planetary patterns!  Elsewhere, the headlines have more than the usual “if it bleeds, it leads” stories, as anticipated. Be careful out there.

Meanwhile, in the wake of last week’s illuminating Full Moon, Rolling Stone published investigative reporter Matt Taibbi’s latest page turner. Who remembers that one of the Sabian Symbols of the Full Moon referred to a “muffled voice”? Taibbi’s piece concerns Alayne Fleischmann, a securities lawyer at JP Morgan Chase who presented damning evidence of alleged criminal wrongdoing by senior executives at that bank in the years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. Yet somehow, no criminal charges have been filed, despite a massive — as in — $9 billion fine paid as a “settlement”.

As reported in this forecast, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon personally called US Attorney General Eric Holder on a Pluto-Mars transit which suggested extraordinary effort and persuasion. So let’s see…Eric Holder resigns before the mid-term elections…and then Matt Taibbi’s article, in which a previously “muffled voice” speaks, is published. Coincidence or conspiracy?

To be continued…

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