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New Jersey

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/16/2010

Moon is void of course as of 6:41AM – 1:49PM NY time, suggesting a slower than usual start to the morning. Oversleeping or some other twist to your routine is more likely under this transit, especially when Mercury is retrograde.  Angelenos will feel it, too — but only until 11AM. East Coasters, avoid shopping sprees during your lunch hour — you probably don’t need it if you’re impulsively buying it during a Moon void. And lavish purchases are suggested by the expansive connection between Sun and benevolent Jupiter at 4:47PM NY time, making retailers cheer. Buy it after the void!!!

Moon mercifully shifts into calm, steady Taurus at 1:49PM NY, inclining us to preserve stability and indulge in creature comforts: food, wine, music, art, beauty and hey — maybe even a massage. What a relief from the especially intense, brutal self-absorption and ego/power dramas that my spies say have been occurring since Monday (Aries Moon squaring Mars-Pluto-Mercury!), but be advised that there are more surprises in store: erratic, eccentric, status-quo disrupting Uranus is squaring off against the Sun on Saturday. We’ll likely feel it – and definitely see it — in the headlines over the next few days. As the 1939 poster from the UK says, “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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