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"She brings more to it than just doing the chart: depth, intuition, as well as tremendous research."
- M.T.
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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/5/2012: Make It So!

I blame last night’s void-of-course Moon for doing screwy things with my internet service; hence, this delayed forecast. With the Moon now in perfectionist Virgo as of 6:51AM ET, you better believe that after this is posted and I consult with clients who have seized the day on my Special Holiday One-Hour Consultation (the perfect gift for everyone on your list, including yourself), I will be calling my phone company to demand reimbursement for the lapse in service. I share this with you because I have found that phone companies are quite willing to offer credit in such cases, and I bet many of you don’t even think to ask. And I have ideas about how you could spend those considerable savings, too. You’re welcome!

Did you note your dreams last night? An opposition to Moon from nebulous Neptune at 7:52AM ET may have sparked your REM stages with especially sublime messages, which may intensify over the next few days as mental Mercury approaches a challenge from Neptune on December 11th. And that Mercury-Neptune contact is the next exact aspect among the planets other than the fast-moving Moon (which isn’t technically a planet, of course; but is often referred to as such when speaking generally about the players in the horoscope). Yup, the first three weeks of December are relatively quiet in the cosmos. But don’t worry — that will change!

Take advantage of the constructive efficiency of a sextile between Moon and disciplined Saturn and a trine between Moon and potent Pluto that will build in strength in the late afternoon and early evening hours. These will aid you in your Virgo Moon-inspired quest to make things correct with laser-beam precision.

To be continued…


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/8/2012: Slow and Steady

Writing this with the Moon void-of-course in Aries, looking for some good headlines to illustrate the confusion that often accompanies a day when Mercury (mind, communication) is at a standstill…about to turn direct (at 1:40AM ET). Here’s a fun one about miscommunication: would you hire this guy? Take it slow and steady, as our brains adjust to Mercury’s forward motion. As with yesterday, pay extra special attention in all areas of travel and communication.

Once the Moon enters Taurus at 3:28AM ET, the need of the day is to establish and/or preserve material security…probably in a dreamy-stuck-spacey kind of way. I say this because loving Venus, which rules Taurus is making an ethereal connection to nebulous Neptune, which will be exact on Thursday at 6:36PM ET. Get out your rose-colored glasses again, and you could enjoy a cotton candy-colored escape. This can be a productive few days for artists and healers…or anyone seeking seeking a sweet soulful connection (Venus -Neptune) you can actually wrap your arms around (Moon in sensual, material Taurus). An easy connection to Moon from “resistance is futile” Pluto adds emotional depth to the mix.



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/12/2012: Taurus Has a Dark Side

Moon in Taurus needs to keep things as they are — or as they should be — for the ultimate goal of preserving material security. This is a day to take comfort in food, sweet music and snuggles — assuming said snuggles are available. It is also a day when you — or others around you — may be digging in their heels or stamping their feet like a terrible two year-old and simply refusing to budge…likely over some idealistic perspective that simply can not be discussed in rational terms.

Emotions may run deep and high around 11:34 AM ET, when Moon cozies up to transformational Pluto…and a dramatic clash of mood vs. mind may occur around 8:35PM ET, when the stubborn Moon squares off against mental Mercury in royal Leo. These are potentials, mind you. Hopefully in your own personal world, you’ll apply the steady determination and organizational skills of a Taurus Moon constructively — without the stubborn drama.

Meanwhile, I am already hearing reports of computers and other communication devices and systems on the fritz. That’s your friendly reminder to back up your computers and iPhones in preparation for Mercury turning retrograde on July 14th.

In other news, I was thrilled to hear from the reader who clicked on a recent link posted in this forecast that takes you to a website that tells you if one of the 50 states — and parts of Canada — might be holding money you didn’t even know was owed you. This reader just got a check for $125 — how cool is that?

Headlines that have caught my eye include yesterday’s void-of-course Moon vote in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The general rule on events occurring during a void is that they are likely to be of no consequence. We shall see…

General note on the headlines: with Neptune now firmly in the early part of Pisces, it is interesting to see all of these stories of mysterious infections, drugs, oceans, and  oil on the NYT homepage as I type. I expect more of the same over the next thirteen years.