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-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Friday 2/9/2018 & the Weekend: Big Again; Jupiter Square Sun

Huzzah for today’s Moon in Sagittarius — huzzah! As of 8:53 AM ET yesterday (THURSDAY), count on Sag Moon to drive the day with a need to push boundaries, fueled by righteous opinion. Over the next few days, take a walk in the woods; catch a foreign film — or the opening ceremonies of the 697th Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea (with North Korea and South Korea marching under one flag — RAH!).  With Venus at the very last degree of Aquarius, you know there will be a place for everyone, the more unconventional the better. With Saturday’s exact square between Jupiter and the Aquarius Sun, you also know it’s gonna be big!

On FRIDAY, note the potential for a focused outburst of energy/assertion around 1:40 AM ET, as the Sag Moon meets up with Mars.  Cue Rand Paul shutting down the government now, please. A budget deal was eventually passed at 5:30 AM ET, with Pluto exactly on the Ascendant. That’s an image of force and necessary compulsion, as in “resistance is futile.”  The government is now open. So they say.)

Around 11:05 AM ET, note the potential for a bewildering flurry of events as the Moon is squared by Neptune. Who knows how far the markets will fall?

On SATURDAY, Moon will be void between 11:38 AM ET and 9:21 PM ET, suggested whatever crisis that crops up may be much ado about nothing. No impulse shopping during the void. Moon enters Capricorn at 9:21 PM ET, marching forward on a mission of making things happen. If you have an enterprising project to accomplish around the house, SUNDAY would be a day to do it, aided by a focused meet-up of the Moon and Saturn at 9:17 AM ET.

No sleeping in on MONDAY.

Housekeeping note: the glitch with my contact form has now been fixed. Now is the time to book a consultation for your favorite Valentine. Aren’t you dying to know how the ties that bind you together are reflected in your respective horoscopes?

And now, the news.

Talk about BIG! Here’s to Space X founder Elon Musk, for his company’s successful launch of Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket. OMG did you see this on tape? You must! Lift off happened at 3:45 PM ET in Cape Canaveral, FL — powered by Pluto on the Descendant and expansive Jupiter trine to the Ascendant. Yippee! And OMG — check out the Starman in the red Roadster. What an apt image for the far-out potential of Uranus in pioneering Aries aligned with Venus in space cadet Aquarius.

Also big — and in a rare spirit of reaching across the aisles, suggested by aforementioned harmony between Venus and Uranus: Senate leaders reached an agreement on a “far-reaching budget deal.” Did it raise the debt ceiling and increase spending? Heck, YES! Meanwhile, in Germany, “Angela Merkel Strikes New Deal With Old Partners, At High Cost.”  Coincidence or conspiracy? Walgreens is reaching across the aisles, too — with the announcement of its new “transgender inclusion bathroom policy.”  Wait, not so fast, says Bermuda — which today repealed laws legalizing same-sex marriage, replacing it with some form of separate but equal status.

In other news, the expansive potential of Jupiter is clearly seen in Nancy Pelosi’s horoscope, as Jupiter met up with her Moon, trined her Mercury (how she needs to think and communicate), and opposed her Venus, Mars and Uranus.  A need for gravitas and focus is suggested by transiting Saturn squaring her Aries Sun. Together, it adds up to this: “Nancy Pelosi Breaks Record with 8-Hour Speech” yesterday on the floor of the House. More upsets to come from Ms. Pelosi in a few months, as transiting Uranus shakes up her hard-working Saturn-Pluto square. I wish we had an exact birth time for her horoscope.

Jupiter refers to publishing. Here’s a big story: Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong reaches deal to buy L.A. Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Jupiter refers to judicial opinions. This one is big:  SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito denied a stay on a lower court ruling requiring Pennsylvania to re-draw its districts.  Seriously, have you seen how the current Pennsylvania districts have been drawn?

Jupiter refers to grandiosity, braggadocio and wretched excess — these are downside potentials. The Sun refers to egos and leaders — including autocrats, which appears to be a global trend.  It should come as no surprise that one of the most wretchedly excessive, swaggering braggarts in recent political memory has a big idea: a military parade to end all military parades. And this big idea is in an actual planning stage: Trevor Noah has the latest. They’re talking Veterans Day as a possible Big Fat Parade date. I’m surprised no one has suggested Flag Day — June 14th — which just so happens to be P45’s birthday. I’d be thrilled if that was the actual date, because he has two exact measurements on that day which suggest 1) risky action with broad reach and 2) excessive pleasurable indulgence. A Big Fat Parade which he can salute fits that picture, and it’s arguably more preferable than a more explosive alternative.

This just in:

House Democrats on Thursday introduced the “PARADE” Act — otherwise known as the Preventing the Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures bill — which aims keep taxpayers from footing the bill if President Trump’s dreams of a military parade do, indeed, come to fruition.

It’s official. We are living in a theater of the absurd.

In other big news, Big trouble: all of Japan’s sumo wrestlers to be questioned as sport lurches into crisis

Meanwhile, there is the Rob Porter scandal. He is Senator Orrin Hatch’s former chief of staff — and now former staff secretary at the White House. He resigned this week after his abusive behavior was revealed by two of his ex-wives and a former girlfriend.  Not only is Rob Porter an apparent wife beater, he also was unable to obtain a full security clearance for his highly sensitive White House gig. He’s not the only one at the White House who hasn’t been fully cleared. Oh — and none of this is news to certain legal staffers at the White House; they’ve known about these abuse allegations and security challenges for over a year. Hmm. Astro Fun Facts: Porter’s Saturn at 28 Leo was eclipsed on Aug 21st by the Big Fat Total Solar Eclipse, triggered last month by transiting Mars at 28 Scorpio.  Transiting Uranus is now at 25 Aries, just one degree away from its third hit to the Midheaven (public status) of the 2017 P45 Inaugural Chart. We see the suggestion of a shake-up around March 7th. Perhaps there is more to come. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading this forecast.