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"Her ability to pinpoint exact years of major occurrences was uncanny. And her sensitive insight brought such clarity to the reading."
-- D.H.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 8/11-12/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Some on the East Coast may have experienced a delay or surprise twist in your early morning routine, given that the Moon was void of course until 8:55AM ET. If you are new to this forecast and want more info on Moon voids and how to handle them, look here. As of 8:55AM ET, if you are really paying attention, you may notice the shift in energy — not unlike the sensation of engaging the clutch of a stick-shift car — as the Moon goes into gear and moves forward in Pisces.

Pisces is an intuitive energy that at its best, expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One. At worst, Pisces wallows in suffering and/or escapes life’s hard knocks by running away,  drowning its sorrows in drugs, drink or any other rose-colored glass it can find. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a challenging symbol for many to integrate in an individual horoscope. At best, it suggests a need for a sublime creative and/or spiritual vision. At worst, it suggests deception and betrayal. Not all visions are real.

Overall, a quiet day today, as there are no exact planetary aspects until 7:26PM ET, when the Pisces Moon hooks up with nebulous Neptune, facilitating  — yes, that ‘s right — a need for a dreamy escape — perhaps through a creative or spiritual practice: art, music, meditation. If you’re a night owl needing an energy boost for that novel you’re writing, easy connections between Moon, Mars (action!) and Pluto (depth, potency) late tonight and in the wee hours can carry you through.

Also happening overnight: Venus leaves nurturing ultra-Mom Cancer for royal Leo at 3:24AM ET Tuesday, infusing social expression for the next few weeks with drama, pomp and play. This may also fill up the social calendars of those born under the sign of the Lion, especially those born in July.

Get it off your desk by 12:01pm ET on Tuesday, when the Moon goes void of course on a constructive alignment with disciplined Saturn. Focus on routine tasks or chill until 9AM ET on Wednesday, when the Moon charges into Aries and quickens the pace until lunchtime on Friday. The long Moon void on Tuesday is the only void that may trip up your efforts to move forward in a straight line during the work week. The next Moon void happens between 8:26AM ET and 6:41PM ET on Sunday.

And now, the news.

As expected in light of the heavy Saturn influence during yesterday’s Full Moon, headlines on the NYT homepage are sobering. We see yet another incident involving the death of an unarmed person by a law enforcement officer making news, this time in St. Louis.   A candlelight vigil for the victim was held during last night’s long Moon void, along with reported looting and angry protests. Meanwhile, a freak accident that apparently happened after a clash of wills between two race car drivers made headlines on Saturday, resulting in the death of one driver allegedly attempting to “settle a score”.  Not surprising to see this story in light of patterns discussed in  Saturday’s forecast.

In other news, this headline caught my eye: “A Mother Lifts Her Son, Slowly, From Heroin’s Abyss”. It is an especially apt reflection of the heavy consequences and dogged ambition suggested by the  Full Moon, along with two patterns exact today: Venus (social expression, women) at the very last degree of Cancer (motherhood), as well as an obsessive aspect known as a quindecile between mental Mercury and Neptune (drugs, redemption, sacrifice). Planets close to the end of a zodiac sign suggest a heavy learning trip in whatever matters the planet rules. If you have planets like that in your horoscope, you know what I’m talking about.

Thank you for reading this forecast — with extra bonus gratitude to those of you who are sharing it with your friends.

P.S. Special thanks to Karen, a reader who sent in this article written by astrologer Richard Nolle, who coined the term Super Moon back in 1979.  I’ve linked it before, but it bears repeating and it may clear up misunderstandings you may have about Super Moons, especially since they are now being written about regularly by reporters who know little about astrology.

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Astro-logical Forecast for 5/5/2012: Full Moon in Scorpio

A few words about the Full Moon in Scorpio, exact tonight at 11:35PM ET because…well…I said I would write something. And because a few readers are wanting to know what a Supermoon is. Credit astrologer Richard Nolle with coining that phrase to describe “a new or full Moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (called perigee)”. Look up and that Moon will look very BIG in the sky. Closer to Earth suggests a more intense Full Moon than usual, and experience shows that we often see weird, wacky weather along with it. Another fun fact, especially for Scrabble buffs: With the Earth, Moon and Sun all in a line (called syzygy), and with the Moon in its nearest approach to Earth, a Supermoon is also called perigee-syzygy. I challenge you to play “syzygy” in your next Scrabble game.

  • Syzygy: Astronomy . an alignment of three celestial objects, as thesun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet: Syzygy in thesun-earth-moon system occurs at the time of full moon and new moon.
  • Perigee: Astronomy . the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially the moon, orof an artificial satellite at which it is nearest to the earth.
This Full Moon leaves me speechless. It’s in Scorpio, which needs depth and substance.  I could flippantly say that Scorpio wrote the book on intimacy, the kind that draws people in like a magnet or sends more skittish and scattered types running screaming down the halls. Got a planet in Scorpio? Whatever it rules in your horoscope it can take you all the way down to hell or all the way to heaven…but oh, what you will know as a result.
Taurus and Scorpio are both concerned with values and other assets. Taurus is concerned with the values of the individual; Scorpio refers to values/assets/resources that are shared. It is in these areas that you may find illumination suggested by a Full Moon.
The Sabian Symbols for the Sun at 16 Taurus opposing the Moon at 16 Scorpio are “a battle between the swords and the torches” and “a woman the father of her own child” and as usual, Blaine Bovee is the go-to guy for further explanation:  “strife between powers of the mind and powers of spirit and passion”  vs. “a spirited sense of self-fertilization and independence” .  Possible manifestations include “matters of spirit over ideas….denial, such as teenage mothers who insist they have never had sex….Gothic romances where passions collide with social and political realities; campaigns to supplant cold technology with agrarian simplicity…choosing between cutting away from or twisting together”.
Supplanting cold technology with agrarian simplicity, eh? From the New York Times home page: today the last nuclear reactor in Japan was shut down   while in Brazil, massive hydroelectric constructive projects are disrupted by workers who want more assets, and criticized by environmentalists.
If  you have a planet around 16 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you’ll likely feel the pull of this Full Moon more personally. I have Neptune at 15 Scorpio, so a need for depth of spirit and other intangibles, such as music, have been driving this day. I’ve been listening to the soundtracks of Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita — talk about “passions colliding with social and political realities”! On impulse, I looked up the horoscopes of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (3/22/1948 4pm Westminster UK) and lyricist Tim Rice (11/10/44 5:45-?- Amersham, UK). Serious astrology buffs, you are going to seriously flip out (everyone else, just play along): Lloyd Webber has Venus, Saturn and Midheaven (career point) at 16-17 Taurus AND Mars-Saturn at 16-18 Leo. Rice has Sun, Mars and the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (which refers to one’s sense of purpose) at 18-19 Scorpio.
Last, but not least, minutes ago this fascinating story about prisoners in Louisiana mounting a musical production about the life of Jesus Christ just hit the NYT home page:  At some point I’ll write more about matters of spirit manifesting in works of art, as suggested by nebulous Neptune’s recent entry into Pisces. Suffice it to say that it is no surprise to see revivals of Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar currently playing on Broadway, along with a musical remake of the Steve Martin movie Leap of Faith
If you’re a serious student of astrology, consider getting Bovee’s book, The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis.