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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/3/2014: Feet on the Ground; Pie in the Sky

Pull it together today with innovation, as you work to build something solid out of Monday and Tuesday’s innovative, proactive spirit. The Moon has been in steady, comfort-seeking Taurus since 12:15AM ET, where it will stay until 5:25AM ET on Friday. Oh the joyful sensual indulgences that can be yours for the next two days, supported by an easy connection between Venus and Jupiter that’s exact on Thursday! Anyone with a planet or angle around 22 degrees of virtually every sign may be personally feeling the love, or at least a potential expansion.

Meanwhile, as Uranus and Pluto move closer and closer to their sixth exact square on December 15th, those with planets or angles around 12 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer are likely feeling the “change or die” buzz. If you don’t know where your planets are, consider getting the Astro-Basics Report — third item down on this list here. Really, you’ll get even more out of this daily forecast if you take the time to learn more about your personal horoscope, and I’m happy to help.

And now, the news.

Divorce rates are down. Are you surprised? Apparently they peaked in the late 70s and early 80s. So of course I had to check my ephemeris to see exactly what going on in the cosmos that would reflect a breakdown and reality check in the contractual institution of marriage.  Let’s see….breakdown…reality check…marriage. Sounds like Pluto…Saturn….Libra. And in fact, Pluto was in Libra in the late 70s — just past 15 degrees — the halfway mark. Saturn was in Libra in the early 80s. Libra refers to marriage and other one-on-one partnerships.

Pluto will flirt with the halfway mark of Capricorn next year, and then move full speed ahead at 15 Capricorn in January of 2016.  Saturn will join Pluto in Capricorn in January of 2018. Capricorn refers to the Establishment, financial and government institutions. That would be a good time for a bit of restructuring.

Meanwhile, the good folks at NBC have picked a fine feel-good evening for their second foray into live musical theater broadcast: Peter Pan, tomorrow night. Planetary patterns support technical and technological endeavors, and from this write-up, they are going to need them. Compare it to planetary patterns on their first effort — last year’s ratings success story, “The Sound of Music”.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends. The more new readers I reach,  the longer I will be able to continue providing it freely. Your referrals do help.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/1/2014: Sneak Peek At The Week

Good Morning!

Plenty of feisty fire energy to start off the work week, as the Moon in RAMbunctious Aries makes easy connections to Mercury and Sun in high-flying Sagittarius at 5:15AM and 12:30PM ET. Make your pioneering initiatives sooner rather than later today, aided by another easy connection between action hero Mars and disciplined Saturn at 2PM ET.  As the day progresses, you may feel a power surge that releases in an upset or breakthrough, as the Moon in headstrong Aries makes its weekly clash with ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus at 5:12PM and 6:12PM ET, respectively.

Overall patterns this week favor action, innovation and someplace somewhere, somebody enjoying more than a bit of abundance. The action is the aforementioned Mars-Saturn connection; the innovation is courtesy of easy connections to the Sun (lifeforce) and Mercury (mindset, communication) from technogeek Uranus on Thursday and Friday; the abundance is thanks to another easy connection between sweet Venus in Sagittarius and cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter on Thursday.

There are few Moon voids to delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line, at least not during business hours in the Americas. These natural rest periods will happen on: Tuesday 9:42PM ET until 12:15AM ET on Wednesday, and Friday 1:45AM ET until 5:25AM ET. So…onward!

One notable shift this week is Mars, planet of action, leaving Capricorn on Thursday night. Mars functions with great drive and efficiency in Capricorn, where it happily serves the Establishment and the building of empires. In Aquarius, where it will be until January 12th, it needs to take action on broad-minded humanitarian concerns that may also buck the system. It can also be quite stubborn in its fringe pursuits.

And now, the news.

Monday’s proactive patterns could be effectively applied to the start of a two-week-long summit in South America during which U.N. negotiators will try to do something productive about climate change. How interesting that we’ll have that sixth Uranus-Pluto square in two weeks. Perhaps one of the groundbreaking events will be related to the outcome of this summit.

Not much else to report since I consciously avoided serious headlines over the holiday weekend. But I did note this release of a holiday ad campaign for Sainsbury’s — the British supermarket chain — coinciding with last week’s rose-colored, peace-seeking Sun-Neptune square.  The ad depicts a temporary truce that happened among British and German soldiers fighting in World War I. It was Christmas, and miraculously, they stopped fighting — for one day. And they reportedly shared chocolate and photos and played their version of football, or so the commercial would have us believe. Then it was business as usual, and they went back to trying to kill each other. Amazing.  This other video tells the story of how the commercial was made.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/7/2013: Mind the Void

Moon is void of course in enterprising Capricorn as of 7:44AM ET, not to enter Aquarius until 2:17PM ET. Be flexible in your efforts to make things happen, as it can be challenging to move forward in a straight line. During voids, there is a higher probability of twists, flakes and other maddening delays. Don’t panic!

Creative brainstorming can take you to wondrous places. Tune in to the indulgent bubble of optimism now in effect, courtesy of loving Venus harmonizing with expansive Jupiter. This can encourage cooperation among those who are often at odds. Witness the latest between NYT columnists Gail Collins and DavidBrooks in their version of the SNL  classic parody “Point/Counterpoint”  (amazing how things have not changed in 30 years, hmmm?) This week, even they seem to concede they don’t have much to argue about. For now.

In other news, signs of life in an alien universe — and check this out, habitable planets are closer than you might think. Far out!

***Holy rosebud, Batman! Only one week until Valentines’ Day!   Fortunately, I’ve conjured up two consultation specials for the occasion — for your sweetie or yourself. They are available all month and the details can be found here.***

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/9/2012 & The Weekend: Why Not Delightful?

More of the same sorting, perfecting, correcting energy from yesterday, blessed by the afterglow of an exact trine between loving Venus and generous Jupiter at 2:26AM ET. This aspect can bring out the best in people; it can also tend to be a bit lazy and indulgent — but in a joyful, relaxed way. Hey, it’s Friday. Hooray! Let that mood carry you until 7:27PM ET, when Moon goes void on an opinionated, supercharged connection from aggressive Mars. A clash of wills about details — or a surge of passion seeking release. Which will it be?

Chill through the evening. Moon enters people-pleasing Libra at 4:35AM, encouraging social connections. Wanna shop? Indulge in something that makes you feel beautiful. Be advised of the potential for surprises and flashes of insights around 1:08PM ET, as Moon is opposed by rebel Uranus…followed by a challenge from potent Pluto at 5:33PM ET, which may heighten emotions for a few hours.

Sunday is notable for nebulous Neptune turning direct at 2:53AM ET. If you’ve been turning inward over the past few months searching for vision and spiritual guidance, all the wisdom you have discovered may now be directed outward. You will feel this shift more than most if you have a planet or angle around 0 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius….or if you were born on the first day of those signs. If you are in this category, you’ll be happy to know that the weird, spacy, foggy feelings you’ve been struggling with will soon be lifted. If you’ve been channeling that spaciness into art, healing, spirit or selfless service, you’re probably feeling less frustrated than others who have trying to bluster and fight to get ahead.

Sunday is also notable for two sweet connections to the Moon from Jupiter and Venus, a loving vibe that can carry you through the day. Enjoy the break in the action. We are in the dark side of the Moon, a time to wrap up whatever amazing insight you got from the “wake-up call” that began this lunar cycle. Moon goes void at 12:13AM ET on Monday…and enters Scorpio at 6:10AM ET. Tuesday marks the New Moon at 5:08PM ET — and it’s a doozy of a solar eclipse.

I am observing the indulgent Venus-Jupiter trine and Mercury retrograde by taking a break from the headlines. Have I looked at the Inauguration Day chart to see what the next four years may bring? Of course. And we’ll get to it later. Meanwhile, I have been sifting and sorting through boxes of letters and diaries from dearly departed grandmothers. One happy discovery was the name of the town in Italy where one set of great-grandparents were born. It is so small that years ago, I couldn’t even find it on a map. But now, with the internet, this town of 995 inhabitants has its own website. And this is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Mercury retrogrades are wonderful opportunities for REconnection…and REmembrance of things past…

Have a great weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/8/2012: Adventures in Retrograde

Typing this with the Moon now fully engaged in earthy Virgo, a sign well-suited for detail-oriented work designed to correct or perfect. If you are focused, much can be accomplished in projects requiring research, discernment and concentration. The evening looks promising for indulgence, as Moon is squared by expansive Jupiter at 1:23AM ET on Thursday, followed by a generous, feel-good trine between loving Venus and Jupiter at 2:26AM ET. The Venus-Jupiter connection has been in effect all week, doing its best to soften ragged edges and calm troubled waters.

And speaking of correcting and perfecting, let me give you more details on the little Mercury retrograde story I shared with you yesterday. This was the item about George W. Bush’s most excellent adventure at the polls on Tuesday, but as it turns out, it was absolutely, positively not true. Although the hypothetical scenario of confusion and communication snafus described in the anecdote are absolutely typical of things that can happen when Mercury is retrograde, which was my original reason for putting in the forecast.

HOWEVER… after I had uploaded the forecast to be distributed by the good folks at Mailchimp, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. “I better double check this story,” I thought — which is an excellent mantra for surviving Mercury retrogrades unscathed. And — just like the story of the Omaha man vowing to run naked through the streets no matter who won the election, the W. story was apparently a fabrication. And I thought, “this will REALLY be a good teaching tool for explaining the potential reflections of Mercury Rx” (“Rx” is the abbreviation for “retrograde”)!!

I rushed to add a postscript to the forecast — but — d’oh! Too late — the forecast had already shipped!  So I wrote a separate email, scheduled it to ship one hour later, and guess what? The postscript posted to my website, as I discovered yesterday afternoon, but it did not go out via email. Double d’oh!!!

Moral of the story: during Mercury Rx, our brains do not always function with their usual alacrity. This applies to all humans, including astrologers. A big challenge of Mercury Rx is to slow down and stay FOCUSED. What would the New York Times say in a situation like this? How about:

We sincerely regret the error, and hope you will learn from our Mercury Rx misteak.”

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 11/26-27/2011: Venus Pulls Focus

Moon continues its sojourn through opinionated, high-flying Sagittarius, suggesting a need to ramble — in action and in words. Take it slow and choose your words carefully, as you adjust to Mercury (mind, communication, travel), now retrograde. Gossip is a good thing to avoid during this time, as information that crosses the wires is more likely to be off than usual.

Over the next two days Venus, planet of love, money, beauty and social expression pulls focus. At 7:36AM ET Venus enters the practical, status-oriented sign of Capricorn, where it is promptly challenged by eccentric, erratic Uranus. New associations made now might be found way off the beaten path. You may find yourself attracted to the weirdly wonderful or technological; you may find yourself pulling in a new flame that flares up and fades as suddenly as it arrived. Keep an open mind.

Take a break from 7:06PM – 10:04PM ET, while the Moon is void of course. Moon joins Venus in Capricorn for the remainder of the evening, hooking up with Venus shortly thereafter — and that’s just lovely. On Sunday, you can apply the make-it-happen energy of the Capricorn Moon to just about anything — with this caveat: a delicious connection between Venus and Jupiter, the planet of reward, suggests a high probability of indulgence. Watch your wallet; otherwise let the good times roll.