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Monday 7/9/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Big Thoughts; Power Plays; New Moon/Eclipse

Good Morning!

The Moon continues in Taurus, seeking to build material comfort and security. The only aspect to the Moon is a challenge from Venus at 12:10 PM ET, suggesting a potential self-indulgent clash involving values and social expression. You could take an early lunch or Moon-void coffee break  between 12:10 PM ET and 12:58 PM ET. By then, Moon will be in chatty Gemini, looking for a good story. Given that the day began with a challenging square between Mercury (how we need to think ) and Jupiter (expansion), we shouldn’t have to look too far.

We are in the dark side of the Moon, getting ready to begin a new cycle. The closer we get to Thursday, the more listless and/or restless we may feel, sensing that something new is around the corner, though we don’t know what. Wrap up projects that were started on the last New Moon if you can. Consider your intentions for the next New Moon, exact on THURSDAY at 10:48 PM ET. This New Moon is also an eclipse and it is quite potent. Details below — with more later this week.

Here are the notable planetary patterns:

  • MONDAY — Venus leaves Leo for Virgo, desperately seeking perfection until August 7th; it is triggering the Big Fat Total Eclipse we had last August 21st. If your horoscope was affected by the eclipse, it is affected by Venus today.
  • TUESDAY  — Jupiter, planet of reward, expansion and indulgence, turns direct at 1:04 PM ET at 13 degrees of Scorpio. If you have a planet around 13 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo, you are especially affected. Why? Because Jupiter has been sitting on that degree since the summer solstice, and will continue to sit on it for the rest of the month.  What’s expanding in your life these days?  If you’re former uber-conservative Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (MD, R-TN; 2/22/1952 in Nashville TN), with Mars at 13 Scorpio, you might find yourself needing to take a moral stand with a surprising op-ed in WaPo entitled “The Senate I led put country over party. This one must do the same for Robert Mueller.”  This surprising social expression would be motivated by transiting Uranus squaring your Venus at 1 Aquarius.
  • Jupiter keywords include: collective belief systems, such as higher education, religion, political philosophies and the media; optimism, benevolence, inflation, bombast. Whereas Saturn restricts, Jupiter expands, for better or for worse — and this year’s expansion continues in Scorpio until November 8th. As you know, Scorpio demands substance, depth and control. Airy-fairy Libra theories of fairness and balance need not apply. Scorpio keywords include: debt, sexual/procreative energy, regeneration. Look for continued focus in these areas as Jupiter gets back up to speed. In a natal chart, Jupiter in Scorpio suggests a need to have a mission in life — zealously, perhaps.
  • WEDNESDAY —  Venus trines Uranus, favoring unconventional attractions and perhaps an innovative spin in matters of money, women and aesthetics.
  • We’ll likely feel and see in the headlines the tension building to THURSDAY’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Major power plays behind the scenes, likely featuring heads of state.   Sun-Pluto aspects also suggest news from underground, and the involvement of Pluto with this New Moon/Eclipse at 20 Cancer suggests more than the usual outing of secrets generally associated with an eclipse. You are more personally affected if you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Capricorn, Libra, Aries and especially Cancer. Off the top of my head, public figures affected include Jared Kushner (Sun at 20 Cap), FCC Big Head Ajit Pai (Sun-Jupiter at 20 Cap), Richard Simmons (Sun at 20 Cancer), Queen Elizabeth (21 Cap ASC; 20 Cancer North Node), Patrick Stewart (Sun at 20 Cancer), Gerald Ford (Sun at 21 Cancer — doesn’t matter if he’s dead — plus, transiting Jupiter is sitting exactly opposite his 13 Taurus Ascendant).
  • SATURDAY — Venus trines Saturn, suggesting grounded/sobering/serious news about women, money, arts and social expression.

Moon voids for the week, other than today’s 20 minutes coffee break: TUESDAY 4:01 PM ET until 1:59 PM ET on WEDNESDAY; THURSDAY 10:48 PM ET until 1:31 PM ET on FRIDAY; SATURDAY 7:12 PM ET until SUNDAY 1:31 PM ET.

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And now, the news.

UPDATE: P45’s horoscope is in a curious lull.  There are very few hard aspects — conjunctions, squares and oppositions — happening among the planets, except from the Moon. Sure, we can expect more than the usual bombast on Monday, with transiting Sun squaring expansive Jupiter in the afternoon, around the time he says he’ll have made up his mind about his next SCOTUS pick. He’ll have transiting Venus conjunct his Ascendant when he goes on the TeeVee to announce that pick at 9 PM ET, and this may sweeten the deal. Tuesday he flies across the Pond, stopping first in Brussels to intimidate our NATO allies, but the next charged aspect in his horoscope doesn’t happen until he meets his match — Vladimir Putin — in Helsinki on the 16th. On that day, transiting Sun meets up with his natal Saturn, which — according to Robert Hand’s essential tome, Planets in Transit — suggests

“tending to tasks you may not want to do but must in order to fulfill obligations to others…what you accomplish today may have more lasting significance than could be accomplished under any other energy. Professional advancement may come under this transit…(it) often brings new responsibilities or reminds you of unfinished matters from the past that have to be finished now.”

What all of that means may not be immediately known, as apparently no other American will be in the room to listen in on the conversation.

Meanwhile, P45 is scheduled to visit the Queen on Friday the 13th. Apt?   Perhaps for Her Majesty. Transiting Saturn will exactly square the Queen’s Mercury (how we need to think) around 4 AM BST on SATURDAY. Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury, suggesting a need for mental focus and heavy thoughts. Gravitas, indeed.

In other news…

There are four candidates being bandied about as possible SCOTUS contenders: judges Raymond Kethledge, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Thomas Hardiman. We don’t have birth times for any of them, but of the lot, Hardiman’s horoscope has the most visible action, followed by Barrett, Kavenaugh and Kethledge. But again — no birth times — so we can’t completely assess potential. While not as obviously active, Kethledge’s horoscope has interesting synastry with P45’s.


Reflecting the “big ideas/communication” potential of Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter square, mixed in with the “news from underground” of the Sun’s face-off with Pluto: “A journalist’s conscience leads her to reveal her source to the FBI. Here’s why.”  Fascinating.


Extreme weather. Between last Thursday and Sunday we had a Grand Trine among the Sun, Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (floods), a pattern suggesting excess. Record rainfall in Japan has caused severe flooding, landslides and mass evacuations. Scores have died. I wondered about a possible connection between planetary patterns and Japan, and ran a chart for Friday’s Third Quarter Moon, set in Tokyo: 4:51 PM JST 7/6/2018. There is a connection! I could not help but notice the difficult relationship among Neptune and the angles of the chart, as well as the positions of the Sun and the Moon. Perhaps an Avid Reader in Japan will want to comment on it….and take a look at the chart for the June 28th Full Moon chart set in Tokyo, too. Arigato gozaimasu!


U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials   Just read it. Because this is who we are right now — at least officially, in the world arena.  Yet another manifestation of the P45 inaugural chart, yes? In other news, as of June 26 there are 116 women who are not incumbents who are on the ballots for the November 6, 2018 midterms elections. Thanks to WaPo for putting them all together hereAre you registered to vote??? Register today — and re-register if you have moved since the last time you voted –– or if you have not voted in a while (because in some states, including New York, it’s “use it or lose it.” )

Thank you for reading this forecast.

If you enjoy reading these forecasts, as much as I enjoy writing them, I invite you to support the work by making a contribution to my Cosmic Tip Jar. Thank you for your appreciation!

For more valuable insights on why you are the way you are, and what opportunities are up for you in the immediate future, book a personal consultation. If it’s been over a year since your last consultation, you’re due for a check-up.

Monday 4/10/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide; Full Moon Alert; News, News & More News

…and we’re off to the races again…but this week, slooooooow down! As you know, Mercury turn retrograde at  7:15 PM ET on Sunday, backtracking through early Taurus and late Aries.  There are plenty of great things you can accomplish during a Mercury retrograde, like REview and REvise your website or your business plan…or REconnect with people you haven’t seen in years. Here’s your strategy for the next few weeks:

Even if you know nothing else about astrology, you may have heard the term “Mercury retrograde” before. Often it’s accompanied by curses and groans, and that’s a shame. Yes, all of the flights on American Airlines might be grounded because of a computer glitch. Or the entire country of Finland might be offline because there’s a transportation strike. Or some trickster might set off all the tornado warning alarms in Dallas — that actually happened yesterday. But there’s much good that can be accomplished when the Messenger Planet appears to be retracing its steps.

Mercury—which in the language of astrology refers to mindset, travel and communication—will appear to move backward through the sky until May 3rd. It’s not really moving backward, but that is how it looks from our perspective here on Spaceship Earth. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times each year, for a period of 22 days.

Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades are no reason to freak out. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. You know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose THIS time to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down. And as you slow down, it is vitally important that you FOCUS.

When Mercury is retrograde, be prepared for travel delays, scheduling screw-ups, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings, the past coming back for a second look, surprise reunions and having to repeat what you just said. Use your FOCUS and double check important details, like whether the restaurant you’ve chosen for a meet-up is still in business. Or whether it is booked for a commercial shoot or a private party — all of which has happened to me during Mercury retrogrades.

If you are looking for a job, Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to reach out to people from your past. Mine your address book and trust that your contacts will be happy to hear from you. However, do not be frustrated if your target is away on vacation or keeps rescheduling meetings. Also, triple check your emails and resumes before you hit “send,” as there is a higher probability of typos and other sloppy snafus.

In your business, you’ll need to make sure all communications have been received and are clearly understood. Be mindful of the higher potential for communications equipment to go on the fritz. MAKE SURE YOUR FILES ARE BACKED UP. Also be aware of a higher than average probability for delays in shipping and travel arrangements. For this you will need an extra dose of patience.

You may also find it profitable to REview a project from the past. Maybe you shelved it then, but now is the time to REconsider. However, be advised that a spontaneously, “out-of-the-blue” idea for advancement may not be so sound when Mercury turns direct. This is why the conventional wisdom advises against finalizing and/or signing contracts on deals during Mercury retrograde. An exception might be supported if you are REnegotiating or RElocating. If you absolutely must close a deal, triple check everything. The key is not to RUSH.

This is a good time to schedule a corporate REtreat. Any activity that affords the opportunity to REview past performance is encouraged. REsearch on a new strategy is also favored.

Mercury retrogrades are not favored for launching a new website or a new communications systems. There is a higher than average probability of technical glitches and confusion. REvisions, however, are A-OK.

In general, adopt a playful attitude of flexibility to whatever twists you encounter. Avoid making major purchases (especially electronic ones). Don’t believe everything you hear or read in the papers. Rumors have a higher probability of spreading during Mercury retrogrades. Avoid losing patience — that’s a big one.

When in doubt, be silent!

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating….and REviewing your life with your astrologer.

So do take it easy on Monday, on a day driven by the Moon in people-pleasing Libra. As much as Libra seeks balance, fairness and harmony, the patterns leading up to the Full Moon — exact at 2:08 AM ET on TUESDAY — suggest anything but. A literally jovial contact between Jupiter and the Moon at 6:58 PM ET heightens emotions and builds to a possible power play at 9:54 PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Pluto.

After the Full Moon face-off against the me-me-me Aries Sun, balance and harmony may be further disrupted by another face-off between the Moon and rebel Uranus at 7:31 AM ET. Yes, it’s that weekly clash among Moon, Pluto and Uranus — augmented through the summer by Jupiter’s expansive influence. Not only that, but this Full Moon also connects with Eris. You may remember that Eris symbolizes those who may stop at nothing to secure a place at the table, having previously been dissed. In mythology Eris is the goddess of discord — perhaps a feminine counterpart to Mars.  It’s an apt time to be a warrior woman, with the following caveat to those who would get in a warrior woman’s way: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

But wait — there’s more. While the Libra Moon is disrupted by Eris, the warrior Aries Sun joins forces with Uranus at 1:29AM ET on FRIDAY. This is the other shoe dropping after the first one fell last week. We have been tracking these quarterly clashes among the Sun and the Uranus-Pluto square since 2012. Here’s a sample from 2016.

Other than Friday’s Sun-Uranus meet-up, there are no other exact aspects among the planets except to the Moon this week. In these apparent “empty spaces,” there is room for much to fall, in the way that a giant chunk of ice breaks off an Arctic shelf and crumbles into the sea, as if no one saw it coming.

And now, the news.

Let the record show that the Full Moon at 21 Libra-Aries will challenge P45’s Venus and Saturn in Cancer. You can’t say that this man doesn’t value family ties. It is fascinating to note that Stephen K. Bannon’s natal Uranus hits P45’s Venus and Saturn. It’s a disruptive influence on P45’s family ties, no? How interesting that during this current Venus retrograde — when social graces fly out the window and you can’t help but tell people how you really feel — a blow-up between P45’s son-in-law (Jared Kushner) and Bannon made headlines. Was their effort to “bury the hatchet” a success? Given what is known about the latter’s horoscope, let’s see what happens in mid-May and mid-June.

Back to P45. We’ve established that this Full Moon hits his unique horoscope.  Transiting Mars (the energy of action) will also make contact with planets and angles in his horoscope on April 13th, 16th and 21st. Do you know when Mars is scheduled to hit your Mars and your angles? You really should and I can tell you! When Mars hits these sensitive points we see increased potential for outbursts of energy: anger, assertive, accidents. I had a field day tracking Mars in the horoscopes of headline newsmakers last March.

So P45 is likely to be feeling provocative and provoked this week. Not only that, but he’s likely feeling expansive, thanks to the second hit of his Jupiter return at 17 degrees of Libra. Talk about luck! But there’s a wild card factor to the expansive action potential, given that rebel Uranus is also hot in his chart, especially on April 5th and 20th. Keep that in mind when watching the news.


It’s not just the U.S. seemingly falling apart. South Africa has its own political crisis, with massive demonstrations last week calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down. Thousands are marching against the socialist government in Venezuela.  There were “unauthorized” protests in Russia, too — earlier this month. France is facing its own potentially volatile elections on April 23rd and in May. In Alabama, the scandal-plagued governor  — Robert Bentley — is finally facing impeachment hearings. Papers were filed a year ago.

In the non-political arena, I see many stories reflecting the women of steel/no mercy potential of the Pattern of the Month: Saturn square Venus. Google stands accused of extreme pay discrimination against women.  Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck for wrongful termination, saying she was fired because of pro-choice remarks she made. I was not familiar with the 20-something Ms. Lahren until I saw a clip of her being interviewed on the Daily Show.

On the other hand, women in British Columbia can no longer be required to wear high heels at the office — and this isn’t the only place in the world where this is a subject of debate. I will bet fifty cents that Fox News requires its women on-air talent to wear heels, and that it is not the only broadcast network with that policy.

In other news…

In a horoscope, when Uranus (lightning in a bottle) makes contact with cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter, sudden windfalls are more likely. When Uranus makes contact with Venus, we see the potential for disruptive revelations in relationships and matters of worth. That is what is going on in Bill O’Reilly’s horoscope, as we are learning about the $13 million in fees paid to five women who accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment over the years — with more accusations made in recent days. The settlement fees were paid by Fox — his employer. Dear Avid Reader, has your employer done as much for you?

I wrote about O’Reilly back in early 2015, as well as Brian Williams — who also raised eyebrows last week (Williams is still gushing over guns).  While advertisers are ditching the O’Reilly Factor in droves, O’Reilly’s book on hahahahahahaha family values is an instant bestseller and his ratings are through the roof. Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Here is Alec Baldwin, portraying O’Reilly and P45 over the weekend on SNL. Mr. Baldwin is also on a roll…as predicted earlier this year.

Friday’s story about the girl in India who was reportedly being raised by monkeys felt so off to me — and not at all in tune with the harshness of planetary patterns — so I did not mention it. Now it turns out that she is not believed to have been raised by monkeys. She is believed to be disabled and was likely abandoned by her family. Right. That is harsh. Fits the patterns.

Add harshness and ambition to the power and resources suggested by Saturday’s Sun-Pluto meet-up, and you might see an in-depth NYT article about how the rise of solar power is killing jobs in the U.S. (because China has taken the lead in developing renewable energy). Meanwhile, solar power broke the 50% threshold in California last week, pushing prices into the negative. Wow!

And last but not least, meet John Goodenough, an inventor who revolutionized battery technology decades ago. Now he’s done it again. His latest patent is for a battery that is so effective it make electric cars ridiculously affordable and efficient, killing off the need for petroleum-fueled cars. Mr. Goodenough is 94 years old. So if you think you’ve done everything possible in life — don’t be ridiculous. You’ve got years ahead of you! And yes, yes, YES…we see the potential for Mr. Goodenough’s scientific genius and empowerment in his horoscope at this time.

When will your genius potential break out? What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends. You have awesome friends, and I know this because they consult with me when you share these posts. And this enables me to  keep on posting, posting, posting…cue the Cosmic Tip Jar now, please….with much gratitude for your appreciation.







Thursday 1/19/2017: Soldier on Through the Void…

The Libra Moon went void at 3:55 AM ET and wanders with no particular focus or direction until 5:09 PM ET. Mind the void! If you are new to this forecast, here’s a lengthy explanation of what Moon voids are and how to manage them. Stick to routine concerns; roll with the twists that may disrupt efforts to move forward  in a straight line. Whatever crisis that erupts is likely much ado about nothing — and I can give you tons of examples from personal experience. Resist the urge to make a mountain out of a molehill. Chill!

Meanwhile, happy birthday to Aquarius! The Sun enters this airy (mental), fixed (organizing) sign  at 4:24PM ET.  Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too. I look forward to your empowerment when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. If that feels like too long to wait, take heart. You’ll be building on the seeds of change planted when Uranus enters Taurus in 2018, intensifying your need for freedom of expression.

Around 5:13 PM ET, a stubborn clash of wills may roll across the wires, courtesy of the Third Quarter Moon. The Moon will have gotten into gear in Scorpio at 5:09 PM ET, plunging into the murky emotional depths of power and control.  Soldier on through the next few days, in the aftermath of the today’s militant Mars-Saturn square, which may have taken form while you were sleeping. That square was exact at 4:15AM ET.

And now, the news….in which we parade more examples of horoscopes that have planets around 22 degrees of Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini — and are thus directly affected by transiting Saturn at 22 Sagittarius square Mars at 22 Pisces. If you don’t know where your planets are, you can order an Astro-Basics Report here and follow along.

Exhibit A: Chelsea Manning and President Obama. The latter has Mars at 22 Virgo.  Ms. Manning has four planets clustered between 22 and 26 Sagittarius: Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Uranus. Transiting Saturn on Mercury suggests gravitas, as well as potential depression. And a Saturn return suggests a potential new lease on life, which is true for most people born between mid-1987 and early 1988, as well as 1958 and the very beginning of 1959. A Saturn return is a life-milestone, worth discussing with your astrologer. On Tuesday President Obama commuted Ms. Manning’s 35-year sentence. She will be re-leased (!) on May 17th, a few weeks after transiting Uranus (freedom) squares her natal Venus (the feminine). Isn’t that interesting? Ms. Manning’s horoscope is a fine example of how Uranus coincides with needs and actions involving freedom and unconventional expression, as noted in past posts here and here.

Exhibit B: President George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush. I last wrote about the former governor in February of last year:

…Jeb Bush formally ended his presidential campaign just as transiting Jupiter hit 20 degrees of Virgo. Why is that significant? 20 Virgo was the degree of a potent eclipse in September, and as you may recall, Governor Bush’s horoscope was personally affected. The eclipse fell in his 12th house, close to his 23 Virgo Ascendant and square his 22 Gemini Midheaven. Back in September, I noted that we needed to keep an eye on his horoscope in 2016, when Jupiter would trigger September’s eclipse….By the end of this year and into 2017,  he’ll likely be needing to get serious about core foundation and family concerns, as transiting Saturn hits the angles of his horoscope.

This is President Bush’s horoscope. His Sun is at 21 Gemini — just opposed by transiting Saturn. This week he was hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia.

Barbara Bush was also hospitalized. Here is her horoscope. Her Sun and Midheaven were hit by Saturn in November. Her Moon is at 16 Capricorn — challenged by Pluto all through 2016. 7Here is George W. Bush’s horoscope, which I’ve written about a few times over the years. His Moon is at 16 Libra. His father’s Moon is at 17 Libra, just squared by transiting Pluto.

Wishing President and Mrs. Bush a speedy recovery.

In horoscopes, members of a family often have planets or angles at the same degree; thus we can anticipate periods of development that they all will share.   Even if you are not a genealogy buff, you would find it fascinating to see how planetary patterns have been handed down through generations in your family. When you understand the needs of your parents, siblings and other key relatives — as suggested in their horoscopes — your relationships with them can improve. At the very least, your new understanding of their needs and challenges can give you a measure of peace, especially if you’ve had difficulty with some who have since passed on.


The militant discipline of this week’s Mars-Saturn square showed up in Donald Trump’s reality bubble.  Which we would expect, given that it makes contact with both the Sun and the Moon in his horoscope. Yesterday he waxed poetically about staging military parades in Washington D.C.  — or having military planes fly over New York. Kinda like they do in North Korea, I suppose. Just look at the ginormous military parade they had in 2015, reportedly to show “it was ready to defend itself against the United States.”

A battering ram is an apt example of the action of Mars combined with the discipline of Saturn. And “rammed” is a word I saw in more than one source to describe how the Republican leaders in the Senate are conducting this week’s incoming Cabinet nominee hearings. If you have not watched parts of the hearings on C-Span, you are missing quite a show. Disclosures required to complete clearances have not been filed by all of the nominees — so there will be no public debate on anything questionable discovered after the hearings. One of the worst of the worst was the hearing of Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Secretary of Education — and a big campaign contributor to 10 of the 12 Republican senators on the committee. A summary of that hearing by Esquire‘s Charles Pierce is worthwhile.

Let’s end on a hopeful, silver lining. In October I wrote:

Continuing along Venus-Neptune lines, as the two together also suggest compassion and forgiveness, this leads me to opine that in some respect we must be grateful to Donald J. Trump for personifying the worst in human potential. Without him serving as a magnet, we would not have the opportunity to bring toxic thought and behavior patterns to light. And if they don’t come into the light — and into our consciousness — they can’t be healed.

The other day, a friend shared a video made after the election called “Why I’m Happy Trump Won.” If we can approach the immediate future with his perspective (which could be seen as militant), perhaps we can make some seriously good lemonade out of this distressing lemon. Planetary patterns suggest potential for sweeping, sudden changes in 2017 — and that doesn’t mean it’s all going to be “bad.”Hey, yesterday I read that China has built the world’s largest solar farm — that’s good, right?  It will send less pollution to Los Angeles. Less smog! And in New York tomorrow, many museums will be open — for free. Art — what a great thing to spend contemplating on a day with Venus (art) in harmony with Pluto (empowered perspective).

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/14/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; the President-Elect’s 2017

Happy Monday!

…in the aftermath of the Full Moon,  which was exact at 8:52AM ET. Moon is now void for the next 12 hours, suggesting a focus on routine matters in your Moon-in-Taurus  efforts to build and preserve material security. Once the Moon enters Gemini at 8:23PM ET, the focus will be on information and communication — real and unreal, as Moon makes challenging contacts with Neptune and Saturn TUESDAY at 10:53 AM ET and 9:34PM ET, respectively.

Moon will be void on WEDNESDAY at 5:57AM ET until 7:57PM ET, again suggesting a focus on routine matters. Impulse shopping expeditions are not advised. Whatever runaway buzz of a crisis that may dominate headlines on Wednesday is to be viewed cautiously, as crises which crop up during voids often prove to be much ado about nothing. Roll with whatever twists and flakes may deter your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill!!

Moon enters Cancer on Wednesday at 7:57PM ET, suggesting a focus on emotional/home/homeland security. Said security may be disrupted by an upset and/or power play as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, at 9:39PM ET Thursday and 7:10AM ET on FRIDAY. Moon will be void between 5:02PM ET and 10:14PM ET. It then enters Leo for the rest of the weekend, carrying out its regally entitled agenda or partying like there’s no tomorrow. Which will it be for you?

Planetary aspects this week include a cooperative aspect between Mercury (thought, information) and Mars (action), facilitating initiative on your brilliant ideas. Said brilliance may be visionary. It may also be delusional, given that Mercury will be challenged by Neptune at 11:04AM ET on Friday, followed by an alignment between Venus and Neptune at 6:04PM ET on Saturday. Neptune aspects come with rose-colored glasses. Buyer beware — unless you’ve consciously signed up for a fantastic escape.

Not only that, but Neptune turns direct at 11:39PM ET on Saturday, ending a five month period of subtle focus on your own dreams and intuition for guidance. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self.  You’ll feel the effects of Neptune’s change of station more personally if you were born 8-11 days into Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius…or if you have a planet or angle at 8-11 degrees of those signs. What kind of effects? Oh…perhaps you are feeling somewhat bewildered…or less inclined to be in Type A personality mode (if you are normally a Type A personality). You may find yourself needing to express your creativity — even if you have never thought of yourself as a “creative” person. You may also find being of service richly rewarding.

In the news this weekend,  watch for headlines involving Neptune concerns: oil, victims, suffering, forgiveness, music, drugs, scandal, lies, suicide, refugees, rarefied art, spiritual concerns, drinking — to name but a few.

Other planetary patterns to keep in mind as we continue through the year and into year. First, Saturn is now halfway through Sagittarius — at 15 degrees of that sign. Here’s an excerpt from a post dated 1/27/2015 — read the full post for the rest of the story.

The Saturn in Sagittarius lesson here is that the police chief did not like the photo — so much that, according to the promo producer’s boss, he would not give the TV station any more one-on-one interviews. Restricted access (Saturn) for that TV station (Sagittarius). The boss was not happy. He thought the photo the promo producer used made the police chief look like “a buffoon,” if the recording of the conversation made by the promo producer is authentic. Does it look that much different from the one that ran in the New York Daily News? Why, when the police chief refused to grant the TV station any more interviews, didn’t the station make that a news story?

Here’s a detailed post about what we can expect when planets travel through the back half of a sign. Briefly, with Saturn in the back half of Sagittarius through 2017, we see the potential for actions taken to control and incorporate (Saturn) Sagittarius concerns (publishing, collective beliefs, foreigners, travel, broad comedy, broadcasting, religious dogma, sports, opinions).

Consider also that Pluto is now at 15 Capricorn, ruthlessly moving forward on its power agenda of breaking down (Pluto) the Establishment (Capricorn). Consider also that Jupiter — which refers to expansion — has been triggering the series of disruptive Uranus-Pluto squares we experienced between 2012 and 2015. Jupiter is currently at 13 Libra; the squares are triggered when Jupiter hits 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 15 degrees of Libra — which it will do several times now and through 2017. So we see the potential for expanded disruption of the status quo, for better or for worse. We live in interesting times.

What do these interesting times have in store for you?  Book  a personal consultation and move ahead with renewed clarity and confidence — here’s how to contact me.

And now, the news.

Newspaper headlines are expressing concern that the current president-elect’s administration will usher in restrictions on press freedoms. This would be in sync with patterns noted above. Other headlines express concern about surveillance, another way of controlling opinions and publishing. When Melania Trump announced she would campaign against bullying on social media, we see another potential control on freedom of speech/opinion/publishing, for better or for worse.

Meanwhile, media maven Stephen K. Bannon has been named to a special post in the president-elect’s administration. No birth time is available. Born Nov 27 1953.  Sun in Sagittarius; I’d argue Moon in Leo — where it would be aligned with his boss’s Leo Mars and Ascendant — but it could be early Virgo, too — and still aligned with his boss. The Moon would be conjoined with Pluto, suggesting added emotional intensity to a regal need for ego recognition (if the Moon is Leo) — or a need to be seen as right (if it is Virgo). Further thought and research is required. What’s hot in what we can see of his horoscope now is transiting Pluto squaring his Mars, suggesting he’s been on a major action plan for empowerment all year and into 2017. His natal Pluto will be eclipsed in August — and possibly his Moon, too — we’d need a birth time to be sure.

UPDATE: I no longer believe Mr. Bannon’s Moon is in Leo — though still likely aligned with his boss’s Ascendant.

Washington insider  Reince Priebus has been named White House Chief of Staff. He is a Pisces with the Sun at the Aries Point,  destined to attracted prominence and power. His Sun at 28 Pisces is opposed by Pluto at 0 Libra — also the Aries Point. Both are involved with Scheat, a Fixed Star known for its association with intellectuals and shipwrecks. This is likely a sensitive soul who may have felt suppressed in his early home life. His Taurus Moon suggests  a need to establish material comfort and security however he may feel things “ought to be.” His naturally buzzing me-me-me Aries mindset is opposed by Uranus, and that’s being supercharged now by transiting Pluto — adding power and persuasion to potentially disruptive ideas.

Also of interest: his Mars at 24 Taurus, just illuminated by today’s Full Moon. His Mars is on his boss’s 23 Taurus Midheaven. 23-24 Taurus corresponds to the Fixed Star Capulus. You will recall that Capulus refers to “male sexual energy” — and we’ve seen in the horoscope of Roger Ailes Donald Trump, Gretchen Carlson, Mick Jagger and David Crosby. Hillary Clinton has her North Node at 24 Taurus.

Really — Gretchen Carlson? Yes — and here is her NYT op-Ed on sexual harassment — published under the illumination of the Full Moon conjunct Capulus. Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, in Donald Trump’s horoscope, we see the first of three hits to his Moon, Sun and relationship point from transiting Saturn on 12/30, 1/6 and 1/14, respectively. Thus begins an ambitious agenda (upside) or a feeling of restrictive focus, control or loss. This pattern hits again in July, September and October. The Moon is only exactly hit once, but will still be under pressure in July. The restrictive influence of Saturn suggests he will not be able to have everything he wants — bringing to life the reality of the song he kept playing at rallies, despite objections from the artists.

These limitations are countered by expansion — in the form of three hits of transiting Jupiter to his Jupiter, ruler of the area of his horoscope which refers to creative self-expression, children and speculative ventures. Saturn co-rules that area of his horoscope, so it may be six of one; half dozen of the other. Expansion of power and resources is suggested by an extraordinary double whammy of  Pluto — also to his Jupiter — now and through 2017.

A need for innovation and excitement that disrupts his mindset, communication and professional status is also at work in 2017, suggested by transiting Uranus squaring his Venus. When I think of Venus with Uranus, I think “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” I think of unconventional attractions and surprises involving women, values, money and aesthetics. OMG I am just realizing that Venus will be retrograde in brash Aries from March 4 through April 15th. What an inauspicious time to be redecorating the White House.

Back to the president-elect…

Chiron the Wounded Healer is still in play now and next year, continuing to expose toxic patterns and relationships going back years. This week, a month from now and January-February are active for Chiron, as are June, July and August. Of special interest: the total eclipse that will fall across all of the continental United States on August 21st. This hits two points in Trump’s horoscope: Mars and his Leo Ascendant, at a time when Mars (action, aggression) will be more easily provoked. The eclipse will be triggered on September 3rd (this applies to anyone with a point or planet at 29 Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio). Mitt Romney’s Ascendant was eclipsed in May of 2012. Jeb Bush’s Ascendant was eclipsed in September of 2015. Mark your calendars.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/9/2016: Saturn in Sagittarius Review; Senator Susan Collins, Right on Schedule

Arise, go forth and be deep. The day is driven by the Moon in Scorpio, seeking emotional control and substance. It gets a lift from potential brooding/moodiness by Venus at 10:43AM ET, encouraging efforts to be sweet and kind. A need for vision (and more kindness) colors the late evening hours, as the Moon harmonizes with Neptune in empathetic Pisces.

As it slows to a standstill this week, getting ready to turn direct on Saturday, we can expect Saturn in Sagittarius to pull focus. Remember that Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun will be making contact with Saturn all month — as I explained in a post last week.

First, let’s be clear that when a planet is stationary retrograde or stationary direct, it’s not actually standing still. It just appears to be at a dead stop from our perspective on Planet Earth. Here’s a review of what we can expect as Saturn travels through Sagittarius — from a post I wrote in December 2014:

Saturn refers to control, discipline and structure. Sagittarius refers to collective belief systems, including: the law, religion, philosophy and academia. Hmm…how about mind control? Or tests of faith?  It also refers to publishing and other mass communication media, as well as sports and entertainment. Expect efforts involving restrictions and/or restructuring. Sagittarius refers to that which is foreign, so issues of border control will likely become hotter. It refers to travel.  So we can expect headlines involving controls in these areas, too.

Righteousness is another Sagittarius buzzword, as is blunt honesty. As its best, the Saturnine restructuring of Sagittarius concerns will stem from righteousness, much as the restructuring of the institution of marriage (Libra) to include same-sex couples evolved when Saturn was in Libra. Fairness is a big Libra buzzword. Got that?

For those born in December 1985- December 1988 and  February 1956 – January 1959, congratulations, you were likely born with Saturn in Sagittarius. You’re about to embark on your first or second Saturn return, which suggests a critical time in your life,  rich with developmental potential. Many of my clients book their first astrological consultations on a Saturn return.

For those born 10-15 days into Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius, this year is a critical time in your life development, too.  You may need to cut your losses and focus on what’s really important. Saturn transits can inspire your ambition, but they can also be experienced as limiting, isolating and sad. Know that this, too, shall pass. Be brave enough to ask for support if you need it. You are worth it. A consultation about happenings in your horoscope would help you sort things out. Here’s the 411.

And now, the news.

How has Saturn in Sagittarius been reflected in restrictions and restructuring of the media? John Oliver is here to tell you all about it, in a brilliant and painfully hilarious bit that aired on Sunday when Mercury (mindset, communication) was under the influence of tough contact with Saturn and bewildering Neptune. Really, this is a must-see.

Elsewhere, yesterday I noted how a news story that is hot when a planet turns retrograde may become hot again months later, when it returns to where it began its retrograde phase. Here’s another example. In December, with Jupiter stationing at 23 Virgo (it turned retrograde in January), scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider thought they might have discovered a brand new particle. Last week, with Jupiter back at 23 Virgo, it was announced that what might have been, simply wasn’t.

Senator Susan Collins is making headlines this week. The Republican from Maine joined other decent and intelligent members of her party who are not supporting their party’s nominee. She wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post explaining her difficult decision to make this break. She’s one of the “women of steel” I expect to see in the news as Venus in Virgo is squared by Saturn. And guess what? In her horoscope, she has Venus square Saturn — and Venus in a tough aspect with Neptune, too — similar to current patterns! I often see this synchronicity between current patterns and the horoscopes of people making news. Astrology is amazing!!

Susan Collins’ Venus-Saturn square can be steely, but her Venus-Neptune square suggests a softer side. And by softer I mean idealistic, in sharp contrast to an otherwise hard-nosed, strategic stance her Venus in Capricorn might take.  One can imagine the intense pressure she’s been under all through June and July, with her natal Pluto at 23 Leo being squared by Mars at 23-24 Scorpio. This suggests a power struggle, perhaps pitting her own desires and standards against those of a group.

Her op-ed to the world is being published with transiting Mars now sitting right on top of her opinionated Mercury in Sagittarius. Her Mercury — the way she needs to think — is retrograde. She needs to turn things over and over and over internally before she lets it fly. Transiting Mars (action!) would be the trigger for the timing of her op-ed.  It’s perfect!

Also under pressure in her horoscope: transiting Uranus opposing her natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction, shaking up structure in her life with no small amount of accompanying wigginess. Next year transiting Uranus will square her Venus and I anticipate her social expression will become even more independent. First she’ll need to experience the necessary streamlining and focus demanded as transiting Saturn meets up with her Sun this November, recalling whatever limiting forces or ambitious reach she was wrestling with in March and April. Birth date: December 7th, 1952 in Caribou, Maine. She’s a Sagittarius with Moon either in Leo or Virgo. She has never, ever missed a vote — over 6000 of them in nearly 20 years of service — an exceptional accomplishment for any Congressperson or Senator.

Here’s the link to that John Oliver video again. Happy Saturn stationing direct in Sagittarius. And happy Perseid meteor watching. The annual show is back this week.