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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/22/2014: Love on the Brink of Scorpio

Since 7:12AM ET on Tuesday, Moon has been in people-pleasing Libra, seeking fairness and balance in relationship. Did you know that the Fox News Channel launched on a day with the Sun in Libra? And that their slogan is “fair and balanced”? Coincidence or conspiracy?

Tuesday’s Moon cruised through the heavens without interference. Wednesday is another story, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. Ruthless Pluto challenges the Moon at 5:09AM ET, followed by a jolt or flash of insight around 10:25AM ET, courtesy of Uranus.  Then it settles down, and dare I say the mood likely lifts by 8:49PM ET, when the Moon is supported by optimistic Jupiter.

This is the last full day of the Sun and Venus in Libra. Both enter Scorpio tomorrow, at 7:57AM ET and 4:52PM ET, respectively. Scorpio demands substance; none of that airy-theory-rational stuff that Libra does so well. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, noted for its need for privacy, power and control.  Scorpios “build all the way up to Heaven…and all the way down to Hell,” wrote astrologer Linda Goodman. Hopefully you can hang with one who builds a stairway to Heaven. A Scorpio heading for Hell will happily annihilate everyone and everything in its way. Really, they are so very interesting.

Venus in Scorpio needs depth and substance in social expression, along with passion, for better or for worse. As in revenge, served cold. It’s an honor thing with Scorpio. There is a certain code that must be followed. Anything less would be an insult. Show a Scorpio a bit of honor and you may have a loyal ally for life. And a fiercely passionate one, too.

I just paused to scan the headlines and noted that an Ohio couple married for 73 years just died — 28 hours apart. I looked at the accompanying photo of Helen and Joe Auer and thought, “I bet one of them is a Scorpio”. And in fact,  Helen was born on November 7, 1919 — Scorpio! Joe was a Taurus (May 2, 1914) — another sign noted for tenacity, and that’s where Helen’s Moon is. His Moon is also in an immovable sign — Leo.

His horoscope has Pluto (transformation/death),  the ruling planet of Scorpio, running wild and at the Aries Point….and it’s in a supercharged aspect to her Venus, also at the Aries Point.  This suggests a potential for depth and passion — good to have if you plan to stay with someone for ever and ever. The Aries Point suggests a need for prominence — and isn’t it interesting that this couple’s ideal love story is making headlines now, with current planetary patterns (Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Venus) suggesting a need for the ideal in relationships.

And now you know why it can be so helpful to understand how your horoscope lines up with the horoscope of your beloved…or a potential romantic partner….or your child….or your boss or employee.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/13/2013 thru Monday 9/16/2013: Get Up and Go!

Ohayo gozaimasu!

In other words, “good morning” from Tokyo, where the day is already done — and I didn’t even get to live it, having crossed the International Date Line several hours ago. It’s 10:30PM JST, but for most of you, the day is just getting started. And thanks to the enterprising Moon in Capricorn as of 5:56AM ET, you have every reason to get up and make things happen — and that goes for Saturday, too.

Other than the usual disruptions and emotional intensity we’ve grown accustomed to experiencing once a week when the Moon challenges the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, we have a number of planets supporting the Capricorn Moon’s need to advance progress, fueled by the Virgo Sun’s energy to hash out the details in an effort to make things perfect. Plus we have three other planetary connections not involving the Moon that are just hunky-dory, and they are all exact on Saturday.

First, a lovely connection from Neptune softens the ofttimes waspish Venus in Scorpio, suggesting a need for beauty and ideals of substance in relationships, art, finances and women. Second, a challenge between mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto helps us dig up dirt and express ourselves persuasively in all communications. On the down side, this may be reflected in power struggles and seriously sharp words (so think a bit before you speak, ok?). Third, another harmonious connection: this one between action-hero Mars in regal Leo and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries suggests a successful application of willpower in especially innovative ways. This is all great news for creative and investigative enterprises of any kind.

Get your Saturday chores done by 7:17PM ET and then chill during another Moon void that lasts until 8:05AM ET on Sunday. That’s when the Moon enters humanitarian, stubborn, freedom and fringe-loving Aquarius, where it will travel mostly unencumbered throughout the day. Get together with some of your wackier friends for some unconventional exchanges. More bright, albeit disruptive ideas may be put into play then, as mental Mercury challenges Uranus at 2:41AM ET.

Wanna make this a three-day weekend? Congratulations. Moon will be void of course from 4:19AM ET until 9:58AM ET Tuesday. Feel free to take the day off to do non-type A activities, and sure, tell ’em your astrologer said it was OK. Just avoid the malls, signing contracts and things you wish to be of consequence. I know I spend a lot of time advising you what NOT to do during Moon voids, because I believe most cultures are so wired to go, go, go — produce, produce, grow, grow — that they NEED to be reminded to CHILL OUT. Otherwise, what does that get you, eventually? Burn out. A depletion of resources. Etc. These long voids are great opportunities to re-charge.

Here’s an interesting article that was on the front page of last Sunday’s NYT — about efforts to change the Type A, Gordon Gekko-worshipping culture that was apparently the norm at Harvard Business School. Seems a few people decided it was time to level the playing field with the concept of gender equity —   a perfect read for a weekend with Moon in ambitious Capricorn, followed by equal opportunity-loving Aquarius.

Reminder to readers in Tokyo: I am available for in-person consultations for the next several days. Reminder to readers in Los Angeles: ditto for you, too — the first two weeks of October. Reminder to everyone else: I always available for consultations via Skype and/or telephone.

Have a great weekend — the forecast will return on Tuesday…

Jaa, mata...











Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/11/2013: Lighten Up!

Note your dreams upon waking, as today’s high-flying Sagittarius Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 8:44AM ET, followed by a lovely connection to mental Mercury at 9:01AM ET — would you like to talk about it?

In Sagittarius, the Moon needs to expand horizons and express its righteous opinions to the entire Free World. Consider a gamble or a gambol, and enjoy the release of oh-so-much emotional tension of yesterday’s Moon in Scorpio. Today and Friday are days for shipping whatever is on your desk; Thursday the Moon goes void at 1:08PM ET for the rest of the business day.

President Obama’s big speech to the nation happened last night while the Moon was void — did you watch it? I meant to — but then, in typical Moon void fashion, completely forgot about it because I was at the polls just before 9PM, casting my vote for mayor of New York. From what I can deduce from the headlines, the speech might have been one big “NEVER MIND” — in so far as Obama has asked Congress not to vote on taking military action in Syria while a more diplomatic Plan B is explored. But that’s a good thing, right? Cue Emily Litella now, please…

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned polls in New York City, there were numerous void-of-course Moon snafus with voting machines.  At the end of the day, upstart mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio got more votes than anyone, but it is still not clear if he will be the Democratic candidate on the ballot in November; there may be a run-off. And surprise, surprise —  Christine Quinn, the candidate every newspaper endorsed, placed third. So if there is a run-off, it will be between two underdogs: Bill de Blasio and William Thompson, who placed second. Sounds very much in keeping with an election happening during a looooong void-of-course Moon, if you ask me. And yes, to the reader who asked if I would be interested in hearing some good stories about things that happened to her during Moon voids, bring ’em on, and if they’re doubleplus good, I’ll share them with you.

Now get busy and make the most of this day with a Moon fully engaged in optimistic Sagittarius — and we’ll pretend that Venus, which refers to social expression, did not just enter moody bastard Scorpio while you were sleeping. More on that later — I have to post this and run…

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/29/2010

Daily readers of this forecast may recall that in my post about the New Moon on November 6th, I noted that three planets: Mars (action!), Saturn (control) and Pluto (transformation, perspective, underground, exposure), were not connected to any other planets in the New Moon chart, suggesting that whatever was associated with those planets would be “running wild” during this cycle, and that we would see this reflected in the headlines. Mars  and Saturn did hook up during the middle of the month, but Pluto has continued to “run wild” and will continue to be wild until tomorrow.

So. What have we seen in the headlines that reflects the ruthless, corruption-exposing, potentially explosive, often power-mad, underground rumblings of Pluto running wild? A sampling over the past three weeks includes: Miners killed in New Zealand, concerns about the safety of dental X-rays raised here in the US, a deadly stampede in Cambodia, the recent deadly conflict between North and South Korea, the new TSA security measures involving X-rays and invasive pat-downs (of body areas ruled by Pluto), and to top it all off, the latest Wikileaks exposure of diplomatic machinations that hit the wires yesterday. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Today we can expect another wave of information overload and big ideas generated by a dynamic connection between action-oriented Mars in opinionated Sagittarius and expansive Jupiter in all-encompassing Pisces. Got a feeling you wanna get off your chest? You’ve got until 7:35PM NY time to find a people-pleasing way to express it; Venus, which relates to our social expression, moves forward into Scorpio for over a month-long stay, starting this evening. Remember the Venus in Scorpio mantra, “If I be waspish, best beware my sting.” OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating just a bit, but that’s right in line with today’s aforementioned connection between Mars and Jupiter. ; )

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/21/2010

Oh, that bewildering Neptune. And that witchy bitchy Venus retrograde in Scorpio dredging up the dreck in relationships — past and present! How else to explain Mrs. Clarence Thomas’s phone call to Professor Anita Hill on Oct 9th asking her to apologize to her husband, the alleged sexual harasser and current Supreme Court Justice. Quick glance at Mrs Thomas’s chart: immediately we see she may be prone to idealism (Sun in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, trine to Neptune), with likely obsessive tendencies resulting from stressful connections between aggressive Mars and delusional Neptune, and mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto (“sexuality, illusion, fantasy and deceit can be played out; may be driven to focus on the unknown, unconscious or subconscious; can be cunning persuasive and manipulative through use of communication and information”). Mrs. Thomas was driven (check her transits) to place a phone call to Professor Hill on a day marked by a stressful contact between Mercury (mind) and expansive Jupiter —  “grandiose thinking; opinionation and bias; driven by belief systems, religious concepts, philosophical ideology; idealism” — and Venus (women) had just gone retrograde EXACTLY on her husband’s Midheaven, which represents his public career status! Yes, nebulous Neptune is currently “hot” in all three charts: the Thomases and Professor Hill — and in the case of Clarence Thomas, we see his Sun (life force), Venus (women, social expression) and Mercury (mind) all under pressure from the Big T-Square Party, especially ruthless Pluto.  Fellow astrologers — birth data for all three posted below; we could talk for hours about these charts. Dear civilians, I’ll now move on to the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Moon is still in impulsive, start-it-yesterday Aries, inspiring you to push ahead. And push ahead you must, while the Moon is still waxing full. Note a possible clash between boundless enthusiasm and a lump of coal in the early part of the day — work through it, if you must. Note also that we are not out of the weirdness zone yet: Friday we’ll have a Full Moon and nebulous Neptune challenging aggressive Mars. Be mindful of what you put in your system over the next couple of days as your sensitivity to toxins may be higher than usual. This includes people selling snake oil. On the plus side — a charismatic performance might be within reach if it comes from an authentic source.

BIRTH DATA: Mrs. Clarence Thomas Feb 23, 1957, time unknown, likely Omaha, NE; Mr. Clarence Thomas Jun 23 1948, 9PM Pin Point, GA; Professor Anita Hill Jul 30, 1956, time unknown, Tulsa, OK  — acknowledging Ricki Reeves, author of THE QUINDECILE — all quotes above from her superb astrological text on a little-known, but extremely potent aspect

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/08/2010

Here on the East Coast, we’re looking at a holiday weekend — any chance of making an early escape? The Moon is void of course from 9:38AM – 3:52PM — suggesting a day of letting things take care of themselves instead of rushing around trying to make things happen. Angelenos have until 1PM to let things settle while mulling over whatever heavy news or communication that came in overnight or early this AM  — East Coasters, if you didn’t escape early, you’ll be mulling it over, too.

The “heavy” is a hook-up between Mercury (mind, travel, transportation, communication) and restrictive Saturn at 7:35AM NY — you may recall that last week I anticipated jarring headlines as the Messenger Planet made contact with the Big T-Square Party this week, yes? This Mercury-Saturn connection is the last of it.  An example of a jarring headline: NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s abrupt decision yesterday to halt the construction of a tunnel linking NJ and NYC because NJ allegedly can not afford it. Two decades of planning and billions of dollars allocated — and then — sorry — the piggy bank is empty. Sign of the times (and the planetary patterns).

But wait — there’s more! Venus, the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus turned retrograde at 3:06AM NY — and it will stay retrograde until  November 18th. Keywords for Venus include: love, money, values, beauty and women — issues related to all of these are now up for review. Venus is also charm, appreciation and social graces — and it’s fascinating how quickly these qualities fly out the window during Venus retrograde. Therefore, be especially mindful of your interactions with others — you may find yourself forgetting words like “please” and “thank you” — and you won’t be alone.  You may also be unwilling to compromise or consider your partner’s point of view. Venus retrograde can be quite a bitch, especially in Scorpio. But now that you understand the pattern, you can consciously choose not to (over) react to it, right?

Money concerns may also come up; questions about what you are really worth may arise — as if we need any more of that in this economy. If money is not your concern, still be advised that the general rule is not to purchase items of art, beauty or luxury during this time; our sense of aesthetics is often “off”.  What you meet and fall in love with this week may not seem so attractive in two months — and that applies to people, too.

So what’s the up side of this potentially witchy, bitchy Venus? By getting in touch with our baser instincts, we have an opportunity for clarity in our existing relationships. Those that are based on fluff are not likely to stand; do you really need that dead wood in your life? And speaking of baser instincts, political debates are likely to become even more heated and barbed as we head towards Election Day. If you don’t know which candidates are nasty or nice, you will soon enough…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/5/2010

Clean up your desk and take care of those pesky details. If your tasks require cooperation from others you can likely get it without too much fuss, especially if you add a little sugar. Some are still smarting from the thoughtless darts flung by those who just had to show how right they were yesterday (Moon, now in Virgo, is driven to be correct, to be RIGHT) — so say “please” and “thank you” today as if you really mean it.

We are in the dark side of the Moon — the old cycle is ending — the new one begins on Thursday. Until Thursday, we have a sense of anticipation — but are not sure what the new cycle will bring. Listlessness is one possible manifestation. That being said, you will likely get more done today than tomorrow or yesterday — so get to it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/8/2010

Recall that last month’s New Moon was in Leo and the suggestion was to focus on authentic creative self-expression. This month’s New Moon happens today at 6:30AM NY/3:30 AM LA at 15 degrees of Virgo. Keywords for Virgo include: perfection, discernment, work, service, analysis. Whom or what does your creative self-expression serve? How does it work?

Virgo also rules the digestive tract, where it keeps busy instinctively separating the wheat from the chaff. It keeps elements that provide nourishment and eliminates those which do not. Some digestive systems work more efficiently than others, depending on what they are given to process. What is your process? Is it efficient?

Virgo, an Earth sign, is ruled by airy, mental Mercury…but I suspect that’s only because the true ruler of Virgo has yet to make an appearance. What does a planet that’s airy and mental have to do with “gut instinct”, which sounds so earthy and primal? That was my question when reading about the Sabian Symbol for this Virgo New Moon: “In the zoo, children are brought face to face with an orangutan”. Astrologer Blain Bovee helpfully tells us in his book on Sabian Symbols that “orangutan” means “wild man”, and that one of the origins of the word “orange” is “aur”, which means “gold”. Hmmm….this “wild man” that likely runs on “gut instinct” just might be a treasure…

This month, when faced with goals and other challenges, consider going with your gut. Let it lead to you to work and service that nourishes you….and gives you hints about what needs to be eliminated that’s interfering with your process. Your gut already knows what to do…imagine that!

In other news, today loving Venus moves into Scorpio. Let’s manifest depth and passion in our relationships, instead of the shrewish alternative, “If I be waspish, best beware my sting”.   : )