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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Friday 2/17/2017: A Clown Car of News, As Promised

And now, the news — featuring mostly this week’s headlines, in no particular order.

Let’s start with Harrison Ford, who made headlines this week when he landed his plane on the wrong runway at an airport in California.  Coincidence or conspiracy: Two years ago, when Mars was last in Aries and one week out from the volatile contacts with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto we will see in the next two weeks, Harrison Ford crashed an airplane.   In this latest instance, let the record show that Mr. Ford is designed to attract prominence in matters of career and mindset/travel/communication. His Mercury is in Cancer at the Aries Point and in touch with his Libra Ascendant and his Cancer Midheaven. Where was the Moon on Monday when he missed the runway? In Libra, in contact with Mercury, ASC and MC. Whatever was going on in his mind regarding travel suddenly attracted attention.

Not only that, but Mr. Ford is right in the middle of the third and final hit of transiting Uranus (aviation, accidents, revelations) to his Cancer Sun, Moon and Sun/Moon midpoint. Here is his horoscope. Guess what happened within a week of the second exact hit to his Sun/Moon midpoint (which reflects relationship concerns)? This happened in November, and that’s when Carrie Fisher (may she rest in peace) revealed that she and Mr. Ford had an affair on the set of the first Star Wars. It would not surprise me if she told him about her intention to tell the story in April of 2016, which is when he had the first hit of this pattern.  Meanwhile, I wonder if Mr. Ford is planning an amazing 75th birthday bash. Planetary patterns are ridiculously strong for him in matters of reward for a job well done; a life well-lived. His Uranian transit cycle concludes on March 14th; we’ll see by then if he gets to keep his pilot’s license.

Another non-political headline in sync with planetary patterns, specifically Thursday’s cooperative alignment between Mars (which rules the head) and Mercury (thinking) in tech-savvy Aquarius:
“Portable brain-scanning helmet could be future for rapid brain injury assessments.”

Next on deck: in an effort to establish power and control, walk the talk and make a persuasive, substantive and in-depth pitch, P45 nominated a replacement pick for Secretary of Labor (no birth date currently available for Alexander Acosta) and gave a press conference. But as the astrological adage goes, “You can not elect what the natal horoscope denies.” Therefore, if you’re planning a wedding and you hire an astrologer to elect a favorable date, but there is nothing in your own horoscope to suggest a marriage or compatibility with your intended spouse, a fabulous wedding date and time is not likely to be enough to keep the two of you together. Got that? Here is a transcript of today’s press conference. Do you find it deep and substantive?

On another note, back in November we noted certain transits from Chiron would be hot in P45’s horoscope in 2017 — here is that prior post. He’s had two exact Chiron hits so far: on January 26th and February 12th. As I wrote in November, Chiron suggests potential exposure of toxic relationships going back years. Guess what happened on January 26th? Acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed P45 that Michael T. Flynn might be compromised by his relationship to certain Russians. Guess what happened on February 12th? P45 lied about his knowledge of Flynn’s phone calls. The next day, Flynn resigned. Fascinating. Are there more Chiron hits in store this year? You betcha.

Also fascinating: I was expecting to see a story about Stephen K. Bannon feeling provoked or provocative on February 15th. Then this showed up, right on schedule: “Steve Bannon ‘livid’ with Breitbart Over Priebus Report”.  We see another potential provocation on Friday or Saturday. Elsewhere, transiting Mars (action! aggression!) was exactly opposing Vladimir Putin’s Libra Sun when news of 1) a Russian spy ship 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut; and 2) the deployment of a Russian missile in apparent violation of a U.S. treaty was reported. Astrology is amazing.

Also in sync with planetary patterns, Mark Zuckerberg posted a 6500-page “mission statement” on his Facebook page that “reads like a state of the union address, tackling everything from fake news to growing anti-globalization sentiment.”  Now that is likely a deep, substantive and persuasive pitch for how to walk the talk, though I confess I have yet to read it.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you likely to be feeling provoked and/or ready for action?  Is this the right time for you to get married? Move to France? Go back to school? Awareness of planetary patterns in your unique horoscope offers confidence and coping strategies, improving your timing and your relationships.  Here’s the 411 on consultations

Meanwhile, as you may know I am a big fan of the Washington Post’s “Daily 202,” a news digest sent out via email by reporter James Hohmann (presumably with the assistance of a Really Helpful Staff). I am thrilled that many Avid Readers are finding themselves compelled to become paying subscribers to this fine newspaper! We’ve got ten more months of controlling Saturn reflecting the potential muzzling of collective belief systems, foreigners, education and journalism — all matters of concern to Sagittarius, where Saturn is transiting now. I am happy to pay WaPo for its efforts. Real news needs to taken seriously.

But there’s always room for improvement, as I noted two days ago, when Mr. Hohmann’s opening line was this:

THE BIG IDEA: President Trump should thank his lucky stars that Republicans control both chambers of Congress, because Democrats would be announcing a Benghazi-style inquest today if they could.

How does  Mr. Hohmann know that P45’s stars are “lucky”?  Were WaPo fact checkers asked to verify this bold, presumptuous statement? Did anyone consult with a professional astrologer? Why or why not? This is what I want to know.

And on that note…

Thank you for reading this forecast. Have a great holiday weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 8/13-14/2014: Robin Williams, RIP

Up and at ’em.

As of 9AM ET, Moon charged into pioneering Aries, the zodiac sign associated with new beginnings. This feisty energy may feel like a breath of fresh air after two days of potential melancholic floundering in ethereal, soulful Pisces, the sign associated with endings. After the news of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide, followed last night by news of Lauren Bacall’s passing, we could use a lift. Exact planetary patterns today suggest a warm, personal vibe as the fiery Moon makes an easy connection to loving Venus at 11:43AM  ET…followed by an expansive/optimistic connection to Jupiter at 7:27PM ET. Huzzah.

There’s no Moon void today or tomorrow to deter your initiatives or shopping sprees. The Moon makes its weekly contact with ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus at 3:54AM ET and 12:14PM ET on Thursday. These contacts suggest a potential power play or catharsis, followed by a revelation or other shake-up of the status quo. Any upsets tomorrow may well find an easy balance by the end of the day, as the Sun and Moon make a harmonious connection.

Take advantage of the resourceful energy flow suggested by an easy connection between action hero Mars and potent Pluto, which will be exact on Friday. This pattern suggests stamina, drive and focus in your quest for world domination. Go for it.

And now, the news.

Like every other astrologer on the planet, of course I went straight to my computer to see how the potential for Robin Williams’s suffering and self-destruction was suggested by planetary patterns — not only in his horoscope, but in context of what we would expect in the headlines in the aftermath of 1) last weekend’s Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius; and 2) transiting Mars triggering April’s solar eclipse. These events were discussed in my last two forecasts.

Regarding the Full Moon, remember how we expected that people with planets or points at 18 degrees of Leo or Aquarius would be more personally affected. We could expect a release of energy in matters specific to the individual’s horoscope, and as an example, we talked about Barack Obama’s Ascendant (how he needs to be seen) at 18 Aquarius. Got that? Thus it is no surprise to see that Pluto, the ruler of Robin Williams’ Scorpio Ascendant (here is his horoscope) is at 18 degrees of Leo, and it is squared by the important Sun/Moon midpoint at 18 degrees of Taurus. The Sun/Moon midpoint refers to relationship.

Regarding the trigger of April’s 8 Taurus solar eclipse by transiting Mars, we anticipated a release of energy not unlike what we experienced when MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian rebels last month. On that day, transiting Mars hit 25 Libra, the degree of April’s lunar eclipse. We could say that the innocents on board MH17 were eclipsed. We could observe that we are reacting to Williams’ suicide/sudden release with a  similar outpouring of emotion, as he, too, was eclipsed. I’d argue that millions of people felt like the lights had gone out ever so briefly in their own personal worlds, too, as they paused to consider how a man who was loved by so many could have suffered so much that he left it all  — and us — behind. When an eclipse is triggered by a transiting planet, a new awareness can emerge out of the darkened pause.

This made me think about a very compelling review a friend sent me a few weeks ago of a book called Stay: A History of Suicide and the Philosophies Against It by Jennifer Michael Hecht. One of the arguments Hecht makes is that there’s a little bit of homicide in every suicide. When someone extinguishes their mortal spark, a little spark in all of us is extinguished, too. We are obligated to stay on Earth because we are all connected, she argues.  Here are her exact words — they are so apt for the Pisces Moon we experienced over the past few days:

“We are indebted to one another and the debt is a kind of faith — a beautiful, difficult, strange faith. We believe each other into being.”

Really, the whole book review is worth a read. And the book, too.

Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 at 1:34PM (CST) in Chicago. He has Sun at 28 Cancer; Moon at 9 Pisces; Ascendant at 12 Scorpio. So immediately we are alerted to these probable needs: 1) to provide emotional security; 2) to work with intangibles, ideals and impressions; and 3) to be seen as someone of depth, power and control.

Sun in Cancer with Moon in Pisces suggests, according to astrologer Grant Lewi, “a sailboat personality, tacking with the wind and tide…keeping in cahoots with with the weather conditions as you find them.” This is likely a highly intuitive person with a strong emotional flow. He may seek approval by being agreeable — possibly overly so. Other patterns in the horoscope echo this potential, suggesting 1) someone who is pushed around by forces beyond his control; and 2) who likely gives himself away to others at the expense of developing his own talents. I’ve just read an interesting tribute to Williams posted on Facebook by actor Peter Coyote suggesting that by not being fully trained to harness his dreams, this led to the choice he made to end his life. The struggle among dreams, excess and control is so clear in Williams’ horoscope, especially in recent months.

His Pisces Moon is opposed by Venus in Virgo and the South Node; it is conjunct the North Node. This suggests a strong maternal influence, as well as self-indulgence. It is interesting to learn that Williams’ first comic impression was reportedly of his grandmother. His mother was a fashion model, and likely exposed him to the world of entertainment. With Saturn in Virgo at the Aries Point (and in the 11th, ruling the 3rd), we would expect the father to be prominent and perhaps critical, strongly affecting Williams’ heavy mindset and feelings of loveability.  Interesting to note his father was a prominent executive who, when told of Williams’ decision to become a performer, suggested  he have a Plan B, “like welding, just in case.” Ouch.

A need to broadcast his razor-sharp perspectives without censorship is suggested by his Mercury in regal Leo conjunct ruthless Pluto and the Midheaven (public status/career). This pattern makes me think of the wise-cracking DJ he played in Good Morning, Vietnam.  A lovely expression of his Cancerian need to nurture reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire. His Pisces Moon reminds me of What Dreams May Come and The Fisher King. And so on.

Williams’ need to be seen as in control — suggested by his Scorpio Ascendant — is echoed by a Grand Trine (three planets or points that form an equilateral triangle) among the Pisces Moon, Mars and Uranus together in Cancer, and the Scorpio Ascendant. Sure, a Grand Trine in the Water signs can be seen as “lucky” because it’s not afraid to live by its own set of rules (and gets away with it).  But it also suggests a projection of emotional self-sufficiency that functions as a defense against hurt. It would likely be difficult for someone with a Grand Trine to ask for help, especially in these Water Signs. Grand Trines tend to keep people far away.

Part of the defensive structure of the Grand Trine includes the Mars-Uranus conjunction, suggesting his potential for comic genius. This volatile combination is also part of another dynamic pattern in Williams’ horoscope called a T-square. Here, Mars and Uranus are blown up into dazzlingly imaginative proportions, as they sit between a challenging opposition between Jupiter (expansion, wretched excess, optimism, generosity) and Neptune (vision, drugs, showbiz, faith, charity). Of course he’d make a wonderful genie — as he did in Aladdin. But note that all of the planets in this T-square have been under intense pressure by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.

Given the above patterns, is it any surprise to read in Williams’ NYT obituary that he was:

The privileged [only child] of a Detroit auto executive who grew up chubby and lonesome, playing by himself with 2,000 toy soldiers in an empty room of a suburban mansion…

Can you see how he brought to life the patterns that were in his horoscope?

There’s one other pattern of note that suggests the potential for suffering.  And that pattern is a connection between his vulnerable Pisces Moon and a midpoint between Saturn/Pluto. I noticed this pattern in Steve Jobs’ horoscope after he died and was struck by its implications. This pattern suggests (again per Noel Tyl) “emotional coldness; renunciation; giving up”.  But  Steve Jobs seemed to have such a perfect life (reflecting his Virgo Ascendant’s “need to be seen as perfect”). Yet this pattern so suggests there’s more to the story, and in fact, that’s what came out after Steve Jobs died.

And this is what is so intriguing about astrology: we do see things in the horoscope that a person’s closest associates — including therapists — fail to appreciate or understand, and we do see when difficulties are likely to arise. Carl Jung said as much when he wrote a letter in 1947 offering his “opinion on astrology” (with gratitude to astrologer Steffan Vanel for bringing this to my attention).

Since you want to know my opinion about astrology I can tell you that I’ve been interested in this particular activity of the human mind since more than 30 years. As a psychologist I am chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.

The challenges — and potential — in Robin Williams horoscope for 2014 are clear. We see it in the super-charged T-square. We see it in measurements involving the Ascendant, Mars (action) and the potentially self-destructive South Node. And we see the trigger for action with Sunday’s Full Moon, which conjoined his Pluto (ruler of the Ascendant) and squared the Sun/Moon (relationship) midpoint. Transiting Saturn, which rules Williams 3rd house of mindset squared Pluto and opposed that midpoint. Saturn-Pluto transits are nearly always difficult. Saturn in touch with the Sun/Moon midpoint suggests difficulties in relationship. Adding to this heavy period is the bewildering fog of transiting Neptune, which was very close to Williams’ Pisces Moon. Neptune-Moon transits can be dangerously dreamy. It’s no surprise that Williams, who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, had a relapse earlier this year.

And here is the sorrowful part, from the point of view of an astrologer. We can also see when this challenging period is likely to end! By the end of the year, transiting Jupiter to the Midheaven may well have been reflected in professional opportunities and accolades similar to what he experienced in prior Jupiter transits. Other measurements also support the potential for rebirth and personal happiness next year. Now, Robin Williams will still likely receive the acclaim and recognition in professional status, because curiously enough, the horoscope continues to reflect life events whether you’re dead or alive. I like to believe that we have a choice, most of the time, about whether to stay or go.

I do not know who Sue Moses is, but I appreciate this  quote attributed to her:

“Your problem has already been solved. You just haven’t gotten to that point in time yet.”

We’ve left the reflective Pisces Moon behind, but don’t worry, it will return next month. That’s what planetary cycles do. Now we have an Aries Moon to inspire us to begin anew.

Cue Robin Williams as Genie now, please. Onward!

Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!