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"Last night’s session was a delightful time for me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!!! You are so articulate and caring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time, all the nu- ances you brought to it and your obviously experienced, long- time expertise."
- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Tuesday 12/19/2018: More Sneak Peek at a Jam-Packed Week; Perpetual Motion

Wooo -hoo! What a Monday. Did you get everything done? I turbo-charged my way through tedious admin tasks that I generally avoid like the plague. But the day was driven by a “nothing is impossible” Aries Moon, and that’s where it will be when it meets up with rebel Uranus on TUESDAY at 2:21 AM ET? Surprise? We’ll see!

Also helping move mountains: a sextile (harmony) between action hero Mars and “power & resources” Pluto, exact early Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the shock of whatever Moon + Uranus has in store may fizzle, as Moon goes void immediately thereafter. It enters Taurus at 4:37 AM ET on TUESDAY, driving the next two and a half days with a need to build/maintain material security. Think about that, while you’re out there schmoozing at holiday soirees. Also consider that Taurus wrote the book on tidings of comfort and joy; feel free to indulge in such as you mooooove through this week.

The Taurus Moon goes void on WEDNESDAY at 7:42 PM ET and enters info-junkie Gemini on THURSDAY at 9:34 AM ET. Chill during the 14-hour void and resist impulse holiday shopping urges.  If you sleep through your alarm on Thursday, you probably won’t miss a thing.

Patterns in effect for the rest of the week are:

  • THURSDAY: the high-flying Sag Sun trines (harmonizes) with Uranus at 11:21 AM ET, adding easy innovation to the action this week. Creative technologies; unconventional alliances.
  • FRIDAY: super-busy, driven by the buzz buzz buzz of the Gemini Moon. Note your dreams in the AM, as Moon is squared by Neptune at 8:59 AM ET. Double check your communications and directions. A harmony between Venus and Neptune at 12:12 PM ET suggests aesthetic ideals and visions of sugarplums.
  • 30 minutes later, a sloppy — but high-flying Mercury in Sagittarius meets up with Jupiter (also in Sag, the sign it rules). This suggests big big news in the world of free speech, media, courts, athletics, dogma, collective beliefs, foreign affairs, travel — maybe even broad comedy.
  • It’s all made even more prominent because the Sun will be at the Aries Point all day. Thus a good portion of this big news is likely to involve heads of states and corporations, as the Sun refers to leaders. At 5:23 PM ET, the Sun enters Capricorn — a.k.a. the Winter Solstice. Avid Readers will recall that solstices and equinoxes are turning points — look here for further details.
  • But wait, there’s more! Emotions are on the rise this week, as the Moon is waxing full. On SATURDAY the Gemini Moon goes void at 9:28 AM ET; at 11:28 AM ET, Moon enters Cancer. A Cancer Moon needs emotional/family/homeland security, and it faces off against the patriarchal Capricorn Sun at the Aries Point — 0 degrees —  at 11:28 AM ET. Whatever illumination or release we receive in these areas, it is bound to attract attention. Change is in the air!

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And now, the news.

Avid Readers are well aware that in the wake of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, coupled with the impending Saturn-Pluto meet-up (on January 12, 2020), the word “authoritarian” will continue to pepper the headlines. Saturn and Pluto are traveling through Capricorn, which adds corporate power and corruption to the mix. Kudos to the NYT for this riveting story, right on schedule:  “How McKinsey Helped Raise the Stature of Authoritarian Governments.”  Never heard of McKinsey? Even more reason to check ’em out, as these corporate power structures are likely to demand greater focus in the 2020’s.

Meanwhile…as anticipated the efforts of foreign adversaries to use social media to spread fake news for the purpose of controlling collective opinion are now being expanded and exposed. What planetary patterns are being reflected? In 2015 and 2016, Saturn  (control; malevolence) was in Sagittarius (publishing, foreign, boundary-pushing, opinion)…and it was square (challenging) Neptune (illusion)  in Pisces (faith). Now that Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is in Sagittarius, the truth is coming out: “Russian 2016 Influence Operation Targeted African Americans on Social Media”  — in the NYT — and “Russian Disinformation Teams Targeted Robert S. Mueller III, Says Report Prepared for Senate.”

In other news, I confess I haven’t been paying much attention to SNL’s talented comedian Pete Davidson, even though his whirlwind courtship, engagement and subsequent  break-up with singer/songwriter Ariana Grande has been a big topic of astrological analysis on websites catering to a Certain Demographic. Apparently they started dating in May; rushed into an engagement, a condo and the adoption of a pet pig (none of which would be advised during a Mars retrograde). They broke up in October (with Venus retrograde in Scorpio).

We do not have a birth time for Mr. Davidson. He — like Ms. Grande — was born in 1993, the year of the exact Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. That’s an aspect that seeks a disruptive ideal in matters of the Establishment. The old rules are simply not going to apply. Born on November 16 in Staten Island, Mr. Davidson has a Scorpio Sun in an intensely demanding pattern with Saturn and Pluto. His horoscope suggests an anguished childhood…an assessment confirmed in a quick Google search: “Pete Davidson Reveals Dark Childhood in New Interview.”   His father was a firefighter who died on 9/11…this is only one part of the heartache.

We could see how Mr. Davidson’s heavy mindset would become prominent, with a measurement between Mercury (mindset) and Saturn (heavy) at the Aries Point (prominence). During Saturday’s emotional Pisces Moon void, his mindset clearly pulled focus — in a since-deleted Instagram post declaring “I really don’t know how much longer I can last (on Earth).”   If Mr. Davidson gets the help he needs and does stick around, patterns in his horoscope suggest strong potential for love and support…with a new creative passion to come by late spring of 2019. Fingers crossed.

Ms. Grande is a Cancer, driven by an over-the-top people-pleasing Libra Moon. With a Capricorn Ascendant, she needs to be seen as a woman in charge, likely in ways that are game-changing. Transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn have hit Ms. Grande hard in 2018; thus the prediction that this year and next would be big.  She was reportedly devastated by the death of a former boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller — in September. True to the caring potential of her horoscope, Ms. Grande went public on Saturday with a grand declaration of support for her ex-fiance, who did show up for work at 30 Rock to the relief of friends, family and fans.

In other celebrity news, the NYT did a big story on Ellen DeGeneres to hype the first comedy special she’s done in 15 years. Here is her horoscope. Ellen is a humanitarian Aquarius, driven by a Moon in me-me-me Aries. She’s here to inspire and get there first. She may have Sagittarius rising (the birth time is not confirmed), suggesting a need to be seen as someone with righteous opinions and optimism. In 2018 and 2019, transiting Uranus squares Jupiter, ruler of that hypothetical Sag Ascendant. We anticipate the potential to for windfall opportunities to expand and change the way she is seen. With transiting Uranus squaring her Aquarius Sun starting in the middle of 2019, we anticipate a strong need for even greater independence and innovation. She’s committed to continue with her talk show until 2020…and then…who knows? I think we’ll see efforts to break out of the mold long before then.

Closing now with one of my favorite 90-second animated shorts. It’s called Perpetual Motion not to be missed — especially if you love weird science and cats. Onward!

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Monday 11/13/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Sweet Home Alabama

Good Morning!

East Coasters, get it off your desk early. The Virgo Moon goes void at 10:45 AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Libra — until 6:26 PM ET. “Void” refers to the period of time between the last aspect the Moon makes to a planet in one sign and the time the Moon enters the next sign. The last aspect the Virgo Moon will make is a tense square to Saturn at 10:45 AM ET, suggesting a wet blanket on best-laid plans, or perhaps an ambitious advance. Then the Moon drifts — in the way the steel ball in a pinball machine drifts after bounces off its final bumper and then falls down to the bottom of the machine (the drain), ready to be loaded for a fresh round of play. Do you understand this analogy? When was the last time you played a game on a pinball machine?

Moon voids are good times to chill and take care of routine tasks. Roll with whatever twists and flakes disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Avoid impulse shopping. Things that happen during voids are often of little consequence. Give yourself a break if you’re running late.

It’s interesting to have a heavy Moon-Saturn square starting off the week, coming only several hours after an expansive meet-up between Venus and Jupiter. Did you happen to shop yesterday? I swear everyone in my neighborhood was at the local mall — I have never seen it so jammed. And that’s what I ended up indulging in on a day with the ruler of sugar (Venus) expanded by Jupiter: four decadent jars of jam. If I’m filling your Christmas stocking this year, that’s what you’re getting.

Take a minute this week to look up at the sky — Venus together with Jupiter are bright and beautiful. Entities born with Venus conjunct Jupiter include the United States and Louis C.K. The U.S. Venus-Jupiter conjunction is in Cancer, in which both planets function effectively. Cancer concerns include nourishment, home and emotional security. Check — though the U.S. arguably takes that sweetness to excess. That won’t be the case in 2018, when the U.S. Venus and Jupiter are opposed by mean old Saturn. Tighten your belt — and if you are a woman, watch your back.

In C.K.’s horoscope, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is in Leo and Venus is retrograde. Here the excess is on having a royally good time, with “good” defined as plenty of ego recognition. Look at me! Look at me! (let’s not and say we did).  With Venus retrograde, however, we see the potential for crossed signals and short circuits in relationship. What Venus retrograde thinks is working just fine, often isn’t working at all for the other party. Note that C.K.’s Venus is at 28 Leo — the degree of August’s Big Fat Solar Eclipse. I’d say that eclipse hit his Venus bigtime.

Meanwhile, the snake oil salesmen have been out in force over the past couple of days, as Mercury (thoughts, communication) and Neptune (fantasy, drugs, escape) build to a challenge at 5:49 PM ET. Lies, lies and more lies…unless you’re an artist or a musician. For you, these past few days — and today — might be exceptionally inspiring for better or for worse. Here I would be thinking of the  inspired artist/musician known as “the Lady Gaga of Vietnam,” who was evicted from her home after protesting P45’s visit to her country. Vietnam has had little tolerance for dissidents in recent months.

Still, this start of this week suggests a need for rose-colored aesthetic vision — possibly one with healing power — courtesy of a harmony between Neptune and Venus (art, money, social expression, women), exact on THURSDAY at 10:21 AM ET.  More sweet talk about effective action and cooperation as the week progresses, suggested by a harmony between Mars (walking) and Mercury (talking), exact at 9:25 AM ET.

Wrap up projects this week. The New Moon happens on SATURDAY at 6:42 AM ET…at 26 Scorpio, exactly squaring P45’s 26 Leo Mars — and triggering anyone else’s horoscope with planets around 28 Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. On SUNDAY Mars (action) squares Pluto (power). Nothing sweet about that — and we’ll be seeing it the headlines a few days beforehand. Challenging Mars-Pluto patterns often coincide with explosive action of a stereotypical masculine expression.

And now, the news.

Alabama is all over the headlines. Last year, the governor resigned in disgrace (sex scandal). One senator — Jeff Sessions — became the first in Congress to endorse P45’s campaign and is now the U.S. Attorney General with a dubious relationship to truth. He is  regularly lampooned on Saturday Night Live, as portrayed by comedienne Kate McKinnon. His appointed replacement in the Senate is Strange — literally — as his name is Luther Strange. But Senator Strange lost a bid to keep his seat, as you may have heard. Republican voters dumped Strange for Roy Moore, an Alabama state supreme court judge who was elected and removed from the bench — twice. Moore is the founder and president of the Foundation for Moral Law, and is currently making headlines for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl when he was a district attorney.

I know you must be thinking, “how are these bizarre disruptions reflected in Alabama’s  horoscope?”   Alabama’s birthdate is December 14, 1819 at 2:14 PM in Huntsville, says Astrotheme. OK, let’s run with it. That makes Alabama a Sagittarius — but not just any Sagittarius. It’s a Sagittarius with the Sun at the infamous 22 degrees — and thus  feeling the squeeze of transiting Saturn all this year — as if it needs any more stress than it already has in its horoscope.

We’d expect Alabama to be fiercely independent in ways some might find eccentric (its Sun is conjunct rebel Uranus). We’d expect it to be deeply sensitive — perhaps unsure of itself — and that lack of clarity would likely be baffling to outsiders (Sun is also conjunct nebulous Neptune). Those three planets — Sun, Uranus and Neptune — are all in a tense aspect with a heavy-handed — potentially anguishing meet-up of Saturn (patriarchy; authority) and Pluto (power). How might an entity with these planetary patterns cope with stress? Last year Alabama was called “ground zero” in the national epidemic of prescription drug addiction, where doctors write more scripts for pain killers than in any other state.

We see a need for idealism about social status and structure, suggested by a tight meet-up between Mercury and Venus in Establishment Capricorn. Dreamy, rebellious, suppressed, resilient, brutal; Alabama may be pushing boundaries with that Sagittarius Sun…but minds its manners with that Mercury-Venus in Capricorn.

What drives this complicated state? A need to be seen as an entity of depth and substance, gathering knowledge for the sake of power and control, courtesy of its Scorpio Moon in a charged pattern with expansive Jupiter. There’s a lot in this horoscope that reminds me of patterns in the horoscope of Chelsea Manning. It’s complicated.  And assertive, as we see with Alabama’s natal Mars square its 8 degrees Taurus Ascendant. Oh, how Alabama needs to be seen as earthy, practical, comfortable and secure — as a sweet home, indeed. Infrastructure is Alabama’s strongest suit, coming in at #31 compared to the other 50 states. In all other categories, Alabama is #40 or lower.

So. Right this minute today’s Venus-Jupiter meet-up is sitting on Alabama’s Scorpio Descendant. The potential wretched excess of sexual secrets is right in the public’s face. Transiting Saturn is moving away from Alabama’s Sagittarius Sun, but hasn’t finished with Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. This is tough. This is weird. Transiting Uranus made a disruptive square to Alabama’s 24 Capricorn Midheaven in April, when Robert “luv guv” Bentley finally resigned. A second square happened just days ago; the third will happen in February. So the upsets aren’t over yet for Alabama.

What about your horoscope? Are you having a Saturn squeeze? A disruptive hit from Uranus that has you yearning to break free? Wandering around in a fog? That’s probably a Neptune thing. When will it be over? How can you make a plan for what’s around the corner? That’s how astrologers can be of service. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Cue Lynyrd Skynrd now, please (and check those lyrics).


Big wheels keep on turning
Carry me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the south-land
I miss ‘ole’ ‘bamy once again and I think it’s a sin

Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don’t need him around anyhow

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

In Birmingham they love the Gov’nor, boo-hoo-hoo
Now we all did what we could do
Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you, tell the truth

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you, here I come

Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
And they’ve been known to pick a song or two (yes they do)
Lord they get me off so much
They pick me up when I’m feeling blue, now how bout you?

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

Sweet home Alabama, oh sweet home
Where the skies are so blue and the governor’s true
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

Written by Edward C. King, Gary Robert Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/15/2015 & the Weekend: It’s A Wrap


Up with a buzz perhaps, as the feisty Aries Moon meets up with rebel Uranus at 8:03AM ET. A twist in your morning routine may follow, as the Moon then goes void until 3:02AM ET on Saturday. Chill, take care of routine matters and start the weekend early. We’re in the dark side of the Moon — nothing to do but wrap up your projects that started a month ago and prepare for the next cycle. That New Moon happens at 12:13AM on Monday.

Shopping for items of beauty and material comfort may be a distraction on Saturday, with a Moon in cozy Taurus, aided by a artsy alignment between Venus (art, women, money, social expression) and dreamy Neptune at 2:49PM ET. Color the day rose…and keep it that way on Sunday.

No sleeping in on Monday. We’ll have New Moon energy to report on, as well as Mercury turning retrograde at 9:50PM ET. Did you back up your computers yet? Already I’m hearing reports of communication snafus. Slow down, be patient; make sure you heard what was actually said or suffer the consequences. The key to surviving Mercury retrograde is FOCUS. More on all that on Monday.

And now, the news.

Take the militant potential of Friday’s controlling Mars-Saturn opposition and add it to the aforementioned artsy Venus-Neptune alignment exact on Saturday. Then sit there stupefied, when you see how the Fox “news” affiliate in New York City censored the breasts of “Women of Algiers”, the Picasso masterpiece that sold for $179 million dollars earlier this week.  Or be further stunned by this one: “ISIS Reaches Gates of Ancient City of Palmyra, Stoking Fears of Destruction”. Then ponder what difference there is, if any, between the thinking behind the acts reported in these two stories.

Update: it is being reported that Brandon Bostian, the engineer on the Amtrak train that derailed earlier this week, has no memory of the events leading up to the crash. A bewildered mindset is what was anticipated in yesterday’s forecast.

In a related story about memory, here’s an interesting item about what witnesses said they saw on during Wednesday’s violent confrontation between the police and a man wielding a hammer. Their accounts do not reflect what was captured on camera. Verrrry interesting indeed. And a good thing to be reminded of, in preparation for this next Mercury retrograde.

To be continued…


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday — Monday 7/25-28/2014: New Moon in Leo; Mars Enters Scorpio

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle – the dark side of the Moon, sensing that the New Moon is just around the corner but we don’t quite know what the new energy will bring. Restlessness and listlessness are not uncommon feelings, with double the potential today given that the Moon in Cancer will be void-of-course from 9:53AM ET until 10:55AM ET on Saturday. Wanna start the weekend early?

If you must work — as I must — stick to routine tasks and roll with any twists or delays that may thwart your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill out; don’t turn molehills of frustration into mountains;  enjoy the aimless drift…see where it takes you. Wrap up projects from this lunar cycle and get ready to begin anew on Saturday.

Big news today is Mars, finally finally leaving Libra, where it has been all year — and entering Scorpio at 10:25pm ET. And there was much rejoicing in the land! Mars is much happier in Scorpio, where its headstrong efforts are freed up from Libra concerns over what everyone else will think. In Scorpio, Mars needs to act with depth and substance in its quest for world domination – or annihilation. Scorpios are so interesting that way. Caveat: today and for the next few days, Mars is in an especially tense pattern with Uranus (accidents, shocks to the system). This pattern was in effect through most of February and reflected in stunning accidents and outbursts — checkout the archives of this site for examples in the news.

Sleep in, chill out on Saturday. Moon shifts gear and roars into sunny Leo at 10:55AM ET — time for some summer fun! Wish Mick Jagger a happy 71st birthday OMG. Don’t start a fight around 11:29AM ET, when the regal Leo Moon is squared by willful Mars. If you’re shopping around 3PM ET, you may be inclined to splurge, courtesy of a hook-up between Moon and expansive Jupiter in luxe-loving Leo.

The New Moon kicks in at 6:42PM ET, when the Sun and Moon conjoin at 3 degrees of Leo. Make a list; light a candle. A New Moon offers us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around August 3rd, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 10th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 17th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on August 25th.

Creative self-expression, a sense of play and romantic love are Leo trademarks. So are royal entitlement and ego aggrandizement. Leo is born to rule; there’s no need to prove its case, and the sooner everyone in the room recognizes and honors it, the happier everyone will be. Why is that so hard for non-Leos to understand? In this New Moon chart, the need of the Leo Sun and Moon to shine is augmented by this week’s hook-up with expansive Jupiter. An intensified and potentially groundbreaking social expression of this need is suggested by dynamic alignment between Venus (love, women, art, money) and the Uranus-Pluto square. An extra dose of willpower, potent and potentially volatile, is suggested by the aforementioned tension between Mars and rebel Uranus, and by an approaching challenge by Mars to Jupiter which adds an abundant physicality and enthusiasm. How are you going to release all of this energy? Hopefully by being your naturally sunny self and doing what you were born to do. Get in touch with your passions this month. Take some time to follow your bliss. Do what you love.  Leo rules the heart!

You are more personally affected by the need for creative self-expression of this New Moon if you have a planet or point around 3 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio…or if you were born around the 26th of July, October, January and April.

Sunday the Leo Moon coasts through the day without interference, until it goes void of course on a stubborn challenge between Moon and stern Saturn at 8:38PM ET. An intense emotional response may have been building all day, suggested by ruthless Pluto opposing Venus at 2:17AM ET on Monday. A power play involving women, resources and/or aesthetics is suggested. Here’s what happened the last time Pluto and Venus were in a challenging pattern. Venus will square rebel Uranus on August 1st.

Once the Moon goes void at 8:38PM ET Sunday, it will not enter the next sign — Virgo — until 11:37PM ET on Monday. Long Moon voids suggest long rest periods. If you didn’t launch your New Moon initiative on Sunday; wait until Tuesday.

And now, some news.

I was expecting some royal edicts to make headlines yesterday, given the Leo Sun’s hook-up with expansive Jupiter. And there on the NYT homepage was a piece about what life is like in a Syrian city now controlled by ISIS. That hook-up suggests a lot of hot air, and sharing the NYT homepage was an update on the severe drought affecting the Western United States.

There were plenty of headlines reflecting the disruptive potential of this week’s challenge to mental Mercury by Uranus-Pluto, starting with more than one crash of a commercial jetliner — in Mali and in Taiwan,  not to mention the death of a teen pilot attempting to fly around the world.    In other news, the startling revelation that Senator John Walsh (D-Montana) plagiarized much of the content in his master’s thesis. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old has created an app that aims to expose “corrupt politicians”, while proprietary information about how one might end up on the U.S. “no-fly” list is leaked. Travel plans for some may be further disrupted thanks to a computer glitch that is delaying the issuing of U.S. passports.

Yesterday’s piece about memory and music was particularly well-received. So here’s another story about the positive influence of art (Venus trine Neptune), creative self-expression (Sun-Jupiter in Leo) and especially art’s ability to shake people out of a mental funk (Mercury square Uranus): find out what happens when some people diagnosed with mental illness take up photography.

Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!





Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 7/23-24/2014: Stellar

Moon continues its sojourn in Gemini today, seeking information and entertainment on multiple platforms, coasting without input from the other planets until 8:53PM ET. That’s when it makes an easy connection to action-oriented Mars, and then promptly goes void — i.e., wanders aimlessly for two hours, and then enters emotional security-seeking Cancer. Any upsets today may be in the form of communication and travel, courtesy of fallout and build-up from mental Mercury’s contact with Pluto yesterday and Uranus tomorrow. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Planetary patterns on Thursday, as noted in Tuesday’s forecast, are stellar. Venus trines Neptune at 7:10AM ET, suggesting a need for beauty in all senses. Put on your rose-colored glasses, as this need is echoed between 1 and 2PM ET, when the Cancer Moon (women, money, art, social expression) is supported by this trine. At 4:44PM ET, get in touch with your inner lover/drama king or queen/creative spirit, as the Sun and Jupiter meet up in sunny Leo. Downside: news of some royal edict is sure to be issued by a bombastic, entitled type — but hopefully not in your  own personal kingdom.

Startling communications or travels are suggested, as noted earlier, from now until 8:07PM ET Thursday, when Mercury is rattled by rebel Uranus. Two hours later, efforts to assimilate the new information may be facilitated by an easy connection to Mercury from disciplined Saturn,  and a simultaneous power play or emotional catharsis suggested by potent Pluto challenging the security-seeking Moon. In other words, likely a noticeably active night.

In the news, as expected, there have been a number of startling headlines involving communication and travel. For instance, I’ll bet most of you learned in a high school civics class about the justice system of the United States. Accused criminals are “innocent until proven guilty” and the attorney-client relationship is privileged and confidential. Well, not really, as prosecutors are apparently reading the emails defendants who are writing to their lawyers while in prison awaiting trial. It gets worse. Even your cat photos are being tracked. Elsewhere, more startling news of a Plutonian “corruption exposed” nature involving an ethics commission and efforts made to “hobble it” by aides to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo made headlines today.

For upsets in general, conflicting decisions about the Affordable Care Act, as one federal appeals court ruled yesterday that only people in 14 states may qualify for tax credits to help cover the cost of insurance premiums, so people in the other 36 states now stand to lose the tax credits they now receive — and thus, perhaps, their ability to pay for health insurance. Why  do people in  only 14 states qualify? Read today’s NYT editorial. Meanwhile, another federal appeals court rules that the tax credits apply to all 50 states, so stay tuned, the matter is far from settled. Here are some interesting statistics comparing health care in those 14 states vs. the other 36. Health care reform — as noted in prior forecasts — is one of the themes suggested by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, a cycle that began 50 years ago when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo (health).

Uranus in Aries (the individual) squaring Pluto in Capricorn (the corporation) also suggests upsets to the corporate status quo by the rebel entrepreneur. Companies like AirBnB and Uber are prime examples, and as with just about anything, there are pluses and minuses. Here’s a glowing review and interview with the CEO of AirBnB….and here’s a follow-up piece on the “dark side” of this new-fangled “sharing economy”.  Uranus remains in Aries until March of 2019; Pluto leaves Capricorn in January of 2024.

Finally, on a lighter note: Thursday’s exact trine between Venus and Neptune favors an appreciation (Venus) of music (Neptune). Add this to the week’s startling revelations suggested by contacts among Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, and isn’t it interesting to see this article published about the connection between music and memory.

Cue Judy Collins now, please.

Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/13/2013 thru Monday 9/16/2013: Get Up and Go!

Ohayo gozaimasu!

In other words, “good morning” from Tokyo, where the day is already done — and I didn’t even get to live it, having crossed the International Date Line several hours ago. It’s 10:30PM JST, but for most of you, the day is just getting started. And thanks to the enterprising Moon in Capricorn as of 5:56AM ET, you have every reason to get up and make things happen — and that goes for Saturday, too.

Other than the usual disruptions and emotional intensity we’ve grown accustomed to experiencing once a week when the Moon challenges the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, we have a number of planets supporting the Capricorn Moon’s need to advance progress, fueled by the Virgo Sun’s energy to hash out the details in an effort to make things perfect. Plus we have three other planetary connections not involving the Moon that are just hunky-dory, and they are all exact on Saturday.

First, a lovely connection from Neptune softens the ofttimes waspish Venus in Scorpio, suggesting a need for beauty and ideals of substance in relationships, art, finances and women. Second, a challenge between mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto helps us dig up dirt and express ourselves persuasively in all communications. On the down side, this may be reflected in power struggles and seriously sharp words (so think a bit before you speak, ok?). Third, another harmonious connection: this one between action-hero Mars in regal Leo and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries suggests a successful application of willpower in especially innovative ways. This is all great news for creative and investigative enterprises of any kind.

Get your Saturday chores done by 7:17PM ET and then chill during another Moon void that lasts until 8:05AM ET on Sunday. That’s when the Moon enters humanitarian, stubborn, freedom and fringe-loving Aquarius, where it will travel mostly unencumbered throughout the day. Get together with some of your wackier friends for some unconventional exchanges. More bright, albeit disruptive ideas may be put into play then, as mental Mercury challenges Uranus at 2:41AM ET.

Wanna make this a three-day weekend? Congratulations. Moon will be void of course from 4:19AM ET until 9:58AM ET Tuesday. Feel free to take the day off to do non-type A activities, and sure, tell ’em your astrologer said it was OK. Just avoid the malls, signing contracts and things you wish to be of consequence. I know I spend a lot of time advising you what NOT to do during Moon voids, because I believe most cultures are so wired to go, go, go — produce, produce, grow, grow — that they NEED to be reminded to CHILL OUT. Otherwise, what does that get you, eventually? Burn out. A depletion of resources. Etc. These long voids are great opportunities to re-charge.

Here’s an interesting article that was on the front page of last Sunday’s NYT — about efforts to change the Type A, Gordon Gekko-worshipping culture that was apparently the norm at Harvard Business School. Seems a few people decided it was time to level the playing field with the concept of gender equity —   a perfect read for a weekend with Moon in ambitious Capricorn, followed by equal opportunity-loving Aquarius.

Reminder to readers in Tokyo: I am available for in-person consultations for the next several days. Reminder to readers in Los Angeles: ditto for you, too — the first two weeks of October. Reminder to everyone else: I always available for consultations via Skype and/or telephone.

Have a great weekend — the forecast will return on Tuesday…

Jaa, mata...











Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/9/2012: Mercury Direct Fallout

OMG…not only did I write yesterday’s forecast about the need to adjust to mental Mercury’s move forward  (because of the lack of focus and communication snafus that often manifest), but I lived it…over and over again. How about you? Good thing I’m an astrologer and can appreciate why these things are more likely to happen with certain planetary patterns. August 21st is when Mercury will be back where it started its retrograde adventure (at 12 Leo on July 15th); that’s when we will really feel the push to move forward with what may have stalled since then. That’s when I’d buy that new computer or other mechanical gizmo you’ve been contemplating — give or take a day.

No exact planetary aspects until 2:55PM ET, when the quietly stubborn Taurus Moon squares the proudly Leo Sun before going void-of-course. That’s your last challenge to this lunar cycle, as we then begin the task of wrapping up the lunar agenda. Except that this challenge is followed by an almost day-long Moon void. Eh…challenges, schmallenges. Why make a mountain out of a molehill? See if you can soften your resistance enough to enjoy the ethereal sweetness of the easy trine between loving Venus in nurturing Cancer and Neptune in soulful Pisces, exact at 6:36PM ET– suggesting a sublime night for wine, women, song and what dreams may come.

If you’re on the East Coast and you can take Friday off, how lucky for you. The Moon doesn’t get into gear until 4:11PM ET, when it moves into Gemini. And that may be all I have to say about Friday, which will explain why you may not get another forecast until Saturday*

Last but not least, lovely to “emeet” so many dedicated readers over the past couple of days — those of you who were curious to find out more about your Ascendant and Midheaven, and how they might be affected by the potent Mother of All Squares between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto. I am delighted by your interest in astrology and these forecasts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*instead, I offer the third installment of Henri the Existentialist Cat — despite my dismay that the filmmaker, old WhatsHisName, once again has failed to credit the composer or artist who created the music.