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– S.L.
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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/26/2014: In the Void; Mars-Uranus Fallout; Obama & Boehner

Chill time. Moon is still buzzing in Gemini, but as of 7:56AM ET, it’s void of course — all dressed up perhaps, but with no place to go. Take care of routine tasks. If you’re feeling listless or restless, chalk it up to the double whammy of a Moon that is void and also dead. This is last day of the lunar cycle, and many may sense there’s something new around the corner, but they can’t quite tell what it is.

At 5:06PM ET, Moon enters Cancer, shifting the focus to emotional and home/homeland security needs. The New Moon begins at 4:08AM ET on Friday…stay tuned.

Plenty of startling headlines on Wednesday, reflecting the disruptive potential of the Mars-Uranus opposition. First, a unanimous (!) decision from the Supreme Court, as the justices rule that police officers may not search a cell phone without a warrant. In another ruling regarding technology (Uranus), information and who may access it, TV broadcasters and copyrights prevailed over Aereo, a television streaming service with much lower fees than cable.

There have been numerous headlines about the use of drones; yesterday’s front page was notable because of an actual report published on the probable consequences we face if they continue to be employed. And in an apparent first, a woman in Seattle says two men used a drone to spy on her through the window of her apartment.

In Mississippi, another first, as “blacks turned out in record numbers” to vote for a Republican senator running against a Tea Party candidate, likely helping the Senator, Thad Cochran keep his Senate seat. NYT columnist Gail Collins presents her usual irreverent take on the story.

In other news, John Boehner says he intends to introduce legislation next week that would allow the House to sue President Obama for his alleged “unconstitutional overreach.” As noted before, the US horoscope has the Sun at 13 Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra. Both of these planets were hit by April’s Cardinal Grand Cross, and continue to be supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.  It’s the challenge to Saturn that suggests a particularly agonizing period of time in these United States. In Obama’s horoscope, stern Saturn hovering around 18 degrees of Scorpio has been making contact with his 18 degrees of Aquarius Ascendant. The Ascendant refers to personal projection and also is part of the health center of the horoscope. Saturn rules Obama’s 12th house, which refers to hidden enemies/self-undoing and also health issues. As projected, Obama is on a especially ambitious (Saturn) roll now, launching initiatives however he can without the full support of the House. We can expect this ambitious reach to continue, as Saturn approaches the top of his horoscope this fall and next summer. Other measurements suggest expansive action…I do not see him slowing down, despite other measurements that do suggest subversive efforts to thwart him.

Boehner’s horoscope (no exact birth time) is currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. His Venus is at 12 Capricorn, so we can expect his need for social expression to become more empowered (or ruthless); as well as emancipated (or reckless/rebellious). His Libra Moon may well be making contact with rebel Uranus, intensifying an independent streak. His Neptune at 16 Libra is also affected, suggesting an intensified need for vision (or delusion). Saturn is also active in Boehner’s horoscope, though he will not experience its full impact until this fall, when it meets up with his Scorpio Sun. Whatever ambitious reach or controls he experiences then may well be repeated in about a year and a half. Other measurements suggest relentless and resourceful action for the next couple of years. For more on his horoscope, look  here.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for reviewing your life with an astrologer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/26/2014: Dark Side of the Moon

East Coasters and super-early risers on the West Coast: remember that the Capricorn Moon is void for four hours this AM, not to become fully engaged in the next sign, Aquarius, until 9:55AM ET. A twist or detour in your morning routine/commute is suggested, as Moon voids often challenge efforts to move forward in a straight line.

The potential for twists and snafus spills over into the next couple of days, exacerbated by the super-charged buoyancy of jolly Jupiter’s contact with electric Uranus and the Sun…combined with the slooooooooow moving drag of FOUR planets about to change direction: Mercury (mind, travel, communication), Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction).  What was I writing earlier this week about not knowing if we were coming or going? If in doubt, chill out. Corollary (as seen on my Facebook newsfeed): “A wise man once said nothing”.  Word!

We are in the dark side of the Moon, the end of the lunar cycle. Appropriate actions include wrapping up projects from the past few weeks. There are no exact aspects to the Moon during business hours today, even when it does engage in cerebral, detached, “who’s yer buddy?” Aquarius. The lack of input from other planets, along with the dark Moon, can suggest a listless, restless energy. The New Moon happens at 2:59AM ET on Sunday. Patience, patience, patience….

And now, the news.

Pie-in-the-sky stories reflecting the stunning magic of Jupiter (cosmic sugar daddy) squared by Uranus (lightning bolt), as anticipated? You bet. Here’s a quote from one of them:

“I don’t like to say once-in-a-lifetime for anything, but you don’t get an opportunity to handle this kind of material, a treasure like this, ever,” said veteran numismatist Don Kagin, who is representing the finders. “It’s like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

What a nice middle-aged couple in California couple actually found was $10 million in gold coins buried on their property. OMG, don’t you wish?

Here’s another:

By any measure, it is a lightning reversal of events…

…in which the National Enquirer was obligated to establish and fund a generous play writing competition as a settlement for publishing outrageous fiction about a friend of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Well, in this planetary weather pattern of heavy nebulous Neptune influences and Mercury retrograde muddling of facts, we expected more than one stunning communication misfire — remember?

Meanwhile, is it a coincidence or conspiracy that when Jupiter was engaged with the Uranus-Pluto square in August 2013, Elon Musk, the man behind the Tesla electric car and other “the future is now” productions, was making headlines? And now today, with Jupiter square Uranus again, Tesla’s stock is soaring

From yesterday: Alec Baldwin was the talk of the town when he penned a lengthy piece in New York Magazine stating that he was retiring from public life. Mr. Baldwin has the Sun at 13 degrees of me-me-me Aries, which will soon (in April) be supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross, suggesting a need for emancipation and empowerment.   I suspect that Cross has also been rattling his Libra Moon, which truly needs peace, balance and appreciation from others. This is in spite of a defensive “I do not need anything material from you” posture suggested by a natal Grand Trine among mental Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Well, horoscopes with seemingly contradictory patterns do make the most fascinating people. Mr. Baldwin’s horoscope suggests he is verrry resourceful, with a mind and communication style that demands and presents substance, is highly imaginative, potentially earthy, bombastic and likely somewhat bewildering (Mercury in Taurus opposing Jupiter-Neptune). A hair-trigger temper is suggested by a volatile Mars-Uranus opposition. Not to mention a need for unconventional social expression that can be way over the top (Venus in humanitarian Aquarius opposing ruthless Pluto).  Cue the Animals, now please

Finally, not at all pleased to note actor/writer/director Harold Ramis passed away yesterday. Three planets in Mr. Ramis’ horoscope have been under pressure from the Uranus-Pluto square, and one of those planets is his natal Saturn. That can be heavy, especially when transiting Saturn is also active. Mr. Ramis starred in Ghostbusters and he directed Groundhog Day, an absolutely must-see film. It’s just so darn witty and wise, and if you pay close attention, you’ll remember exactly what to do in order to have a happy, fulfilling, meaningful life. Seriously.

If that doesn’t work, consider consulting your local astrologer…


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/6/2014: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

Good Morning!

The first full work week of the 2014 may begin with a twist, upset or detour, courtesy of a “go with the flow” Pisces Moon being void-of-course between 4:44AM ET and 2:45PM ET. Even so, we’re off to another super-charged week in an equally super-charged first half of the year. Who’s feeling the urge to take action the most? People born 10 to 16 days into Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn….and anyone who has a planet or angle at 10 to 16 degrees of those signs. There is tremendous potential for personal empowerment and emancipation — and much of that growth will likely involve change, so get ready!

The urge to initiate intensifies when the Moon charges into Aries at 2:45PM ET. You may be dealing with an idealistic mindset or communication, suggested by a hook-up between mental Mercury and Venus in enterprising Capricorn. Still, the energy and focus is available to flesh these ideas out, suggested by friendly input from disciplined Saturn. This round of action builds to a physical and/or enthusiastic release on Wednesday, courtesy of an exact challenge between aggressive Mars and jovial Jupiter.

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The planetary pattern that is reflecting all this proactive, super-charged energy is a Grand Cross configuration, that revs up the high-voltage of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square with the addition of challenges from physical, willful Mars and expansive — and sometimes bombastically so — Jupiter. This Grand Cross is an easy image to visualize. Just picture a square with one planet at each corner. Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra are opposite each other; Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are opposite each other. Draw a line between the planets opposing each other, and  you’ve got a Grand Cross — got that?

The Grand Cross is an extremely tense configuration among planets in Cardinal Signs (refer to the forecast posted on the Winter Solstice), and the way Cardinal Signs release tension is to initiate action. Because of the nature of the planets involved, such actions are likely be extreme.  How long will this Grand Cross be hanging around? Off and on through May, with an exact square among all four planets happening April 20th-23rd — mark your calendars, especially since it will be directly impacting the horoscope of the United States.

Here are some topics likely to be dominating the headlines during the Grand Cross. Mars-Uranus oppositions suggest volatility, accidents, aviation, rebellion and technological breakthroughs. Jupiter-Pluto oppositions suggest issues of power and resources of all kinds: energy and currency; corporations and governments. Uranus-Pluto squares suggest disruption of the status quo; with Uranus in Aries it is also the power of one individual to effect radical change, which shakes up the “powers that be” Establishment (Pluto in Capricorn). We can expect the PTB to exert great efforts in order to maintain power and control. Meanwhile, Mars-Jupiter squares suggest great physical stamina and/or overblown ego; Jupiter-Uranus squares suggest sudden windfalls and news from the cosmos.

We’ll recap the Uranus-Pluto square tomorrow; my plan to do that today was preempted by a need to discuss the Cardinal Grand Cross.

FYI, the other Moon void for the work week — other than today — is Wednesday 11:22AM ET – 9:24PM ET.

And now, the news.

Here in New York, commuting delays are rampant, as the subways are officially called “a mess,” courtesy of pouring raining melting whatever was left of last week’s snow. But wait, there’s more. Temperatures will drop from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 7 degrees tonight. Extreme? Yes, and that’s no surprise.

On corporations & corporate reforms: the NYT Op-Ed section has a piece arguing that the corporate income tax should be abolished, with lost revenue replaced by higher taxes on corporate shareholders. Over the weekend a Maine newspaper published an in-depth report on how the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty “threatens” that state’s “frail economy”. You do know about the TPP, yes? I have mentioned it several times over the past year or so. This is a big monster trade agreement that is being negotiated in secret, though Wikileaks and other news organizations have managed to dig up some of the dirt, as noted here; the overall scuttlebutt is that if the United States has its way, the agreement will be extremely favorable to corporate interests.

Meanwhile, solar energy stocks are starting the year on a rally, as Ford Motors prepares to unveil its solar-powered “concept car” at this week’s Consumer Electronic Show. Thought I’d close this forecast with a little bit of sunshine from the Jupiter oppositing Pluto “power & energy sector” on this rainy Monday…

Have I mentioned that this fire-engine red is brought to you by the Moon in me-me-me Aries, inspiring you to start the New Year off with an astro-logical consultation that’s all about YOU? Here’s how to contact me.