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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/6/2012 & the Weekend: Mind the Voids — and Enjoy!

East Coasters, get it off your desk in the morning and then skip town if you can. West Coasters, you could probably phone it in — without consequence. Moon goes void of course at 11:48AM ET and drifts through the rest of the day until 12:29AM ET on Saturday. Really, anything that crops up may well feel like a crisis (and won’t be), and it could likely feel as if it’s taking you ten times as long to get it done as it normally does. But don’t take it from me…just note the void period and see how you experience it. As for me, I have a couple of important writing projects that must ship — and then I’m getting a pedicure. With the Moon in eccentric Aquarius, it’s anyone’s guess what shocking color I will choose — cobalt blue, maybe? Hmmm…maybe not.

Moon will be in the dreamy sign of Pisces on Saturday and Sunday. If you have necessary chores — especially a shopping list to complete, then do it on Saturday, though do note that aspects to the Moon suggest a self-indulgent vibe. You may spend a little more than you intended…but you’ll likely enjoy whatever you’ve purchased. On Sunday, the Moon goes void of course — still in Pisces — encouraging a dreamy flow. Activities involving intangibles: spirit, healing, meditation, film, fantasy, art, music — are all favored. Why — it’s another perfectly lovely weekend — enjoy!

And now, the news. With Uranus (aviation, technology, earthquakes, uranium) and Mercury (information) so prominent yesterday, it makes sense that we would see headlines like this: a long-awaited report on what caused the crash of an Air France jet in 2009 (answer: human beings relying on too much on computers instead of themselves); another report declaring the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant a man-made disaster. It is worth noting that there have been significant protests in Japan over the re-opening of nuclear power plants in recent days. Protests are apparently rare in Japan — and these particular protests were not getting much coverage in the local mainstream media. Well, now you know.

Have a great weekend — next week is looking busy — and Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th. You know what that means — time to REview your life — with your local astrologer.

Peace out!



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