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-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/30/2012: Some Enchanted Evening

I’ve heard more than one good report of a successful enterprise undertaken during Wednesday’s constructive aspects between mental Mercury and disciplined Saturn, as well as Sun and potent Pluto. More of the same this morning, at least until 1:48PM ET, when the Moon goes void in humanitarian Aquarius on an opposition from aforementioned Mercury. And this is where a tension may arise over some overblown thing some royal ego said, or where you may find illumination on a issue involving the one versus the many.

Whatever crisis that arises during the next few hours is likely much ado about nothing.  Go with the flow until 6:31PM ET, when Moon enters Pisces, and needs to concern itself with intangibles including, but not limited to: escape, fantasy, illusion, film, glamor, deception, drugs, oil, water, spirit and vision. At 9:20PM ET, Moon conjuncts nebulous Neptune, suggesting an evening of glorious rose-colored fog…perhaps perfectly timed for when Mitt Romney takes center stage at the Republican National Convention.

You may recall prior posts noting that Romney has been experiencing heavy Neptune transits in his horoscope throughout 2012, which suggests a period of confusion, bewilderment and pixie dust illusion…or downright delusion and deception. Isn’t it interesting that these themes have repeatedly turned up in news items and commentaries about Mr. Romney, including  one penned this week by conservative columnist David Brooks, former senior editor at the Weekly Standard. Warning: if you click that link and read whilst drinking coffee, I will not be held responsible for the consequences.

You may also recall that VP nominee Paul Ryan also has a strong Neptune in his horoscope: it sits right on the Ascendant, which refers to physcal appearance, personal projection, first impressions and the filter through which we see the world. This suggests reality may be a challenge. Mr. Ryan captivated audiences last night with a speech that also kept fact checkers at the New York Times thoroughly engaged: here’s what they found. And here’s a more comprehensive list of the distorted realities presented therein, courtesy of Salon.

Now you may be wondering what is it about the American collective psyche that makes us fall in love with so many political leaders that are often not what they seem to be. Remember Bill Clinton also has Neptune and Mars on the Ascendant — that can be ever so sexy and charismatic. Barack Obama has Neptune square Sun, which — especially in one’s early years — suggests a bewildered — or bewildering — sense of identity. Was he born in Kenya or born in Hawaii? Is he a Christian or a Muslim? I’m certain I know the correct answers to those questions, and I’m certain there are people who will argue that it is still a subject of debate. A lack of crystalline clarity is typical of Neptune energy. So is being hailed as a savior.

Back to the collective American psyche, which produced Hollywood glamor and lots of charismatic religious/spiritual leaders (that savior thing again).Why?  Is there an astro-logical measurement in the chart of the United States which reflects that energetic pull? Yes, in fact, there is: on July 4, 1776, Neptune in Virgo was square to Mars in clever chatterbox Gemini. If the United States were a human being, you’d immediately notice a certain glamour and magnetism. That person would likely have issues with intangibles like movies, video games, drugs, spirituality,idealism, sex appeal — and DREAMS! Let’s not forgot dreams, especially The American Dream. So why do we have all these American politicians with strong Neptune in their horoscopes? I’d argue that for the collective American psyche,  like attracts like.

We’ll talk about something other than politics tomorrow. Peace out.