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Wednesday 12/5/2018: Late Sneak Peek at a Wonderland Week; New Moon in Sagittarius; Mercury Direct, Mars, Neptune & More

It’s 3 PM ET on Wednesday as I type — despite my best intentions to post on Monday. At 4:53 PM ET the Moon goes void with a sigh…and I can’t wait for 9:49 PM ET to arrive, as the Moon will enter Sagittarius, lifting spirits to infinity and beyond. Right now — and since Monday at 2:55 PM ET — Moon is wallowing in the depth-seeking, controlling territory of Scorpio. No more airy-fairy theories that defined the weekend’s Libra Moon;  the burning question to be answered is “where’s the beef?”  Then it gets more interesting than it already is. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I might be inclined to do, with 57 planets in Aries.

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — a.k.a. the end. During these dead Moons we may feel a sense of listlessness or restlessness, sensing something new is around the corner, but we don’t know what. And during this dead Moon there is even more potential for not knowing what, thanks to the key planetary patterns of the week. The star players are: Sun, Mars and Neptune.

  • Sun is energy, life force, will power, leaders.
  • Mars refers to war, anger, desire, sports, men, steel, cars.
  • Mars is in Pisces, a water sign which vaporizes heat.
  • Neptune, as you all know, refers to drugs, oil, oceans, sea creatures, toxins, healing, pacifism, vision, intangibles, intuition, deception, fog, music, wipeout, spirits of all kinds.
  • Neptune is in Pisces, the sign it rules, keeping those Neptune themes pure.

Here’s the dance:

  • SUNDAY (12/2):  Venus left Libra for Scorpio, throwing sweetness out the window in social expression. Venus in Scorpio can cut like a knife.  Look, Angela Merkel is cursing. So is Michelle Obama. At 7:35 PM ET, the high-flying Sagittarius Sun was squared by action hero/aggressor Mars. That was the tone of last weekend’s Golly G-20 summit in Argentina, FYI.
  • WEDNESDAY (12/5): color it rose, as the Sun squares wiggy Neptune. Time to bury the hatchet and hail the vision of a former fearless leader (just in time for today’s memorial service for President George H.W. Bush). Here are headlines from another Sun-Neptune square in 2017, where you can also review Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope. He has transiting Jupiter on his Midheaven right now; quite the elevated status. Here’s another 2017 Sun-Neptune square, where you can review Matt Lauer’s horoscope, which was reflecting the scandalous potential of Sun and Neptune with Mars (libido).
  • THURSDAY (12/6): the day starts on an exuberant note, as the Sag Moon meets up with cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter. That’s great, but do note that Mercury, planet of thought and communication, is at a stand-still. It turns direct at 4:22 PM ET at 27 degrees of Scorpio. If you have a planet around 27 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, issues involving that planet may feel as if there’s someone outside your house leaning heavily on a car horn. Does it have your attention?  Consult your local astrologer for details. As the evening progresses, the potential for pixie dust increases, as Moon squares Mars and Neptune between 11 PM ET and 12 AM ET.
  • FRIDAY (12/7): New Moon in Sagittarius officially begins at 2:20 AM ET. Light a candle and make a list of intentions for the next cycle. You are more personally affected if you have a planet around 15 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini. Virgo and Pisces.  Dominating the New Moon chart is a meet-up between Mars and Neptune, exact at 9:12 AM ET. What does that suggest? Idealization, scandal or spiritual rationalization about aggression, action and/or libido, for one. Bill Clinton and recently defeated Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis have a Mars-Neptune conjunction in their horoscopes. Headlines are likely to be even more surreal than they already are.
  • The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “seagulls watching a ship,” which Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee says is “an image of a vigilant attendance to a potential source of food and nourishment.” He advises us to have a mind for “a sense of the right time to have one’s words heard and believed…squeaky wheels getting the grease…an uproar when a scrap of information is dropped…watching for the moment when one is least likely to be duped.” Hmm. Consider the anticipation building in the never-ending Mueller investigation as we breathlessly await further indictments.
  • Bovee also writes, “One may be gullible when it comes to matters of social justice, accepting a few scraps of oratorial platitude from authorities who bestow such pronouncements.”  Yeah, I can see many ways for that to play out in the headlines over the next few weeks. Here’s something else to watch: Sabian Symbols often work in pairs. The mate to “seagulls watching a ship” is “a woman suffragette orating.”
  • After the Mars-Neptune meet-up on Friday, there are no major aspects among the planets, except to the Moon…until December 16th. Which to me suggests that next week will include headlines that feel as if an ice shelf has plunged into the ocean — like a long exhale after so much tension. We’ve seen this happen before.

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And now, the news.

Mars, Sun and Neptune suggest scandals involving men behaving badly. I really hoped this one would have legs, but a settlement was reached before the jury trial began — on December 4th.  A dead Moon facilitates back-room deals, doncha’ know. Kudos to the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown for this expose “How a (P45) Cabinet Member gave a serial sex offender the deal of a lifetime” — must-read!

Fun Mercury retrograde story involving a man with Neptune (things are not as they seem) sitting right on his Ascendant: Rudy Giuliani Twitter typo sparks anti-P45 protest . Focus, Rudy. Focus.

Not fun, but necessary: Fishermen sue Big Oil for its role in climate change , as Global Carbon Emissions Hit All-Time High in 2018.


Countries have horoscopes. Exhibit A: France, which has experienced three weeks of violent protest over a fuel tax that is supposed to combat climate change (the tax has apparently been withdrawn). We can appreciate why the French are on emotional overkill. In France’s horoscope, transiting Pluto is squaring its me-me-me Aries Ascendant and opposing its emotional-security seeking Cancer Moon. Next month it will need to face a sobering reality check when transiting Saturn squares its Libra Sun and Mercury. Right now, Saturn is atop France’s Capricorn Midheaven, suggesting it may be seen as being at the top of its game. It does seem that France’s authoritative stature has increased on the world stage. At the G-20 summit in Argentina, it was Emmanuel Macron who was overheard allegedly “warning” the Saudi Crown Prince M.B.S.

UPDATE: on P45, who seems to get crankier and crabbier with every passing day, and not just because that P45 baby blimp followed him to Buenos Aires. Or that Vladimir Putin and MBS high-fived like total besties at the cool kids table, leaving the Donald scowling all alone. Same scenario today at National Cathedral. George W. Bush did not offer P45 a piece of candy. Well, he does have Mercury (how he needs to think) in Cancer (the Crab). And karma cop Saturn is just days away from the third opposition to that Mercury.  How many days? Five. Depression much? Keep an eye on Dec 9-10, followed by 11 days of angry outbursts and action.

UPDATE: on P45 Jr., whose Capricorn Sun will be hit by transiting Saturn on December 19th. Upside potential: focused ambition; taking on authority.  Downside potential; serious matter involving an authority figure, often a parent. Eric has the same pattern in February; Ivanka has a different pattern involving Saturn, also in February. We do not have birth times, so we do not have the complete picture. Still, these next few months should be interesting. In other news, Maryland and D.C. Seek P45’s Trust; Business Tax Returns

UPDATE: Jeff Flake, last discussed here at the end of September. He caved on Justice Kavanaugh, but this month he’s seems to be following up on the potential of being a disruptive communicator, with transiting Uranus activating his Mercury. He is blocking a whole slew of judicial nominees, insisting that the Senate vote on a bill to protect Robert Mueller. Transiting Saturn conjoins Flake’s Capricorn Sun later this month. Sobering.

Let’s end on a high note. Sun, Mars and Neptune together have strong potential for healing and charity: How 2 New Yorkers Erased $1.5 Million of Medical Debt for Hundreds of Strangers. Just call them angels here on Earth. I bet you’re an angel, too.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/19/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; David Bowie & More

Allll– righty then!

I was under the weather early last week. Then I got over it. Then played catch-up. You? I hope you enjoyed the material/sensual comforts and joys suggested by the weekend’s Mooooooon in Taurus — that would have been Sunday and Monday. It was aided and abetted by a excessively indulgent or wretchedly excessive challenge between Venus and Jupiter early Monday morning. Well?

Today’s Moon is brought to you by information junkie Gemini, through which it will sojourn as of 4:13AM ET. The only exact aspect we’ll have during the work day happens at 6:10PM ET, between the talk talk talk Gemini Moon and dreamy Neptune. Are you sure you got that story straight? Moon-Neptune challenges can be so confusing, anxious or visionary. Hard to think about…easier to feel…

On Wednesday, the Sun exits earthy Capricorn and enters humanitarian Aquarius at 10:28AM ET.  Watch for emotions to rise as we approach the Full Moon in Leo, exact on Saturday at 8:46PM ET. Look for matters of social expression, women, finance and aesthetic values to seek prominence the closer we get to Saturday, which is also when Venus will be at the Aries Point (seeking prominence!), leaving high-flying Sagittarius for blue-blooded Capricorn.

Otherwise, mental Mercury — still in retrograde — drives the week as it challenges Uranus on Wednesday at 1:28PM ET and then meets up with potent Pluto at 5:04AM ET on Friday. This is the second of three in a series of Mercury-Uranus-Pluto clashes. The first one happened on December 20-21st. Here’s what was driving the headlines back then. Watch for similar themes this week and over the weekend of January 29th-31st, when we’ll have this supercharged blast of information/communication in the tech/space/cosmic sphere repeating.  If you have a planet or point around 17 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer or Libra, you’re more personally affected than others. Elizabeth Warren falls into this category — and even more so next month. Hmmm.

There are no Moon voids this week to derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line during business hours in the Americas. So keep on REorganizng, REconnecting, RE searching, REviewing, REtreating and RElaxing in this last full week of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Focus on those practical details in your quest for world domination. Here are the voids, for you night owls and people living on the other side of the planet: Tuesday 1:50AM ET – 4:13AM ET; Thursday 3:01AM – 8:28AM ET; Saturday 1:21AM – 2:21PM ET.

And now, the news — catching up on a whole week’s worth.

DAVID BOWIE. Thanks to Avid Reader Diane, who emailed to tell me that rumor had it that the Moon was exact on Mr. Bowie’s 3 degree Aquarius when he transitioned. And this happened to be the moment when I was writing this:

Overall, planetary patterns this week are quite buoyant, compared to last week’s jolts and power plays. The song that comes to mind is “If You Want to Sing Out (Sing Out)” from the cult classic  Harold and Maude (which does not star that drug lord dude Martin Shkreli, fyi — do not confuse him with actor Bud Cort). And wasn’t there something about singing in the symbolism of Saturday’s New Moon?

And then I woke up like everyone else and was so saddened by Mr. Bowie’s departure, perfectly timed as it was, but seemingly way too soon. But the whole world was united in tribute, and it was so refreshing to see nothing but Bowie songs and memes in the headlines and social media that day, as opposed to the Usual Suspects.  I went to his Facebook page and the first thing I saw was a note of sympathy from Cat Stevens, who wrote “If You Want to Sing Out (Sing Out)”. I marveled at the synchronicity. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The public was unaware that Mr. Bowie was diagnosed with cancer eighteen months ago, but we do see  in his horoscope that a big stretch of time before those 18  months was marked by a potentially bewildering Neptune transit. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches, and can sap one’s vitality. I thought it was fitting that Mr. Bowie, who had the Sun and Mars together in the deeply private 12th house, would have slipped away to his next adventure in the dark of the lunar cycle.  Another suggestion of emotional reserve, discipline and constantly regenerating public image: the Leo Moon conjunct taskmaster Saturn, which is in turn conjunct Pluto. That can pack a powerful punch.

Mr. Bowie was a Capricorn — driven by a regal Moon in Leo, exact on the cusp of the 7th house, which refers to the public. This is hardcore business acumen that needs to put on a show, connecting ever-so-personally with the public, even while keeping to himself. His Aquarius Ascendant needs to present a humanitarian face — quirky, innovative, eccentric, rebellious. His Venus is in Sagittarius, suggesting an aesthetic that needs to express its opinion and push boundaries. Venus is right at the top of the chart — potentially loved by all. This Venus-Midheaven meet-up is also in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile with weird, wild Uranus, another suggestion of the need for constant ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strange).

And how does his mind need to function? With the extreme earthy practicality of Mercury in Capricorn, supercharged by a square from visionary Neptune. It’s no surprise that the last 18 months of his life was “a burst of creativity”. Transiting Uranus would have channeled electric energy to Mr. Bowie’s Sun-Mars conjunction at 16 and 17 degrees of Capricorn. Transiting Saturn hitting the Midheaven three times in 2015 suggests a man who needs to be at the top of his game. His final album, Blackstar, went straight to #1 — a first for him. No surprises here. Now he has his own constellation. 

What’s fascinating to me is that at the time of his transition, planetary patterns reflected qualities Mr. Bowie exemplified. Go back and read the Sneak Peek at the Week and you’ll see what I mean.

RUPERT MURDOCH & JERRY HALL GET ENGAGED. We had an easy connection between Venus (women) in Sagittarius (big, bold, brassy, boundary-pushing) and Uranus (eccentric) in Aries at the start of last week. A few days before, Venus met up with Saturn. Venus refers to women and social affection. Saturn refers to old people. Isn’t that wild? Mr. Murdoch’s Jupiter is conjunct Miss Hall’s Cancer Sun. Of course he’d be her biggest fan. No comment about their first meeting last summer, which may have happened while Venus was retrograde. Time will tell.

ALAN RICKMAN. News of Mr. Rickman’s passing hit on a day with Moon in soulful, suffering Pisces. Oh, no — not another light departing far too soon! The Capricorn Sun was conjunct Mercury — fried by the light.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet suggesting authority, depression and austerity. Black is its color. Severus Snape, one of Mr. Rickman’s best-loved personas, perhaps expresses this Pisces/Capricorn vibe. What do you think?


We do not have an exact time of birth for Mr. Rickman. He was a Pisces, with Moon possibly in deep, dark, moody bastard Scorpio. Here is his horoscope.

MOON VOID MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: And here, we’d be talking about that “crisis” last Tuesday, when Certain People were freaking out about the two U.S. Navy boats which were detained by Iran. The crews were released on Wednesday. They said they had made a “a navigational error”. Thanks, Mercury retrograde!

STATE OF THE UNION. President Obama has been in a visionary, healing, soulful frame of mind — as noted in earlier forecasts. Last week’s SOTU — his final one — began with the Moon in soulful, etc. Pisces — and with nebulous Neptune right on the angles of the chart. What did we hear? Super-big dreams, including plans to find a cure for cancer. And why not? The speech was derided by Obama’s critics as total pie-in-the-sky. As we might expect.

UPDATE ON KIM DAVIS. There she was — feeling the love as anticipated — at the State of the Union. Astrology is amazing.

REPUBLICAN DEBATE. The following night, Neptune was once again on the angles of the chart for the latest smackdown. Moon was also in Pisces, but was void until 9:48PM ET, when it charged into me-me-me warrior Aries. War and me-me-me was pretty much the extent of it, with some pundits noting the combative tone and punches allegedly scored. Other derided the content as total pie-in-the-sky.

Senator Ted Cruz was especially called out over his denouncement of “New York values,” which is fascinating given that his wife works for Goldman Sachs (and his senatorial campaign was apparently financed with at least one loan from GS, as we discovered last week.) The NY Daily News was not amused, and went to press with this boundary-pushing front page headline. And since I live in New York and found Mr. Cruz’s denouncement especially mean-spirited,  I invite you to review the memories his freshman roommate —  now a successful screenwriter — has been tweeting for several years. In contrast, Senator Cruz’s current roommate seems to adore him. This concludes the entertainment portion of this forecast.

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE. It happened on Sunday, on a holiday weekend, which is when every political party wants to schedule a debate so as to attract maximum viewership, right? And the last debate was on the Saturday right before Christmas. What do you make of this strategy?

The debate began at 9PM, same as the other events noted above — so same Neptune pixie-dust sprinkled around, but with a Taurus Moon. Taurus seeks material comfort and security, along with preserving the status quo. Fascinating to note Secretary Clinton making a case for said status quo, praising Barack Obama’s accomplishments effusively. Senator Sanders made quite an impression among the limited viewership, which you can see in the headlines. Having transiting Venus in a supportive aspect to his Venus and Mars, along with a likely transiting Mercury supercharging his pioneering Aries Moon, we can appreciate why. There are other patterns supporting his expanded public reach, as we might expect.

THE END OF AL-JAZEERA AMERICA. This news network attracted plenty of attention when it launched on August 20, 2013. The concept was to report the news with remarkable depth and sobriety. The launch date has a regal Leo Sun, driven by Moon in Aquarius, striving for social significance and a humanitarian agenda. Fascinating that it has a Sagittarius Ascendant, given that Al-Jazeera is owned by Qatar (Sagittarius refers to foreigners). Alas, this big ideal (Moon is conjunct Neptune in the launch chart) failed, and its demise was announced soon after stern Saturn crossed Al-Jazeera’s Ascendant, putting the squeeze on its identity. It will reportedly go off the air in April, around the time that Neptune also hits its Ascendant, wiping it out.

COSMIC: between January 20th and February 20th, all five visible planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — will in fact be visible to the naked eye. This hasn’t happened since 2004. With Mercury so prominent in planetary patterns this week and next, perhaps we’ll see a glut of information finally in plain sight.

GLENN FREY. One of the founding members of The Eagles departed on a day with Moon in sensual Taurus, with Venus and Jupiter in an indulgent square. Mars and Neptune are in an easy and seductive flow. Sounds like a backdrop for “Hotel California”. Mr. Frey wrote the

…imagistic, vaguely mystical lyrics…hint [ing] at a drug-fueled state of being, perhaps promising rapture, perhaps not…

Here’s a live performance from 1977. Seems like only yesterday. Mr Frey had Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Capricorn. RIP — and enough music legends passing for one month, yes?

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.




Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Friday 9/30-10/2/2015: A Mooon in Taurus & Politics As Usual

What a difference a day makes. In your own personal world, did you notice the shift between the charging forward  Moon in Aries and the comparatively calm, material comfort-oriented, “let’s not make any drastic changes” Moon in Taurus? The change happened at 2:57PM ET on Tuesday, and the Taurus Moon continues today. It goes void of course at 6:44AM ET on Thursday, and won’t shift into Gemini until 4:03PM ET. So if you must ship, get it off your desk today and focus on routine concerns during the Moon void portion of tomorrow.

A Taurus Moon facilitates our enjoyment of sensual pleasures: good food and drink, music and a snuggle with your sweetie. Indulge. Taurus also facilitates earthly concerns such as material security, organization and making tangible forms out of fiery ideas.

Today — right as I’m typing — we even have a brief Grand Trine happening, as the Taurus Moon makes harmonious connections between Mars-Jupiter in discerning Virgo and Pluto in status-seeking Capricorn. Grand Trines suggest self-sufficiency and an easy flow of energy that some label luck and/or abundance. Markets are up across the board this morning.   Coincidence or conspiracy? Who remembers the easy flow we experienced during a much longer-lasting Earth Grand Trine in March of 2012?

When the Moon enters Gemini at 4:03PM ET on Thursday, the drive of the day becomes one of information-sharing and communication. Some of what is circulated around 5:53PM ET may be experienced as a wet blanket, as the Moon is opposed by controlling Saturn. An argument over details and perfection may well be part of your experience around 11:30PM, as the Gemini Moon is challenged by Mars (action) in Virgo.

Note your dreams upon waking on Friday, as the Moon makes contact with visionary Neptune at 4:56AM ET. The last day of the work week offers an easy flow of expression in the morning hours (ET), followed by an expansive, expensive or exuberant release around 11:06AM ET, as the Moon is challenged by Jupiter.  Get the word out — but double check the details. Mercury is still retrograde!

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, it is an excellent time to finally screw up the courage to book that personal astrological consultation you’ve been contemplating for the past few months. You’ll learn where you are at now in the planetary cycles of life. Plus you’ll gain confidence, clarity and validation for whatever you’re wrestling with right now.

And now, the news.

Update: Kim Davis, whose horoscope suggests she’ll be feeling loved, loved, loved now and in the near-term future, went to Washington and met with Pope Francis, who reportedly advised her to “stay strong”. Ms. Davis also has a personal “above the law” Grand Trine. I wrote about her horoscope here and here.

Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren is stepping down as head of his empire.  With transiting Uranus having made the first opposition to his Libra Sun, we would expect him to be seeking greater independence and freedom of expression through 2016. At his stage in life, we can appreciate why he would choose to lighten his load.

With John Boehner also stepping down, two names have been bandied about as potential successors. Kevin McCarthy is the current House Majority Leader. He’s also an Aquarius with Moon in either Sagittarius or Scorpio – we do not have a birth time & time does not permit me to labor over his potential exact horoscope. But how interesting to see that Rep. McCarthy has an Earth Grand Trine — among Jupiter, Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and an exact conjunction between Mercury-Venus in Capricorn.

How lucky is he? When he was 19, he won $5000 in a lottery and he used that cash to start a business. What’s notable in his horoscope now is that transiting Uranus is exactly square to his fiercely idealistic Mercury-Venus conjunction. When he speaks now, people take notice! Other measurements of note: one between Mars and Neptune suggesting pixie-dust,  and another between the Sun and the Aries Point — this one gaining in strength over the next two years, suggesting prominence.

But what about Trey Gowdy?  And what was he thinking when he chose that garish tie for his official portrait? “With my Moon in Aquarius, I need to be appreciated for being unique?” Rep. Gowdy was elected during the Venus retrograde in November 2010, when we were alerted to the higher probability of aesthetic choices made that would later prove regrettable. He is a Tea Party Republican, and currently chairs the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which perhaps explains why, of the 11 bills he’s sponsored in his Congressional career, one of them was to “prohibit Libyan nationals from engaging in aviation maintenance, flight operations, or nuclear-related studies or training inside the United States,” a top legislative priority for his South Carolina constituents, I’m sure.

Anyhoo. Turns out that yesterday’s buzz about his potential leadership expansion was a Moon-void much ado about nothing, even though it did reflect the windfall potential of transiting Jupiter to Gowdy’s Uranus.  Interesting to note that like, Rep. McCarthy, he also has a self-sufficient, “law unto himself” Grand Trine — but in water signs: Venus-Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Scorpio and Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces.

Gowdy’s  Venus-Mars conjunction at 14-15 Cancer has been supercharged by Uranus and Pluto over the past couple of years, and focused on matters of homeland security, perhaps most visibly in the form of Benghazi. The shock value and disruptive potential Uranus might have added has passed, but Pluto’s power and persuasiveness will continue to amplify Gowdy’s social expression (Venus) and actions (Mars) through November 2016. Currently, transiting Saturn to his Sun and possibly his Moon suggests ambition or advance, but one which is streamlined and focused, not necessarily expansive. He’s staying put and staying focused.

Now there are rumors that Rep. Gowdy may leave Congress in 2016. They are unconfirmed, but they are being published anyway. I bring this to your attention because during Mercury retrograde, we note a higher probability of rumors garnering attention. Thus we are advised to slow down and VERIFY before rushing to conclusions….

…which has made writing this forecast today particularly challenging. For some reason I opted to write about the potential candidates for a new Speaker of the House, and this story just won’t stand still. Now Kevin McCarthy has — as anticipated — said something disruptive in an interview this morning — and certain people are howling that what Mr. McCarthy did was admit to what seems screamingly obvious to Those Howling: that the true purpose of the Benghazi committee –established in May of 2014 — was to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, spending millions at taxpayer expense.

With regard to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, we do not have an exact birth time and thus can’t be sure of her horoscope. There are two in circulation — one at 8:02AM and another after 8PM.  Astrologers disagree about which one is correct. Regardless, in both horoscopes under consideration, significant disruptions to the status quo impacting public status are strongly suggested in March and September.

The House will vote on a new Speaker next Thursday. If it happens before 3:50PM ET, the Moon will be void. Regardless, Mercury will be stationary direct (it moves forward on Friday, October 9th). Sounds like politics as usual.

I’m throwing in the towel for the day. Out of curiosity, I searched my archives to see if I’d tagged anything else about Benghazi in past forecasts. I found one reference — curiously written on another day with a Grand Trine. Remind me not to write about anything remotely involving this morass ever again.

Thank you for reading this forecast!