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"Thank you SO much for the reading on Wednesday. It's really helped me get back on the road to moving along. You prep so well and are so damn thorough. And moreover, you've got great sensitivity to the material and the patience to listen."
-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/2/2013: Shades of Rosy Buzz

Another busy day of buzz, marked by the square between the unconventional Aquarius Moon and the sometimes stick-in-the-mud Taurus Sun  7:14AM ET. A focus on values and what you really stand for, perhaps. This square is also known as the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting another flash of recognition or challenge to the New Moon agenda that was set on April 10th, which was discussed here and here. No exact aspects for the rest of the day, save for a buoyant trine to the Moon from jolly Jupiter at 5:05PM, which is lovely for your happy hour plans this evening. In effect, though not exact until just after midnight on Saturday, is a communicative connection between mental Mercury and nebulous Neptune, suggesting a need for those rose-colored glasses once again. Issues of faith, idealism and other forms of magical thinking crop up, as well as inspiration for artists, healers and storytellers (including con artists).  Get it off your desk before the Moon goes void at 12:24AM Friday, not to enter Pisces until 2:25PM ET (on Friday).

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