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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/31/2012: Out With a Bang!

Fine evening for a party, doncha’ know, as Moon continues its sojourn through fiery Leo. And why not end the last day of 2012 on a high note, fiscal cliff be danged? A frustrating square between aggressive Mars and stern Saturn is exact next Monday; that’s when I think we’ll know what’s really going down. Did I mention Moon is in Leo all day and tonight? Fine evening for a party….

Mercury — which refers to mind and communication — enters practical Capricorn at 9:03AM ET. Having outrageous opinions is no longer sufficient (Mercury in Sagittarius fostered that atmosphere over the past few weeks). Now we’ll be looking for practical plans for reality-based action. Add an innovative, unconventional, technological spin to those ideas, and reap the benefits of a supportive connection between action-oriented Mars and rebel Uranus, exact at 9:32PM ET.

Moon goes void-of-course at 4:52PM ET on a easy connection to Venus in Sagittarius, encouraging social expression that is looking for gambol or a gamble. Let’s hope everyone has the good sense to call it a day, as opposed to trying to make a final decision on an important fiscal matter when the Moon is drifting through the cosmos without a rudder. Voids are great for brainstorming. Not so good for votes. Remember, during Moon voids, odds are strong you’ll experience a twist in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Also remember that crises that arise during voids are usually “much ado about nothing”.

Party on, dudes…into the wee hours. Moon doesn’t enter the next sign — Virgo — until 9:35AM ET on Tuesday. By then you’ll be ready to list your New Year’s resolutions in exacting detail, no doubt inspired by the rose-colored fog of a challenge from nebulous Neptune at 11:39AM ET. That fog will lift by Wednesday, and I’m betting we’ll hear some startling news before mental Mercury is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 8:29 ET on Wednesday morning.

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