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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/26/2014: In the Void; Mars-Uranus Fallout; Obama & Boehner

Chill time. Moon is still buzzing in Gemini, but as of 7:56AM ET, it’s void of course — all dressed up perhaps, but with no place to go. Take care of routine tasks. If you’re feeling listless or restless, chalk it up to the double whammy of a Moon that is void and also dead. This is last day of the lunar cycle, and many may sense there’s something new around the corner, but they can’t quite tell what it is.

At 5:06PM ET, Moon enters Cancer, shifting the focus to emotional and home/homeland security needs. The New Moon begins at 4:08AM ET on Friday…stay tuned.

Plenty of startling headlines on Wednesday, reflecting the disruptive potential of the Mars-Uranus opposition. First, a unanimous (!) decision from the Supreme Court, as the justices rule that police officers may not search a cell phone without a warrant. In another ruling regarding technology (Uranus), information and who may access it, TV broadcasters and copyrights prevailed over Aereo, a television streaming service with much lower fees than cable.

There have been numerous headlines about the use of drones; yesterday’s front page was notable because of an actual report published on the probable consequences we face if they continue to be employed. And in an apparent first, a woman in Seattle says two men used a drone to spy on her through the window of her apartment.

In Mississippi, another first, as “blacks turned out in record numbers” to vote for a Republican senator running against a Tea Party candidate, likely helping the Senator, Thad Cochran keep his Senate seat. NYT columnist Gail Collins presents her usual irreverent take on the story.

In other news, John Boehner says he intends to introduce legislation next week that would allow the House to sue President Obama for his alleged “unconstitutional overreach.” As noted before, the US horoscope has the Sun at 13 Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra. Both of these planets were hit by April’s Cardinal Grand Cross, and continue to be supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.  It’s the challenge to Saturn that suggests a particularly agonizing period of time in these United States. In Obama’s horoscope, stern Saturn hovering around 18 degrees of Scorpio has been making contact with his 18 degrees of Aquarius Ascendant. The Ascendant refers to personal projection and also is part of the health center of the horoscope. Saturn rules Obama’s 12th house, which refers to hidden enemies/self-undoing and also health issues. As projected, Obama is on a especially ambitious (Saturn) roll now, launching initiatives however he can without the full support of the House. We can expect this ambitious reach to continue, as Saturn approaches the top of his horoscope this fall and next summer. Other measurements suggest expansive action…I do not see him slowing down, despite other measurements that do suggest subversive efforts to thwart him.

Boehner’s horoscope (no exact birth time) is currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. His Venus is at 12 Capricorn, so we can expect his need for social expression to become more empowered (or ruthless); as well as emancipated (or reckless/rebellious). His Libra Moon may well be making contact with rebel Uranus, intensifying an independent streak. His Neptune at 16 Libra is also affected, suggesting an intensified need for vision (or delusion). Saturn is also active in Boehner’s horoscope, though he will not experience its full impact until this fall, when it meets up with his Scorpio Sun. Whatever ambitious reach or controls he experiences then may well be repeated in about a year and a half. Other measurements suggest relentless and resourceful action for the next couple of years. For more on his horoscope, look  here.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/6/2011: New Congress, New Speaker

We haven’t had an exact aspect to the Moon since  7:15AM NY yesterday, and we won’t have another until 7:59PM tonight.  What we do have is a approaching challenge to Sun (the energy of the day) from restrictive Saturn in “hey! that’s not fair!!” or “mind your manners!” Libra, exact on Friday AM at 9:09 NY time. Feeling any tension and frustration? Keep on trucking! You can do it!

Without exact aspects, planets can “run wild” in a horoscope. When Moon in Aquarius runs wild, as it was for most of yesterday and most of today, you end up with an overwhelming need to be of social significance and innovative – or at least be seen that way. Mars, symbolizing the our drive to apply energy/take action is also running wild in the “make it happen” sign of Capricorn. And so is Pluto, which wrote the book on ruthless power mavens. That’s the blueprint of the energy that marks the start of the 112th Congress. Fascinating! And it took our new House majority less than half a day to strip six delegates (who I’m quite sure represent people who pay US taxes) of certain voting rights Ruthless power running wild? Readers, what do you think?

Our new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, born 11/17/1949 in Reading, OH is likely keenly aware of power, being a Scorpio ruled by the aforementioned Pluto. I don’t know what time he was born, but even so, his horoscope has a few notable patterns. First is a likely strong Moon-Neptune connection in socially-oriented Libra. Understand that the Moon defines the reigning need of the individual. And Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches — sometimes into puddles. Neptune can be vision, idealism, dreams, fantasy, escapism, drugs, alcohol, spirituality; it can be sublimely inspirational, too and it works well in the charts of healers, artists, con artists and other visionaries.

A person with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra might assume that everyone else thinks the way he does, be of great personal conviction and might need others to appreciate him so much that he gets elected Speaker of the House. Add in that Neptune energy and you have a man who might need to be a visionary. But what kind of vision?  Hmmm. “The American Dream?” Another notable pattern specific to Boehner’s  horoscope is Uranus, symbolizing an intensity in areas of independence, rebellion, challenging the status quo, freedom, innovation — running wild! And right now, all that intensity is being pushed into prominence and empowered by transiting Pluto opposing that Uranus — and has been since early  2010.  Finally, we note a focused, disciplined and potentially militaristic connection between Mars and Saturn in Virgo, a sign which needs to always always be correct. Compromise, anyone?

But hey, look at it this way: you don’t have to be the 112th Congress to take advantage of the potential for a power grab in your favor. It’s Thursday. Seize the day!