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"She brings more to it than just doing the chart: depth, intuition, as well as tremendous research."
- M.T.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/7/2013: Gravity & Venusian Escapes

Rise and shine! The work week begins with an awesome potential for profound realization and gravitas, suggested by the sobering, disciplined, reality check between serious Saturn (Father Time) and mental Mercury, exact in penetrating Scorpio on Tuesday at 3:39PM ET. Deep thoughts coupled with controlling passion are also suggested by today’s Scorpio Moon. Not a bad day for planning strategy, organizing resources and going way beneath the surface for the knowledge you seek. Get your New Moon agenda off the ground.

The emotional intensity could be softened by an easy connection between the Moon and expansive Jupiter around lunchtime on the East Coast, but the real lift arrives at 1:54PM ET. That’s when Venus (social expression) breathes a huge sigh of relief and leaves the moody, controlling clutches of Scorpio for a rowdy roll in the hay in high-flying, fiery Sagittarius. Wheeee! You may notice this immediately, as those around you suddenly have no trouble letting you know exactly how they feel — and if a few feet end up in a few mouths, well — what’s life without a few gambles or gambols. Really, ask any Sagittarius.

Your Moon void periods for the week — not a time to ship or sign anything you wish to be of consequence — won’t interfere too much with regular business hours in the Americas. Here they are: Tuesday 12:54AM – 8:21AM ET; Thursday 6:11AM ET – 11:17AM ET; Friday 8:04PM ET – Saturday 2PM ET. Use those periods to take a break from the usual Type A determination to move forward in a straight line. This does NOT mean you should do nothing, though that can be productive. It simply suggests that Type A efforts are more likely than usual to experience twists and delays — so just roll with them.

And now, the news.  Last week’s New Moon suggested considerable volatility, and the weather has certainly been accommodating. Blizzards in the Midwest, typhoons in China; hail expected perhaps in the Northeast. I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out.  Also as anticipated, some major dirt — about the current U. S. government shutdown — was dumped on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times:A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning”  Yes, that’s right — planning. And this inspired me to look back to January’s forecasts for what we could expect in Obama’s second term — check out the fourth and fifth paragraphs in this prior post.  How are we doing? Meanwhile, as we would also expect to see, given current planetary patterns (disruptive Uranus-Pluto square; Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio), there’s nothing but “deep” on the docket of the Supreme Court — check out what they’ll be ruling on as the new term begins. And how cool was it that a movie called “Gravity” is number one at the box office this weekend?

Back to planetary patterns suggesting major dirt:  this perfectly-timed NYT op-ed discusses the impact the sudden exposure of closely-guarded facts may have in your own personal world. It may come in handy by the end of next week, when a potentially bewildering face-off between aggressive Mars and nebulous Neptune is added to the mix of a Full Moon and lunar eclipse. However surreal the headlines may be, I’d like to believe that if you’re reading this post, you’re one of the souls who signed up to be a beacon of light in the chaos. So rise and shine — and be helpful, as creatively as you can. Those little acts of random kindness and senseless beauty really add up — let’s get a lot of them going!

Thank you for reading and sharing this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/7/2011 and the Weekend

The poster child for the big meeting between expansive Jupiter and innovative, “out of the blue” Uranus in compassionate, intangible Pisces has to be Ted Williams, the formerly homeless man with the “golden voice”, whom the entire free world was moved to assist, as anyone who doesn’t live under a rock now knows:

Jupiter and Uranus met up at 7:52AM on Tuesday, the day Ted’s story was posted on YouTube. The rest is history. Jupiter and Uranus connections are often experienced as sudden windfalls and changes of fortune, and it’s always fun to see what happens when these two planets are active in your horoscope.  I suspect that Ted Williams is not the only miraculous story that can occur this week — or next — even if it doesn’t make headlines. I challenge you to make a miracle happen: seize or create an opportunity — or look around you and see who might need a helping hand. Be a hero!

Friday we have a bit of a wobble: Venus finally leaves Scorpio, bringing relief from the intensity of relationships we’ve experienced over the past few months — and moves into rambunctious Sagittarius. Well, that ought to lighten things up; enjoy the gamble/gambol over the next few weeks. It may take time to adjust to the new vibe, and initial enthusiasm may be dampened by the potential wet blanket of Saturn’s challenge to the Sun early Friday AM (see earlier forecasts this week for details). But this too, shall pass. Moon is void from 3:51 to 9:57PM NY time, potentially throwing twists into scheduled meetings, enhancing brainstorming capacity and suggesting a major chill. Here in New York, our twist will likely come from travel plans delayed by more snow. Yippee!

Saturday and Sunday are relatively quiet. No major planetary activity and no void-of-course Moon to interfere with post-holiday shopping sprees. Moon is in Pisces, suggesting a weekend of going with the flow and exploring intangibles: art, spirit and music. Relax now, because come Monday the buzz will begin again. I’m anticipating intriguing breakthroughs and big and brilliant ideas– get ready to put them out there.