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-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/11/2013: Playful is Powerful

Make the most of this week. It’s the last full week we will have for a while with all planets moving forward. Heads up that Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th; Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND YOUR SMARTPHONES NOW.

East Coasters, if you must ship something of dire consequence, get it off your desk before the dreamy and intuitive Pisces Moon goes void of course at 12:03PM ET. We’ve got a looonnnnnnng time between then and 8:51PM ET Tuesday, when the Moon finally engages in Aries — and then it’ll blast off like a rocket. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are super-fabulous for getting things off the ground. So what to do between now and then?

Start by re-reading yesterday’s New Moon forecast with special attention to creating a space for play, as only the unique individual that you are can do. Let your intuition guide your communications and actions. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see this article about play and productivity sitting on the NYT home page when I woke up during Sunday’s Moon void. Are the editors of the Times  in tune with the cosmos or what? Make time for play, for visualization and serious brainstorming/drafting over the next 36 hours. Structuring and researching new platforms to launch your visions are favored, courtesy of cooperative contacts among mental Mercury, disciplined Saturn and potent Pluto. If you were born around the 1st of March, June, September or December…or if you have planets or angles around 11 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius this especially applies to you.

The other planetary pattern exact today can provide necessary discipline and controls, even though some will find it a bitch. And this is chilly Saturn in Scorpio (matters of life and death), squaring Venus (women, money, aesthetics, social expression) in humanitarian Aquarius at 1:42AM ET. If you are on the bitchy receiving end of this transit, see if the old cliche “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” can apply. Here’s an example from today’s NYT: how some college students worked their you-know-whats off to pay for their tuition — tough, disciplined and inspiring. Another example of formidable discipline and resolve in a most feminine form is a front page piece on how Gabrielle Giffords, whom you may recall was shot in the head at point blank range two years ago, is evolving into a passionate advocate for sane gun controls. Did you see her one-minute speech before Congress a few weeks ago — well you must see it now and here it is — deeply moving. And strangely in synch with the Crosby, Stills & Nash song  Find the Cost of Freedom popping into my head while writing the New Moon forecast. In other news, more and more women are buying guns, says the homepage of the NYT as of 6PM ET.

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On a lighter note…perhaps you read that someone hacked into an email account belonging to a member of the  Bush family. Apparently the most startling revelations were self-portraits by George W. Bush.  Since when did W. become a painter? And why is it so newsworthy that NYT columnist Maureen Dowd was compelled to write about it? With a quick glance at Bush’s horoscope, I’m looking for current hits from the Uranus-Pluto square, given that he is in the headlines and is therefore prominent. Instantly we see nebulous Neptune (vision, high art) being supercharged by this square…and the areas of the horoscope that are highlighted include: mindset/imagination/communication and siblings (the paintings were made public via his sister’s email account!), big picture thinking/publishing and the public. Transits to Neptune often coincide with an involvement in the creative arts…and also spiritual or charitable concerns. That’s the upside. The downside can be a sense of bewilderment, betrayal or an escape into fantasy, including drugs or alcohol.

Since George W. Bush gave up drinking years ago, and his horoscope suggests a need for magical thinking and to communicate his visions with enthusiasm, applying his imagination in a painterly way makes sense. Another suggestion of artistic inclination is artsy Venus (social expression, including aesthetics) aligned with Midheaven, which refers to career/public status. Isn’t that interesting?  He’s kept a low profile during the last few years, which also makes sense given that Saturn has been at the bottom of his horoscope. This suggests a need to shore up one’s foundation, focusing on personal concerns of home and family. Patterns in the horoscope suggest that 2014-2016 will be an extremely significant period of life development for Mr. Bush, with themes of emancipation, empowerment and expansion being the potential upsides. Changes are absolutely, positively guaranteed.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 2/10/2013: New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius officially begins at 2:20AM ET, offering us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle. Next week will be about planting seeds to turn your intentions into reality. Around the 17th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 25th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on March 4th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on March 11th.

A New Moon in Aquarius suggests a need — or an opportunity — to break free of limitations to your unique individual expression. Aquarius is an airy/mental, organizing and  humanitarian energy that seeks to be of social significance, often serving a social cause on one fringe or another. The Aquarian need for breakthroughs and/or breakouts can be shocking or at the very least, disruptive to the status quo.  How are you planning to shake things up, to break free, to express yourself without compromise during this lunar cycle?

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You see what I mean?

This New Moon occurs at 22 degrees of Aquarius, so it will be more active in your life if you were born around  the 10th of February, May, August or October…or if you have a planet at 22 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. This New Moon energy suggests a spark of inspiration that aims to be helpful and liberating in a big, attention-getting way. I say this because in the chart for the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are not connected any other planets in the chart. They are isolated — which suggests to me that certainly in headlines, we are likely to see a number of declarations of independence or breakthroughs that are challenging to integrate. It would not surprise me if the most startling events involve women/the feminine/maternal. These will likely be countered by a few mind-boggling efforts to impose control.

In contrast to the isolated Sun-Moon conjunction, there are plenty of connections among the rest of the planets, suggesting a spirit of — if not cooperation — then certainly communication. A pile-up of planets in watery Pisces, challenged by expansive Jupiter in information-junkie Gemini suggests grand visions and/or delusions (take your pick) initiated with boundless energy. The major challenge to the vision is one of seemingly stubborn, fixed cost. If cuts need to be made, planetary patterns for this cycle do suggest practical solutions can be found to produce a functional Plan B, if the parties involved can be more sensitive and flexible.

For some reason, the Crosby, Stills & Nash song “Find the Cost of Freedom” has now popped into my head, demanding it be shared. So here is the original (on glorious crackling vinyl); here is a shorter, recent concert version (still glorious) and here is the backstory to the song, which was written in the aftermath of the shockingly disruptive Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s. As regular readers know, we are just beginning a potentially more disruptive period of several years, marked by the current Uranus-Pluto square. Apply this song to themes we’ll be seeing at a national and global level during this lunar cycle.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon supports the concept of  dreams we create to embellish, cushion or cover a hard reality. For 22 Aquarius, we find “a rug placed on the floor for children to play”.  Think about it. With gratitude to Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee for pointing out that the nature of play (Latin ludere) is “to go beyond bounds of normal containment” — and that is what you are encouraged to do over the next four weeks. Test your limits — and if you can’t play for the fun of it, make it a science project (Aquarius is very tech-savvy). Perhaps your focus may be to simply embellish or cushion a space where you can comfortably play, which for me means creating a more ergonomically correct workspace so I can calculate charts and write forecasts. What about you?

You’ll have plenty of time to mull over your grand scheme for play on Sunday, as the Moon goes void-of-course at 2:20AM ET…not to enter Pisces (more dreams!) until 4:20PM ET. Do something physical while you are mulling,  especially if you were born around the 26th of February, May, August or November…or if you have a planet at 6 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Otherwise, a potentially bombastic connection between Mars and Jupiter may make you insufferable.

Finally, for those who are curious, here’s an explanation of the origin of the Sabian Symbols. If you are not conversant in the language of astrology, just accept the premise that in a New Moon chart, the Sabian Symbol provides a clue to the agenda for the whole cycle. I see this a lot in the headlines.  For example, last month’s symbol was “a general acknowledging defeat gracefully,” and Lance Armstrong finally admitting he doped was one of the biggest stories. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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