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" of the most illuminating readers I've come across. She is quick, perceptive and is very fluent with weaving in what she sees in your chart into what's happening and likely to happen and has happened in your life. I plan to keep Elisabeth as one of my periodic life counselors."
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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/23/2012: Real and Unreal

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling a palpable increase in intensity, reflected by the Sun moving into Scorpio last night at 8:14PM ET. Adding to the pressure and/or heaviness is Thursday’s hook-up with stern Saturn on Thursday. Distracting us — perhaps by threatening to dissolve whatever reality we thought we could count on — is today’s trine between the Sun and nebulous Neptune, exact at 7:15AM ET. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s forecast on what we can expect:

…if you’re feeling a urge to merge with a higher consciousness or escape into some other rarefied, intangible state (music, spirit or drug-induced fantasy), then you are in tune… It’s a helpful aspect to have if you’re trying to keep the peace. It’s also a potential set-up for a vision or pure fantasy, deception or lies.

Keep the peace, eh? Was Mitt Romney tuning in to the cosmos in last night’s debate? Repeatedly stating a desire for “peace” was a surprise to more than one pundit, including this conservative one. Real or unreal?

Today’s Moon in Aquarius encourages a detached, friendly approach to the challenges of the day. You could even consider experimenting with the unconventional, though be aware of a potential verbal challenge to your experiment around 9:27PM ET, when Moon is squared by mental Mercury…and then goes void. Chill for the rest of the night; Moon enters Pisces at 7AM ET on Wednesday.