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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 4/20/2016: Venus in the Headlines

Alll-righty then!

Moon continues in Libra today, fully engaged and driving the day with a need for balance, fairness and social graces in relationship. Think “we” not “me”. The energy flows without blips until we get close to 6:52PM, 9:54PM and 2:13AM ET, which is when the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus. In between there’s a face off against Venus in definitely me-me-me Aries, so already we can see the potential for a short-lived, yet jarring disruption, emotional catharsis or other power play at a theater near you.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Moon goes void on that 2:13AM ET clash with rebel Uranus, sending ripples throughout Thursday imbued with some brand of independent buzz. Go with the all-day flow; roll with any twists that may crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Watch the headlines for a much-ado-about-nothing “crisis” involving Moon in Libra themes. Note that emotions will be rising, as the Moon will be waxing and also plunging into the depths of Scorpio at 8:17PM ET. It will be exactly full on Friday at 1:24AM ET. Cue howling wolves now.

And now, the news.

As noted last week, Venus (women, social expression, arts, money) is pulling focus this week, squaring off with Pluto yesterday and meeting up with Uranus on Friday. This suggests stories of  ruthless (downside) or empowered/emancipated/unconventional overtones on those Venusian themes. Thus it occurred to me that these patterns strongly suggested a major smackdown on North Carolina’s recently-passed law making it illegal to use a bathroom whose posted M or W does not match the XY or XX chromosome you were born with. Because a state legislature needs to have priorities.  And because plumbing and unconventional gender identity are so very Venus-Pluto-Uranus.

But then I thought, “nah, they won’t repeal that law just yet, even though there have already been significant economic consequences, with more to come. “  Should have posted it anyway, because what DID  happen is that a federal judge in the 4th circuit court of appeals (of which North Carolina is a part) ordered a lower court to reconsider its decision to rule in favor of a Virginia school district. Said school district is being sued by a transgendered high school student who wishes to use the boys’ room.

In other related stories, an intriguing study asserts that there may be a connection between the timing of one’s first sexual experience and one’s DNA. Did you get that? The timing. You know where else you’ll find a strong suggestion of the timing of your first sexual experience — and other events in life development?  In your horoscope. I have a theory that the genetic markers scientists will eventually identify as suggestions of promiscuity — say — or alcoholism — or of a biting wit — will correlate to planetary patterns. Maybe everyone with a gene called CADM2, for example,  will also have particular Neptune or Uranus contacts in their horoscope.

To find out more on the timing of events in your own personal world, here’s the 411 on consultations.

More news. “How the world’s wealthy hide millions offshore — from their spouses.”  Or: “What we cherish in a spouse today is different than it was in 1939.”  The Washington Post is batting well today in its apt reflection of planetary patterns, don’t your think?  Here’s a piece about tech company Yahoo! likely soon to be disrupted, despite efforts of its female CEO Marissa Meyer to monetize the company to its investors’ satisfaction. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren lit up social media sites with a scathing post rebutting a fundraising email in which Ted Cruz whined relentlessly about how the demands of running for president is cutting into precious family time (a must-read if you are not familiar with Cruz’s stand on family issues).

Oooh — this just in — in the category of empowerment, emancipation, women and money — how fitting that Harriet Tubman — who received the most votes in an online poll — will soon grace the front of the USD $20 bill — what perfect timing! Meanwhile, that British research boat I mentioned last month will not be named “Boaty McBoatface” even though that name did win the most votes. That’s your sobering reality check on democracy inaction. We can’t take it for granted.

Speaking of democracy, New Yorkers voted in  primaries yesterday — though not as many who could have voted did, for a number of troubling reasons including voter names mysteriously disappearing from “the system.” This happened to a friend of mine in my neighborhood and many others, too.

Hillary Clinton took Manhattan and its ‘burbs, along with Long Island, Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse. Bernie Sanders prevailed in the rest of the state, but it wasn’t enough. John Kasich also took Manhattan — by less than a 1000 votes out of only 20-something thousand cast. Trump got the rest of the apples in the pie. That being said, while some pundits are saying Kasich and Sanders should call it quits, the NYT (which endorsed Clinton and Kasich) thinks the underdogs should stay.

Astrologically, it will interesting to see how transiting Saturn square Sun will be reflected in Bernie’s quest when it is exact for the second time on April 25th. The first exact hit was on February 23rd; the third will be on November 12th, just after Election Day. Is that good or bad? Ask the Chinese farmer from Monday’s post! Saturn-Sun transits on the upside suggest discipline, focus and streamlining. On the downside they suggest potential fear of loss, isolation, overwork, being pushed to the limit — and sometimes, actual grief. It is not uncommon for a parent to pass away under a tough Saturn-Sun measurement in a child’s horoscope.

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Back to Bernie. On the 25th, he’ll also have transiting Mars to the Midheaven, suggesting a need for action and recognition that may change his status. On June 18th, he’ll have the third transit of Jupiter to his Virgo Sun, suggesting expansion, for better for worse.  Regardless of whether we use the 8 AM or PM time for Hillary’s horoscope, we see significant action to the Midheaven (career; status) from Uranus and Pluto. In the AM, the Pluto one will be exact in September, but in effect for a few months before and after.  In the PM, it was exact in March. Noel Tyl interprets this measurement as, “recognition and the ultimate power position are probable; past mistakes can be opened to view and threaten ruin.” Also in the AM horoscope: a Jupiter transit suggesting success in relationship in early November.  Isn’t that fascinating?

One last 1000 words on Venus-Uranus in pioneering Aries, challenging Establishment Pluto in Capricorn,  reflecting the potential for empowered and emancipated women — on a day with Moon in equality-minded Libra:

susan b anthony headstone

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/21/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; An Eaglet’s Horoscope

Good Morning!

A Virgo Moon drives the day with a need for perfecting, correcting, sorting, organizing.  But first, note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon makes contact with visionary Neptune at 10AM ET. An indulgence or a clash between that driving perfection and someone else’s delicate feelings may be had around 12:14PM ET as the Moon is opposed by Venus.

After that, it’s clear lunar sailing until the evening, when a challenge to the Moon from Saturn is quickly followed by a meet-up with Jupiter at 10:07 PM ET and 10:27 PM, respectively. Are you streamlining or expanding? Perhaps streamlining exuberantly? Expanding conservatively?

Jupiter and Saturn are big players this week, as they square off at 6:15AM ET on Wednesday. When these two planets connect, it often involves a need for a sense of purpose and rightness. They also refer to big business and big collective belief systems, such as law, religion and media/publishing. Watch the headlines for important stories.

But before we get to Wednesday, we need to get through Monday. Sorry. Sun is in Aries now, and Aries sometimes fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking. Mercury — referring to mindset and communication — also ingresses into Aries today (Monday) at 8:19PM ET. That should pick up the pace and replace some of the wallowing “end of the world” potential Mercury has when it muddles through Pisces.

At 11:54PM ET, depth of feeling in your drive for perfection may be facilitated as Moon makes a harmonious connection to Pluto…and then goes void for all of Tuesday ET. So get it off your desk today if you can.

Note that emotions are running high this week, as we approach Wednesday’s Full Moon, which is also an eclipse. The other planetary event of note this week is Saturn turning retrograde on Friday at 6:01AM ET.  When retrograde, Saturn suggests a potential damper — or a structural review — on plans for expansion. Saturn turns direct on August 13th. If you are one of the people whose horoscopes are personally affected, you can expect a resolution of the matter in mid-November. Here’s how Saturn’s change of stations was reflected in Jon Stewart’s horoscope last November (scroll to the end of the forecast).

And now, the news.

Haven’t talked in a while about Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius. Here’s what was anticipated — this is from a forecast written at the end of 2014:

Saturn refers to control, discipline and structure. Sagittarius refers to collective belief systems, including: the law, religion, philosophy and academia. Hmm…how about mind control? Or tests of faith?  It also refers to publishing and other mass communication media, as well as sports and entertainment. Expect efforts involving restrictions and/or restructuring. Sagittarius refers to that which is foreign, so issues of border control will likely become hotter. It refers to travel.  So we can expect headlines involving controls in these areas, too.

So last week, a ginormous verdict of $115 million was entered against the gossip site Gawker. Plaintiff Hulk Hogan sued the gossip site after it published — and refused to take down — a part of a sex tape featuring Mr. Hogan and a woman who was not his wife.  Limiting (Saturn) what can or can’t be published (Sagittarius). Got that?

Meanwhile, President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba this week seems like an apt reflection of the prominence and “new beginnings” potential of the Sun at 0 degrees of Aries — the Aries Point — yesterday. Another beginning was noted in Washington DC, as the other President and the First Lady — a.k.a. a pair of bald eagles nesting in the National Arboretum — welcomed a baby eaglet, DC2.

Born at 8:27AM on March 18th, DC2 is a Pisces with Moon in Leo, Aries Ascendant. With Pluto right on the Midheaven, this bird was born to be prominent, regardless of how many planets it has tucked out of sight in the 12th and 8th houses. While its Aries Ascendant suggests it may need to be seen as a me-me-me first warrior, driven by the regally entitled Leo Moon’s need for love love love, who really knows what goes on behind the scenes of DC2’s psyche? Are we having fun with this yet?

DC2’s sibling — to be named DC3 — will be an Aries — Moon and Ascendant TBD.  DC3 is due very soon. It will be interesting to see how these eaglets reflect  their horoscopes. You can watch the action here on the live EagleCam.

Finally, a story about a very expensive research ship that needs a name.  It’s a proper British ship, so the proper British public was invited to submit ideas, with the following creative brief (as reported in the Independent):

…looking for a name to reflect the ship’s prowess in the oceans, symbolising the pioneering work they will undertake.

When thinking of submissions, they advised: “We’re looking for an inspirational name that exemplifies the work it will do.

“The ship could be named after a local historical figure, movement, or landmark – or a famous polar explorer or scientist.

“We would like the name to be inspirational and about environmental and polar science, to help us tell everyone about the amazing work the ship does.”

So what’s the leading contender so far? Boaty McBoatface. Catchy, isn’t it? What do you think? Did the public fulfill the objectives of the creative brief? Shall we file this under the anti-Establishment, potentially anarchistic wake of the Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Capricorn square? Or perhaps it reflects the Sun and Mercury currently conjunct the fixed star Scheat, often associated with shipwrecks…

Thank you for reading this forecast. I hope I’ve brightened your day. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together!