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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/19/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; David Bowie & More

Allll– righty then!

I was under the weather early last week. Then I got over it. Then played catch-up. You? I hope you enjoyed the material/sensual comforts and joys suggested by the weekend’s Mooooooon in Taurus — that would have been Sunday and Monday. It was aided and abetted by a excessively indulgent or wretchedly excessive challenge between Venus and Jupiter early Monday morning. Well?

Today’s Moon is brought to you by information junkie Gemini, through which it will sojourn as of 4:13AM ET. The only exact aspect we’ll have during the work day happens at 6:10PM ET, between the talk talk talk Gemini Moon and dreamy Neptune. Are you sure you got that story straight? Moon-Neptune challenges can be so confusing, anxious or visionary. Hard to think about…easier to feel…

On Wednesday, the Sun exits earthy Capricorn and enters humanitarian Aquarius at 10:28AM ET.  Watch for emotions to rise as we approach the Full Moon in Leo, exact on Saturday at 8:46PM ET. Look for matters of social expression, women, finance and aesthetic values to seek prominence the closer we get to Saturday, which is also when Venus will be at the Aries Point (seeking prominence!), leaving high-flying Sagittarius for blue-blooded Capricorn.

Otherwise, mental Mercury — still in retrograde — drives the week as it challenges Uranus on Wednesday at 1:28PM ET and then meets up with potent Pluto at 5:04AM ET on Friday. This is the second of three in a series of Mercury-Uranus-Pluto clashes. The first one happened on December 20-21st. Here’s what was driving the headlines back then. Watch for similar themes this week and over the weekend of January 29th-31st, when we’ll have this supercharged blast of information/communication in the tech/space/cosmic sphere repeating.  If you have a planet or point around 17 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer or Libra, you’re more personally affected than others. Elizabeth Warren falls into this category — and even more so next month. Hmmm.

There are no Moon voids this week to derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line during business hours in the Americas. So keep on REorganizng, REconnecting, RE searching, REviewing, REtreating and RElaxing in this last full week of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Focus on those practical details in your quest for world domination. Here are the voids, for you night owls and people living on the other side of the planet: Tuesday 1:50AM ET – 4:13AM ET; Thursday 3:01AM – 8:28AM ET; Saturday 1:21AM – 2:21PM ET.

And now, the news — catching up on a whole week’s worth.

DAVID BOWIE. Thanks to Avid Reader Diane, who emailed to tell me that rumor had it that the Moon was exact on Mr. Bowie’s 3 degree Aquarius when he transitioned. And this happened to be the moment when I was writing this:

Overall, planetary patterns this week are quite buoyant, compared to last week’s jolts and power plays. The song that comes to mind is “If You Want to Sing Out (Sing Out)” from the cult classic  Harold and Maude (which does not star that drug lord dude Martin Shkreli, fyi — do not confuse him with actor Bud Cort). And wasn’t there something about singing in the symbolism of Saturday’s New Moon?

And then I woke up like everyone else and was so saddened by Mr. Bowie’s departure, perfectly timed as it was, but seemingly way too soon. But the whole world was united in tribute, and it was so refreshing to see nothing but Bowie songs and memes in the headlines and social media that day, as opposed to the Usual Suspects.  I went to his Facebook page and the first thing I saw was a note of sympathy from Cat Stevens, who wrote “If You Want to Sing Out (Sing Out)”. I marveled at the synchronicity. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The public was unaware that Mr. Bowie was diagnosed with cancer eighteen months ago, but we do see  in his horoscope that a big stretch of time before those 18  months was marked by a potentially bewildering Neptune transit. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches, and can sap one’s vitality. I thought it was fitting that Mr. Bowie, who had the Sun and Mars together in the deeply private 12th house, would have slipped away to his next adventure in the dark of the lunar cycle.  Another suggestion of emotional reserve, discipline and constantly regenerating public image: the Leo Moon conjunct taskmaster Saturn, which is in turn conjunct Pluto. That can pack a powerful punch.

Mr. Bowie was a Capricorn — driven by a regal Moon in Leo, exact on the cusp of the 7th house, which refers to the public. This is hardcore business acumen that needs to put on a show, connecting ever-so-personally with the public, even while keeping to himself. His Aquarius Ascendant needs to present a humanitarian face — quirky, innovative, eccentric, rebellious. His Venus is in Sagittarius, suggesting an aesthetic that needs to express its opinion and push boundaries. Venus is right at the top of the chart — potentially loved by all. This Venus-Midheaven meet-up is also in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile with weird, wild Uranus, another suggestion of the need for constant ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strange).

And how does his mind need to function? With the extreme earthy practicality of Mercury in Capricorn, supercharged by a square from visionary Neptune. It’s no surprise that the last 18 months of his life was “a burst of creativity”. Transiting Uranus would have channeled electric energy to Mr. Bowie’s Sun-Mars conjunction at 16 and 17 degrees of Capricorn. Transiting Saturn hitting the Midheaven three times in 2015 suggests a man who needs to be at the top of his game. His final album, Blackstar, went straight to #1 — a first for him. No surprises here. Now he has his own constellation. 

What’s fascinating to me is that at the time of his transition, planetary patterns reflected qualities Mr. Bowie exemplified. Go back and read the Sneak Peek at the Week and you’ll see what I mean.

RUPERT MURDOCH & JERRY HALL GET ENGAGED. We had an easy connection between Venus (women) in Sagittarius (big, bold, brassy, boundary-pushing) and Uranus (eccentric) in Aries at the start of last week. A few days before, Venus met up with Saturn. Venus refers to women and social affection. Saturn refers to old people. Isn’t that wild? Mr. Murdoch’s Jupiter is conjunct Miss Hall’s Cancer Sun. Of course he’d be her biggest fan. No comment about their first meeting last summer, which may have happened while Venus was retrograde. Time will tell.

ALAN RICKMAN. News of Mr. Rickman’s passing hit on a day with Moon in soulful, suffering Pisces. Oh, no — not another light departing far too soon! The Capricorn Sun was conjunct Mercury — fried by the light.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet suggesting authority, depression and austerity. Black is its color. Severus Snape, one of Mr. Rickman’s best-loved personas, perhaps expresses this Pisces/Capricorn vibe. What do you think?


We do not have an exact time of birth for Mr. Rickman. He was a Pisces, with Moon possibly in deep, dark, moody bastard Scorpio. Here is his horoscope.

MOON VOID MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: And here, we’d be talking about that “crisis” last Tuesday, when Certain People were freaking out about the two U.S. Navy boats which were detained by Iran. The crews were released on Wednesday. They said they had made a “a navigational error”. Thanks, Mercury retrograde!

STATE OF THE UNION. President Obama has been in a visionary, healing, soulful frame of mind — as noted in earlier forecasts. Last week’s SOTU — his final one — began with the Moon in soulful, etc. Pisces — and with nebulous Neptune right on the angles of the chart. What did we hear? Super-big dreams, including plans to find a cure for cancer. And why not? The speech was derided by Obama’s critics as total pie-in-the-sky. As we might expect.

UPDATE ON KIM DAVIS. There she was — feeling the love as anticipated — at the State of the Union. Astrology is amazing.

REPUBLICAN DEBATE. The following night, Neptune was once again on the angles of the chart for the latest smackdown. Moon was also in Pisces, but was void until 9:48PM ET, when it charged into me-me-me warrior Aries. War and me-me-me was pretty much the extent of it, with some pundits noting the combative tone and punches allegedly scored. Other derided the content as total pie-in-the-sky.

Senator Ted Cruz was especially called out over his denouncement of “New York values,” which is fascinating given that his wife works for Goldman Sachs (and his senatorial campaign was apparently financed with at least one loan from GS, as we discovered last week.) The NY Daily News was not amused, and went to press with this boundary-pushing front page headline. And since I live in New York and found Mr. Cruz’s denouncement especially mean-spirited,  I invite you to review the memories his freshman roommate —  now a successful screenwriter — has been tweeting for several years. In contrast, Senator Cruz’s current roommate seems to adore him. This concludes the entertainment portion of this forecast.

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE. It happened on Sunday, on a holiday weekend, which is when every political party wants to schedule a debate so as to attract maximum viewership, right? And the last debate was on the Saturday right before Christmas. What do you make of this strategy?

The debate began at 9PM, same as the other events noted above — so same Neptune pixie-dust sprinkled around, but with a Taurus Moon. Taurus seeks material comfort and security, along with preserving the status quo. Fascinating to note Secretary Clinton making a case for said status quo, praising Barack Obama’s accomplishments effusively. Senator Sanders made quite an impression among the limited viewership, which you can see in the headlines. Having transiting Venus in a supportive aspect to his Venus and Mars, along with a likely transiting Mercury supercharging his pioneering Aries Moon, we can appreciate why. There are other patterns supporting his expanded public reach, as we might expect.

THE END OF AL-JAZEERA AMERICA. This news network attracted plenty of attention when it launched on August 20, 2013. The concept was to report the news with remarkable depth and sobriety. The launch date has a regal Leo Sun, driven by Moon in Aquarius, striving for social significance and a humanitarian agenda. Fascinating that it has a Sagittarius Ascendant, given that Al-Jazeera is owned by Qatar (Sagittarius refers to foreigners). Alas, this big ideal (Moon is conjunct Neptune in the launch chart) failed, and its demise was announced soon after stern Saturn crossed Al-Jazeera’s Ascendant, putting the squeeze on its identity. It will reportedly go off the air in April, around the time that Neptune also hits its Ascendant, wiping it out.

COSMIC: between January 20th and February 20th, all five visible planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — will in fact be visible to the naked eye. This hasn’t happened since 2004. With Mercury so prominent in planetary patterns this week and next, perhaps we’ll see a glut of information finally in plain sight.

GLENN FREY. One of the founding members of The Eagles departed on a day with Moon in sensual Taurus, with Venus and Jupiter in an indulgent square. Mars and Neptune are in an easy and seductive flow. Sounds like a backdrop for “Hotel California”. Mr. Frey wrote the

…imagistic, vaguely mystical lyrics…hint [ing] at a drug-fueled state of being, perhaps promising rapture, perhaps not…

Here’s a live performance from 1977. Seems like only yesterday. Mr Frey had Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Capricorn. RIP — and enough music legends passing for one month, yes?

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/11/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio & More

Good Morning!

The day is driven by a humanitarian Moon in Aquarius, well-supported by cooperative input from Saturn (structure), Venus (social graces) and Uranus (innovation). Arise, go forth and network. Plant seeds. If it’s an initiative you’d like to pitch, be advised that the Moon is more focused and engaged today than it will be tomorrow. Moon goes void  at 8:09PM ET, not to enter Pisces until 6:53PM ET TUESDAY.

Moon voids suggests a higher flake factor, when efforts to move forward in a straight line are subject to space-outs, twists and/or a general sense of meh.  Roll with the delays and detours and pledge now not to freak out at a perceived crisis. It’s likely much ado about nothing. We’ll have another long void on Thursday between 11:31AM ET and 9:48PM ET. Watch and learn.

Overall, planetary patterns this week are quite buoyant, compared to last week’s jolts and power plays. The song that comes to mind is “If You Want to Sing Out (Sing Out)” from the cult classic  Harold and Maude (which does not star that drug lord dude Martin Shkreli, fyi — do not confuse him with actor Bud Cort). And wasn’t there something about singing in the symbolism of Saturday’s New Moon?

On Tuesday, Venus  (money, social expression, women, beauty) is in alignment with Uranus (innovation, technology, eccentrics, rebels, astrologers). A woman could be your best friend this week. Your sense of aesthetics might favor the unconventional. On Wednesday, the highlight is the Sun’s easy alignment with expansive Jupiter at 5:49PM ET. NOW will we have a winner in the record-breaking Powerball lottery, whose jackpot is now over $1 billion and sure to soar even higher? It would seem to be in synch with planetary patterns.

Idealism and  big thoughts are suggested on Thursday, when mental Mercury meets up with the Sun and aligns with Jupiter. Good fortune or too much of a good thing are suggested over the weekend as Venus squares off with Jupiter right after midnight next Monday. A liberal dose of pixie-dust is suggested by Mars in an easy alignment with Neptune a few hours later. Sweet seductions or snake oil?

Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde as you go about your business. Double check the details thrice; don’t sweat the tech snafus and don’t believe everything you hear on the news.

Speaking of which…the news:

File this under events flying under the radar (suitable for New Moons and dead Moons, when there is little light).  El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord who escaped from prison (for the second time) last year, was recaptured, after a dramatic pursuit involving sewers and sex motels. How was he found? Seems that a clandestine interview he gave to actor Sean Penn in October may have had something to do it. Mr. Penn’s piece was published in Rolling Stone on Saturday, a day after El Chapo was arrested.

Why Sean Penn? Naturally I had to look at his horoscope, and noticed immediately that transiting Jupiter squared Penn’s Sagittarius Ascendant in September. It was square to his natal Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius last month and this month, expanding on themes related to publishing, travel and appearing larger than life. Remember how we were talking last week about how people with planets around 22 Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces would be personally affected by Jupiter turning retrograde at 22 Virgo?

Meanwhile, lots of stories reflecting the sober themes of Saturn (chill, reality, time, aging, ambition) meeting up with Venus (money, women, beauty, values). In the NYT, it was practically the whole Sunday Review section. “It’s Payback Time for Women,” makes a case for why a civilized nation should consider paying every citizen a basic salary to compensate him or her for (mostly) mothering, nurturing, caregiving, etc. Fun water cooler debate: why is it OK that a First Lady receives no salary for the work she does on behalf of the country?

Then there was a piece extolling the virtues of being a single woman, bemoaning the “lack of models for how to construct a life outside of coupledom”;  then there was an annoyed bit about the fuss paid to Carrie Fisher over how she has aged in the nearly 40-years since her Star Wars debut;  followed by a third called “You Don’t Need More Free Time“; and finally, “Be Happy: Think About Your Death“.

In other news…

It’s been almost five years since Neptune began its 14 year journey through Pisces, which it had not entered since 1848.  Back in 2012, I anticipated that water would become a hot button concern, along with toxins, chemicals and poisons — all Neptune keywords. On the cover of the NYT Sunday magazine is a piece about Rob Bilott, a lawyer who has worked for years  against DuPont, exposing “a brazen, decades-long history of chemical pollution,” especially in the drinking water in West Virginia. Ever hear of PFOA?

Toxins in the water came to a head last week in Flint, Michigan. Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency nearly two years after an apparent cost-cutting measure poisoned the city’s water. Flint native Michael Moore penned a sharp letter outlining the situation, calling for Governor Snyder’s arrest. How interesting to note that in Mr. Moore’s horoscope, his Jupiter is being squared by transiting Jupiter right now — like Sean Penn. We’d expect an intense buzz in mindset and communication all last fall and into the spring, suggested by other patterns — helpful if you’re promoting a new film (which he is).

I wrote about Mr. Moore’s horoscope in 2012, focusing on the time he was elected to the local school board at age eighteen. Looking at his horoscope now, 2013 and 2014 looked like challenging years for him personally, starting with his second Saturn return.  There were other challenging measurements, too — and for Mr. Moore, the outcome was a divorce.

Saturn returns — which occur for everyone just before age 30 and 60 — are usually intense periods of focus on what is working in life and what isn’t. There is definitely an upside. If you’re about to turn 29 or 59, I’d happy to tell you more about it. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

This just in —  happy day! Leonardo Di Caprio just won Best Actor for his performance in The Revenant, which also won Best Picture at the Golden Globes. Two years ago I was thinking that 2015 would be an excellent year for Mr. Caprio, and the patterns continue into 2016. Astrology is amazing.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with the rest of Free World.