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"Last night’s session was a delightful time for me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!!! You are so articulate and caring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time, all the nu- ances you brought to it and your obviously experienced, long- time expertise."
- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Thursday 8/1/2019: New Moon in Leo; Dem Debates & More

Happy, happy August!

Here’s a recap of planetary patterns driving the day — as you may recall from Monday’s Sneak Peek at the Week:

  • THURSDAY — the day begins with an optimistic harmony between the Leo Moon and Jupiter, planet of expansion. Ease on down the road — but not full speed ahead, as our minds need time to adjust to Mercury’s change of direction. A regal outburst or executive action may manifest around 4:48 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with Mars in Leo, a placement more likely to get away with murder than any other. Moon goes void after the Mars meet-up, so take time to chill and do not make mountains out of molehills.

If you are new to this forecast and unfamiliar with the term “Moon void,” know that during these natural rest periods, we have a higher than average probability of twists and flakes that disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. If you’re the one that flakes, do not worry. Stick to routine tasks, as initiatives launched during voids are likely to be of little consequence. Crises which crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing — a theory that was proven consistently when I worked in news. A hot project would land on my desk that had to get done not now, but RIGHT NOW — and invariably the crisis would fade into a classic Emily Litella “Never mind.”  For more on Moon voids, here is a detailed primer.

The Moon enters the next sign — Virgo –at 9:20 AM ET on Friday,  determined to restore order in the aftermath of the Leo Moon’s party.

Now about yesterday’s New Moon in Leo. It was exact at 11:12 PM ET,  when the Sun and Moon met up at 8 degrees of Leo. There’s still time to make a list  and light a candle today. A New Moon offers us an opportunity to set  intentions and goals for the lunar cycle.  Around  August 7th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on August 15th,  we may have illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 23rd, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin anew, with the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th.

Here is the New Moon chart set in Washington DC:


Leo refers to the heart.  A Leo Sun comes to the table with the energy to be recognized; a Leo Moon needs, needs, needs to be loved, honored and respected.  Here, the Sun and Moon are separating from Venus and on their way to Mars. Thus we see a need for ginormous love, applause and creative self-expression, with a dramatic dose of idealism and possible regal entitlement.  How are we going to manifest the creativity that gives us the recognition and love we need? Those are our marching orders for this lunar cycle.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon  is “glass blowers.” I have found that these New Moon Sabian Symbols have an uncanny way of working their way into the headlines. The Sabian Symbol for the last New Moon was “a clown making grimaces.” Exhibit A:

How will this New Moon’s Sabian Symbol be reflected in the news? I don’t know, but it will be. Sabian Symbol sage  Blaine Bovee notes that glass blowers are challenged to craft their work “without blowing it out of proportion or shattering [it].” He observes that a skilled application of temperature is key to a glass blower’s success. When is it apt to heat something up, cool it down or break it and start over? We are advised to apply this Symbol with “a mind to the art of animating a base material into a living thing” (italics are mine — I suspect those words will crop up in the news). Bovee has more to say here.  We’ll probably see plenty of headlines about temperatures, like this one from today.

Wherever 8-9 Leo falls in your horoscope is the area of your life in which you may experience a crafting and/or re-crafting of a heart-centered creative ideal. If you have a planet or angle at 8-9 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and especially Leo, you are even more affected by this creative challenge. Aiding and abetting your creative spark — as reflected in the New Moon chart — is the courage to innovate. Venus — which represents what, whom and how we love — is squared by Uranus (exact on Friday). Venus-Uranus patterns suggest unconventional attractions, gender-benders, free-spirited women and disruption in matters of money, value and art. As Susan Sontag told my Wellesley class at our commencement, “Be bold, be bold, be bold.”

Meanwhile, Mercury  — how we need to think and communication — is also strong in this New Moon chart, as it turned direct minutes after the New Moon. Avid Readers will recall that a planet at its stationary point is demanding focus, the way an insistent driver demands focus when he/she leans on the horn. Mercury turned direct at 23 Cancer; its Sabian Symbol is “a woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south.” In other words (advises Bovee), this is an image of a classic love triangle, suggesting that a choice between two perhaps worthy but different options must be made. The “sunlit land” is the issue highlighted that must be decided. The last time this Sabian Symbol demanded our focus was…on the New Moon in July 2015.

And now, the news.

Round #2 of the Democratic candidate debates happened over the past two nights, and everyone declared CNN’s format the loser.  The Moon was dead’ Mercury was stationary; some were declared listless and/or confused — reflecting the potential of those planetary patterns. Meanwhile, the candidates with the hottest horoscopes got a ton of attention for being hot, to no skilled astrologer’s surprise.

  • MARIANNE WILLIAMSON — is having a banner week. I’ve been writing about her horoscope since 2012 — here and here. After her debate on Tuesday, she was the most Google-searched of all the candidates in every state but Montana. She scored the most new Twitter followers, too. No one who has seen her horoscope is surprised by her straightforward address of challenging questions such as racism in America and how that needs to be dealt with before we can move forward with a wonky action plan. Marianne Williamson is driven by a Capricorn Moon; taking care of business and making things happen is her top priority. This week, she’s reaping the potential success of transiting North Node on her rebellious/fiercely unique Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer. Her revolutionary prescription for establishing emotional and homeland security is likely to connect with the masses at this time. Meanwhile transiting Mars will be exactly on her Pluto this week, supporting a forceful and empowered application of energy. Also facilitating a successful expansive public outreach: transiting Jupiter opposing her clever Gemini Ascendant three times in 2019. While I am not convinced she will become the Democratic nominee, patterns in her horoscope are ripe for continued expansion into early 2020.  Part of her success is the timing of her message, as it reflects the needs of planetary patterns impacting us all. And those would be the need to address matters of faith (symbolized by the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square) and the need to have a solid and authoritative action plan (Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn).
  • STEVE BULLOCK — he’s the governor of Montana, and thus was the most-Googled candidate in his home state. I told you he would be a notable contender back in May, when he announced his candidacy. Did it matter that he didn’t qualify for the the first debate in May? Hell, no. Born on April 11, 1966 — time unknown — he is a pioneering Aries driven by a Capricorn Moon. His 21 Aries Sun is being supercharged by transiting Pluto, just as AOC’s horoscope was when she “came out of nowhere” and trounced her incumbent opponent. Resistance is futile. Also, Bullock’s exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo gives him revolutionary potential, which was activated this year by Mars (solar arc — another way of measuring time) and by transiting Jupiter. In July 2020, he will have transiting Jupiter square his Aries Sun, another suggestion of expansion and recognition. His big campaign issue: getting “dark money’ out of politics.
  • JOHN DELANEY — another Aries with Moon in Capricorn — April 16, 1963, no birthtime. His 26 Aries Sun is not reaping the full empowerment potential of transiting Pluto (waiting until 2021), but it’s possible that Pluto may be on his Moon, reflecting exceptional zeal. Or perhaps his Moon is closer to transiting Saturn right now, as after Elizabeth Warren zinged him for being a wet blanket, his Wikipedia biography was hacked and he was declared dead. Saturn refers to ending and limitations, doncha’ know. As for why John Delaney has suddenly burst upon the scene…well…think about this. What  planet is associated with “sudden?” And if you’re thinking “Uranus”, congratulations — because Uranus is all over John Delaney’s Sun (by solar arc), so we can see the lightning bolt potential happening right now, for better or for worse.

None of the above candidates have qualified for the third Democratic debates, which are scheduled for September 12 and 13th. Here are the seven who have — all have been discussed in this forecast — search the archives. Meanwhile, reflecting the tech innovations of Venus and Uranus with respect to relationships, the NYT has just posted a wacky op-ed that presents the candidates as if they were prospects on Tinder. Will you swipe left or swipe right?

Meanwhile, this week’s Sun-Venus square to Uranus suggests unconventional attractions and technology. Cue convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, whose personal horoscope suggests he’s in for more than a year of freakshow scandals, to the extreme. Still, even I wasn’t prepared for the extreme freakshow reported yesterday: “Epstein reportedly hoped to establish super-race of humans with his DNA.”   Oh, and…“Jeffrey Epstein wanted to freeze his head and penis after dying.”   This is going to get weirder and weirder — and I’ve written more about Epstein for the next Mountain Astrologer. But while we’re on the subject, here’s a WaPo article about the 2004 real estate deal that happened just before Epstein and P45 apparently severed ties. How does this saga reflect planetary patterns, you may be wondering?  It reflects the likely healing focus on toxic masculinity that Chiron’s March ingress into Aries offers — and here’s the podcast.

In other news…

Venus square Uranus nearly always coincides with an unconventional item in the world of art.  It’s just been announced that “Portraits of Courage” will be the first exhibit at a new space at the Kennedy Center. The artist is George W. Bush, who created this series of 66 paintings  to honor the armed services.  The exhibition at the Kennedy Center opens October 7, exactly when transiting Jupiter opposes his natal Uranus. Jupiter rules his 5th house (of creative self-expression); Uranus rules his 7th House (public outreach). Jupiter in contact with Uranus can reflect a windfall opportunity. The timing of this announcement happened with the Leo New Moon on his Leo Ascending Mercury and Pluto. Of course it did! Astrology is amazing!!

And now that I’m looking at Dubya’s  horoscope, 2020-2021 has change written all over it. A fresh start, a geographic relocation, a declaration of independence or other upset to the status quo, coupled with a transformational empowerment involving home and homeland is on the horizon.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with friends.




Monday 10/8/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Libra; Venus squares Mars; Sun squares Pluto

Happy Monday from Los Angeles! Will be back in New York on Wednesday.

The work week begins with the Moon in Libra, driving the day with a need for fairness, balance and social graces. Good luck with that while Venus is retrograde (as of last Friday), along other patterns happening this week. If you’re feeling restless or listless today, sensing that something new is on the horizon, you’re tuning in to the fact that we are in the dark side of the Moon. The new cycle begins at 11:47 PM ET.

This New Moon happens at 15 Libra, so anyone with planets or angles at 15 Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn will have their horoscopes activated. How so? That’s a discussion point for a consultation with your local astrologer. FYI, the horoscope of the U.S. is one of those activated. Should be a rollicking lunar cycle.

Libra is the sign of partnerships; marriage is an obvious partnership; some business relationships are partnerships, including adversarial ones. We went through the first half of the zodiac with New Moons focusing on the Self: Aries = my identity; Taurus = my values/possessions; Gemini = my mind; Cancer = my emotions/family; Leo = my love to give; Virgo = my service/work/body. Now we’re ready to go public. Take a look at your relationships: how are We doing? What is the State of the Union?  How does it reflect the Libran qualities of justice, fairness, diplomacy, peace, beauty and sweetness? Is there resentment or a lack of appreciation? Are there issues hanging in the balance (Libra is the sign of the Scales)?

Venus rules Libra, and as you know, right now Venus is in Scorpio and retrograde. This is not a happy placement, and we are building to an assertive/aggressive release on WEDNESDAY. Why? Because Venus (yin) and Mars (yang) will square each other at 10:29 PM ET. And what is said is likely to be a game changer, for better or worse. Why? at 1:35 PM ET on WEDNESDAY, mental Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) will be opposed by rebel Uranus. Not only that, but on FRIDAY just after midnight ET, the Sun (leaders, will) squares Pluto. In the news, this suggests a significant powerplay involving political leaders and CEOs; news from underground. Whatever hits the fan that day will have an easy flow of communication, affirming the Established Order, suggested by Mercury in harmony with Saturn at 4:20 AM ET.

Avid Readers may recall that this week would likely be a week of significant action/assertion on the part of — or against — P45 and his administration. We see this in his horoscope and in the chart for the P45 inauguration. Perhaps conquering the Supreme Court qualifies. Perhaps there will be more. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Point is, we need to factor the patterns described in the previous paragraph into our analysis of what this New Moon suggests. Empowered, innovative ideas and social expression, stemming from a need to reassess and reclaim value related to money, aesthetics and WOMEN comes to mind. Mars is squaring Venus. The next aspect in the New Moon chart is a ruthless, cathartic square between the Moon and Pluto on TUESDAY at 4:50 AM ET. This energy can be applied for better or for worse.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a boat landing washed away,” which Blain Bovee says is “an image sweeping away human constructs, calling for repair and renewal.” This line gave me pause: “‘Washed away’ implies the power of waves which carry off that which cannot withstand their force.” Waves, eh? What kind of waves, with Election Day happening on Tuesday, November 6th, during this lunar cycle? We’re sure to hear plenty of talk about waves over the next few weeks.

Bovee also observes that if your boat landing has been washed away, there’s no safe place to dock — but this is OK. We are advised to take the time to repair the damage, to heal — and to contemplate the unseen powers of nature. We are invited to consider “feeling washed out; being swept away by powerful forces; a strong sense of inner renewal; a positive attitude about the approaching new day.” Sounds like a apt time to clean the house…

In other news, the always-in-sync Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Card of the Week suggests a potential healing…

Other patterns of note this week:

  • TUESDAY: at 8:41 PM ET, Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio. No more weighing the options in matters of ideas and communication; Mercury in Scorpio demands depth, substance and control — at least until Halloween.
  • Moon voids:
    • TUESDAY 4:50 AM ET until 12:09 AM ET on WEDNESDAY;
    • THURSDAY 7:12 PM ET until 5:53 AM ET on FRIDAY;
    • SATURDAY 8:58 PM ET until 3:17 PM ET on SUNDAY.
  • The all-day void on Tuesday is most likely to disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line, as it covers the entire business day. Chill and don’t freak out over crises, as they are likely to be much ado about nothing. Avoid impulse shopping; roll with the twists and flakes.

And now, the news.

Astrology is so amazing. Avid Readers will remember that on Sept 5th I noted that in mid-October, Brett Kavanaugh’s horoscope was ripe for potential expansion. He has transiting Jupiter square his Aquarius Sun exact at about 9:30 PM ET….TODAY. When his confirmation hearing began in September, that Jupiter transit (expansion/reward potential) seemed to be happening later than one might think — if he was to be confirmed, as Mitch McConnell’s plan was to have Kavanaugh seated in time to join SCOTUS on Opening Game Day  — a.k.a., October 1st. BUT — before Jupiter could get to Kavanaugh’s Sun, it met up with his Neptune (booze, fog, deception). We had to go through that fog.

And over the weekend, as you know, Kavanaugh was confirmed during the dead Moon — and sworn in as an official Supreme on Saturday around 6 PM ET in D.C. — much to my admitted personal anger and disappointment — but not to the surprise of my astrological mind.  Not only that, but all of the pomp and circumstance of his anticipated reward happens tonight at 7 PM ET (a few hours before hit exact Jupiter-Sun transit), in a ceremonial swearing-in hosted by P45. Which makes one wonder if this was truly inevitable, which could be depressing. On the other hand, while his Saturday swearing-in might have felt like  a reward for Justice Brewski, in the bigger scheme of things, it was not an apt time for initiating a new justice. Seriously, on a dead Moon opposing Neptune (booze, fog, deception)? Venus retrograde in Scorpio square Mars? The energetic time stamp of his swearing-in can’t help but mark his tenure, however long it lasts. Here’s how SNL covered the GOP celebration in its latest cold open. On a Moon-Neptune opposition, of course there was beer.

In other news, just before 2 PM ET on Saturday in Schoharie, NY, a limo carrying 17 people on their way to a brewery tour crashed. All passengers were killed, plus the driver and two pedestrians. At the time of the accident, Uranus (accidents) was on the angles of the chart for that moment in Schoharie. We see this pattern over and over again: heavy planets on an angle coincident with an energetic release.

Meanwhile, note that whenever a planet is retrograde, it facilitates reviewing and revisiting the past. With Venus retrograde, we see the potential for revisiting past relationships and social expression. Venus is now squaring Mars — this is supercharged potential. Here are two must-read op-eds published on Sunday reflecting that pattern:

Elsewhere — an innovative attack (Mars in Aquarius) slays the art world (Venus in Scorpio): “Banksy Prank Sees Million-Dollar Art Work Shredded Live at Auction” — watch the video. Also from the world of art, the NYT Sunday magazine: “The Ugly Beauty of Cindy Sherman’s Selfies”.

Hey! Have you registered to vote? Are you SURE??? Please check your status — and share this link with everyone you know. Voter registration deadlines in many states is TOMORROW, October 9th. Vote, vote, vote!!!

Finally, Avid Readers know that planetary patterns suggest strong potential for authoritarian rulers to be in vogue. It’s not just the United States; it’s everywhere, and it’s not going away this year or even next, as Saturn (authority figures) meets up with Pluto (power; rot; corruption) in Capricorn (Powers That Be).  Here’s John Oliver to tell you about a racist, misogynist authoritarian currently campaigning in Brazil. His name is Jair Bolsonaro. He did not win the election outright yesterday, but he came darn close. And he is still in the running.

We live in such interesting times. What would we do without this astrological perspective? If you follow the patterns in your own horoscope, you will learn that while times are “interesting” around the globe, this does not mean you will not have opportunities for growth and reward.

If you’d like to know what this Venus retrograde period suggests for you, I would be pleased to offer insights in a special mini-consultation. Click the link below and send me your birth time, place and date of birth. Then toss $44 into my Cosmic Tip Jar. I will send you a few paragraphs about Venus retrograde, and how it may be building on the lessons posed by this summer’s Mars retrograde, too. I will also email you a copy of your horoscope, if you have not received one from me before.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.