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"All I know is that you... Miss Elisabeth Grace are AMAZING! The reading you gave me was so accurate that it still blows my mind 6 months later!!! I also love your daily astrology information!"
--Tim R.
Los Angeles

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March 2011
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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/8/2011: When Mars Runs Wild

Welcome to the first full business day of the New Moon cycle!

Moon is in the pioneering, courageous me-first sign of Aries, suggesting a need to take action — and action we will likely see, because Mars, the planet which rules Aries AND action, is running wild. By “running wild” I mean that this planet is not making any key contacts among the other planets, and planets, left unattended, tend to respond by attracting a lot of attention. (The technical astrological term for a planet not making major aspects with other planets is “peregrine” — that’s your astro-logical Word of the Day).

Also running wild/peregrine today are Sun and Saturn. Hmmm. Willful action attempting to control/structure running wild? Yeah — that’s what we’re likely to see in the headlines…with a potential wet blanket greeting us before noon — watch the morning news programs. How does this apply to your own personal world? Note any restrictions that may manifest this morning (“may” is the operative word); adjust your strategy and proceed ahead. Note whatever flashes of brilliance illuminate your thought processes; these are likely to become even more intense as the week progresses — watch the headlines for communication/technological breakthroughs. Now that’s inspiring!

Note to readers in LA; my cell phone is now working again and I do have a few appointments left if you would like to book a consultation before I return to NY on the 14th.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/8/2011: What’s the Bzzzzzzz?

Slow start to the morning on the West Coast — really weird dreams — or maybe a strange twist in your daily commute? Moon is void from 8:04 – 9:52AM PST, a time when you might do something flaky like pour water through your coffee maker — without adding actual coffee. That’s one potential during a Moon void, and I have the data to prove it. The “weird dream” part is suggested by a contact to Moon from nebulous Neptune. East Coast residents, convert the time to EST and schedule your lunch break accordingly.

No aspects exact today, except the aforementioned contact between Moon and Neptune in the AM. After the void, Moon enters Taurus at 9:52AM PST/12:52PM EST, making it a great day to begin building a stable structure for your fabulous New Moon ideas. And I’m not joking about the “fabulous” part — flashes of brilliance are favored all week along.

Meanwhile, that bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing sound you’re hearing — the one suggesting circuits overloading, breaking free of chains, keeping you up at night and demanding your attention — is eccentric, electric, innovative Uranus moving through the very last degree of the sign Pisces — the very end of the zodiac — about to be born again in Aries on March 11th. How might that intensity manifest in the headlines? Ask your friends born around March 19-20, June 20-21st, September 20-21st and January 19-20 if they’re having any intense, liberating upsets in their lives and take notes. I’ll be talking more about this significant cosmic shift Thursday, March 10th at 9PM PST on the internet radio program “Get Real” with Shaman Durek — you can tune in here: It’s great to be back in Los Angeles!