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Thursday 9/7/2017 & the Weekend: The Calm Before the Storm

Allll- righty then!

As of 8:01 AM ET the Moon is in me-me-me Aries, driving the day with a need to inspire, and — if it’s on its best behavior — fiercely champion the underdog. Humming in the background is a power-consolidating harmony between the Sun and Pluto, exact on Sunday. Forge ahead — though do be advised that Mercury, planet of communication and travel, is just getting back up to speed after turning direct on Tuesday. Easy does it in all matters of thinking, speaking and getting from Point A to Point B.

Power plays and potential disruption of the status quo may rear their heads around midday ET on FRIDAY; early morning ET on SATURDAY, as the Aries Moon is rattled by its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus.

Moon enters Taurus on SATURDAY at 12:23 PM ET — and if we are really lucky, Mother Nature will respect the Taurus need for material comfort, security and stability. Mercury re-enters Virgo at 10:52 PM ET — may cooler analytical heads prevail through September 29th.

Moon goes void on SUNDAY at 8:54 PM ET…not to enter Gemini until 3:29PM ET on MONDAY. A slow start to the next work week — yes, you can sleep in.

And now, the news.

UPDATE:  Michelle Obama, whose horoscope is performing exactly as anticipated on October 17, 2016.

What does her horoscope suggest in the near-term future? We immediately see the potential for a declaration of individualism in the late spring and summer of next year, as transiting Uranus challenges  her no-nonsense Capricorn Sun. This streak carries into the spring of 2018.

Michelle Obama just ripped up the playbook for former First Ladies,”  says WaPo. What’s causing such a stir?

After more than a decade in public life, can she freely shed the sheath dress and pearls for a wide brim black hat and dookie braids?

She just did.

By allowing herself to be photographed alongside 15 other members of Beyoncé’s inner circle, Obama reclaimed her image from the annals of stodgy first lady portraits…

I would not be surprised to see another statement of independence from Mrs. Obama around mid-October.

Meanwhile, I am so glad I wrote about the Sabian Symbols for yesterday’s Full Moon in Pisces, even though I wasn’t quite sure how they might be relevant in the headlines. “A lady in a fox fur” represents 14 Pisces, suggesting “cunning” and “camouflage for family protection,” according to Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee.

Guess who WaPo is calling “crazy like a fox” in today’s news? Not Michelle Obama.  Nay, ’tis P45 — because of his jaw-dropping decision to go along with the Democrats — a.k.a. “Chuck and Nancy” in a deal to kick the can down the road another three months and fund the federal government  and hurricane relief at least through December. It is totally worth it to subscribe to WaPo, just read in full a prescient interview with Michael Steele from last fall:

So, let me just say straight up that, in answer to your question, the Republican Party still has this fight to go through, and they still have this reckoning. Because what they’ve done is they’ve elected someone who was not of their caste. … He’s not a Republican in the sense that Paul Ryan is a Republican or Reince Priebus is a Republican. He is a guy who is a populist, and he was able to — as we saw with Bernie Sanders — shake up the system.

“Not of their caste,” i.e., “a lady in fox fur.?” Well. I did say we could expect bipartisan efforts this week in the aftermath of the Aug 27th Jupiter-Saturn sextile, right? But if it’s coming from P45, the Sabian Symbol suggests the motive has more to do with self-preservation than authentic cooperation. P45 Jr was summoned to the Senate today to explain why he took a meeting with that Russian lady lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. And son-in-law Jared Kushner may have helped Russian operatives buy targeted  political ads on Facebook, etc., etc., etc.

In other news, House Speaker Paul Ryan, interviewed in today’s NYT, says P45 “wanted a bipartisan moment;” i.e. no “partisan fight over hurricane aid.”  P45 is reportedly thrilled thrilled thrilled with the positive media coverage…and to further confound Republican members of Congress, he tweeted “reassurances” to those 800,000 young DACA immigrants that they do not need to worry about being deported. He did this at the behest of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House.

Enough with the politics. This one is fun. There’s another element to the “lady in a fox fur.” Blain Bovee notes that a “fox” is archaically a name for a sword, and also “a name for the sheath of a sword, echoing the covering theme.” Then he goes into a discussion of how King Arthur concealed his true identity as boy, up until the moment he pulled the sword Excalibur out of a stone. And as I was reading that passage a couple of nights ago, this story broke: Girl Pulls Sword from Lake of King Arthur’s Excalibur.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

Under this week’s Sun-Neptune opposition, it makes sense to see a magical story making headlines. Empathy, faith, dreams, betrayal, plastics and water water everywhere would also be apt. Back to politics, because it seems it is the only thing making news apart from hurricanes. Thus in the US, P45 had giddy hatchet elf Jeff Sessions announce the end of DACA — potentially deporting 800,000 U.S. taxpayers — a.k.a. “Dreamers” —   unless Congress passes a law that allows them to stay within six months. Who took credit for the six-month delay? P45’s Evangelical Advisory Board.   There’s your Sun-Neptune theme of faith. Meanwhile,  I’ll just leave this one here: Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens.

ECLIPSE UPDATE: Keith Schiller, one of P45’s closest associates, has left the White House. P45 is “crushed,” says People magazine.  With the eclipse falling on P45’s Ascendant, we can see the potential for relationships to suddenly end. In other news, Steve Bannon will be interviewed on 60 Minutes this Sunday. His Moon was likely eclipsed on August 21st and activated this week by  transiting Mars (action) and Mercury (communication). Action action blah blah blah, driven by a need to be perfectly right….pushed into the spotlight. Eclipsed.

Not eclipsed — and  in honor of this week’s trine between the exacting Virgo Sun and Pluto, craters, plains and mountains on Pluto have officially been named.

Last but not least, author, artist, educator and radical feminist Kate Millett passed away. “She is best known for her book Sexual Politics (1970), which became the cornerstone of the modern feminist movement, followed by another novel in 1974 and her autobiography in 1977″, says her Wikipedia biography. Why did she need to be so radical?

A quick glance at her horoscope reveals rebel Uranus right on a feisty, pioneering Aries Ascendant — supercharging a willful Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Libra.  “Pioneering” — that’s how she’s remembered  in this obit published in the Guardian.  Oh — and that Mars is in the 5th House of love, love, love — reflected in this quote from her obit, “Let’s always be having an affair. Wherever we meet, however many times a year – let it always be an affair.”

Ms. Millett was a Virgo with Moon in righteously opinionated Sagittarius. Her Sun at 21 Virgo was under a streamlining squeeze all year, thanks to transiting Saturn. The second of three challenging squares was August 4th; the third is September 15th, one day after her 83rd birthday. She passed away in Paris, where she was celebrating her upcoming solar return with her wife. A romantic to the end…

To Avid Readers in Irma’s path (and those digging out from Harvey) — may you find yourselves out of harm’s way. Please stay safe.

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Friday 6/29/2012 & the Weekend: the Supremes Rule; TGIF

Moon entered the watery depths of Scorpio yesterday at 4:32PM ET, needing to be of substance and seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control. Add to this intensity a few more power plays and shocks to the system, suggested by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus challenging the Sun at 11AM ET and 4:11PM ET, respectively. How much more excitement can you stand (as if yesterday wasn’t enough — at least here in the US)? Watch the headlines.

In your own personal world, today you may well afford to make a power play or sudden move of your own. If so, you will be supported by a lovely connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter at 11:39AM ET that is oh-so-very smart. Seriously. What’s on your mind? Got an idea you want to pitch? Or would you prefer to simply take action?

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Saturday, save for a couple of connections to the Moon…and the one we’re most likely to notice is a potentially dreamy/spacey challenge from nebulous Neptune at 10:55PM ET. Just who is that person you’re having dinner with, anyway? Are they really who they seem to be? By then the Moon will have moved into rowdy Sagittarius (as of 6:04PM ET), inspiring you to expand your mind and your horizons for the sake of a good time. Really, the Moon is delightfully supported by a series of pleasantries from 1:05AM to 7:52AM ET on Sunday…and then coasts through the rest of the day. Should be fun for our neighbors to the North who will be celebrating Canada Day. Huzzah!

OK, now for the news. You recall yesterday the Moon was void of course, suggesting a higher probability of crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing, correct? So in case you hadn’t heard, here are two screenshots from the good folks at Fox News and CNN, who were apparently so desperate to be the first to tell you how the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act, that they just made stuff up. Epic Fails! And apparently some folks over at the White House believed what they saw on TV until actual professional journalists at other networks reported the facts. Blame the initial freak out and confusion on the void…

Having looked at the birth dates for the nine justices of the Supreme Court the night before (see yesterday’s forecast), we could anticipate that Chief Justice Roberts would be the one to watch — driving the action. Roberts is an Aquarius with Moon in Pisces (Jan 27 1955 — time unknown), but what reeeally jumps out right now is his Mars (action!)  in pioneering Aries.  It is directly impacted by the status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting success after tremendous energy applied and a dominance of will. The only question would be…what did Chief Justice Roberts want?

Well, surprise, surprise (and thanks to planetary patterns, we were sure there would be one). Not only did Roberts write the majority opinion himself, he broke ranks with his conservative colleagues. The status quo was disrupted, and in a 5-4 decision, the Affordable Care Act stands. We can expect more dynamic action from Chief Justice Roberts as Pluto and Uranus continue to supercharge his natal Mars through 2013. I’ll be verrrrry interested to see what’s going on in his life between November and February of 2013 — with December being the focal point for a particularly bold — and probably disruptive — shift (SA Pluto=Uranus, for the astrology pros reading this).

Then there was this shocking upset from yesterday: Rafael Nadal defeated at Wimbledon by an upstart! Note that sports matches that occur during Moon voids have a higher probability of victory for the underdog…

Have a great weekend — and keep those cards and letters coming : )


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/28/2012: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Moon in rational, fair-minded, relationship-oriented Libra goes void at 4:22AM ET on a serious, potentially ambitious or depressing (choose one and operate accordingly) hook-up with Saturn, setting the tone for the bulk of the day. I wrote that line last night — and at 2:30AM ET a story hit the NYT home page speculating that losses at JPMorgan Chase may reach $9 billion (up from the $2 billion that was reported on May 10, a few days before Venus — money, love, value — turned retrograde). Apparently there has been time to review the financial situation (reviewing is an excellent thing to do when planets are retrograde) — and it is interesting that today’s revised estimates of losses comes after Venus has just turned direct.

Back to today’s long Moon void: if you’re new to the forecast and aren’t familiar with Moon voids and how to manage them, click here. You’ll have until 4:32PM ET today to consciously experience what a void can feel like: odd twists and delays cropping up while trying to move in a straight line; crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing; a higher chance of people flaking out. Go with the flow — maybe even a creative flow — and resist the temptation to make an impulsive purchase that later proves useless.

In the background you may have been noticing — all week — an intense buzz. You may also have noticed traffic jams of all forms — why has it been so hard for people to just get where they need to go? To review the major action of the week:  three planets either changed direction and/or sign, which requires a mental adjustment as we adapt to the new traffic flow. Patience! And there’s that square between Uranus and Pluto, which can’t help but disrupt the status quo.

On Friday, the Sun, now in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, will be exactly opposed by ruthless Pluto and squared by rebel Uranus (at 11AM ET and 4:11PM ET), but certainly we’ve been feeling the supercharged potential for power plays and breakthroughs/break-ups of this pattern all week. If you were born a few days before the 30th of March, June, September or December, you have likely been feeling the intensity on a personal level. In the headlines, right now I’m seeing a break-up in Rupert Murdoch’s empire, as the New York Times heads to China. Meanwhile, life in parts of Colorado is being disrupted as a wildfire rages out of control.

We can anticipate more of the same over the next couple of days, as we await a Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act presumably to be announced today…though with the Moon void of course, a delay is not 100% out of the picture. Just for fun, I took a look at the birthdays of all the Supreme Court justices. I immediately noticed that Chief Justice John G. Roberts has aggressive Mars in pioneering Aries — and that his dynamic, assertive will is being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon are two other newsmakers who have Mars activated by Uranus-Pluto right now. Compulsive forces at work in the promotion of personal agendas?

And now, a vintage song by Neil Sedaka, which popped into my head while I was thinking about a subhead for today’s forecast. Enjoy!


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/23/2011: Dark Side of the Moon

Only one exact aspect today and that’s a challenge between Moon in opinionated Sagittarius and Mars (action) in perfectionist Virgo, exact at 12:30PM ET. If everyone’s a critic today, you’re sure to hear about it. Passions are likely running high — and that can be a good thing! If it’s not good, a little patience goes a long way, especially since we are feeling the restlessness of the gamboling Moon. We know there’s something around the corner, but we can’t quite see it yet.

Anyone noting any fallout from yesterday’s challenge between erratic Uranus and the Sun?  I noted a series of quakes in New Zealand and plenty of explosions in Baghdad Also noting big news impacting the aviation industry and continued revelations about the damaged reactor in Japan As we move closer to Thursday, we can anticipate more news from underground, as the Sun (life force) makes its annual hookup with “resistance is futile” Pluto. For those celebrating birthdays in the middle of the week, this should be quite an empowering — or transforming — time.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/20/2011

Those wonderfully exuberant feelings of good cheer I mentioned yesterday? A number of them are exact today — hooray. Moon enters Scorpio, seeking emotional depths at 5:33AM ET, after a brief rest and self-indulgent embrace from loving Venus at 4:49AM ET. A jolly good bounce from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy follows at 6:14AM ET. Tune into this energy of bliss and you may find — to your surprise — that it’s a most excellent way to meet that Scorpio Moon’s need for power and control.  People may wonder what’s your secret.

Meanwhile, when Venus, planet of beauty, love and social affection leaves social-climbing Capricorn for the eccentric sign of Aquarius at 1:26PM ET, even the stuffiest stuffed shirt may be inclined to respond positively to what is friendly, unconventional and/or surprising. If you are going to a holiday party this evening, watch for overindulgence and grand gestures — especially of the liquid and juicy emotional kind — lest they lead to outrageous opinions expressed that you may later wish you hadn’t.

On Thursday, erratic Uranus challenges the Sun in earthy Capricorn at the first degree of that sign. I anticipate a continuation of the headlines we’ve already been seeing related to jolts, shake-ups, space, aviation, telecommunications, rebels, accidents, innovation, genius and revelation — things that disrupt the status quo. Be advised that events suggested by Uranus tend to show up earlier, rather than later.