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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/2/2011: The Joys of Mars in Virgo

Hopefully you’ll get it off your desk early today. Moon in Pisces goes void at 1:06PM ET…not to enter Aries until 8:51PM ET on Saturday. You know what that means: the rest of the day is likely a bust for initiating action, as the potential for twists and turns crop up unexpectedly whilst trying to move in a straight line. This is not necessarily bad thing; it’s something to be aware of when your client calls with a sudden crisis…or  colleagues flake out at a scheduled meeting…or staying focused seems more challenging than usual. Try going with the flow, brainstorming, resting, meditating — and avoiding big impulse purchases. I need to go to Costco tomorrow and it’ll require every ounce of self-control to keep me from bringing home all sorts of “bargains”.

In other news, this morning’s First Quarter Moon may have brought you a challenge to your New Moon agenda. Restless, physical energy abounds today — do something constructive with it. Mars is in Virgo, a sign which refers to the body, health, routine, diet and cooperation. It challenged both the Sun and Moon this morning. Virgo needs to be perfect, to be correct, to be discriminating and organized. I applied this physical drive for perfection and organization productively in a session with the lovely and talented Aimee Kolsby, a skilled Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner. This is deep-tissue bodywork: a  “‘hands on’ process working with the connective tissue to realign the entire musculoskeletal structure, restoring balance and ease to the body”

Physical Mars will be in Virgo until June 2012. Getting your work habits, diet and body organized and perfected are excellent goals to have during this time.

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