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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/1/2013 & The Weekend: Depth & Substance

Still basking in the glow of yesterday’s sweet hook-up between loving Venus and nebulous Neptune (dreams, art, music, spirit), not to mention the Moon void in peace-seeking Libra?  I hope you found plenty of opportunities to express or witness random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. Like the white-haired man in the red beret playing “The William Tell Overture” on a violin. On the E train. Behind him, a young man wearing headphones leaned casually against the subway doors, engaged in animated conversation — in American Sign Language — with a young woman. The young man communicated only with his hands; the young woman used her hands and lip-synched expressively. Her back was turned to the violinist and I wondered what was her sense — if any — of the music being played? Poetry in motion…only in New York. And speaking of sweet surprises found on the E train, this story will melt your heart.

The lunar freefall continues until 12:33 PM ET, possibly tossing more twists in your morning routine.  When the Moon finally ingresses into Scorpio, it demands substance and knowledge for the sake of power and control. No more of this airy-fairy “what if” stuff. Patterns are excellent for consolidation and organization of your rarefied thoughts, given supportive contacts to the dreamy Pisces Sun from disciplined Saturn and potent Pluto. It’ll be interesting to see if the official “go” for this sequester thing everyone has been talking about happens when the Moon is still void; if so, the astro-logic suggests it may be much ado about nothing. Your evening plans can still be sweet, even with the Scorpio Moon’s intensity, as it is softened by harmonious aspects from the lovely Venus-Neptune meet-up that is the highlight of this dreamy — yes, I said it again — week.

A wet blanket may greet some upon waking on Saturday, courtesy of a chilly connection between Moon and Saturn at 8:16AM ET. Work with the limitations constructively, as the rest of the day is also excellent for cooperative ventures, deep communication and organization.

Get your shopping done Saturday; avoid the malls on Sunday, as Moon will be void Sunday from 4:19AM ET until 4:11 PM ET. Not only that, but a challenge between beauty-loving Venus and expansive Jupiter suggests a strong potential for overindulgence.  Feel free to enjoy the sensual world, but keep an eye on your wallet, as temptation to spend may be strong.

The Moon in Sagittarius after 4:11PM ET on Sunday usually needs to broaden horizons, but it is also inclined to gamble as well as gambol. Ohhh, I suppose a few lottery tickets won’t break your piggy bank. Wretched excess we may see…and perhaps a big winner or two before the day is done.

Meanwhile, Bradley Manning made headlines yesterday when he entered a guilty plea for 10 of the 18 zillion charges against him, and he now faces trial for the rest. This may add years to 20-year prison sentence he received today. We discussed Manning’s horoscope way back in December of 2010.  I’m sure he knows all about gambles and opinions, as he has four planets in righteous Sagittarius. And with three planets in Scorpio, along with the Moon, I think he might grok with the need for knowledge that grants power and control (you can read his explanation of why he gave classified documents to Wikileaks in the first link in this paragraph).

What struck me in 2010 was the sense that his case was not likely to move forward any time soon — even without knowing his birth time  (here is the noon chart). Things definitely moved forward today — so what’s going on with planetary patterns? How about Saturn at 11 degrees of Scorpio, now sitting exactly on Manning’s natal Pluto. This is where Saturn turned retrograde on February 18th; you may recall that anyone with planets or angles at 11 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius would likely feel this retrograde the most. Difficult aspects between stern Saturn and ruthless Pluto are nearly always tough, suggesting periods of hard work at the risk of great loss. This heavy period is likely to continue for Manning through the rest of the year, which makes perfect sense, given that he now faces trial on the remaining charges.

Have a lovely weekend of depth and substance. This year I’m thinking March is coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. Stay tuned…

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/17/2010 and the Weekend

(Note: if you’re unfamiliar with astrological jargon, you may want to skip my report on patterns in  Bradley Manning’s horoscope — I just couldn’t resist checking it out. If you know a bit about astrology, then enjoy — weekend forecast begins in third paragraph below)

While Julian Assange is apparently now free on bail, today marks the 23rd birthday of Bradley Manning, the US Army private accused of releasing classified documents to Wikileaks sometime between November 2009 and May 2010. Manning has been held in solitary confinement since May. Looking at his horoscope — 12/17/87 in Crescent, OK — birth time unknown — I was immediately struck by its intensity. Sun in opinionated Sagittarius, tightly conjunct Mercury and Saturn. OK, that suggests a serious focus, perhaps prone to depression…and a gravitation toward discipline and duty. But wait…add erratic, restless, intensely independent Uranus to this stellium and that gets pretty interesting….especially since the entire stellium is squared by the North Node and opposed by Chiron, the wounded healer. This is potentially powerful stuff. Manning has Moon in Scorpio, suggesting a reigning need to be seen as a person of substance and depth, and also one who is likely concerned with acquiring knowledge as a means of gaining control. This Moon could be conjunct (depending upon birth time) another suggestion of intensity and turbulent emotion: Mars (action) and ruthless Pluto, together in Scorpio. Wow. No surprise that he would gravitate to a career…as an analyst in military intelligence. Meanwhile, sensitive Neptune, planet of transcendence, fantasy, the intangible, the spiritual and the delusional is running wild in the horoscope. Discipline and control conflicted over a desire to move beyond boundaries? Here’s an article about Manning

In late 2009 and all through 2010, status quo-disrupting Uranus has been making challenging aspects to Manning’s stellium in Sagittarius, Chiron at 26 Gemini (suggesting a overload of power — the kind that blows circuitry), and the North Node at 27 Pisces (“meetings with unusual people” is how Noel Tyl interprets connections between Uranus and North Node). In early 2011 transiting Pluto will conjoin Neptune in Manning’s horoscope — “enormous intensification of sensory sensitivity; possible loss of frame of reality; subterfuge; possible introduction of drugs or alcohol dysfunctionally.” Hmmm. A recent article in Salon reported that Manning has been given anti-depressants while in solitary confinement —  To be continued…

OK, the forecast: Friday is a day of relative quiet — a welcome break from the Mars-Pluto power and ego struggles many experienced earlier in the week. Saturday is busy — and some of what’s going on then may be felt on Friday. I’m anticipating a day mixed with a desire for beauty and transcendence (note your dreams) and a potential flash of genius or sudden disruption of the status quo, enacted for a stated humanitarian cause. Creative types may thrive on potentially divine inspiration.

Moon goes void for six hours starting at 4:36PM NY time — get your major holiday shopping done before then — purchases made during Moon voids are more likely to be disappointments.  Moon enters chatty Gemini at 10:37PM NY time and pretty much coasts through Sunday. Given that Mercury is currently retrograde, much of the chatter we hear then is likely to be idle. See if you can keep from indulging in it.