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" of the most illuminating readers I've come across. She is quick, perceptive and is very fluent with weaving in what she sees in your chart into what's happening and likely to happen and has happened in your life. I plan to keep Elisabeth as one of my periodic life counselors."
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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/9/2012: A Brief Look at the Week Ahead

Happy Monday! I hope you had a deep and meaningful Easter/Passover weekend, suggested by the Moon being in Scorpio from 11:18AM ET Saturday until 11:12M ET today. If you went overboard on Easter candy (or anything else) yesterday, blame an indulgent opposition between Moon and Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy. I used these planetary patterns to indulge in a day at the local spa, complete with a deep-tissue massage.

A slow start to the morning and/or an unexpected twist is suggested by a void-of-course Moon (as of 2:56 AM ET); Moon enters opinionated Sagittarius at 11:12AM ET. Feel like starting your work week off with yoga, meditation or some other creative flow? A Moon void can support it.

And speaking of flow, lunar aspect today suggest the following: more creativity or dreamy/confusion/spaciness (Moon square nebulous Neptune) at 3 PM ET; a potential clash of opinions or an impassioned outburst of energy around 5:22PM (Moon square aggressive Mars); innovation, networking and good times are favored by Moon trine rebel Uranus and opposed loving Venus at 8:02PM and 8:27 ET, respectively.

The whole day offers much potential for innovation in social expression, creative arts and finances, suggested by  Venus in an easy connection with Uranus. If you are out and about today, you may be surrounded by people whose opinions feel like a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps you will be the source of those refreshing points of view.

Your Moon voids for the week: Wednesday 7:05 AM – 1:02 PM ET; Friday 1:05PM -5:48PM ET. If you don’t know what a void-of-course Moon is, look up the forecast that was posted on February 10, 2012.

Planetary shifts this week include Pluto turning retrograde Tuesday at 12:21PM ET and Mars turning direct on Friday at 11:53 PM ET. More on that later this week.

Finally, a brief look at the headlines. On a day when nebulous Neptune challenged Venus, suggesting dreamy charm and/or fantasy, isn’t it wonderful to see an op-ed on the home page of the New York Times about the power of magical thinking  and superstitions  Also of note: this article about one individual leading the charge against an allegedly corrupt system. The individual in question happens to be a 23-year-old woman and a student in Chile. With rebel Uranus in Aries (the individual) squaring Pluto (corruption exposed, transformation, power) in Capricorn (the establishment) for the next three years, we are sure to see many stories from around the world on how the actions of one person are disrupting the system. And since this story went to press under the influence of dreamy Neptune, this particular revolutionary happens to be  “glamorous” Coincidence or conspiracy?

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/11/2011

If it’s Monday and the Moon is Sagittarius, you can bounce out of bed this morning. Today features a supportive connection between Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and Mars (action!) that might actually dilute the potential for Sagittarius’ typical foot-in-mouth disease, but the drive for “big picture” thinking and projects remains as strong as ever. If everyone you meet today doesn’t have an agenda, at the least they will likely have an opinion to share, the more eloquent, the better.

Today and tomorrow are also good for an adventure or other activity that broadens your horizons.

Moon is void of course all day on Tuesday and for most of Friday.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/20/2011

While you were sleeping, Moon entered the high-flying sign of Sagittarius at 2:50AM EDT, offering a break in the intensity of the last two days. Note your dreams upon waking; nebulous Neptune and erratic Uranus may have taken you on quite a trip during those precious REM moments.

Sun leaves pioneering Aries for the security-conscious, stabilizing sign of Taurus the Bull at 6:18AM EDT, where it immediately stops to smell the flowers in the meadow and think of giving form to artistic and/or spiritual endeavors. Why? A communicative connection between Sun and Neptune in Pisces, that’s why. And the artistry and spirit manifested over the next few days may be quite innovative, surprising and unconventional, suggested by loving Venus fast approaching a hook-up to quirky, weird, “out of the blue” Uranus on Friday. If you meet a new romantic prospect under this influence, the attraction is bound to be electric.

Be advised that the Moon goes void Thursday at 12:57PM EDT. If you need to ship something of consequence, do it before then.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/28/2011 and the Weekend

Unless your unique horoscope is being directly affected by one of the planetary heavies, you could be carried away by the optimistic, opinionated, rowdy energy suggested by today’s Moon in Sagittarius, in effect from Friday AM until 9:04AM NY time. Fun, fun, fun! You can get physical, get outdoors, build a snowman, take a gamble or a gambol…or any activity or experience that broadens your horizons.

Sunday AM you may note a more serious tone, as Moon enters “make-it-happen” Capricorn, just after being jolted by rebellious Uranus and expansive Jupiter, now in Aries. Are the natives restless or what? (Watch Sunday’s headlines). The mood may become even more intense as the day progresses, revealing secrets and/or demanding answers to probing questions in an effort to gain control.  Try applying the intensity and enterprising spirit to an empowering creative project instead of the person who just happens to be sitting next to you.

An additional note on Saturn’s retrograde through 11-18 degrees of Libra (see the forecast written for 1/26): if you were born Oct – Dec 1981 or May- Aug 1982, you will be feeling this transit more intensely than most, in what is known as a Saturn return. This is a critical time in your life development; everyone goes through it around age 28/29. Pay attention to the sense of urgency you’re likely to be feeling. In what ways are you intent on establishing yourself in the material world? Are you thinking of changing careers? Getting married? Going back to school? What is the reach for ambition?

If you were born between Dec 1951- April 1952 or between Aug – Nov of 1952, you are also having a Saturn return. At this point in life, you may find yourself wanting to turn away from the material world. Having realized ambition during the past 28 years, nourishing the soul may now become more important. This can be a very good thing, even if other things have to be let go.