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"... an incredibly insightful and delightful astrologer! We met for a an Essential Consultation with a Lifeline review and it was so worth it! Everything that we went over was so on point -- I left the consultation feeling validated that I'm on the path I want to be on. In fact, I plan to consult with Elisabeth every year."
New Jersey

Services & FAQs

Thanks for checking out the 411 on astro-logical consultations. I know there’s something on your mind, so let’s talk!  Maybe it’s a nagging question about your career. When are you likely to get that promotion? Maybe you’re in a relationship — with a partner, parent or child — that’s giving you hope — or grief. Maybe you’re wondering about the direction of your whole life — as in, “who am I really?” and “what is my purpose”?  Or maybe you are carrying memories of an especially intense relationship or event in your past, and you are wondering, “why did this happen”? Astrology provides practical insights and profound clarity on all of those concerns — and more.

Below you’ll find a list of consultation options — for new and returning clients. At the bottom of the list you’ll find — since clients have asked — a few written reports you may also purchase. If you have questions about which one is right for you at this time, just ask. I look forward to an excellent discussion with you soon.


Essential Consultation with Lifeline Review                       $278/90 minutes; up to 120 minutes for clients over a Certain Age

For new clients. In this comprehensive 90-minute consultation, we will identify the major themes, challenges and strengths suggested by your horoscope, and we will review significant events (e.g., relationships, major moves, setbacks and successes), throughout your entire life — from birth to the present and beyond. You will be amazed to see how these events came to pass exactly as the patterns in your birth chart suggested they would.

You’ll have clarity and renewed confidence that your life journey has not been a random and chaotic path. Lingering doubts or regrets about choices made in the past can be eased, leading towards a path of closure and release. Furthermore, because planetary cycles do repeat themselves during a lifetime, a thorough review of how your horoscope has responded to cycles in the past will help you prepare for the future. This is why I recommend you opt for a first-time consultation with Lifeline Review.

We will conclude with a look at  patterns for the next 6-12 months. Together we will plan a strategy to maximize opportunities and minimize challenges. Rest assured that whatever concern has moved you to consult with me will be fully addressed. Our discussion will be in plain English (e.g. no confusing astrological “jargon”). I will clearly “translate” the symbols and cycles of your horoscope into practical insight that you can apply to the real world.

I will spend an hour preparing your horoscope in advance of our 90-minute consultation.


The Astro Hour                                                                             $188/60 minutes

For new clients. In this consultation for new clients,  we will establish the basic patterns of your horoscope and how they have been reflected in your life. We’ll talk briefly about what you need in order to fulfill your potential, and how primary relationships in your early home life have contributed to your success. While we will touch upon a couple of key events in order to test the birth time for accuracy, the focus will be more on the present situation and implications for the near future. For a deeper understanding of patterns and events throughout the full life cycle, book the 90-minute Essential Consultation with Lifeline Review.

I will spend 45 minutes preparing your horoscope in advance of our 60-minute consultation.


The Astro Half-hour   +3                                                     $88/33 minutes

For new clients. Why $88 for 33 minutes? Why not? In this consultation I will briefly outline the basic design of your horoscope, but the bulk of our streamlined discussion will focus on one or two key concerns. If you have a particularly nagging question that you would like to discuss, please include that question when you complete the contact form (the link to the form is below)

The Quick Question                                   $44 via email or 10 minutes by phone

For new and returning clients. Send me your quick question via email. I will either write you back with an answer, or we can schedule up to 10 minutes to discuss the matter by phone, whichever you prefer.

Your Child’s Horoscope                                                        $88 (30 minutes)/$188 (60 minutes)

For new and returning clients — and baby shower shoppers! This is an essential tool for anyone raising a child. Astrology offers parents and/or caretakers invaluable guidance. What does your child need in order to be happy? Chances are it’s different from what you need. How is your child designed to think and communicate? The horoscope reveals much about challenges he or she might face in school, as well as potential strengths and interests that deserve support. Learning disabilities, health concerns and gender identity issues may also be suggested in a child’s horoscope.  Take the time to get to know your child through the lens of astrology and you may improve the quality of your relationship.

A child’s horoscope is a great baby gift, too — and so unique! This gift comes with a beautifully-designed horoscope, suitable for framing.


Your Significant Other                                                        $188/60 minutes

For new and returning clients. This enlightening session answers many questions. Why are you attracted to each other? Why do you drive each other nuts? What does your partner really need in relationship? What do you really need from your partner? Why are you and your partner going through a stressful time right now and when is the stress likely to end? Is this person more likely a long-term prospect or a short-term fling? A discussion of the relationship needs of both parties can enable you and your partner to enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.

Sometimes the Significant Other is a sibling, co-worker, boss or friend. When you can’t get them out of your mind, astrology offers a practical, no-nonsense perspective. I will need birth data for you and the S.O. A birth time is preferable, but we can accomplish much just with the birth date.


***NEW***Astro-Cartography                                       $88/30 minutes; $188/60 minutes

Planning a move or a vacation? Wondering why you are drawn to certain places on Earth and/or repelled by certain others? Astro-Cartography looks at what kinds of experiences you’re likely to attract in certain places around the globe. For example, some places suggest a higher potential for attracting career recognition and/or significant relationships. Find out what lessons you are likely to learn — and what rewards you may enjoy.

If you’ve lived in many different places, or considering making a move, you may benefit from the perspective astro-cartography provides.


***NEW***Annual Check-Up                                               $188/60 minutes; less 10% if booked within two weeks of your birthday

For returning clients. Astrologers are like dentists and doctors. It’s good to check in with us at least once a year.  If you’ve already consulted with me once before, I’m pleased to offer a discount on consultations scheduled within two weeks before or after your birthday. We will discuss planetary patterns for the year ahead, how they have changed since the last time we spoke, and what opportunities are now suggested.


Cosmic Crisis Hotline                                                            $188/hourly rate; prorated as needed

For returning clients. This is the consultation to  book when you just need to talk — for an hour, a half hour, or any amount of time required. An astrological perspective provides support and grounding to help you through a challenging period in life. Does a relationship feel like it’s on the rocks? Have you separated from your significant other? Are you experiencing tension with co-workers and/or your boss? Feeling stressed about a child’s progress or an ailing parent? Operators are standing by!

I will prepare for our cosmic crisis counseling session in advance, making note of patterns in your horoscope and — when applicable — in the horoscope of that Significant Other, using whatever birth data is available. I understand that you might not have a birth time or a birth place.


The Astro-Basics Report                                                      $27/to be read at your leisure

For everyone in the Free World. This computer-generated written report provides basic information about your horoscope: house placements of the planets, what sign and degree they are in, as well as the aspects between them. For each placement you’ll get a little bit of descriptive text on what having Venus in Virgo, for example, “means”. That way when you read my daily forecast and see that a transit is most likely to affect someone with a planet at — say — 6 degrees of Pisces,  you will know if it applies to you. The report is not a substitute for the in-depth guidance and synthesis you’ll receive in a personal consultation, which is always in plain English, with no astro-logical jargon. But if you are interested in knowing exactly where your Jupiter is in astrological terms, then you will find this report helpful.

The report includes two copies of your horoscope. One is a technical version that should be used in tandem with the report. The other is artsy, pleasing to the eye and suitable for framing. It would make a lovely gift, too.

To order the report, 1) make an $27 donation; and 2) email me your birth data. I will e-mail you the report within 24 hours.


***NEW***Your Year Ahead — Report                              $27/to be read at your leisure

For everyone in the Free World. This written report lists the significant planetary patterns (“transits”) in your horoscope for a 12-month period. Dates and a brief description of potential mental and emotional states and/or potential events are included in this computer-generated report. Additionally I will include a paragraph or two of my own observations about the year ahead, specifically tailored for your horoscope.


***NEW***2016 Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmarks                3 for $4.99; 1 for $2.88

Everybody loves these super-handy bookmarks, which clearly tell you when Mercury will be retrograde in 2016 (four times next year!) A list of helpful coping strategies is also provided. Hand them out to your friends in January, when the first retrograde period happens. These bookmarks make great stocking-stuffers, too. May they always help you find your place!


…and now, the FAQS:

How do I book a consultation? Send me an email or call me.

How do I pay for a consultation? Payment must be received in advance of our consultation, as I will spend considerable time preparing your horoscope. I will send you an invoice and you may pay by credit card using PayPal. I also accept cash, money orders and checks.

How will you prepare my horoscope? I will need your date, time and place of birth. Usually you will find your birth time on your birth certificate. Accurate times are very important in astrology, and we will test your birth time for accuracy during our session.

What if I don’t know my birth time?  Do not worry. You can still benefit from a consultation. That is one option. A second option is to have your birth time rectified before the consultation. Rectification is a means of calculating a birth time in a process a lot like cracking the combination lock on a safe or solving a Sudoku puzzle. I am happy to rectify your birth time for an additional fee. Please call me to discuss which option would be best for you.

Can we meet in-person? Yes, if you live in the New York area, consultations may be booked at my office.  Otherwise, we can talk on the phone or via Skype (at graceastrology). My clients live all over the world.

Are consultations recorded? I can provide you with a recording of telephone and Skype sessions; for in-person sessions, many clients bring their own recording devices  (e.g., iPhone), or they take notes.

Are you available for charity/corporate events and private parties? Absolutely.

Are you available to give a talk about astrology to my club or other organization? Yes. I love giving informative and entertaining talks. Have PowerPoint; will travel!

Are you available to be a guest on a radio show? Oohh, radio is so much fun! Plus, there is a high probability that your phone lines will light up with callers if you book me.

Who are your clients? I would never name names, but suffice it to say that I am blessed with clients who are smart, inquisitive and passionate about living  life better.  They come from all over the globe and all walks of life. Most are successful professionals, and many work in creative fields. They range in age from 18 to 84.

Rest assured that everything we discuss in your consultation will be held in strictest confidence.

Are you a fortuneteller?  No. I’m an astrologer. I don’t tell fortunes, gaze into crystal balls, exorcise curses, contact spirits or use magic (either black or white), sorcery, potions or any other occult power.  You will never hear me say, “you will meet a tall, dark stranger,” as I do not make specific predictions about the future.  My observations and opinions are not intended to take the place of recommendations by a doctor, lawyer, therapist or financial advisor. Under New York state law my consultations are considered entertainment, and it is your responsibility to evaluate, consider and verify.

I have a question that isn’t on this webpage. By all means, go to the CONTACT page on this site and send me the question. If it’s something that would be helpful to the general public, I will add it to this list of FAQs, with gratitude!