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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 4/20-21/2015: Neptune Musings; Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

A double dose of earthy, steady Taurus energy kicks off the work week, as the Sun enters the sign of the Bull at 5:42AM ET and joins the Moon — currently void until 7:28PM ET. Perhaps you will need an extra push to get you going this morning. Or your plans may be subject to a higher than average “flake factor” of twists, delays and “crises” that later prove to be much ado about nothing.

Once you do get started, however,  you are likely to find an easy flow of applied action and resources, driven by some big idea. Why? Because mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter are making exact contact just past midnight on Tuesday. By happy hour Tuesday, Mars (action) and Pluto (resources) will also make contact. Got it? What are you working on today that will build upon your need for material security?

At 7:28PM ET, there may be plenty to talk about, as the Moon enters pixie chatterbox Gemini. Tuesday looks productive, for reasons noted in the preceding paragraph. Get the word out — gather the facts — for your New Moon plans for world domination.  On Wednesday, the Moon will be void all day, suggesting you resist the urge to formally launch anything you wish to be of consequence. Planetary patterns on Wednesday do favor serious research and resourcefulness, however, as Mercury moves on from Jupiter to potent Pluto and then Mars. Or we may see a lot of talk, but no action.

The only other Moon void this week happens on Friday at 1:04PM ET….until 9:13AM ET on Saturday. Overall, a week that begins with solid enthusiasm, backed by brainpower, resources and good cheer. If your unique horoscope is experiencing more challenging transits, call or shoot me an email and we will make an appointment to talk about it. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining clarity, whether you’re struggling to make sense of your own life or others around you.

And now, the news.

More headlines cropped up in the “big is beautiful” vein, courtesy of last week’s charged connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter (big).  Big money in politics received another  tax break from our elected representatives in Congress. Do not despair, as George Lucas demonstrated what Sir Isaac Newton first determined: that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. With that Mars in Taurus (building and maintaining material security) and Jupiter in regal, generous Leo,  he announced he’d build and finance 224 units of affordable housing on his own land, “because we’ve got enough millionaires here,” thank you very much.

Power, resources and status quo disruptions are of course what we expect in the wake of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares. I love this one — the most-emailed article in Sunday’s NYT: “Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at the Forefront of Worldwide Changes” — guess who prevented one homeowner from installing solar panels that would have saved him $12,000 in one year? Meanwhile in California, a battle over another resource is brewing, as residents consider whether it makes sense for a private company to export bottled water for profit when they are being asked to reduce water consumption because of a drought. The San Bernardino Desert Sun did some investigative reporting and found that Nestle’s bottled water business “has been taking water from some of California’s driest areas on permits that expired as long as 27 years ago“.

Update on Meryl Streep, whose horoscope was last written about here in mid-February. Planetary patterns suggested themes of empowerment and emancipation, along with a fresh start in matters of career and reputation. Over the weekend, on that big Mercury (writing) – Jupiter alignment, laced with a dash of Venus (women) square Neptune (charity, arts), her “significant” contribution to an initiative supporting women screenwriters over 40 was announced.

Update on Jon Stewart, also last covered here in mid-February:  in a lengthy interview published in The Guardian, he explains what motivated him to leave The Daily Show — and it all sounds exactly what you’d expect to hear from someone going through a heavy period of Neptune, followed by Saturn. Translation: feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of purpose and bewilderment….followed by ambition and gravitas.

Update on Monsanto, which was written about here last week:  U.S. regulators announce they “may” start testing food for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, Monsanto’s ubiquitous pesticide, which was labeled a “probable carcinogen” in a recent WHO study.

Update on John Harrison, a British clockmaker who has never been covered here before. He made news, as his horoscope suggested he might, despite having died over 200 years ago. Mr. Harrison’s has Sun at 14 Aries, conjunct Mercury at 16 Aries, and if you’re an avid reader of this forecast, you know that any planet or point at 14-16 Aries would likely be pushed into prominence or celebrated for its uniqueness — big time — thanks to two eclipses and the seventh Uranus-Pluto square all happening in that part of the zodiac.  Here’s an excerpt from the whole piece in The Guardian:

One of Guinness World Records’ more unusual awards was presented at the National Maritime Museum yesterday. After a 100-day trial, the timepiece known as Clock B – which had been sealed in a clear plastic box to prevent tampering – was officially declared, by Guinness, to be the world’s “most accurate mechanical clock with a pendulum swinging in free air”.

It was an intriguing enough award. But what is really astonishing is that the clock was designed more than 250 years ago by a man who was derided at the time for “an incoherence and absurdity that was little short of the symptoms of insanity”, and whose plans for the clock lay ignored for two centuries.

I appreciate the “maritime” theme of this story, given Neptune (ruler of oceans, fish) being so prominent in the weekend’s planetary patterns. Neptune also refers to refugees. With Neptune in a loose square to Saturn in Sagittarius (travel, foreigners), it is not surprising to read of an ocean tragedy: an estimated 700 migrants presumed perished while attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

On a lighter note, I appreciated the timing of Sunday’s NYT piece on trout-fishing — in the sports section — which included this dreamy Neptunian prose:

We stand in the stream and we become part of the circulatory system of the planet — the rivulets, brooks, streams and rivers that pulse throughout our lands and connect the land to the sea, and those seas to other seas (and through water vapor and clouds, and migratory birds and fish, those seas back to the land). Through fishing, we can, for brief moments, achieve a kind of immortality when we step into this perpetual flow, and see our reflection in the water, and become part of it.

Isn’t that lovely?

For another transporting experience, I submit this breath-taking and thought-provoking illusion: a time-lapse recreation of the evolution of the New York skyline — from 515 years ago to the present. It’s what visitors to the new World Trade Center Observatory during the elevator ride to the top.

Your horoscope is also awesome. If you’ve never taken the time to learn about its mystical patterns — and been amazed at how they have manifested in your real life, I invite you to do so now. Checking in with your  astrologer every six-twelve months will help you plan, prioritize and keep things in perspective. You can also use astrology to build better relationships with family, colleagues and friends.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/5/2014 & the Weekend: Joan Rivers, RIP


Make the most of the morning hours to take care of business while the Moon is still engaged in Capricorn and supported by an energetic connection to action hero Mars.  At 11:08AM ET, Moon goes void until 7:59PM ET, suggesting a higher probability of twists in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Stick to routine tasks, chill or start your weekend early, perhaps on a less dramatic, more refined note than in previous weeks, given that Venus leaves Leo for Virgo today at 1:07PM ET. Venus refers to social expression. Virgo refers to perfection and discernment.

At 7:59PM ET, Moon enters “who’s yer buddy” Aquarius for the bulk of the weekend, seeking to be of social significance and network with friends from all walks of life. Saturday’s a go for making purchases, though you may need to resist a temptation to overindulge around 2:11Pm ET, when the Moon opposes expansive, expensive Jupiter.

The evening favors more of what’s innovative and unconventional, suggested by a friendly connection between the Moon and rebel Uranus at 9:05PM ET. A few hours later, however, note the potential for a wet blanket or other imposed control suggested by a challenge between Moon and stern Saturn, which can not get out of Scorpio fast enough, if you ask me. Alas, we’re stuck with Saturn in Scorpio until the end of the year. Moon goes void again on Sunday at 1:19PM ET on a highly-charged challenge to aggressive Mars. If you’re a sports fan, keep an eye out for twists and upsets that favor the underdog until the Moon enters compassionate Pisces at 7:47PM ET.

No sleeping in on Monday. Moon will not be void and it will be waxing to fullness at 9:36PM ET.

And now, the news.

Wednesday’s potent alignment between the Sun and regenerative Pluto was the highlight of the week, suggesting news from underground, corruption exposed and/or resolved, oil and gas (underground resources) and healing.  In Virginia, former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife were found guilty of corruption. BP was found to be the “primary culprit” and  “reckless” four years after its Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up; it now faces an additional $18 billion in penalties. Meanwhile, a dinosaur skeleton unearthed in Argentina some years ago was described in fascinating detail as the most ginormous dinosaur yet. Elsewhere, as predicted on June 11th, former Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor landed a seven-figure job on Wall Street. What will he be doing? Giving out advice.

When it came time to find a new job after losing a primary battle with David Brat, a relatively unknown college professor with deep support from Tea Party activists, the lawmaker said he eventually decided to head to the boutique investment bank to focus on dispensing advice to clients.

Mazel tov, Mr. Cantor! May we all be so richly rewarded for the wisdom we’ve accumulated over the years.

Which brings me to the subject of healing and regeneration, one of the more positive potentials of a Sun-Pluto alignment.  Here’s a fascinating NYT piece about the Center for Courage & Renewal, which “help(s) people strengthen their sense of purpose and deepen their self-awareness and understanding of others.” The author of the piece found himself wishing that every member of Congress would attend one of the Center’s retreats, to help bring this polarized body into some form of functional alignment. But the retreats work just as well for regular folks, too.

In other news, Joan Rivers,  passed away yesterday at 1:17PM ET in New York, when the Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto (power plays, transformation, catharses). Here is her horoscope — a slam dunk, given the life she led. How so? Take a quick look and we immediately note the Sun in pixie chatterbox Gemini opposing Moon in opinionated Sagittarius,  in a T square to a pugnacious and expansive/bombastic conjunction between Mars and Jupiter. Moon is in the 9th house, where it would need to seek an international reach, perhaps through a collective broadcast/publishing medium. The challenges from Mars and Jupiter in Virgo suggest a need to talk about everything, driven by a need for perfection.

The Gemini Sun is in a power-packed 3rd house of communication, along with a tight conjunction of mental Mercury and aesthetic Venus at 29 Gemini, which regular readers of this forecast know is also the Aries Point. So we immediately expect that social expression, communication and aesthetics are going to need prominence. And you can see why she might become known for having umpteen cosmetic surgeries, in a quest to achieve perfection. It’s interesting to note that Mars and Jupiter are in the 6th house (physical body) and that Mars rules her Aries Ascendant (how she needed to be seen).

An Aries Ascendant would need to be seen as a pioneer and an inspiration. Well, that totally fits. Both her Ascendant and her make-it-happen Capricorn Midheaven are close enough to the Aries Point to suggest a further need for prominence. This horoscope was born to be famous. It also has rebel Uranus in Aries, and in the 1st House. This suggests an electric, potentially shocking and unconventional first impression, and a need to disrupt the status quo. The potential for being a game-changer is further supported by a square to Uranus from ruthless Pluto. It is interesting to note that her Uranus, which rules the 12th house of critical illness/self-undoing was eclipsed in April. It is also interesting to note that her natal Saturn at 16 Aquarius was under pressure from transiting Saturn in Scorpio all summer.  Also suggesting a potential stress in health matters: her natal Neptune is currently opposed by transiting Neptune. Regular readers know that Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches. Her natal Neptune sits in the 6th house and rules the 12th, both of which refer to health matters.

Fascinating, isn’t it? RIP, Joan Rivers. You lived your horoscope to its fullest potential…and you won’t need any more face lifts now that you’re in Heaven. You’re perfect, just the way you are.

Final note — because I truly enjoy facilitating abundance for other people. The glamor photo in my last forecast of my beloved cat, Phoebe, was taken by photographer Jim Herrington. He’s an extremely gifted professional, and you can see more of his work here.

Are you living your horoscope to its fullest potential?
Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.




Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/6/2014: Shine, Shine, Shine; Venus at the Aries Point

Get up, get to work, have fun and shine. The Moon is in drama queen Leo, poised to act on its need for love, love, love — backed by a positive expression of assertive energy in the early morning and an unconventional, friendly approach by suppertime. Not only that, but the rock-solid Taurus Sun is in a happy dialogue with buoyant Jupiter, suggesting optimism and perhaps your own personal cheering squad for your plans for world domination.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Leo Moon will be void of course as of 6:51AM ET tomorrow…until 2:24AM ET on THURSDAY. Your other Moon void to consider this week starts on Friday at 6:08PM ET. Moon voids are perfect for chilling out, taking care of routine tasks and rolling with whatever twists crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Voids are not suited for signing contracts or initiating projects you wish to be of consequence. No impulse shopping either, as purchases made during Moon voids often are not nearly as useful as you imagined.

Also of note this evening: the First Quarter Moon, exact at 11:15PM ET, suggesting a challenge to whatever initiatives you’ve taken on last week’s New Moon. Something to do with values, money and anything/anyone else we might hold dear? How are your needs for creature comforts changing?

And now, the news.

On Friday you may recall that Venus — which refers to love, social expression, art, beauty, money and women — zipped into pioneering, inspiring, warrior/hero Aries. You may also recall that the first few degrees of Aries is called the Aries Point, and that any planet at the Aries Point NEEDS to attract attention. So how have Venusian concerns been prominent in recent headlines?

Exhibit A:  nothing screams Venus at the Aries Point like the riveting red carpet parade of beauty and fashion at the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Factor in the evening’s Moon in regal Leo and glamorous Neptune running wild — and feast your eyes. Exhibit B: Aries is known for its me-me-me focus and proud self-reliance. How perfectly-timed to read that pioneering sex therapist Betty Dodson is making a comeback, pardon the expression. As the article linked above states:

The pensioner once dubbed the “godmother of masturbation” thanks to her 1973 bestseller, Sex for One, is relaunching her masturbation masterclasses in New York. Now 85, Dodson wants to help the post-Sex and the City, post-Girls generation of women that she believes are not nearly as liberated as they think they are….

We should all look as fabulous at 85 as Betty Dodson. Born on August 24th, 1929 in Wichita, KS — reportedly around 6:30AM, she has a pristine, perfection-seeking Virgo Ascendant with the Sun also in Virgo conjunct dreamy Neptune. This conjunction is in the 12th house, suggesting she is well-suited to serve as a consultant, with a unique and healing insider’s perspective. Naturally her Moon, which drives the horoscope, is in — pioneering, independent Aries! Also of interest: Mars at the Aries Point — unaspected — suggesting courageous action and sexual energy needs to be prominent and may run away with the rest of the horoscope. Not to be ignored: Venus conjunct Pluto in the sensitive, watery, feminine depths of Cancer. This Venus-Pluto conjunction suggests strong potential for feminine empowerment and transformation — expressed in ways that need to be nurturing, albeit intense and possibly extreme. This Venus-Pluto pattern squares Dodson’s Aries Moon, amplifying the need for self-indulgence and empowerment! Isn’t astrology amazing? What does YOUR horoscope suggest?

Last, but hardly least: how fascinating to note that as Venus (women) demanded prominence as it hit the Aries Point late last week, the outrageous plight of the hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls is also demanding the world’s attention. They were kidnapped on April 14th, the day Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, turned retrograde…which instantly made me think of the Greek myth of Persephone, though the abductors in this modern horror story are hardly motivated by love. More like yet another Cardinal Grand Cross/Uranus-Pluto square “moment of truth” (as noted in a small number of outraged posts on Facebook), which is that the world will immediately commit millions of dollars and man hours to finding a missing Malaysian plane with presumably dead passengers, but when it comes to finding a slightly greater number of poor African schoolgirls who are likely very much alive and in danger, the response is less than enthusiastic.

Why is that?

And seriously, what DOES your horoscope suggest, in light of these intense planetary patterns? Aren’t you just a wee bit curious? Consider booking a personal astro-logical consultation — I guarantee you’ll find our discussion enlightening and helpful.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/20/2014: Heroes and Such

Alll—righty, then!

The Moon is in discriminating Virgo today, and it goes void at 3:55PM ET, on a cooperative connection between disciplined Saturn. What will you correctly organize or criticize today, hmm? Moon doesn’t enter the next sign, Libra, until 7:43AM ET on Tuesday, so you can spend the last half of the day going with the flow, avoiding the malls, and rolling with any twists or flakes that may arise.

It is a holiday for most workers in the United States, as we pause to honor the pioneering civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., whose horoscope was written about in an earlier post. Today I was intrigued to read in the New York Times about an Ohio Congressman named William Moore McCulloch, who is credited with being the first to introduce legislation that would lead to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I’d never heard of this conservative white Republican, whose legislative initiative was considered to be “political suicide,” but of course I had to go look up his birth date: November 24, 1901 in Holmesville, OH.

Briefly — for those who may be somewhat familiar with the language of astrology —  we’re looking at the Sun in righteous Sagittarius with Moon in earthy Taurus, a sign not known for being a fierce advocate for change. However, three powerful patterns in the horoscope suggest the most dynamic of action potential.  First, a charismatic and prominent opposition between a “make it happen” Mars in Capricorn and dreamy Neptune in Cancer, both at zero degrees, and thus at the Aries Point. Wow! Talk about effective, practical idealism made real!

Second, an opposition between rebel Uranus and transformational Pluto — do I need to say more about that dynamic, given what we know about the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square’s need to disrupt the status quo? Third, an awesome exact conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (government, collective structures of society) suggests an unstoppable enterprising and purposeful drive. This Jupiter-Saturn hook-up is at 13 degrees of Capricorn, and everyone reading this should immediately recall that a planet or angle 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be supercharged by Uranus and Pluto, especially in April and June. And by supercharged, I mean it will become prominent. And isn’t it fascinating that McCulloch will absolutely become prominent this year because of a book that will soon be published about the battle surrounding the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Also fascinating: the U.S. Sun is 13 degrees of Cancer.

Meanwhile, nebulous Neptune — which refers to fantastic escapes, including drug, alcohol and other addictions — is running wild. Reflecting these themes, I was struck by this first-person account by a reformed and redeemed (Neptune also refers to salvation) trader who argues that wealth is also an addiction. Yes, really, an addiction — and I had never thought of money in that way, either. Check out his story, currently the second most-emailed article in the New York Times.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/12/2013 & the Weekend: Pluto Turns Retrograde & What It Means to You

Continue planting the seeds for your New Moon agenda, in which you declare yourself a warrior-champion for a noble cause. We’ve got another full day of Moon in Taurus, which is happy to help you organize and build the structures require to give form to your ideas. Keep chugging along, checking off tasks from your to-do list, and enjoy the rewards a Friday night with Moon in Taurus can bring. Let the material comforts abound, be they wine, good food, song, a massage or snuggle with a special sweetie.

The biggest news on Friday is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, beginning its annual five-month retrograde trek at 3:32PM ET. This turns Pluto’s purgative, transformational and empowering potential inward. In other words, work on cleaning up your own act instead of striving for power over something — or someone — else. This applies to collective efforts as well.

Pluto turns retrograde at 11 Capricorn, and the Sabian Symbol is  “A student of nature lecturing”. Blain Bovee suggests we apply this symbol by noting a “wonderful, if surprising, source of newly-perceived information; information gathered through fresh eyes.” With two exact Uranus-Pluto squares due to hit during this Pluto retrograde, we will have plenty of opportunities to change our perspective based on startling new information. You will feel Pluto’s urge to purge more personally if you have a planet or point around 11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn….or if you were born around the 1st of April, July, October and January. Not only that, but you should seriously consider booking an appointment with your local astrologer, as you are in the cosmic hot seat for the rest of the year. I’d be very surprised if you are not experiencing major life challenges and opportunities for empowerment right about now.

Saturday is another day of light aspects. Moon goes briefly void at 8:30AM ET and enters chatty Gemini at 10:13AM. A communicative connection with mental Mercury suggests news and conversations may pull focus.  At 7:26PM ET there’s a dreamy/spacey challenge between the verbally-oriented Gemini Moon and nebulous Neptune, which may result in a few crossed lines of wires, or a need for an intangible escape. Saturday’s biggest news is mental Mercury finally — and I do mean FINALLY — leaving watery Pisces, where it’s been lingering since February 6th.  At 10:37PM ET, Mercury zooms into Aries, suggesting mindset and communications become more impulsive, sharp, impassioned and impatient than the dreamy, empathetic flow we’ve experienced for the past two months.

Sunday starts off with a buzz, with optimism ballooning to a climax at 2:57PM ET, courtesy of a jolly hook-up between Moon and Jupiter. Sounds entertaining and informative to me, and in fact, that is what I plan to do that day — be entertained by a clever one-man show.

Back to you in the studio….

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/18/2013: Sneak Peek At the Week & Other Stuff

No exact aspects among the planets today suggests relative calm before what is certain to be a busy, proactive next two weeks. Some of what we experience is likely to be quite disruptive or exciting, depending upon your point of view. The Moon is still in chatty Gemini, collecting and disseminating information as it may. Those are your marching orders for the start of the week.

Mercury is now officially direct as of 4:03PM ET Sunday — but give yourself a couple of days to adjust to the new forward thinking mode. And be mindful on the road!

Moon voids for the week (natural rest/brainstorming times, if you can swing it):

Tuesday 1:27pm ET – 2:55PM ET;

Wednesday 2:01PM ET until Friday 2:50AM ET;

Friday 11:28PM ET until Sunday 11:49AM ET

I guess we are going to need some down time to process the aforementioned excitement or disruption. First out of the gate is the Sun entering Aries on Wednesday, also known as the Vernal Equinox, first day of Spring and the first day of the astrological new year). On Thursday, Venus also enters Aries, so we should see some prominent relationship news hit the headlines. On Friday, warrior Mars meets up with rebel Uranus, suggesting technological breakthroughs and hopefully no major temper tantrums, accidents or other unpleasant outbursts. Still more excitement will arrive next week — stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates.

And now, the news.  First, thanks to the reader who sent in this important bulletin about a hockey team’s “Salute to Uranus” — a clever promotion for a game played on March 13th, which is the date Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel back in 1781:

The planetary ice giant Uranus will be the theme for the evening festivities which will include: trivia, contests, and the King of Uranus himself will be in attendance!

Oh, you fun-loving, adorable cheeseheads. Salute to Uranus…heh, heh, heh. Read the article and let’s invite the Milwaukee Admirals to a “Salute to Mercury Retrograde” — because it has been suggested that the planet pictured in the article is not Uranus. It’s Neptune. Oops. Heh, heh, heh…

Speaking of Uranus (pronounced “ooh –RAH– nuss”), here’s  an article about drones. They have been getting a ton of press in recent months. Why is that in line with planetary patterns? I hadn’t been thinking about it, but one of my colleagues, Dean Bensics, noted in a recent forum that with Uranus (technology & aviation) in Aries (warriors), it makes sense that we would see the rise of robot warriors, given that we have the technology to build them. Indeed. And apparently these drones could mean big business. Sigh.

Meanwhile, have you ever heard of Vatican II? An article with a most provocative headline about Pope Francis describes Vatican II as a period of major (progressive) reform that took place in the early 60s, when revolutionary Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. Who knew? (I did, but had forgotten about it). But of course it makes perfect sense, given current debate about the need for changes in the Catholic Church, etc., etc., and will this new Pope be the one that makes that happen. Astro-logically, we would expect that seeds of revolution that were planted in the 60s on that Uranus-Pluto conjunction are demanding focus and further advancement during current Uranus-Pluto square. We’re seeing this with civil rights; we’re seeing this with environmental issues, reproductive freedom issues, nuclear and other energy issues — hey — don’t forget the Higgs boson — and apparently, we’re seeing this in the Catholic Church. Fascinating! With thanks to astrologer Bill Herbst, who started writing about the Uranus-Pluto square ten years ago. Much of the history of this pattern I learned from studying his observations, so I can now share this wisdom with you.

OK – one more thing — on the lighter side. You know we had the Moon in Taurus on Friday and Saturday. And you know that Taurus needs to maintain stability and material comfort in order to feel secure. Generally speaking, Taurus does not like change! Here is a visual to help you understand Taurus: a Moon in Taurus dream apartment — one that hasn’t changed in 70 years. I’m in love with the wallpaper behind the stuffed ostrich…

What does the Moon in your horoscope need in order to feel fulfilled? Let’s talk about it in a personal consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/6/2013: Make It Happen

Up and at ’em — perhaps with a jolt or revelation, courtesy of rebel Uranus challenging the enterprising Capricorn Moon at 7:28AM ET. This is a fine day to make things happen! During this 24 hour period, Moon will connect with 7 planets in ways that foster communication and cooperation — really, a most excellent day for advancement with surprisingly little resistance.

Enterprising energy is well-supported — of a practical, structural nature —  especially in areas ruled by Venus, which include finance, women, affection and aesthetics. Why? Because after Monday’s exuberant connection between Venus and  expansive Jupiter (how about that record high in the stock market), disciplined Saturn and resourceful Pluto now favor high-flying ideas turned into tangible form as both connect with Venus around 10PM ET and 9PM ET, respectively. If you have planets or angles between 7 and 12 degrees of ANY sign, you’re more likely to be feeling the boost reflected in current planetary patterns. Just do it.

Tonight ends with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and Venus shortly before midnight, reinforcing whatever sharp focus hit you on Monday. This issue may return for a recap/resolution the week of April 8th, when Mercury and Venus are aligned again, only Mercury will then be moving forward. See yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the potential pitfalls of idealism. Mercury and Venus connections in a horoscope suggest idealism, as do connections involving either of these planets with the Sun.

As for the potential upside, I looked no further than my Facebook feed and found an update about an extremely idealistic young boy who refused to let go of a dream. Have you heard about Caine’s Arcade? Briefly: 9 year-old boy spends summer in dad’s auto parts store in East LA; builds game arcade out of cardboard boxes, hoping he’ll have paying customers. All summer, he waits. Until finally, one customer shows up. Who happens to be a filmmaker. And a rainmaker. So often it only takes a connection with ONE person to kickstart a dream into reality. Yesterday it was announced that he signed with a major talent agency.

In another uplifting update, it appears that Billy Ray Harris,  a homeless man who made headlines last month for returning a diamond engagement ring to the charitable young woman who accidentally dropped it into his cup, will soon have a home of his own. The young woman and her fiance were so grateful that they started a fundraising effort for Mr. Harris, and as of this week, $175,000 had been collected. He now has a job, has reconnected with his family (after 16 years) and plans to buy a house. Talk about dreams coming true.

I chose these stories for today’s forecast not only as illustrations of the idealism and wish fulfillment reflected in current patterns, but as a counterpoint to the startling, “get real” video about wealth distribution in the US that was posted yesterday. Here it is again, if you missed it. While it may be true that 40% of the wealth is in the hands of  1% of the population, with a meager 7% of the wealth shared among the bottom 80%, it is also true that fortunes can change suddenly and dramatically when enough people become aware of a situation and decide to do something about it. And sudden awareness followed by action are what we can anticipate during this 33-month long square between freedom-loving Uranus and power-loving Pluto. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m an idealist.

Speaking of Uranus and Pluto, here is the latest on the search for the elusive Higgs boson particle— a big piece that explains everything, and just posted yesterday.  Physicists theorized the existence of the Higgs boson (also called “the God particle”) in the mid-60s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. I bet they’ll find conclusive evidence of its existence during this 33-month long Uranus-Pluto square. That gives them until the end of 2015…

Today’s Moon in Capricorn favors dark blue, black and making things happen in a personal consultation with your local astrologer.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/19/2012: This Time, It Really IS Wednesday

Feeling a little moody today? Moon in controlling Scorpio can be experienced that way, especially when Pluto (the planetary ruler of Scorpio) is changing direction. If you’re feeling a bit shaken and stirred by whatever recent revelations have hit you during the past couple of days, you could point your finger in Pluto’s direction. Then you could point your finger at mental Mercury, which is fast approaching an exact challenge to the big Pluto-Uranus square, which is exact today (assuming I really am writing a forecast for Wednesday, even though it is already Wednesday in Tokyo).  These are highly charged shifts which have no problem kicking up dust some may have hoped no one would ever notice. Just ask Mitt Romney, whose secretly taped remarks (“secret” is so very Pluto) about 47% of the US population have been stirring and shaking up all kinds of buzz. Did we just get a piercing view of the rose-colored, bewildering fog that has surrounded Mr. Romney ever since nebulous Neptune began a challenging square to the area of his horoscope related to personal projection?  Even conservative columnist David Brooks is confused by the lack of connection to reality.

Meanwhile, efforts to disrupt the status quo continued as Occupy Wall Street as celebrated the movement’s one year anniversary. But the biggest potential disruption suggested by today’s planetary patterns is this revelation: an ancient text that appears to suggest that Jesus was married.

Along with the shake-ups and revelations today is the potential to let your spirits be lifted by an exuberant and supportive connection between loving Venus and jolly Jupiter, which is exact on Thursday.  Enjoy it now, and let you carry you through the rest of the week.








Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/20/2012 & the Weekend: New Moon in Taurus

Well, dear Reader…after two hours of carefully crafting a splendid New Moon forecast, I hit “publish” in WordPress, and damned if my work didn’t go flying into oblivion — a first! I’m dedicated to my craft — and to you, dear Reader — so obviously I am going to re-create the forecast. I am also going to extend an invitation: if you appreciate these forecasts and wish to make a donation (via PayPal) as an expression of your appreciation, it would be accepted with much gratitude. The email is Who wants to make my day?

On this last day of the lunar cycle, wrap it all up by 3:35PM ET, when the Moon goes void of course with a sigh…and a potentially sobering challenge from an authority figure or some other wet blanket. Moon in feisty, me-me-me Aries does not enjoy challenges from authority figures; it really cramps the Aries independent, self-reliant style. Will the markets close down? We shall see. Meanwhile, if you have a major initiative to launch, definitely wait until after the New Moon on Saturday.  TGIF…

Chill on Friday evening; Moon enters Taurus just after midnight on Saturday and is born again at 3:18AM ET. You can stay up late or wake up early to meditate, light a candle and set your intentions for what promises to be an especially fertile lunar cycle. What inspiration will hit you around 5:25AM ET (note your dreams)? The rest of Saturday offers energy and practical resources — don’t waste a minute of it.

Sunday offers more inspiration and an easy communication of intangibles: spirit, music, feelings, healing — and yes, dreams again, courtesy of nebulous Neptune casting a rosy-pink glow on the light of the Sun. Moon goes void at 1:10PM ET on an uplifting connection to Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy. Indulge your senses: good food, wine, women/men and song…perhaps continuing into late morning on Monday. Moon won’t enter Gemini until 1:05PM ET. You could probably sleep in without consequence.

Also of note on Sunday: a brilliant hook-up between mental Mercury and rebel Uranus, the third of a series we’ve experienced since March 5th. Watch for potential breakthroughs in technology, aviation, outer space — and maybe even astrology.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot to love about the New Moon at 1 degree of Taurus. If Aries is the spark that generates an idea, Taurus takes that idea and gives it form.  Now is the time to implement the strategy you planned during Mars retrograde (Jan. 23rd – Apr. 13th). You know, the strategy that hit you like the voice that whispered in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come”. In the movie, “he” was baseball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson. You can substitute “he” for the reward of your choice.

In the New Moon chart, we see the Sun and Moon in harmony with action-oriented Mars — still in perfectionist Virgo — and resourceful Pluto. This is excellent for planting seeds that actually grow. Need a spark? The aforementioned hook-up between mental Mercury and rebel Uranus together in Aries suggests innovative, revolutionary ideas are inspiring the action. How about a vision? Nebulous Neptune in a supportive connection to the New Moon suggests the potential for channeled dreams to become real. And if you’re a wizard, a fanatic or a showman, Neptune opposing Mars offers the pixie dust to really razzle-dazzle ’em.

Also in the chart: Venus (women, art, money, beauty) running wild in glib Gemini; Jupiter (reward, luck, expansion, bombast) running wild in possession-fixated Taurus. A grand good time can be had by all…with the caveat of having way too much of a good thing. Like those Secret Service agents consorting with prostitutes in Colombia  or that government agency bingeing in Vegas with your tax dollars  Credit the Neptune-Mars opposition (scandal) and the relentless square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries for bringing this corruption of hallowed government institutions to light. And expect more of the same in a headline near you…

Getting back to the New Moon and what it means for you: wherever 1 degree of Taurus falls in your horoscope is an area primed for planting those seeds. I challenge you to do the work required to make those seeds grow. Sure, you can spend this time rolling in the meadow, smelling the flowers. But if that’s all you do this month, you could be missing out on a prime opportunity.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “an electrical storm”. As always, we consult Blain Bovee’s wonderful book on Sabian Symbols for details: “…an image of an arousing natural event that crackles with illumination while disturbing the atmosphere…the aha! experience…sudden, blinding; a discharge of energy that often brings about a change and release from a stagnant situation…” Are you ready? Go!

Whew! Done — for the second time in one night. Whaddaya think? Did I earn that caffe latte?

To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for 2/14/2012: Day of Wine and Roses

Interesting mix today. Note your dreams this morning as we process the inspiring and/or delusional potential of nebulous Neptune’s hookup with mental Mercury at 1:48AM ET. Despite a probable desire for emotional depth and control in the early AM, when the Moon goes void (with a sigh) in moody Scorpio from 12:04PM to 7:56PM ET, you may be subjected to a few twists, flakes and/or space cadets.  If you’re intending to send flowers to your Valentine — or anything else that needs to move in a straight line — be advised there is a higher probability of delivery snafus during v/c Moons.

The Moon void is launched by a challenging square from the Sun, bringing up issues regarding the intentions you set at the beginning of the lunar cycle, which you can mull over throughout most of the day. The lunar vibe lightens at 7:56PM ET, when Moon moves into Sagittarius, seeking adventure — still with a rosy glow.  A foreign film, restaurant or outdoor stroll on this Valentines Day would fit the bill. The inspiring and/or delusional haze so helpful in romance will likely linger,  courtesy of a challenge between Moon and Neptune. One caveat: be advised we are also operating under the influence of a challenge between ruthless Pluto (resources, news from underground and other things that run deep) and Venus (women, money, beauty). Could be juicy and deep — or impulsively witchy-bitchy.

One other caveat: Mars is still running wild in perfectionist Virgo and it is retrograde. Remember that if you’re feeling frustrated because things aren’t moving at a fast enough pace — or if you sense others feeling that way. I’ve gotten a few queries from readers wondering what the tension they are sensing is all about. Part of it is retrograde Mars — people often fight the need to slow down and develop a new game plan at this time, sort of like that  “Halftime in America” Super Bowl spot  Note that it’s a new game plan; the other tension being felt is the approach of the first of a series of seven exact challenges between ruthless Pluto in “corporations & governments” Capricorn and rebel Uranus in “me-me-me” Aries. This first square happens on June 24th and it will take few years to hit all seven. This series of squares is all about change. When Uranus and Pluto challenge each other, it clears the way for new structures and forms. You’ll feel it more personally this year if you’ve got planets or points in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — or if you live in a country with those degrees highlighted in your country’s horoscope.

To writers, artists, healers — and others whose craft depends on inspirational channels that may take tangible form — make the most of this week. With Mercury and Neptune pulling focus, you could come up with something sublime.