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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/28/2015: Mind the Void

Patience, as you arise and go about your business. If you’re tuning in, you may feel as if the day is idling in neutral. Stick to routine tasks and roll with whatever detours and delays that crop up on Moon void and Mercury retrograde. How many times will you have to repeat yourself? I don’t know, but best to make sure what you said is what was heard.

Moon enters chatty Gemini at 5:36PM ET and is challenged by Venus in soulful Pisces at 8:57PM ET. Sounds like a backdrop for the “Madeleine Episode” of Remembrance of Things Past, presented here for your entertainment. Sleep on those fond memories before the potential wet blanket of a face-off between Moon and Saturn hits at 11:44pm ET…and sends you into a fit of restless melancholia.

And now, the news.

Earlier this year I wrote about the fantasy/reality challenge of a the approaching square between Neptune and Saturn. I noted that these two planets were in a challenging pattern around the time of the housing bubble/bust, and the internet bubble/bust of the late 90s, too. I wondered where we might see another bubble rising, and it seems there might be one in the wild, wacky world of auto loans — made to people who have no real means of paying them back. Deja vu all over again? Let’s watch how this story develops as we move into the Fall and 2016.

Quite a scandal in the NY State Assembly on Monday,  as the Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, is alleged to have taken “millions in payoffs”.  He’s been Speaker for 20 years, and now he’s history. Just like that. Add it to the list of sudden disruptions of the status quo as planetary patterns reflect a pressing need for corruption to be exposed.

Meanwhile, in Greece, the new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras unveiled his new cabinet of “mavericks and visionaries,” just in time for today’s innovative connection between Mercury and Uranus (and discussed in yesterday’s forecast).

I must share this item posted on the last day of Venus in Aquarius, sign of unconventional attractions. Now that Venus is in empathetic Pisces, the warm and fuzzy quotient may be doubly appreciated. It’s a story about animal friendships — between dogs and donkeys; goats and rhinos; cats and pigs. With lots of pictures and videos. Melt my heart….and let the power of the potential for us humans sink in. If you can be like a rhino or a donkey and still see yourself reflected in the eyes of a goat or a dog, you’ve got the hang of Pisces, which understands deeply that we are all in this together…and if that dog or goat becomes your best friend in the world, you’ve got the hang of Aquarius, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/27/2015: More Moooooon in Taurus; Venus in Pisces

More Moon in Taurus, sign of creature comforts, as the snow continues to fall here in New York. My pantry is stocked, and so long as there’s no power outage (which I am not anticipating), I’ll be happily engaged in a full day of appointments, with no need to leave the home office. Planetary patterns are mostly easygoing, save for a challenge between the status quo-preferring Moon and stubbornly revolutionary Mercury in Aquarius at 11:55AM ET. Which will prevail?

Look back to two weeks ago, when there was an easy connection between Mercury and Uranus. How were you thinking outside the box? Your innovative genius gets a second look just after midnight, as that Mercury-Uranus connection repeats itself. Adjust as required. Plans may be finalized around March 1st, when the pattern makes a third connection and concludes the cycle.

Also of note: Venus — which refers to love, attraction, values, women, money and art — enters Pisces today at 10AM ET. No more Venus in Aquarius social scientists who blithely proclaim “I love you, but don’t take it personally”. Venus in Pisces is soulful and compassionate. See if you notice the shift.

Get it off your desk if you can today; Moon goes void on an expansive connection with Jupiter in regal Leo, suggesting an indulgent evening…and doesn’t enter the next sign — Gemini — until 5:36PM ET on WEDNESDAY.

And now, the news.

Big blizzard on the East Coast. Happy Mercury retrograde travel delays! How about communication snafus? Sarah Palin experienced one on Saturday, when her teleprompter allegedly failed while she was making a speech. The result was a train wreck, apparently, according to numerous reviews by conservative commentators, including this one published in the Washington Examiner:

…her “long, rambling, and at times barely coherent speech left some wondering what role she should play in Republican politics”.

Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re giving a speech in the next two weeks, make sure your tech support folks have triple-checked everything. Also make sure you’ve got notes in your pocket as a back-up, if tech supports fails.

Meanwhile, I am still having trouble receiving emails sent from my website. So if you’d like to schedule a consultation, please either call me (what a novel concept) at this number — or send an email directly to eg at graceastrology dot com. Tech snafus aside, Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to review your life with your astrologer.

As the Uranus-Pluto square approaches its seventh hit, we are sure to see more and more incidents of shocks and explosive actions. One that happened yesterday also has a lesson to tell about Saturn (control, reality check) in Sagittarius (broadcast media, beliefs, righteousness). It involves a TV news promotions producer who committed suicide outside Fox headquarters here in New York. The promo producer was fired from his job at the Fox affiliate in Austin back in May. One can imagine that this man might have had significant mental health issues, as losing a job — however upsetting — does not mean the end of the world for most of us. But here’s the Saturn in Sagittarius lesson:

A promo producer’s job is to get your attention and convince you to watch the actual news broadcast. Back in February, you may remember a story about a pretty blonde college student who went jogging in Austin and was arrested for jay walking. Read the details here.  A photo of her in tears, on the ground and handcuffed, went viral. The promo producer put that photo on the Fox affiliate’s website, hoping it would get viewers to tune in.

Soon thereafter, the Austin police chief was asked at a press conference about the arresting officers’ seemingly overly aggressive tactics. The police chief reacted defensively and said something totally outrageous, for which he eventually apologized. The promo producer used a shot of the police chief at the press conference and placed it next to the photo of the woman jogger on the Fox website. It was a provocative contrast.

The Saturn in Sagittarius lesson here is that the police chief did not like the photo — so much that, according to the promo producer’s boss, he would not give the TV station any more one-on-one interviews. Restricted access (Saturn) for that TV station (Sagittarius). The boss was not happy. He thought the photo the promo producer used made the police chief look like “a buffoon,” if the recording of the conversation made by the promo producer is authentic. Does it look that much different from the one that ran in the New York Daily News? Why, when the police chief refused to grant the TV station any more interviews, didn’t the station make that a news story?

Welcome to the reality of news — if you weren’t already aware of it.  Check out what Meet the Press host Chuck Todd had to say when asked why reporters do not ask tough questions of certain interview subjects; this happened in late December, a few days after Saturn entered Sagittarius. Who really controls the news? The next couple of years will bring more awareness on this topic, I’m sure.

This New Moon cycle suggested the potential for big ideas with sweeping consequences. Today the Obama Administration announced its intention to “dramatically change how doctors are paid”.  I hope the plan also includes ways to dramatically change how some nursing homes are collecting their debts (a must-read for anyone planning to grow old someday). Elsewhere, the Koch brothers announced their intention to spend $900 million in the 2016 elections, as ad sales reps for media outlets across the nation surely cheered….







Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/4/2014 & The Weekend: David Letterman, Right on Schedule

Ready for a break from this week’s intensity? You got it! Today’s Moon in pixie chatterbox Gemini is light and airy. It starts off the day in a cooperative connection to innovative Uranus at 7:42AM ET, followed by an equally cooperative connection to the Aries Sun at 11:57AM ET. Make those calls and pitches. Think outside the box. An energetic connection between Mars and the Moon at 10:45PM ET could have you dancing all night….

Saturday, the Gemini Moon is void of course from 10:55AM ET until 5:40PM ET. Chill out; avoid the malls and yard sales during the void. Better to engage in friendly debate (the void begins on a challenge between Moon and mental Mercury) about the latest news. Or stick your nose in a book.

At 4:31PM ET, loving Venus leaves “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius for “I feel your pain” Pisces. Tender, soulful — albeit sometimes unrequited — Venus expresses itself beautifully in this sign. And tonight, Venus makes a lovely connection to the Moon, freshly ingressed into Cancer, at 5:46PM ET. Let your feelings flow. Sweet.

Note your dreams upon waking on Sunday, as the Moon trines nebulous Neptune at 6:38AM ET. Now you can take care of your shopping expeditions: hit the farmers markets for glorious spring veggies and flowers; tend to chores around the home; call Mom. An exuberant connection to Jupiter at 5:33PM ET suggests a gourmet Sunday supper; note the potential for shake-ups and power plays a few hours later, as the emotional security-loving Cancer Moon makes contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.

Get to the office early on Monday; the Moon goes void at 2:14PM ET for the rest of that business day. If you live in Hawaii, take the day off ; )

And now, the news.

We were expecting a number of power plays likely involving resources in the aftermath of this week’s Sun-Pluto square. Check out this happening in Montana, as the city of Missoula files for an eminent domain takeover of its water system because, the city argues, the private owners are more interested in their own profit than in safeguarding the city’s water for the benefit of those who actually use it. The private owners are The Carlyle Group. Fascinating.

Here’s another power play, to be discussed at the water cooler using today’s chatty Moon in Gemini energy. It was discovered that the recently-hired CEO of Mozilla (the folks who gave us Firefox) once made a $1000 contribution in support of California’s Prop 8 (the measure that sought to ban same-sex marriage). Controversy ensued. Last week, the CEO said he would not resign his post. Yesterday, he resigned. Some suggested the reason might be to deflect  negative impact on Mozilla’s bottom line. Which compels me to share this link to a list of companies owned by the Koch Brothers, including a helpful shopping app you can download and use at the grocery store. This will help you make a truly informed choice between Brawny paper towels and Bounty. Consider this your own personal power play involving resources, a.k.a. your money. Today’s Moon in Gemini encourages you to become informed!

Meanwhile, David Letterman was right on schedule when he announced he would be retiring sometime in 2015. Mr. Letterman is an Aries with Moon at 9 degrees of “make it happen” Capricorn; he also has Neptune at 9 Libra and Venus at 14 Aries. All three planets have been supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, and his Moon-Neptune square was directly impacted by the New Moon in Aries on March 30th. Point is, actions are taken and things happen when planetary patterns are triggered in the horoscope. When you know what’s going on in your horoscope, you can plan accordingly.

But wait — there’s more. The next New Moon on April 29th happens at 8 degrees of Taurus, exactly on Letterman’s Ascendant, suggesting a focus on his personal projection/identity. This potent New Moon is also an eclipse, raising the stakes and drawing even greater attention to this area of his life. We’d expect a change of direction in his career  to develop in mid-2015 through 2016, when rebel Uranus squares his 21 degree Capricorn Midheaven and conjoins his Aries Sun. Freedom!

Finally, news from underground that also happens to be from the cosmos. Evidence suggests there’s a large body of water under the surface of one of Saturn’s moons. The moon is called Encedalus, and its association with seismic activity (in mythology) is remarkable, given this week’s planetary patterns….

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you at the beach….


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/7/2012: Full Moon in Leo — Rowwwrr!

Review yesterday’s forecast for notes on the innovative and/or idealistic notions that may spring up around you today. Look for advances in technology, humanitarian service and /or news from the cosmos, suggested by the exact hook-up between Sun and mental Mercury exact at 4:30AM ET.

Saturn reverses course in Libra at 9:03AM ET, suggesting we’ll have opportunities to review and restructure issues of fairness, justice and equality in relationship until October 6th, when Saturn enters Scorpio. Look what we’ve managed to accomplish so far in the US during the last year and some months of Saturn in Libra: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is now history, and the rites/rights of marriage are — slowly, but surely — being made more inclusive. Not to mention the issues of economic equality being brought forward by forces such as OWS (though I see OWS and other revolutionary movements around the world as a reflection of the tension between the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, in addition to Saturn in Libra).

And then there’s the Full Moon in Leo, exact at 4:54PM ET, bringing ego needs to the surface (conflicting, perhaps, with the need of the “group”),  along with all the drama queens it can carry with it. Remember that if you’re feeling especially dramatic or find yourself surrounded by drama royalty. Emotions can run high and deep, especially with Venus, planet of social expression, ready to drown and/or merge totally at the tail end of Pisces (tomorrow Venus enters me-me-me Aries — not a sign to drown in anything). So be kind to yourself during this high tide of emotions, will you? Have fun with it!

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 19 Leo seems too apropos not to mention (with gratitude to Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee — order his book on Kindle already, if you’re a serious student of astrology). Here it is: a houseboat party. “Imagine a flaming left-wing liberal finding himself at conservative right-wing party on a houseboat. It’s a difficult situation calling for diplomatic and delicate maneuvers so as not to rock the boat.” Point being, that a wise strategy might be to contain your fiery passions, especially if expressing said passions would provoke a heated dispute. Mars is retrograde right now, remember…so while an urge to shift into combat mode might be tempting, the wise grasshopper would consciously choose to cool it, for the sake of the collective. Let’s hope those who have influence in Iran, Israel and the U.S. are listening…





Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 1/15/2012: Venus in Pisces & That Sinking Feeling

Moon has been in people-pleasing Libra since 8:28AM ET Saturday, adding to the need for beauty and harmony suggested by Friday’s hook-up between idealistic Neptune and loving Venus, still in effect thru the weekend. As of 12:47AM ET Saturday, Venus left “who’s your buddy?” Aquarius for the soulful depths of Pisces. Whereas Venus in Aquarius can take a scientific approach to relationships some find a bit detached and/or maddening, Venus in Pisces does not need to analyze; it just feels intuitively, with compassion and empathy. See if you notice that shift in social expression over the next few weeks.

Your Saturday date night offered an interesting mix of the aforementioned soulful social expression cheered on by a connection to jolly Jupiter, challenged by a potentially intense emotional catharsis, suggested by that people-pleasing Libra Moon squared by ruthless, transformational Pluto. Such was the scenario just before 1oPM ET — anyone have any good stories?

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Sunday, save for an expressive Moon-Mercury challenge at 2:15AM ET, suggesting a need — perhaps — to lay things on the line. After that, the need for peace and harmony prevails — unless you’re one of those lucky people born near a solstice or an equinox. What’s that bzzzzzzzzz you’ve probably been feeling since February of 2011 all about, hmmmm?

In other news…the Patriots were favored to win Saturday’s game — and they did. Go, Pats! Meanwhile, I can’t find an exact time of departure for the cruise ship that ran aground in Italy on Friday the 13th but looking at the charts for 8PM (when the accident apparently occurred) and 9:30PM (a time of great confusion on board the ship, according to some reports I’ve read) in Giglio Porto. Measurements suggest the possibility of a “sudden event” and an insistence on self-sufficiency when it would have been more efficient to ask for input from — ???  Nebulous Neptune and status quo-disrupting Uranus are quite strong in both of these charts, suggesting the possibility of confusion, accidents and/or risky behavior. Moon and Mars conjunct in perfectionist Virgo suggests much argument over the right thing to do — even as those arguing had, according to the horoscope,  likely lost their bearings.

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 3/26-7/2011: Pluto and Plutocracies

Inspiration to make things happen continues through Sunday, courtesy of Moon in pro-active Capricorn combined with the afterglow of the potentially delightful, romantic, aesthetic, transcendental hook-up between Neptune and Venus I wrote about earlier in the week — that connection was exact at 9:40PM EDT.

While you were sleeping on Sunday  at 2:53 AM EDT, Venus left the friendly, cerebral sign of “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius to wallow in the deeply emotional, compassionate sign of Pisces, suggesting an intuitive approach to social expression over the next few weeks; patience may be required as we adjust to the shift. Meanwhile, Moon goes void at 11:17PM EDT — chill while you can until 7AM EDT on Monday… …when ruthless Pluto squares the Aries Sun at 8:11 AM  EDT.

We will likely see corresponding headlines in the papers:  news from the underground, corporate corruption exposed and of course PLUTOcracies, as in this headline that appeared hours ago: “Plutocracy: GE Doesn’t Pay Taxes; Taxpayers Pay GE”  Hopefully we will see absolutely nothing of note about the nuclear reactors in Japan — or anywhere else — though for the record, Pluto does rule radiation. It can’t hurt to send some positive, healing thought forms to the Far East…

Don’t forget: Mercury retrograde at 4:48PM EDT — please back up your electronic gizmos now, including your cell phones and iPads…