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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/8/2015 & the Weekend: Practical Poetry

Keep making it happen. Moon continues through enterprising Capricorn, finding value in what is earthy and practical.  You might have gotten a hit of inspiration this AM, as the Moon made contact with Neptune. Added vision can be yours, courtesy of a challenge between mental Mercury and Neptune, exact tomorrow at 12:09p. That’s good for healers, artists and people selling snake oil.

Tonight around 6PM and 11PM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, respectively. Typical are power plays, upsets and revelations.

Saturday the Moon continues its forward march vibe until 4:35PM ET. Get all those chores and shopping done then. Between 4:35p and 7:22P, ET, chill during the Moon void….then hang out with your funky friends, including ones you haven’t met yet. Thank you, Moon in networking Aquarius.

Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Communication channels are smooth around 1:10PM ET, when the Moon and Mercury align. An over-the-top indulgence may be yours around 7:51PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by regal Leo. Or the good of the many may be challenged by the will of one.

Moon is void all day Monday between 6:36am and 10:53PM ET. Slow start to the work week — or twist in your routine.

And now, the news.

Venus was at the Aries Point yesterday, bringing prominence to issues around women, aesthetics, money, social expression. Front page article on the NYT was a scathing expose of the wretched working conditions at nail salons (aesthetics) in New York. Here’s part 2 — about toxins in the workplace — I haven’t read it yet.  If it’s never occurred to you — while you’re paying $9 dollars for manicure — that the reason it’s so cheap is because your manicurist is barely being paid, I don’t know what to say, other than this is one of those issues that’s had a SEP field around it for years. I learned that from reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 42.

Also making headlines in NY: enclosed lactation stations  for breastfeeding moms have just opened at local airports. Huzzah! Making headlines everywhere is a parody of a typical  contraceptive ad with comedian Amy Schumer. No thanks at all  to the mainstream media for failing to post it on any outlet without either 1) giving away the jokes or 2) presenting it with  an editorial slant.  Skip the headline; enjoy the video; think “Venus at the Aries Point, putting women’s issues in focus” — what more slant do you need?

In other news — any planet at 29 Gemini — where Venus was yesterday before it entered Cancer — is going to trigger Edward Snowden’s 29 Gemini Sun. Venus-Sun transits are usually good ones. Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that the NSA spy program —  the one which collects massive amounts of data on the phone calls of everyone and their dog — is unconstitutional.  This is one of the programs made public by Mr. Snowden. Somewhere in Moscow, perhaps he’s raising a glass of vodka — with bitters.

Speaking of dogs and homeland security —  did you hear about Lilly, the shih-tzu? She has been reunited with her Denver family after being missing for four years. She was found in Illinois. How she got there is a mystery.

Update on the UK election: it was a stunning upset — in that there was no upset!  David Cameron gets to keep his job. Pollsters are confounded. I haven’t looked at Mr. Cameron’s horoscope, so can’t comment.

Finally — to close on this British theme: a tip of the hat to the poetic potential of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune square.  This quiz wants to know: “How Well Do You Know Your Romantic Poets?”

Perhaps there’s a Romantic poet in your future. You may have a latent talent…or might be primed to attract a new love who’ll serenade you. Did you know that these potentials can be seen in your horoscope? Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World.

See you Monday!


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/25/2015: Neptune in Focus…

…with bonus points to readers who understand the clever wordplay of this forecast’s subtitle. Moon in now in Gemini, doncha’ know…and nan, oh man, oh man….it felt as if yesterday’s all-day Taurus Moon void would never end.

A day without a Moon bouncing off other planets can feel like forever…and quiet, too. I expect plenty of buzz with the Moon in information junkie Gemini (as of  11:54PM ET last night). It will bounce off six planets between 7:35AM and 6:48PM ET: Mars (action), Saturn (ambition/control), Venus (sweet), Sun (challenge), Neptune (vision/space cadet) and Mercury (communication). That’s a lot of bouncing in one day.

Picture the Moon making contact with planets in the same way that the ball in a pinball machine bounces off bumpers when the game is in play. When the ball stops making contact with the bumpers and falls back to the bottom of the machine, you have the equivalent energetic drive of a Moon that is void of course. Got that?

On Monday, I wrote:

The challenge to the Sun at 12:14PM ET is the  First Quarter Moon, presenting a challenge to the New Moon projects launched last week. Work it out, using another easy flow of energy supplied by Mars (working with efficiency in Aries) and Saturn, exact at 10:09PM ET. Headlines about progress and initiatives in the media and other collective belief systems, methinks…driven by a vision or fantasy. That strong idealism is suggested by the Sun’s annual meet-up with Neptune at 11:56PM ET.

Would a headline about net neutrality moving one step closer to becoming reality qualify? Anyway, let the above paragraph be your guide to the day, and get the word out on whatever you’re working on, visionary as it may be.

And now, more news.

First, a follow-up to Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly, who have both had issues with reality while operating under 1) challenging Mercury (mind)-Neptune (fog) contacts in their respective horoscopes; and 2) one or more planets triggered by the Uranus-Pluto square. It seems Robert A. Macdonald, the Secretary for Verterans Affairs, was caught making stuff up about his military exploits, too.   I was certain there would be similar patterns in MacDonald’s horoscope  — and there are! MacDonald’s Mercury is squared by Neptune. Astrology is amazing. Oh, and P.S. — Mr. O’Reilly is slated to produce a series called “Legends & Lies” starting this April. Of course he is, given his super-charged Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

Neptune refers to escapes, including those facilitated by drugs and alcohol. On this Sun-Neptune conjunction, Alaska becomes the third state to legalize marijuana. Jamaica also decriminalized recreational use. More will follow suit, as predicted years ago in this forecast, just before Neptune entered Pisces.

Elsewhere, Vermont’s efforts to treat many in that state who are addicted to heroin made the homepage of the NYT. So did an op-ed about a bewildering disease whose symptoms are reflective of the “wipe-out” some experience under heavy Neptune transits: chronic fatigue syndrome. Earlier this week, 12 students at Wesleyan were hospitalized after overdosing on Ecstasy. Sun-Neptune meet-up, there may be consequences when heavy Saturn is part of the party, as it definitely was over the weekend.

Add the me-me-me potential of Venus (women) and Mars (men) in Aries to the potential deception suggested by Sun-Neptune, and you might stumble across an op-ed about why extramarital sex seems so great to some people. Neptune also refers to scams, photography and other intangibles. Thanks to  photographer Jim Herrington for bringing this article to my attention. It “exposes the scheme” behind last year’s record-setting sale of a photograph, with the Neptunian title of “Phantom”. Really, six million dollars for a photograph?

Last but not least, on yesterday’s stubborn Taurus Moon, President Obama vetoed a bill  that would have authorized the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

What’s going on in your horoscope?

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday – Sunday 11/26-30/2014: Happy Thanksgiving!

After a potentially restless night, the enterprising Capricorn Moon is supported by a cooperative flow of mindset, communication and structure until it goes void at 10:30AM ET. Go with the flow; roll with the twists and flakes (snow!) that may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Thank you, unpredictable East Coast storm.

Moon re-engages at 2:23PM ET, when it enters humanitarian Aquarius, a sign whose friendliness and tolerance for the unconventional and the fringe is echoed by a harmonious connection between Venus in righteous Sagittarius and rebel Uranus in crusading Aries at 7:22PM ET.  Perhaps your usual Thanksgiving celebration will deviate from the norm? Go ahead and add a few new things to the menu. Chat up the perfect stranger you’re stranded with at the airport.

There’s a dreamy/bewildering haze over it all today, as nebulous Neptune in intuitive Pisces squares the opinionated Sagittarius Sun. Watch for idealized visions and things not being as they really seem to be. Here’s what was in the news on another Sun-Neptune square, which happens four times a year. Peace!

The Aquarius Moon continues through Thanksgiving Day, with easy connections to loving Venus and Uranus suggesting a noticeable lack of the usual family tensions for most of the day. Huzzah! One shift you may also notice occurs at 9:26PM ET, when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves heavy Scorpio for high-flying, opinionated Sagittarius. See if the conversations become more righteous as the evening progresses.

On Black Friday, an early face-off between expansive Jupiter and the Moon at 4:16AM ET suggests overindulgence and/or optimism, leading up to an ambitious reach  or wet blanket smackdown from restrictive Saturn at 12:14PM ET. That’s when the Aquarius Moon goes void for five hours, and you have no business doing any shopping at the malls. Try it out for yourself and see if purchases made during voids do not prove to be nearly as useful as you thought they would be.

At 5:03PM ET on Friday, Moon shifts gear into empathetic Pisces, and quickly squares off with mental Mercury at 7:03PM ET, suggesting the potential for a fleeting spat or communication snarl.  Said spat may be related to your New Moon agenda, as several hours later at 5:06AM ET, we’ll see the First Quarter Moon, which suggests a challenge to whatever seeds were sown last week. This is a better day for shopping than Friday, as there is no void to space you out. However, you may be inclined to spend more on Saturday than you would on Sunday, courtesy of a socially indulgent square between Venus and the Moon at 9:26PM ET.

Sunday is an intriguing mix. The Pisces Moon continues, stabilized by an easy connection to disciplined Saturn at 3:47PM ET. Then the Moon wanders off into the void, suggesting potential detours in your travel plans until it charges into Aries at 8:14PM ET. Aries is feisty and proactive. It falls down stairs because its faster than walking. Astrologer Rick Levine likes to say that the Aries mantra is “Ready. Fire. Aim!” — and he would know, since he’s an Aries. And given the visionary (upside) and/or befuddled/delusional (downside) potential of a challenge between mental Mercury and Neptune at 11:27PM ET, we may see more than the usual happenings of impulsive or misfired actions as a result of muddled or “out there” thoughts and communication. On the plus side, if you’re an artist, healer or spiritual type, you may find yourself quite inspired.

And now, the news.

The grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed teenager Mike Brown six times (and killing him) after a provocative encounter,  sparked protests all over the country.  The decision was announced at 8:25PM ET on November 24th and looking at the chart for that event time, we instantly see the potential for disruptive outrage. Uranus and Pluto are on the angles of the chart; the Capricorn Moon is about to clash with both. Warrior Mars is running wild (and thus pulling focus) and is also on an angle in the chart (translation: aggression in your face). There’s more, but you get the idea. Fascinating.

That being said, the failure to bring Officer Wilson to trial was received by many as heavy, heavy news, reflecting the depressing, intense, controlling mindset suggested by yesterday’s exact Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.  And it also motivated one creative, despairing soul to produce a mock-up of the New York Times front page that then made the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. Do NOT NOT NOT NOT look at it if profane language might offend you. I offer it only as an example of the potential of planetary patterns — astonishingly brought to life.

Earlier this week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was asked to resign. Mr. Hagel was criticized for coming across as “tentative” in his presentation, which is reflected in the Sun-Neptune in Libra conjunction in his horoscope (Oct 4 1946 North Platte NE — no birth time known). Sun-Neptune aspects tend to diffuse and/or confuse. Barack Obama has a Sun-Neptune square in his horoscope. Even he has had a difficult time figuring out who he is — and there are plenty today who would argue that we still do not know what he’s all about. What’s heavy about Mr. Hagel’s resignation is that presumably his replacement will be even heavier.

So let’s end with some lighter stories, shall we? For there is much to be thankful for and worthy of celebration. First, the annual study of the Happiest Countries in the World is out — and the U.S. is nowhere near the top. That’s heavy, but perhaps we can learn something useful by examining the operating models of countries that now rank higher. That’s a happy thought, yes?

Second, here’s a story reflecting some of the typical traits of Sagittarius: adventurous, animal-loving, international, righteous, generous, optimistic. It hit the news on the Sagittarius New Moon. A Swedish team of athletes were on an extreme trek in Ecuador. One athlete tossed a meatball at a hungry stray dog, and that dog followed them for the rest of their journey — even going so far as to swim alongside them they were crossing by kayak. This story has a very happy ending — and lots of pictures, too.

Enjoy — count your blessings — and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful to you for reading this forecast and further supporting these efforts by sharing it with your friends. Gratitude!

P.S. — Yes, I am working this Sunday, should you find yourself in need of further astro-logical insights on your own unique horoscope. Especially if you have planets or angles around 12 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. Those with planets around 22 and 29 Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, you are also in the hot seat — and how are you planning to handle it?

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/6/2013 & The Weekend: Mercury Square Neptune; Mars in Libra

Moon entered the humanitarian sign of Aquarius at 1:53AM ET, suggesting a focus today on matters of social significance. Innovative, imaginative and empathetic thoughts and communication can be yours, suggested by the rose-colored challenge between mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune — yes, we’ve been talking about it all week — and it’ll finally be exact at 4:31PM ET. That aspect suggests bigger-than-usual tabs at watering holes everywhere, given the Mercury-Neptune square’s need for a (spiritual) escape.

Mercury-Neptune contacts can also refer to  music, and isn’t it interesting that the hills and airwaves were alive with The Sound of Music — broadcast live last night on NBC — and earned record ratings? Interesting that the Julie Andrews movie everyone knows and loves was released in 1965, during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Here’s what the cast members of that film are doing now.

At 7:11AM ET on Saturday, the Aquarius Moon goes void on a “wet blanket” challenge from stern Saturn. Moon won’t enter the next sign — Pisces — until 3:34AM ET. That means no impulse purchases at yard sales — and really, I’d hold off on holiday shopping until Sunday, when the Moon will actually be in gear.  The Moon void should make for some interesting football games — likely favoring the underdog — and strikingly aggressive. This is suggested by action hero Mars entering Libra at 3:41PM ET, where it will remain….now pay attention here…until July 27, 2014.

Why will Mars be in Libra for so long? Because on March 2nd, Mars will turn retrograde — at 27 Libra. It will turn direct at 9 Libra on May 21st. Mars goes retrograde every two years — here’s a blurb written just before the last retrograde in 2012, so you know what to expect. Mars in Libra can be challenging. Libra is a partnership-oriented energy that dislikes conflict. Mars is an ego-oriented energy that thrives in battle — or on a crusade. Thus becoming a “warrior for peace” would be an exalted manifestation of Mars in Libra. And you know who has Mars in Libra? Many people, of course — but right now I’m thinking about Nelson Mandela, who passed away last night at the age of 95. A “peaceful liberator” reads one headline — here’s his horoscope. Pope John Paul II is another famous warrior for peace who had Mars in Libra — here’s his horoscope. May the lives of these two men serve as inspiring role models over the next several months.

On Sunday, Moon enters soulful Pisces at 3:34AM ET. Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon will hook up with Neptune at 8:16AM ET. You’ll find plenty to talk about around midday, when Moon is squared by Mercury in opinionated Sagittarius. And yes, feel free to shop for gifts — maybe something intangible will inspire you, such as music, films, all things spiritual and the healing arts. You might even consider gifting someone very special with an astro-logical consultation — contact me for details.

There’s no Moon void on Monday, the start of the next work week. Be prepared to hit the ground running. Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend!


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/11/2012: Make the Pi Higher

Last night at 8:40PM ET, Mercury, which refers to mindset, communication and travel, entered Sagittarius, sign of the (very opinionated) philosopher-clown. What WON’T be expressed over the next few weeks, hmm? Oddly enough, Mercury in Sagittarius is not considered to be especially well-placed. That’s because while Mercury suggests excellent energy for sorting out details, Sagittarius is much more concerned with the Big Picture. And this is another reason to be wary of signing on the dotted line when this ‘pie in the sky’ placement squares off with ‘make the pie higher!’ Neptune (in dreamy Pisces). Those Really Useful Details may not have been sorted out (keep an eye on whatever legislation is passed this week).

The Moon in Scorpio, which can be quite the moody bastard if so inclined, goes void-of-course at 8:08AM ET, on a conjunction with Venus, also in Scorpio. Your social interactions may be intense, but there’s no reason they can’t be enjoyable. Go with the flow and note how the mood shifts at 5:22PM ET, when Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius. We may see some weird, wild stuff in the air during the early evening hours, as the Moon amplifies the Mercury-Neptune square. Moon squares Neptune at 6:22PM ET; Moon conjoins Mercury at 7:21PM ET. See how that works?

And now, the news. Would you believe a thoughtful piece on the front page of the New York Times called “The God Glut”? Holy Mercury square Neptune, Batman! Does columnist Frank Bruni realize how hip he is to planetary patterns? Probably not. But that’s what is so interesting about astrology. It works whether you are aware of it or not. I suspect the same could be said about God.

: )

And all of this thinking about pie makes me also think that a fabulous cinematic escape such as The Life of Pi would also be in synch with planetary patterns.


Special Holiday Offer — a One-Hour Consultation  at a very reasonable price is still on — from  now until January 1st.  Yes, you can schedule the consultation after January 1st — and so can other lucky recipients of this perfect holiday gift!

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/10/2012: Perks and Perils of Mercury Square Neptune

How time flies! Once again, we are in the dark side of the Moon, where the focus should be on tying up loose ends from projects that were initiated at the time of the New Moon on November 13th.  We may feel a sense of restlessness or listlessness at the end of the cycle. We sense something is about to begin, but we don’t know what. It can be very Waiting For Godot. The next New Moon happens on Thursday, December 13th, at 3:42AM ET. More on that later this week.

Moon in Scorpio needs information for the sake of power and control. It also needs depth and substance. The challenge for the next couple of days is presented by nebulous Neptune squaring mental Mercury at 7:58AM ET on Tuesday, suggesting an idealized or confused mindset, communication exchange or travel adventure. You may recall this aspect was in effect all last week, too.  Think twice before signing on the dotted line today, as things may not be as they seem. This is especially true for Tuesday, when the Moon will be void from 8:08AM – 5:22PM ET. Moon will also be void  on Thursday from 3:42AM ET until 4:43PM ET.

This Mercury-Neptune square can be terrific for creative types: artists, spiritualists and healers. There is a caveat, however, and here I would be thinking of the Australian DJs who — last week, on a day with the Moon in playful, regal Leo — thought it would be so fun and fantastic to pretend to be the Queen of England and ring up the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for severe morning sickness. Unfortunately, their ruse was so successful that it allegedly resulted in the suicide of the nurse who thought the deception was real.

Then there is this tragic story of Jenni Rivera, a singer (Neptune) whose plane (Mercury) crashed shortly after take off yesterday.  In other news, I almost fell out of my chair when I read the 4th paragraph of columnist David Brooks’s last effort — this is Mercury/Neptune idealism in spades; a beautiful, beautiful dream….but where is the real game plan? (That would be Saturn — and yes, I know, all politicians in the U.S. wax rhapsodic about the American Dream; it is part of our collective consciousness, as suggested by the Neptune-Mars square in the U.S. horoscope). Anyway. To counter David Brooks, here’s Paul Krugman to tell you why record corporate profits are not what they seem to be. On a more uplifting and healing note, here’s an amazing story of how a 7-year-old girl beat leukemia (diseases of the blood are usually ruled by Neptune).

I’ll close with this op-ed piece that seeks to expose all of the sneaky tactics retailers employ in order to get shoppers to open their wallets. On the one hand, it seems to argue that the more disoriented the consumer is by the experience, the more money she is likely to spend. On the other hand, the research studies presented appear to contradict each other, making them perfectly in synch with the expectations of a Mercury-Neptune square! Have I mentioned that from now until January 1st, 2013, I am offering a Special One-Hour Consultation at a very reasonable price, and that it’s the perfect gift for everyone on your list, including yourself? But don’t take it from me, take it from a recent client:

“Thank you for a REALLY helpful session today!”

No confusion there. I am delighted to be of service. Now if I can just figure out how to make your computer screen smell like a pina colada…


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/6/2012: Perfection in Action

An expansive challenge to the Virgo Moon’s need for perfection during the wee hours (3:04AM ET) sets the mood upon waking. Thinking big, acting big, dreaming big…and hopefully based on reality as opposed to the potential fantasy suggested by the approaching challenge between mental Mercury and nebulous Neptune that was mentioned yesterday. Action is what we are likely to see around 10:31AM ET, when Moon is strongly supported by aggressive Mars AND a square to the Sun. The latter is the 3rd Quarter Moon, which  suggests a dynamic manifestation related to the intentions set at the New Moon. You may spend the rest of the day sorting it all out.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Moon will be void Friday between 5:35AM ET and 1:35PM ET. Oohh, perhaps you can sleep in without fear of repercussions…

Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to learn that my call to the phone company requesting compensation for Tuesday night’s internet service outage resulted in a $17.50 credit from said phone company. It is amazing what can be yours if you are bold enough to ask.



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/5/2012: Make It So!

I blame last night’s void-of-course Moon for doing screwy things with my internet service; hence, this delayed forecast. With the Moon now in perfectionist Virgo as of 6:51AM ET, you better believe that after this is posted and I consult with clients who have seized the day on my Special Holiday One-Hour Consultation (the perfect gift for everyone on your list, including yourself), I will be calling my phone company to demand reimbursement for the lapse in service. I share this with you because I have found that phone companies are quite willing to offer credit in such cases, and I bet many of you don’t even think to ask. And I have ideas about how you could spend those considerable savings, too. You’re welcome!

Did you note your dreams last night? An opposition to Moon from nebulous Neptune at 7:52AM ET may have sparked your REM stages with especially sublime messages, which may intensify over the next few days as mental Mercury approaches a challenge from Neptune on December 11th. And that Mercury-Neptune contact is the next exact aspect among the planets other than the fast-moving Moon (which isn’t technically a planet, of course; but is often referred to as such when speaking generally about the players in the horoscope). Yup, the first three weeks of December are relatively quiet in the cosmos. But don’t worry — that will change!

Take advantage of the constructive efficiency of a sextile between Moon and disciplined Saturn and a trine between Moon and potent Pluto that will build in strength in the late afternoon and early evening hours. These will aid you in your Virgo Moon-inspired quest to make things correct with laser-beam precision.

To be continued…


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday 2/17-18/2012: Practical Idealism

Well the markets certainly took the enthusiasm suggested by yesterday’s  Moon in Sagittarius, along with expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius in happy contact with mental Mercury, to heart. Good news on the job front sent markets soaring — were you soaring, too?

Moon enters make-it-happen Capricorn at 12:03AM ET on Friday, needing tangible structure and results from all that optimism. So if you haven’t already taken off early for the holiday weekend (it’s Presidents Day in the US), you can anticipate a proactive day at the office, even with Mars retrograde and the Moon at the end of its monthly cycle. At the end of a busy day, an indulgent celebration is suggested by a challenge from loving Venus to that make-it-happen Moon.

The Capricorn energy continues on Saturday, making it a great day for taking care of business. Our need for practicality is augmented by an even more practical connection between disciplined Saturn and the life-giving Sun, exact at 11:02AM ET. More headlines about fairness, justice and equality will likely show up beforehand. Note the potential for rich rewards as a result of investigations, suggested by an easy connection between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury, exact 4:23PM ET. Go ahead and dig deep; you won’t be the only one talking about life, the universe, everything — and what you found swept under that rug.

Saturday is the last day of  the Sun in humanitarian Aquarius. It’s also the day that cardinal-in-waiting Timothy Dolan (currently Archbishop of New York and also an Aquarius) gets to drop the “in-waiting” from his job title. And what a fitting day to contemplate structure and authority (suggested by strong Saturn patterns and the Capricorn Moon), along with spirit. Nebulous Neptune makes its once-a-year hook-up with the Sun on Sunday at 3:42PM ET; regular readers of this forecast know the keywords for Neptune: fantasy, transcendence, spirit, drugs, alcohol, rarefied art, music, photography, soul union, illusion, confusion — and all sorts of other intangibles. In your own personal world, the mix of Neptune’s rose-colored glasses and Saturn’s realism can make for an elevated  experience for you, too.

Timothy Dolan was born on February 6, 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri — birth time unknown. But even without a birth time, we see that horoscope has the potential to be quite a powerhouse. Dolan has the Sun in Aquarius in close connection with expansive, lucky Jupiter, also in Aquarius — and wow! that dynamic duo is challenged by ruthless Pluto, suggesting great resources and empowerment. When he enters the room, he makes his presence known (Dolan is reportedly 6’3″ and described as “a bear of a man”).  A need to be concerned with matters of spirit is no doubt suggested by nebulous Neptune (spirit) in strong contact with that Sun, Jupiter  and Pluto.

There’s also a challenge from Neptune to mental Mercury in practical, authoritative Capricorn, echoed by an easy contact to Mercury from practical, authoritative Saturn. Mercury-Saturn contacts suggest a conservative mindset, and Dolan does describe himself as a conservative. On the flip side, however, Neptune-Mercury contacts, while inspired, also suggest the need for idealism. Isn’t that interesting? A combination of the practical and the idealistic…Saturn and Neptune…the two planets pulling focus this weekend.

Dolan has Moon in Libra, suggesting a strong need to be appreciated (which he is) and a preference for peace over conflict. It’s likely that Mars is conjunct that Libra Moon, adding great energy and drive to cerebral matters — a need to talk and debate…probably a quick temper (despite the desire for peace) that had to be managed…and also a need to be cerebral about emotions. In fact, there is likely a disconnect with personal relationships, suggested by Venus (social expression) in stubborn,  “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius…which is also retrograde. Venus retrograde is rare…and it’s a reliable signal that  relationships (especially intimate relationships with other humans) are going to be a challenge.  There’s much more that could be discussed, but suffice it to say that Timothy Dolan’s need to take a vow of celibacy, devote his life to matters of spirit and ideals, become a powerhouse within a structured organization and connect with the collective so effectively that parishioners gush, “he makes everyone feel like he’s their best friend” (an Aquarian’s dream come true  is a fascinating and awesome series of choices of playing the hand suggested by the horoscope. It would be interesting to see how a few of Dolan’s astrological twins played theirs.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/8/2010

More on color, music and other non-verbal, intangible contemplations. Yesterday (Saturday) featured a strong connection between Mercury (mind, travel) and nebulous Neptune (spirituality, fantasy, sacrifice) often seen in the horoscopes of people with rich imaginations and an aptitude for making music. Is this why the forecast has been delayed (words have failed me) or why I could not stop thinking about a musical episode on the bus ride home from last Sunday’s Rally for Sanity? (Bear with me, this really is going somewhere…eventually about the New Moon):

I asked our eccentric lady bus driver if she’d mind changing the static-ky  (stat-icky?) radio station that was poisoning the airwaves,  and she said she’d be happy to replace it with a CD, if a passenger had one handy. A CD? How quaint…but darned if a college kid didn’t happen to have one he was excited to share. “These are bluegrass instrumental arrangements of some songs by the Beatles!”, he says (with a great deal of authority),  as we were treated to the opening bars of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” a la banjo . Cheesy? Yes. But darned if those Lennon-McCartney tunes didn’t hold up with every twang — and I found myself marveling at the beauty of each chord progression and wondering WHY — as in, “why do these sounds gathered together in this particular way have so much power to move the soul — why are they so beautiful?”

Fast forward to yesterday (pun obviously intended), in which I persuade a composer friend to break down the chord structures of — you guessed it — “Yesterday”, etc. on a Yamaha baby grand — what exactly am I hearing when the juxtaposition of two chords strikes me as beautiful, and why is this music so timeless? Composer Friend explains that what I’m hearing is a chord in a major key immediately followed by a chord in the relative minor..blah blah “roots in church music dating from 500-600 AD through the Middle Ages”…blah blah Modal harmony, as in the “Dorian mode”, more church music, Mozart, Bach, etc., which goes back to the music of the Ancient Greeks…and while I’m kicking myself for not taking more music theory in college, am I also appreciating that the reason these Beatles tunes feel timeless is because they are; humans have been responding to the intrinsic beauty of these sounds for who knows how long, and at least as far back as and Ancient Greeks…

…which finally brings me to the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio is opposite the sign of Taurus, which naturally rules areas in life related to the assets and values of an individual, including intangible values such as self-worth.  Scorpio rules, among other things, areas related to assets shared with an other, including shared values. Co-mingling shared assets can be incredibly creative — and procreative, as in great sex, great investments and a great inheritance. The keyword for Taurus is I HAVE. The keyword for Scorpio is I CREATE.

In the chart for the New Moon at 12:52 AM EDT 11/6/2010 we see five planets running wild — Mars (energy applied), Saturn (structure, control), Pluto (change) and Sun-Moon (union, new cycle, birth). By “wild” I mean that they are not connected to any other planet in the chart; each one is an island unto itself. A “wild” planet (the astrological term is “unaspected”), as my teacher Noel Tyl explains, it, makes a lot of noise in order to attract attention, with the hope that it will eventually be noticed and given a constructive outlet. With so many “islands” in this New Moon horoscope, is it any coincidence that the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio is “telephone linemen at work”…”an image of men at work stretching lines of communication from pole to pole…connecting the telephone lines, repairing faulty or fallen lines”?

Wherever this New Moon at 14 Scorpio falls in your horoscope is where you may have an opportunity ripe with creative potential, where success will likely depend on effective lines of communication. You may have to lay down some lines in uncharted territory — ooh — adventure! You may need to repair lines downed by a storm (Venus is still retrograde in Scorpio). Finding a common ground between you and that “other party” (a Beatles tune?) is a recommended first step…