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"Her ability to pinpoint exact years of major occurrences was uncanny. And her sensitive insight brought such clarity to the reading."
-- D.H.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/5/2011

Tuesday offers the opportunity for an efficient attack on whatever is on your desk. Use the Moon in discerning, perfecting Virgo to organize and refine the more than one big idea that strikes you — or the headlines this morning. But while thinking big, be careful not to overpromise or issue royal edicts,  even though an exuberant aspect between Mercury (mind) in regal Leo and expansive Jupiter in stubborn, material Taurus may tempt you to do so.  That aspect is exact at 2:09PM ET, followed by potentially snippy communique, suggested by a challenge to Moon from willful Mars.

If you can reach a consensus or ship it today, do so. Moon goes void at 8:19PM ET, not to enter Libra until 11:54PM Wednesday. Countering the normal “freefall” quality of the Moon void is an exceptionally efficient connection between energetic Mars and disciplined Saturn is exact tomorrow at 8:17AM ET. While signing on the dotted line or formally launching any project you wish to be of consequence is not recommended, you can still be quite productive. Just be advised that departures from the normal routine and/or efforts to move in a straight line are more vulnerable to unexpected twists and a higher flake factor than usual. Double check your technology and go with the flow.

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