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Monday 11/6/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Catching Up on the News

And off we go again…

Buzz, buzz, buzz says the Moon in Gemini today…until it clashes with wet blanket Saturn around 9:57PM ET tonight. Moon goes void for all of five minutes at 5:39 AM ET on TUESDAY, then enters homeland security-seeking Cancer at 5:44AM ET. Get out of the house and get yourself to the polls! If you don’t vote, someone else will…and then you will be sorry. Just DO it!

Thoughts of home and family will drive TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. Moon goes void at 12:15 AM on THURSDAY and enters regal party animal Leo at 7:29AM ET, where it seek to shine, shine, shine until midday on SATURDAY.

Exact planetary patterns — other than to the Moon — are as follows.  TUESDAY at 6:39 AM ET ET, Venus leaves Libra and plunges into the icy depths of Scorpio. That means we’ll have the planets representing how we need to think (Mercury); how we need to love (Venus) and how we need to act (Mars) in signs where they are more likely to behave badly. Mercury in Sagittarius can be sloppy in its thinking; Venus in Scorpio can be vindictive; Mars in Libra can be passive-aggressive or conflict-averse to the extreme.  Upside potential: thinking that pushes boundaries; affections that are loyal; actions that are pacifist/diplomatic. How will we see this manifest in the headlines?

Two other patterns driving the action this week involve the consolidation of power (Sun in harmony with Pluto, exact on Thursday at 7:08 AM ET), and the reinvention of the wheel (old guard Saturn in harmony with avant garde Uranus, exact on Saturday at 4;41 AM ET). Translation: and just like that, things changed. Example:  in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, there were “sweeping arrests” of cabinet ministers and royal princes, in a “corruption purge” (no doubt aided by Jupiter in Scorpio), initiated by a 32-year-old heir apparent to an old crown.  Here’s a useful op-ed on yet another trend towards the kind of authoritarian power grab that is totally in sync with planetary patterns. It could happen anywhere, including here. If you have a planet or point around 26 degrees of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, maybe you’ll have an opportunity to put a fresh spin on an old patterns, too.

[These next four paragraphs were written on Friday, as a forecast for the weekend and the Full Moon in Taurus.]


Moon has been in Taurus as of 5:46AM ET, now waxing to its fullness at 1:23AM ET on SATURDAY. A Taurus Moon seeks material comfort and security, and comfort was what I was feeling last night when I happened to glance up at the sky and see the big, bright, beautiful Moon. When is the last time you looked up at the Moon?

This Full Moon is  a Supermoon — closer to Earth than usual. The Taurean needs of conservation and preservation are opposed by the Sun in Scorpio. Depth is a Scorpio need….but so is decay and breakdown…and I may not emphasize those needs enough. Taurus refers to “mine.” Scorpio refers to “ours”…and therein lies the potential conflict, illumination and release…especially in matters of resources.

You could make some practical magic over the next few days. The Taurus Moon, whilst ripe with emotion, is also in a grounding Earth sign. Venus — symbol of women, money, values and social expression — is in harmony with Saturn, facilitiating cooperation and structure. The magic kicks in with a surprise around 1:01 AM ET, when Venus opposes rebel Uranus, disrupting the status quo. Women: this is a chance to speak out — or become the first American woman to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years.  Planetary patterns also favor beautiful vision, with the Sun in harmony with Neptune, exact today at 3:23 PM ET. That’s the upside. The downside of Neptune is scandal, drugs and deception.

Moon goes void for an hour on SUNDAY…then enters chatty Gemini at 5:26 AM ET. Who’s the smartest kid in the room? How diverse and entertaining can you get? The bigger the better — but you might want to double check the details before pulling the trigger on your boundary-pushing ideas and communication. Why? Because Mercury — the way we need to think and communicate — enters Sagittarius, where it will travel forward — backward — and forward again — until January 11, 2018. We are likely to see some astonishingly ill-thought-out intiatives involving control in matters of publishing, opinion and foreign affairs around December 5th, when Mercury turns retrograde.

Anyhoo. No sleeping in on Monday…buzz, buzz, buzz.

And now, the news.

All hail Jupiter in Scorpio! Since October 10th we’re seeing a plethora of stories of wretched excess in matters of deep, dark, sexual secrets. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, George H.W. Bush, Dustin Hoffman, Bill O’Reilly, NBC’s Mark Halpern, NPR’s Michael Oreskes, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon…all part of a growing list of powerful men who are being called out for their wretchedly excessive, abusive harassment and assaults against their objects of desire (all except one in this list were against women).  Apologies are being issued; careers are being ended; investigations (for some) are being opened. Men in politics are also being called out: a state legislator in Washington; a state legislator in Illinois; in Kentucky; and of course, some men in the U.S. Congress. Come on, ladies of the House and Senate — name names! Fast Company is keeping a list — here it is as of November 1st. As for all of those allegations against the Grabber-in-Chief, here’s the latest.

This is Dustin Hoffman’s horoscope. Sun in regal Leo; driven by the Moon in perfectionist Virgo. The Moon and dreamy Neptune are together in the 8th House; we see potential for a rich imagination and/or private fantasy seeking release to an other — whether it is a person or the general public. I can’t believe Mr. Hoffman is 80; Tootsie is one of my all-time favorite movies, and really, you’d think Mr. Hoffman might have learned something about sexual harassment from his involvement in that film. This year he has transiting Pluto crossing his fine,upstanding Capricorn Ascendant. Pluto rules his Midheaven — his public status. The suggestion here is the potential tear-down of his public image, with a disruptive element added courtesy of transiting Uranus to his natal Pluto.

Here is Kevin Spacey. The birth time is unconfirmed, though he is cited as the source. Another Leo Sun — perhaps with a Leo Ascendant — honestly he does come across as a double regal king. Moon in stability-seeking Taurus…but both Sun and Moon are challenged by nebulous Neptune. I could understand why he was involved with men and women…there’s considerable tension in this horoscope suggesting sensitivity and bewilderment over identity. An Earth Grand Trine among Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo (a potentially forceful execution of perfect action), the Taurus Moon and a prominent Saturn in Capricorn suggests a need to project an air of self-sufficiency, as if the laws that apply to others do not apply to him.

Mr. Spacey is about to have his second Saturn return — an important time of assessing the accomplishments of the last 28-30 years. If his take on his birth time is correct, transiting Pluto to his Aries Midheaven is likely to effect a change in his public status, for better or for worse. Transiting Uranus will challenge his Taurus Moon, Leo Sun and Ascendant. More changes are suggested…possibly a move or other fresh start, reflecting a need for freedom and greater self-expression. Here’s the latest on all of the men who have said Mr. Spacey sexually harassed them…and the recent consequences.

UPDATE: the Democratic Party, which continues to experience upsets we could expect with transiting Uranus conjunct its pioneering Aries Moon. Cue former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile, now please. She last made headlines a year ago when she had to resign as a CNN commentator after it was revealed she’d leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign.  On Thursday she revealed how horrified she was to discover exactly how the DNC “rigged” the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. Well duh…and double duh…as anyone noticing the absurd debate schedules set by the DNC in….oh gawd, was it 2015? Oh no…wait…now Ms. Brazile isn’t saying the DNC rigged the primaries after all.  I’m so confused. Why are we having this conversation now, days before an election?

Ms Brazile has transiting Jupiter on her Midheaven now and for the next month or so. Perfect time to go on a book tour. Here is her horoscope — time not officially confirmed.  fascinating to see her Sagiattarius Sun at 22 degrees — along with all the other political power players making news for the past year. Her Gemini Moon’s need to be the smartest kid in the room has also been under the streamling squeeze and focus of transiting Saturn, and that does not lift until December. An extra dose of anguish and effort was added this year by a measurement between Saturn and Pluto. If her 8:53 AM birth time is correct, a transit from Pluto to her Capricorn Ascendant is likely to be especially transformational for her in 2019.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton. Any astrologer worth her salt could see the potential for a streamlining squeeze this year and into the end of the year. Her Moon at 22 Pisces may no longer be pressured by Saturn, but there is another measurement between the Sun and Saturn that will be exact on December 27th and is in effect now. Time will tell.

UPDATE: The horoscope of the P45 inauguration. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s first indictment was unsealed days after a disruptive hit to the public status of P45’s decrepit administration. That hit was the second challenge of Uranus to the Midheaven, suggesting shake-ups. The third hit happens on March 12, 2018 — and this will be a few days after another disruptive measurement between Uranus and Pluto. The day before Mueller’s indictment — against P45’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort (for starters) — transiting Saturn squared the inauguration chart’s Mars, suggesting frustrated action. Note that there will be an even heavier Saturn-Mars hit on November 24th, but definitely in effect now.

More scandalous sex and money revelations, courtesy of Jupiter (expansion) in Scorpio (sexual secrets; other peoples’ money): the probe in the U.S. Navy’s “Fat Leonard” scandal (prostitutes and payola) expands to include at least 60 admirals; the relentless Guardian publishes the must-read  “Paradise Papers,” exposing more “secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth”; Paradise Papers reveal  links between U.S. Commerce Secretary and Putin’s family; how Russia funded investments in Facebook and Twitter via an associate of Jared Kushner.

Finally, rebel Uranus opposed Venus early Sunday morning, suggesting unconventional women would be making headlines. So often I’ll see in the obituaries the death of someone who expresses the potential of that day’s planetary patterns. On Sunday Nancy Friday, “best-selling student of gender politics,” passed away in Manhattan. Astrology is amazing.

Thank you for reading this forecast. What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

No forecast tomorrow — I will be working at the polls. Go vote. Vote. Vote!!!!!!