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"I was blown away. It was so different from anything I imagined...more direct than psychiatry or psychology...and cheaper! I left the session with a feeling of control and confidence. Worth a dozen therapy sessions.
Thank you!"

--Peggy G.
New York

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Friday 6/29/2012 & the Weekend: the Supremes Rule; TGIF

Moon entered the watery depths of Scorpio yesterday at 4:32PM ET, needing to be of substance and seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control. Add to this intensity a few more power plays and shocks to the system, suggested by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus challenging the Sun at 11AM ET and 4:11PM ET, respectively. How much more excitement can you stand (as if yesterday wasn’t enough — at least here in the US)? Watch the headlines.

In your own personal world, today you may well afford to make a power play or sudden move of your own. If so, you will be supported by a lovely connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter at 11:39AM ET that is oh-so-very smart. Seriously. What’s on your mind? Got an idea you want to pitch? Or would you prefer to simply take action?

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Saturday, save for a couple of connections to the Moon…and the one we’re most likely to notice is a potentially dreamy/spacey challenge from nebulous Neptune at 10:55PM ET. Just who is that person you’re having dinner with, anyway? Are they really who they seem to be? By then the Moon will have moved into rowdy Sagittarius (as of 6:04PM ET), inspiring you to expand your mind and your horizons for the sake of a good time. Really, the Moon is delightfully supported by a series of pleasantries from 1:05AM to 7:52AM ET on Sunday…and then coasts through the rest of the day. Should be fun for our neighbors to the North who will be celebrating Canada Day. Huzzah!

OK, now for the news. You recall yesterday the Moon was void of course, suggesting a higher probability of crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing, correct? So in case you hadn’t heard, here are two screenshots from the good folks at Fox News and CNN, who were apparently so desperate to be the first to tell you how the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act, that they just made stuff up. Epic Fails! And apparently some folks over at the White House believed what they saw on TV until actual professional journalists at other networks reported the facts. Blame the initial freak out and confusion on the void…

Having looked at the birth dates for the nine justices of the Supreme Court the night before (see yesterday’s forecast), we could anticipate that Chief Justice Roberts would be the one to watch — driving the action. Roberts is an Aquarius with Moon in Pisces (Jan 27 1955 — time unknown), but what reeeally jumps out right now is his Mars (action!)  in pioneering Aries.  It is directly impacted by the status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting success after tremendous energy applied and a dominance of will. The only question would be…what did Chief Justice Roberts want?

Well, surprise, surprise (and thanks to planetary patterns, we were sure there would be one). Not only did Roberts write the majority opinion himself, he broke ranks with his conservative colleagues. The status quo was disrupted, and in a 5-4 decision, the Affordable Care Act stands. We can expect more dynamic action from Chief Justice Roberts as Pluto and Uranus continue to supercharge his natal Mars through 2013. I’ll be verrrrry interested to see what’s going on in his life between November and February of 2013 — with December being the focal point for a particularly bold — and probably disruptive — shift (SA Pluto=Uranus, for the astrology pros reading this).

Then there was this shocking upset from yesterday: Rafael Nadal defeated at Wimbledon by an upstart! Note that sports matches that occur during Moon voids have a higher probability of victory for the underdog…

Have a great weekend — and keep those cards and letters coming : )


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/28/2012: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Moon in rational, fair-minded, relationship-oriented Libra goes void at 4:22AM ET on a serious, potentially ambitious or depressing (choose one and operate accordingly) hook-up with Saturn, setting the tone for the bulk of the day. I wrote that line last night — and at 2:30AM ET a story hit the NYT home page speculating that losses at JPMorgan Chase may reach $9 billion (up from the $2 billion that was reported on May 10, a few days before Venus — money, love, value — turned retrograde). Apparently there has been time to review the financial situation (reviewing is an excellent thing to do when planets are retrograde) — and it is interesting that today’s revised estimates of losses comes after Venus has just turned direct.

Back to today’s long Moon void: if you’re new to the forecast and aren’t familiar with Moon voids and how to manage them, click here. You’ll have until 4:32PM ET today to consciously experience what a void can feel like: odd twists and delays cropping up while trying to move in a straight line; crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing; a higher chance of people flaking out. Go with the flow — maybe even a creative flow — and resist the temptation to make an impulsive purchase that later proves useless.

In the background you may have been noticing — all week — an intense buzz. You may also have noticed traffic jams of all forms — why has it been so hard for people to just get where they need to go? To review the major action of the week:  three planets either changed direction and/or sign, which requires a mental adjustment as we adapt to the new traffic flow. Patience! And there’s that square between Uranus and Pluto, which can’t help but disrupt the status quo.

On Friday, the Sun, now in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, will be exactly opposed by ruthless Pluto and squared by rebel Uranus (at 11AM ET and 4:11PM ET), but certainly we’ve been feeling the supercharged potential for power plays and breakthroughs/break-ups of this pattern all week. If you were born a few days before the 30th of March, June, September or December, you have likely been feeling the intensity on a personal level. In the headlines, right now I’m seeing a break-up in Rupert Murdoch’s empire, as the New York Times heads to China. Meanwhile, life in parts of Colorado is being disrupted as a wildfire rages out of control.

We can anticipate more of the same over the next couple of days, as we await a Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act presumably to be announced today…though with the Moon void of course, a delay is not 100% out of the picture. Just for fun, I took a look at the birthdays of all the Supreme Court justices. I immediately noticed that Chief Justice John G. Roberts has aggressive Mars in pioneering Aries — and that his dynamic, assertive will is being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon are two other newsmakers who have Mars activated by Uranus-Pluto right now. Compulsive forces at work in the promotion of personal agendas?

And now, a vintage song by Neil Sedaka, which popped into my head while I was thinking about a subhead for today’s forecast. Enjoy!


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/27/2012: How to Find Out if the State Owes You Money (in honor of Venus turning direct)

In the Americas, the highly-charged lunar activity occurred while you were sleeping, with ruthless Pluto and disruptive Uranus challenging the Libra Moon’s need for balance and appreciation at 3:41AM and 3:53 AM ET, respectively. If you weren’t sleeping — say maybe you were a writer trying to finish an article on deadline, you might have been disrupted by the crash of your word processing program, which just might have obliterated your carefully crafted edits, leaving you to begin again from scratch. Really, it could happen.

Meanwhile, as promised, Venus — planet of social graces, love, money, women, copper and beauty — turns direct at 11:07AM ET. It’ll take until July 31st for Venus to go from where it is now — 7 degrees of Gemini — to get back where it was when Venus turned retrograde on May 16th (at 23 degrees of Gemini). Until then, we are still in “review mode” of wherever 7-23 Gemini falls in your horoscope.

If reviewing financial issues wasn’t on your list during Venus’s retrograde, here’s one last chance to see if you have a little cash stashed away that you didn’t even know you had. Ready? The National Association for Unclaimed Property Administrators can connect you to the Unclaimed Property Departments — usually run by the state comptrollers — of all 50 states — and some parts of Canada. Maybe there’s a paycheck someone sent you that you never received. Well, the state has your check — and it will send it to you if you  ask. Check out the site and let me know if you hit pay dirt!

Speaking of labor and wages, the Sabian Symbol for Venus turning direct  is “an industrial strike”.  Which doesn’t strike me as holding much potential for social graces, as we would hope to see with Venus now moving forward. Of this degree Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee notes that when workers strike,  they nearly always do so because of perceived social inequities (which, as you may recall from earlier posts this week, is a big theme of  Saturn in Libra — what a coincidence). If  labor and management can find a way to strike a balance, the work may continue. If no compromise can be reached, the response may be to strike a blow…or strike out in a whole new direction, if one of the parties in a dispute is feeling blocked. Venus will be on this degree until July 2nd. Let’s watch the headlines and see what manifests along the themes described above.

Heads up: Moon will be void from 4:23AM ET Thursday until 4:32PM ET. Get it off your desk today.

Fiinally: a housekeeping note — about the Sabian Symbols, for those interested in using them. Let’s say a planet — like Venus — is at 7 degrees of Gemini — where it is now. When we look up the symbol, we always read for the next degree — in this case, 8 Gemini — not 7! Think of it as rounding up to the next dollar. Any questions?

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/26/2012: A Venus Retrograde Poster Child

Moon goes void of course at 6:53 AM ET, on a potentially cranky/critical connection to aggressive Mars in fussbudget Virgo. If you’re on the East Coast and feel like you got up on the wrong side of the bed, blame those planetary patterns. Then do something productive with all that energy — like delete the “” email address that the rocket scientists at facebook have listed as your primary contact — and they did it without even asking you. Why, the nerve of them — how rude and totally lacking in social graces, too!  Here’s how to delete the address from your facebook profile and list whatever contact information you prefer.  And let that be the unexpected twist to your morning routing during the Moon void — that, and the fact that this forecast is later than originally planned  :)

The day gets into gear at 1:15PM ET, when Moon enters Libra, sign of partnership, in a lovely connection to mental Mercury….followed by an equally lovely connection to jolly Jupiter at 7:10PM ET. That should keep our spirits lifted. And how fitting that on the last full day of Venus retrograde, the Moon is in the sign most concerned with integrity in relationship and other social graces which some observe have been sorely lacking since May 16th. One of the poster children for the current Venus retrograde has to be Karen Klein, a 68 year old bus monitor who was making about $15,000/year. A video of her being verbally abused by four extremely rude 13 year olds was posted on YouTube and seven million people watched. It would appear that 13 year olds have not changed much since I attended school with other persons in that age bracket, but back then we didn’t have video cameras and websites. This story has fulfilled its Venus retrograde function of getting us to focus on courtesy and other facets of basic human decency. And it has a happy ending: an online campaign raised $645,000 to send Karen Klein on the vacation of a lifetime — which hopefully she will take when Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th…turning direct again on August 8th.

Another common occurrence of Venus retrograde: unexpected encounters with old romantic flames and prospects. Also: relationships that feel like you’ve met your soul mate. If you’re in one of those, keep your wits about you, as you may not feel the same in a few months. Venus retrograde can do strange things to our usual sense of aesthetics, attracting us to people and things we normally wouldn’t look twice at. This is one of the drawbacks of having a political election during Venus retrograde, as we did in November of 2010. There are sure to be major cases of buyer’s remorse a few months later, once Venus turns direct.  Isn’t that right, Governors Paul LePage, Scott Walker and Rick Scott? Did I leave anyone out? Venus has been retrograde since May 15th. I am making a mental note to myself to talk about the Sabian Symbol for Venus turning direct in tomorrow’s forecast.

Last, but not least: at 11:30PM ET the First Quarter Moon (a square between the Sun and the Moon) is exact. By now, you should be seeing the first challenge to your New Moon agenda. Change plans and strategies accordingly.

Peace out.

PS — a major status quo-disrupting piece of news hit the wires late last night, consistent with technological breakthroughs we can expect with Uranus (technology) square Pluto (empowerment):  “How Many Computers to Identify a Cat? 16,000”


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/25/2012: Cock-a-Doodle-Do!

Likely a busy Monday for what is sure to be a busy week, as reflected by volatile planetary patterns. The Moon is in Virgo, doing its best to efficiently organize, discriminate, disseminate any information overload in an effort to be correct, precise and perfect.  Up for the task? The patterns are as follows:

First, Jupiter square Neptune at 3:59AM ET  Monday. Keywords: Jupiter expands whatever it touches; Neptune is intangible; it tends to dissolves what it touches; “things may not be as they seem”. Think:  grand dreams, spirit, faith, imagery, vision, fantasy — all intangible, right? Add to this mix: music, film, glamor, healing, drugs, oil, oceans, toxins, con artists — these are some of the things associated with Neptune. For Jupiter: collective mindsets of all kinds — including religion, law, academic institutions, publishing. Look for these topics in the headlines. Here are a couple that were posted as I type:  “A ‘Dematerializing’; 4 World Trade Center” (“dematerializing” — I kid you not); “Documents on Pain Drug Show Doubt and Deception

Second, Saturn turns direct at 22 degrees of Libra at 4:01AM ET Monday. Saturn has been retrograde since February 7th, where it likely delayed  or forced us to reconsider plans related to structure, discipline and ambition. Projects that had been held back since then may now pick up speed — in a forward direction, thankfully. With Saturn in Libra, the focus has been on fairness, justice  and all things being equal (balanced) — especially in relationship. What’s the biggest beef the 99% have against the 1%? Inequality. Why should gay marriage be legal? Because it’s not fair that heterosexual couples should be allowed to marry and same-sex couples aren’t (in most of the United States). Saturn will complete its tour of Libra (which started in October 2009), the first week in October.

Speaking of justice, in the United States we are expecting key rulings from the Supreme Court any minute now — especially on the Affordable Health Care Act. Will it be ruled unconstitutional? With the ruling coming on the heels of the first of seven status quo-disrupting squares between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto (yesterday at 4:14AM ET)  all bets are off. But with three more years of upheaval and breakdown…leading (hopefully) to emancipation and empowerment, what does come down this week is not likely to be the last word (the series of squares concludes in 2015). Historically, it is interesting to note that the last series of squares between these two planetary heavies brought us Social Security (1935); the last conjunction resulted in Medicare (1965). September 19, 2012 is when we’ll have the second of the seven squares…FYI.

The Sabian Symbol for Saturn’s direct turn at 22 degrees of Libra is “Chanticleer”, which I have just learned is the proper name of a rooster from medieval time who appeared in the tales of Reynard the Fox. “Chanticleer” loosely translates as “sing clearly” or “sing loudly”, presumably while strutting with pride, as a rooster is wont to do. Chanticleer announces the dawn of a new day, in a fashion that is impossible to ignore. Of course another word for rooster is “cock”. Which makes me think of many cocks crowing with pride, as we saw on Sunday around the country. Or announcements and initiatives that may strike us as cocksure or just plain cocky.  Watch for these themes in the headlines.

Later today — at 10:24PM ET, mental Mercury leaves watery Cancer for drama queen Leo. Well, that should turn up the volume on thoughts and communication for the next three weeks. Royal edicts and pronouncements, anyone?

East Coasters, get it off your desk today, as the Moon is void Tuesday from 6:53AM ET to 1:15PM ET. Moon is void on Thursday from 4:22AM – 4:32PM ET — plan accordingly.  Tomorrow we will talk about Venus turning direct on Wednesday at 11:07AM ET, as well as Uranus-Pluto squaring the Sun on  Friday. Volatile!




Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/22/2012 & the Weekend:Uranus Square Pluto — We Have All Been Here Before

Moon entered playful, regal Leo last night at 11:47PM, bringing out the rollicking drama queen in all of us. Well, maybe some of us. A happy connection to jolly Jupiter at 4:19AM ET gets East Coasters out of bed with enthusiasm. Lunar aspects for the rest of the day are equally sunny and innovative (to loving Venus and offbeat Uranus, at 2:50PM and 3:38PM ET, respectively). Are you feeling lighter today than you were yesterday?

A soulful idealism also permeates the air, reflected in a harmonious connection between Sun in Cancer and nebulous Neptune in Pisces. This aspect is exact at 11:55PM ET Saturday, but its influence has been felt all week. Writers, healers and other spiritual artists can flourish in this rose-colored inspirational fog. Others may make statements that defy all rational belief systems, like this mind-boggling assertion from Joe the Plumber. Is there such a thing as idealism gone too far? What sayest thou? Actually, Mr. the Plumber’s perspective would seem to embody the square between expansive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune, which was discussed earlier in the week (and is exact on Monday). Great faith, grand spirit — and the potential for convolution when applied to matters of law and logic.

In your own personal world, TGIF and get out and party. Same for Saturday, too — taking note that the Leo Moon will be void of course at 6:26PM ET…not to enter discriminating Virgo until 7:43AM ET on Sunday.

Also happening on Sunday (4:14AM ET), the widely anticipated first of seven exact squares between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  Yep, this is the series of events that has all the astrologers buzzing. The exact squares will occur over the next three years. Call it the Mother of All Planetary Patterns. When Uranus and Pluto get together, expect the unexpected, as the status quo is disrupted so that something new (and hopefully more empowered), can take its place. Often the disruption occurs as a result of corruption in a hallowed system being exposed. There’s so much of it in the headlines — has been for so long — and will continue to be for the several years. Sexual abuse in a schools — long hidden; now revealed.  Financial institutions downgraded. A really rotten way to run a prison. Issues of individual freedom vs. institutional authority.

Some people find what’s happening now oddly familiar. They compare these times to the 60s…or even the 30s. Well, guess what? Pluto and Uranus were square to one another in the early 30s. They were conjunct in the mid-60s. So we’re seeing a resurgence of issues that were big then…big now. Health care (1965 brought us Medicare — where are we now?) Access to contraception in the United States became legal for married women in 1965. Research and development of oral contraceptives started in the 30s. Where are we now? On a lighter note, have you noticed what people are wearing these days?  The 60s are definitely back…to finish what they started.

One more thought about upheavals that will likely change our world forever. It’s absolutely no coincidence that we’d see a line like this at this time:  “After 40 years, more evidence is being reported Wednesday that the end of the biggest manhunt in the history of physics might finally be in sight.” So don’t hit the panic button just yet. Some of these breakthroughs and upheavals just may save us in the long run. “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”.

So what does this mean for YOU?  Well, if you were born with the Sun in the first half of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn (especially six to eleven days into those signs)…or you have a key planet (like the Moon) or a key point (like the Ascendant or Midheaven) in that part of the zodiac, you’ve likely been handed — or dealt, with no option to resist or refuse —  opportunities for empowerment (Pluto) and emancipation (Uranus) that have disrupted your status quo.  Read more about this in an article I wrote that is posted here

Suffice it to say, virtually everyone who has contacted me for a consultation during the last year has been personally affected by this powerful Uranus-Pluto transit. Most could not believe that I could see the sudden changes in the horoscope — without them having to tell me. And they appreciated the perspective that astrology gave them as they navigated these challenges and changes. Astrology has an uncanny way of making life make sense.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/21/2012: Here, There & Everywhere

East Coasters, take note: Moon in pro-active Cancer goes void of course at 12:48PM…not to enter playful Leo until 11:47PM ET. You can still be productive  in the afternoon when the Moon is void, so long as you are mindful that efforts to move decisively in a straight line (think of an arrow fired at a target), are more prone to twists, delays and a certain “flake factor”. If you are new to this forecast, the post on February 10, 2012 has more on Moon voids and how to use them efficiently.

We continue to charge ahead in this New Moon cycle. This morning we see mental Mercury in an easy relationship to willful Mars (exact at 6:15AM ET), facilitating communication and the issuing of directives. Writers, you could draft pages and pages today! Meanwhile, stern Saturn squaring the sensitive Cancer Moon at 9:58AM ET may 1) fuel ambition or 2) hurt someone’s feelings or dampen enthusiasm. Let’s hope it’s 1); if not, I promise you’ll feel lighter tomorrow.

Yesterday I wondered what we might see happening in Europe  just after 6AM ET that could be experienced as ruthless and/or disruptive. Here’s what hit the New York Times at 6:19AM ET: a gunman takes four hostages in a bank in France. I also wondered — to myself, not in this forecast — what piece of news coming out of Hawaii would be as big an upheaval as the chart for the Summer Solstice suggested. Another  volcano erupting? Why did I wonder this, you ask…

Looking at the astro-cartography of the Summer Solstice, I noted rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto going right through the Hawaiian Islands — close to Maui, in fact. In other words, when you take the chart for the Summer Solstice (remember, solstices are turning points), and lay it over a world map, Hawaii shows up as a potential hotbed of activity. And wouldn’t you know it, today it was announced that the island of Lana’i (98% of its 141 square miles), is being purchased by an American businessman (Larry Ellison of Oracle) — from its current owner. Fascinating! We can keep an eye on Botswana, the Dominican Republic and Malaysia for the next few months, too. They are also “hot” in the chart of the Summer Solstice — and in Malaysia, I’m already seeing disruptions consistent with planetary patterns.

Astrologers use astro-cartography to help clients anticipate what kind of experiences they are likely to attract in a particular location. Moving to a place where Venus is prominent, for example, often attracts a serious romance — even a life partner. If the Sun is prominent where you live, it’s probably a place where you can easily shine. A place with Saturn prominent can be challenging, but also where disciplined, hard work really pays off. You can even use astro-cartography to plan your next vacation.



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/20/2012: Big Fat Aspects & the Summer Solstice

Did I really write this yesterday???

“This will likely be a jam-packed month of surprises, with great potential for growth and development. Like the weather in New England (as the saying goes), if you don’t like it…wait five minutes.”

Have you heard the weather forecast for today in New York? In the high 90s — up about 20 degrees in 24 hours! It will cool down by the weekend — dropping another 20 degrees.    Volatility: the buzzword for this lunar cycle, so it would seem. We’ve got  a lot to cover today.

First, Moon entered Cancer yesterday at 1:34PM ET, suggesting a focus on emotional and homeland security. Moon is generally very happy in Cancer, the sign it rules — whether it’s loony or weepy or cooking up a storm or counting all its clams. Early this morning, however, Moon is challenged by the double whammy of rebel Uranus and muckraking, power-tripping Pluto between 5:57-6:16AM ET. So if your dreams are wooly and wild, or your morning is otherwise bumpy, just know that the edge will subside as the day progresses. It will be interesting to see what’s going on in Europe as they’re sitting down to lunch…

Another color to the day –which has been in effect for a few days: mental Mercury challenged by stern Saturn, exact at 12:05PM ET. On the downside, some may be feeling depressed or limited in their expression; after all Saturn can be a total wet blanket. On the plus side: Saturn can add focus, gravitas and discipline to our thoughts and communication. So if you need to pitch a weighty project or have a serious talk, this pattern can help get you motivated to do it. Especially if it’s related to your New Moon agenda.

Speaking of feeling limited — and remembering the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon (the mockingbird — read yesterday’s forecast), it’s fascinating to see a story hitting the NY Times right NOW — about art experts — who are called upon to decide if a work is REAL or fake — now feeling like they can no longer freely express their opinion.

Contrast the serious mind over matter symbolism of the Mercury-Saturn square with another big aspect, exact on Monday. This is a square between Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy and nebulous Neptune. What’s that all about? Faith. Spirit. Escapism. Fantasy. And for some, a heady dose of convoluted legal issues (keep an eye on things happening in the courts). Why? Jupiter refers to the law (and sports, too); Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches. And just yesterday former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens was acquitted on charges that he lied to Congress about taking steroids. Drugs. Lying. Neptune! Sports. Law. Jupiter! Put the two together = potentially weird! In your own personal world, you can use the practical discipline of the Mercury-Saturn square to advance an inspired ideal (Jupiter-Neptune). Got that?

Moving on to the evening hours: at 7:09PM ET the Sun will be at zero degrees of Cancer, marking the official start of summer (100 degrees in NY!!?!), a.k.a. the Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that solstices and equinoxes occur at zero degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), also known as the Aries Point. What does that mean, you ask. Planets that are at the Aries Point tend to push for prominence. In the course of a year, the beginning of a new season attracts our attention because it is the turning point — the beginning of a new phase of development. Things that come into being — including people — when the Sun is at the Aries Point often have a knack for becoming famous in whatever pond they swim in.

Last but not least, a supportive connection between loving Venus and innovative Uranus at 8:57PM ET can add a creative spark to your artistic inclinations and your social interactions. You could do worse than hang out with a group of offbeat people this evening.

Get it off your desk today: Moon is void of course from 12:48PM – 11:47PM ET on Thursday….



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/19/2012: New Moon in Gemini (Again!)

Another New Moon, another opportunity to reset your intentions for the next four weeks, so you can be consciously in line with planetary patterns. And when you are conscious of whatever wind is at your back, you can be more effective at manifesting what you want.

This New Moon, like the last New Moon, is in Gemini. It is rare that we have two New Moons in a row in the same sign. Last month’s New Moon was at zero degrees of Gemini — the beginning of the sign; this one is at 28 degrees — close to the very end. What is this double emphasis on Gemini all about?

Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, which refers to the mindset, information and communication. Gemini is a double-bodied sign (it is represented by the Twins), and is thus capable of going either way — or more than one way simultaneously — in a situation. Gemini invented the phrase “…on the other hand…” (Gemini even rules the hands).

Last month, the New Moon at zero degrees of Gemini (accompanied by a powerful solar eclipse), suggested a major shift in mindset and communication. We were challenged to acknowledge the power of what we think and how we say it, and become consciously aware that what goes through our minds is directly related to what we attract in the physical world. The Sabian Symbol for last month’s New Moon was “a glass bottomed boat”, suggesting a four-week window of new VISION and clarity as a result of peering into the depths (of the mind).

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “the first mockingbird in Spring”. Hmm…Spring! Sounds like a continuation of a new vision to me. Spring is definitely a time when new things begin to grow. But why a mockingbird? Why not a robin or a sparrow? Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee points out that a mockingbird is known to mimic the songs of other birds, “suggesting that one never knows if what is heard is what it actually is…situations that call for a discriminating awareness.”

Here’s a video produced by a group of people who were so happy that their local public library was slated to permanently close (for lack of funds), that they invited the whole town to a book-burning party to celebrate. How cool is that? The library shuts down, and three days later, every book in the library goes up in flames. And there will be food. And dancing! Awesome!

Wait…is that a mockingbird I hear? What is this video really about? Frankly, it’s genius at work. These clever folks figured out a way to completely reframe the debate on an issue of civic importance. In doing so, they convinced others to re-think what they wanted in their lives — and take action. In the end, what people really wanted was a library.

Here’s another piece that crossed my desk yesterday. A letter written in response to a post by an intern at NPR (a public radio station, for those reading this overseas) who acknowledged that of the 11,000 songs in her music collection, she had only paid for about 15 CDs in her entire life.  If you read this post and you do not already work in the music industry, this article will forever change your thoughts on the value of music. And it might change your actions as a result.

Are you brave enough to change your mind?  It requires a willingness to hear multiple sides of a situation — Gemini! You’ll have to take time to verify that what you’re hearing is what is real. And you’ll have to make sure that what you’re thinking and saying to the Universe is an accurate reflection of what you really want.

This will likely be a jam-packed month of surprises, with great potential for growth and development. Like the weather in New England (as the saying goes), if you don’t like it…wait five minutes.

More tomorrow on the changes:  Venus and Saturn turning direct (on the 27th and 25th of June); Mercury turning retrograde (July 14th), and the first of the seven exact squares between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto (June 24th). Oh and there’s more…so much more.

And before I forget, the Moon voids this week: today 11:02AM – 1:34PM ET and Thursday 12:48PM – 11:47PM ET. Plan accordingly.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/18/2012: Dark Side of the Moon

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle, feeling the anticipation of the new cycle that will soon begin (at 11:02AM ET on Tuesday the 19th) — and possibly listlessness and/or restlessness as a result of the unknown. Best to wrap up projects you’ve been working on in this cycle and save your launches for after the 19th.

Moon is in Gemini today, gathering information and flinging it to the four winds in perhaps a haphazard way in the morning. Your focus may be sharper in the afternoon and late evening, as well as your tongue. At 11:11PM ET aggressive Mars in persnickety Virgo may well find fault with something — or someone — when it challenges the fickle Gemini Moon. Will the whole world have to hear about it — or just the folks in your own personal world?