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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 11/26-27/2011: Venus Pulls Focus

Moon continues its sojourn through opinionated, high-flying Sagittarius, suggesting a need to ramble — in action and in words. Take it slow and choose your words carefully, as you adjust to Mercury (mind, communication, travel), now retrograde. Gossip is a good thing to avoid during this time, as information that crosses the wires is more likely to be off than usual.

Over the next two days Venus, planet of love, money, beauty and social expression pulls focus. At 7:36AM ET Venus enters the practical, status-oriented sign of Capricorn, where it is promptly challenged by eccentric, erratic Uranus. New associations made now might be found way off the beaten path. You may find yourself attracted to the weirdly wonderful or technological; you may find yourself pulling in a new flame that flares up and fades as suddenly as it arrived. Keep an open mind.

Take a break from 7:06PM – 10:04PM ET, while the Moon is void of course. Moon joins Venus in Capricorn for the remainder of the evening, hooking up with Venus shortly thereafter — and that’s just lovely. On Sunday, you can apply the make-it-happen energy of the Capricorn Moon to just about anything — with this caveat: a delicious connection between Venus and Jupiter, the planet of reward, suggests a high probability of indulgence. Watch your wallet; otherwise let the good times roll.

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