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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/4/2015: Jon Stewart, Right on Schedule & a “Shocking” Health Statistic

The applause-seeking Leo Moon went void at 8:46PM ET on Tuesday, not to enter Virgo until 9:22PM ET on Wednesday. What fine, festive mess will be left to tidy up on Thursday, hmmm? During the void, stick to routine tasks, and see  if you notice any odd twists or flakes in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Roll with whatever crisis crops up and reserve judgement and/or freak outs until the Moon is back in gear. With a Leo Moon void, I could imagine a spontaneous party — even during business hours. I could also see a creative project taking an imaginative turn, with unexpected results. I could also see a fiery drama king or queen running wild.

And now, the news.

Social media was buzzing during Monday morning’s Moon void, when a data dump claiming to be posted by Anonymous outed a number of politicians as members of the Ku Klux Klan. Not so fast, said Anonymous, denying responsibility for the dump. Scuttlebutt has it that the real Anonymous list will be released on Thursday, when the Moon is in detail-conscious Virgo. Accordingly, Anonymous has promised to dot all i’s and cross all t’s.

I was intrigued by Beth Owlsdaughter’s Tarot Card of Week, also posted Monday. It was a rare pull of the card most associated with the “shock to the system” potential of the Uranus-Pluto square. While the seven exact hits of that never-ending square are now in the rear view mirror, the two planets will move to within one degree of each other between now and December 26th, building tension.

So perhaps whatever Anonymous has to share on Thursday will be a bombshell, but already there have been other disruptions to the status quo. On August 11th, I wrote:

I’m interested to see what will hit the headlines when Jupiter is at 17-18 degrees of Virgo this November and next March and July. These were the degrees of the game-changing Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965 and 1966. I expect we’ll see expanded progress on the seeds planted at that time, including, but not limited to: awareness of climate change and other ways human behavior is impacting ecological systems; awareness of subatomic particles, e.g. the Higgs boson; health care systems such as Medicare (which was created in the mid-60s). Read your history books and fill in the rest of the possibilities.

So what hit the wires on Monday, with Jupiter at 17 Virgo? “Shocking” statistics that the mortality rate for white, middle-aged (45-54) Americans has been increasing since 1998. So we’re talking about people born in the mid-60s, on the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. The causes of death: cirrhosis of the liver (from alcohol; note that Jupiter rules the liver), prescription drug abuse (painkillers) and suicide. This group was born with Neptune (potential escape, drugs, spirits) in Scorpio (potential self-destruction). Those born between 1964 and 1967 also have Saturn (limit, control) in Pisces (suffering, empathy, dreams — and all other Neptune keywords). These are challenging horoscopes!

The death toll so far — half a million — may exceed the number of Americans who have died from AIDS (650,000). But scientists who study these things are being challenged to come up with an explanation for why this group of people: white Americans of a certain age — are dying of these diseases at an increased rate, whereas middle-aged Americans who are Black or Hispanic are not. And neither are middle-aged people in other countries. What makes this group of white folks so vulnerable — compared to those in the six other industrialized nations studied?

It seems they are not just middle-aged White Americans; they are UNEDUCATED middle-aged White Americans who are financially stressed and escaping the pain through drugs, drink and suicide  — a hardcore reality check for those who believe in the American Dream (Mars square Neptune in the US horoscope). I find this fascinating in light of this month’s square between Saturn (reality check) in Sagittarius (higher education!) and Neptune (dreams, drugs, alcohol, endings) in Pisces (ditto, as Neptune is the ruler of Pisces).  

What else makes this group or middle-aged, uneducated Americans unique? Hmm…well…all the other countries provide healthcare (Virgo) to their citizens. Their healthcare systems are not driven by the pharmaceutical industry (Neptune).  They work (Virgo) less than their American counterparts. Their diets (Virgo) are healthier — what they eat, as well as the quality of what they eat. Have you read The China Study yet?

It’s interesting that mortality rates for Black Americans in this age demographic are apparently still declining. Apparently there is a “pronounced racial difference in the prescription of opioid drugs”, perhaps a silver lining for those not handed scripts for painkillers like so much Halloween candy.

What’s really surprising is the surprise expressed by the researchers in the study:

“It knocked us off our chairs,” said Anne Case, an economics professor at Princeton University who worked on the study. Since discovering the trend, Case and her colleague Angus Deaton, also an economics professor at Princeton, have shared the findings with healthcare professionals. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t missing something,” Case said. “Everyone’s been stunned.”

Dear Ms. Case: if you understood anything about astrology, you would see in five seconds that the people born in the mid-60s have planetary patterns suggesting certain specific needs. The potential strengths and weaknesses are clear.  For example, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, many have digestive and allergy issues. This is one of plenty of other expectations we might have about those born with these planetary pattern. Add Saturn in Pisces to the mix and we see a potential for anguish and a need for escape. Compared to the other countries in the study, the United States could well be a precarious place for them to live. I could go on about the patterns in the U.S. horoscope which would be particularly challenging, but that is a subject for another day. In any case, Ms. Case — knowing a little about astrology might keep you from falling onto the floor.

In other news, there were plenty of upsets in yesterday’s elections. It’s a good year to be running for office if you are a maverick, as seen in Kentucky. Fear of co-ed bathrooms overcame voters in Houston, and an anti-discrimination bill was repealed.  Let the record show that decades ago, opponents to the Equal Rights Amendment warned that if it passed, co-ed bathrooms would be everywhere. The Amendment was not ratified.  We now have co-ed bathrooms, but women still make only 74 cents for every dollar a man makes. Go figure.

The third installment in the NYT’s series about forced arbitration is a doozy. It also speaks well to the surreal square between Saturn in Sagittarius (law, belief systems, dogma) and Neptune in Pisces. “In Religious Arbitration, Scripture is the Rule of Law”.  Separation of church and state — and tort law? Surely we will see more on this issue as Saturn moves through Sagittarius for the next two years.

UPDATE on Jon Stewart, starting with a bit from my forecast on March 11, 2015:

Meanwhile, for anyone who has a planet or angle at 4 degrees of Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and especially Sagittarius, you may have been feeling pressured to make an ambitious reach or streamline in the weeks leading up to the beginning of February. Saturn hit 4 Sagittarius on February 9th and has been sitting there since then. Well, guess what? Your squeeze continues through mid-April, as this weekend Saturn will turn retrograde on that degree, giving you an opportunity to rethink and retool your strategy (Saturn will continue appearing to move backwards into the end of Scorpio before turning direct on August 2nd). The results of your hard work should be apparent around the first week of November, which is when Saturn will hit 4 Sagittarius again.  Jon Stewart, if you’re reading this, it applies to you.

It should be no surprise to learn that yesterday it was announced that Jon Stewart has signed a four-year deal with HBO. Last week, he announced that he and his wife were opening an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. No charge for that tip in March, Mr. Stewart.  Not that you asked. Disclaimer: Mr. Stewart was once asked about his birth time at a taping of “The Daily Show”. He could not imagine why that piece of information might be significant. Take a look.

Not that anyone should believe in astrology. As a wise astrologer once said, “I don’t believe in astrology!” And then, after a dramatic and stunned (on the part of the interviewer), pause, he continued, “Astrology is something to know about”.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together. FYI, your astrologer is giving herself a well-deserved raise on November 29th.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/18/2013: Current Events & the US Horoscope

Well, planetary patterns did suggest this would be an action-packed week. How is yours going? Patterns suggest there’s more to process in the early morning hours, as Moon, still in home/homeland security-focused Cancer is squared by aggressive Mars at 8:16AM ET and then by the Sun at 8:31AM ET. This First Quarter Moon brings a challenge or crisis to the intentions set on last week’s New Moon in Aries. Did you forget what those intentions are? Here’s the New Moon forecast again; note the connotations of the Sabian Symbol for the lunation, “a pugilist entering a ring”.

Moon goes void at 8:31AM ET and takes a break until 11:13AM ET. East Coasters, you may experience a twist in your efforts this morning to move forward in a straight line. The Moon void rules still apply: go with the flow; take care of what is routine; avoid initiating or shipping projects you wish to be of consequence. The energy of the Moon just isn’t terribly focused, so crises that arise are often “all for naught” or “much ado about nothing”.

At 11:13AM ET the Leo Moon offers the potential to lift our spirits with its natural inclination to shine! Perhaps we will also find something to celebrate, too, despite the other Leo Moon potential for drama queens and kings to issue royal edicts like they are going out of style. A good strategy for dealing with those types: diffuse the tension by reminding them how much they are loved and adored — because that is what they need.

Playful indulgence is suggested this evening as Moon is squared by Venus in sensual, comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:16PM ET. The night ends on a sweet connection between Venus and rose-colored Neptune, suggesting a need for beauty, art, healing and music.

And now the news. Do you recall yesterday’s forecast in which it was noted that people with planets at 27 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn would feel the impact of the Sun-Mars conjunction at 27 Aries more than most? Guess who has a planet at 27 Capricorn? The United States of America, thank you very much…and that planet would be ruthless Pluto ruling the sixth house of the 2:13AM US horoscope, referring to cooperation and the body politic. Mars rules the 12th house (hidden enemies; self-undoing); the Sun rules the 4th house (homeland security).  Sun and Mars making contact with Pluto suggest explosive outbursts, brute force, violence, issues of power and suppression/control and yes, guns.  So in all the chaos and carnage of the Boston Marathon, we find our fearless leaders (note use of sarcasm here) in the Senate killing an important gun control bill. Yup, killed it — and here’s Gabrielle Giffords with some deeply moving words about it. And here is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page, crowing about killing this bill as if it were the noblest achievement of a lifetime. How did your senators vote? I’d tell you, but when I type “senate roll call vote gun control” into google, I can’t find the chart showing the breakdown of the vote, even though I saw it online yesterday. Bad Google. Bad! (a Reader has since sent in this link to the roll call vote — thanks, Reader!)

In other news, a man who is suspected of sending letters laced with poison to three lawmakers, including the President, was arrested yesterday. And as if there wasn’t enough shit hitting the fan, last night at 7:50PM CT, there was a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Now this explosion happened just 30 minutes after the exact Sun-Mars conjunction, and it is fascinating — but not at all surprising — to see the Sun and Mars exactly on an angle (in this case, the cusp of the 7th house) in the chart for the explosion. Planets on angle pack a powerful punch. Remember how the chart for the explosion in Boston had nebulous, bewildering Neptune on an angle, too?

Do you get the feeling that the United States is oh-so-close to making some big changes on big issues like gun control, energy resources, climate change, the whole way Things Are Done, etc.? Like you can see it coming and almost touch it, but it’s just out of reach and ever so frustrating?  Let’s talk about the current Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is now at 11 Capricorn — retrograde. Uranus is at 9 Aries. The US horoscope has Sun at 12 degrees of Cancer. Uranus and Pluto are soooooo close to the US Sun, suggesting tremendous potential for revolution and transformation. We can feel the intense buzz, but chances are the full force of this potential will not hit us until Uranus and Pluto get to 12 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively. And that won’t happen until the end of 2014 — which is just after the next election in November. Brace yourselves. Think it might be time to clean the House…and the Senate?

I leave you with a powerful reflection on beauty — specifically how women see it in themselves vs. how others see it in them. It’s a great campaign from the folks at Dove that’s been getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Happy rose-colored Venus sextile Neptune, with Venus in “get real” Taurus.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/1/2011: What’s the Big Deal?

Hope you noted your dreams this AM, on the heels of a hook-up between Moon (void of course) and nebulous Neptune, which could have taken you on a fantastic – -or confusing —  ride. The Moon void suggests a slow start or twist to the morning routine, especially on the East Coast. I got on the wrong subway train — how about you? Fortunately, I realized the error before getting too far off track…and at the end of my journey I was delightfully surprised by happy-faced workers at Wendy’s giving away free coffee and coupons for artisanal breakfast sandwiches.  Yes, artisanal. At Wendy’s. Definitely not a routine commute.

At 9:45AM ET Moon entered soulful Pisces, yearning to merge with the intangible and go with the flow. You can plumb the depths of emotion today; the Pisces Moon is working with an intense, sometimes wretchedly overwrought or excessive emotional release, suggested by the hook-up between “take no prisoners” Pluto and Venus, planet of money, love, art, beauty and women. If you look hard in the mirror, you just might see the light. Which leads into my next pithy statement, “If you want to know where you’re at, look at who — or whom — you’re with”. Point is, a little introspection and honesty can deliver big results, if you’re brave enough to go there. Note that there is a difference between brutal honesty and just being a brute. With the surge of energy in the air today and tomorrow, try to temper your quest with some kindness — to yourself and others.

It occurred to me yesterday that this Venus-Pluto conjunction at 6 degrees of Capricorn is significant in the horoscope of the United States. Why? Because Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, sits at 5-6 degrees of Cancer in the US chart — and it’s in the second house of the chart, which relates to worth, value, assets and money. Does the United States seek its reward by acquiring more and more and MORE? Well, according to the US horoscope, it certainly does…in fact, it needs to do so, in order to feel secure.

Pluto-Jupiter connections refer to resources, often with a feeling of regeneration. Venus-Jupiter connections refer to sugar, good cheer and indulgence, sometimes excessive. Remember how over the weekend shoppers gave retailers a record-breaking spending spree? Not only was Venus in a lovely aspect with Jupiter in the horoscope of the day, but Pluto AND Venus were both in aspect to Jupiter in the chart of the United States. So it makes perfect sense that Americans would be feeling expansive and indulgent…as evidenced by the weekend shopping mania….AND….yesterday’s 482 point gain on the Dow! Coincidence or conspiracy? Anyone have any questions?

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve gets some credit for yesterday’s surge in the markets — and this is also reflected in the horoscope…of the Federal Reserve! If you haven’t been following the news, yesterday the stress in the continuing European financial boondoggle (scheduled to hit a critical mass next summer), was temporarily eased when the European Central Bank, backed by the Federal Reserve, bought up a bunch of bad debt — or so it was explained by Fed nemesis Ron Paul (R-TX)  in this provocative and feisty exchange: …and the markets rallied through the day. Huzzah! The horoscope of the Fed — it was born on December 23, 1913 — features the Sun at — ZERO degrees of Capricorn — opposed by Pluto (resources, empowerment, underground, corruption, regeneration, subversion) at ZERO degrees of Cancer. Regular readers of this forecast know that ZERO degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are especially powerful points (as reflected in real life as the first day of each of the four seasons), that command attention.  Regular readers also know that rebel Uranus has been been making a lot of noise at ZERO Aries off and on throughout the year — and it’s back at ZERO Aries right now. Translation: the Fed is in the spotlight all year long. Got that?  But wait…there’s MORE…

Yesterday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich released this video explaining how the Fed reportedly created a staggering sum of money in 2008, using the regenerative power of Pluto, which was then at ZERO Capricorn (making a potent connection to the Fed’s natal Sun). Watch this video×639040 and you may begin to understand how issues of resources in the US are being reflected in the planetary patterns then…and now.