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Tuesday 12/19/2017: New Moon in Sagittarius; Late Sneak Peek at a Jam-Packed Week; Saturn in Capricorn

Happy holidaze!

As I type, it appears the House vote on the sloppy “tax reform” bill will need to be re-done tomorrow, thanks to excitable elected representatives who rushed through provisions which do not conform to their own rules. Mercury retrograde much? Think their do-over will happen after 10:37 AM ET, when the proactive Capricorn Moon goes void on a potential upset from rebel Uranus? One can only hope. Moon will be void until 9:29 PM ET tomorrow — no impulse shopping — just stick to routine and chill.

Big shifts this week. Monday brought us a New Moon in Sagittarius — exact at 1:30 AM ET. It happened at 26 degrees of Sagittarius — which corresponds to the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. The Galactic Center is a “supermassive black hole” around which everything in our galaxy revolves. The black hole seems to be a source of massive radio waves, so if one had a planet or point around 26 Sagittarius in the horoscope, that planet/point might be exceptionally tuned in to messages from Central Command…what do you think? And here I would thinking of a gifted intuitive I know whose Sun and Ascendant are indeed connected to the Galactic Center– and she is quite a channel. Hmm, and I have a planet in touch with the GC, too. I’m making a note to do further research. Where is the Galactic Center in your horoscope? Consult your local astrologer for details.

A New Moon in Sagittarius suggests an opportunity to plant seeds in matters of big, bold collective beliefs and opinions — backed by structure and control. The latter is suggested by the Sun and Moon in touch with Saturn. With Mercury still retrograde and in a tough aspect with Neptune, the seeds planted may be in an exquisite shade of rose. If you have a planet or angle around 26 degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces, you are likely feeling a push to state your case more than others.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a sculptor,” i.e., a person chiseling a form out of an amorphous blob of earth  (e.g., marble, metals, clay). It’s curiously in sync with this week’s  ingress of Saturn (structure) into Capricorn (one of the three Earth Signs). Also curiously in sync: Tarot Diva Beth Owldaughter’s Card of the Week: the Ace of Pentacles. Beth writes:

The Ace of Pentacles represents the power of the Earth, since the Pentacle is a magical tool that is ruled by the element of Earth and North.

Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee has this to say about sculpting:

Thought of in terms of human character, giving shape to or forming character assumes the awareness of the possibilities that lie before one, like a sculptor with a vision of the possibiliites in a block of wood. The sculptor releases the form of beauty from the uncarved block….Sculpting requires a gentle, penetrating regard for what shapes lie within an uncarved block. Heavy-handedness may ruin delicate potential; one must go with the grain.

Bovee suggests that what enables a sculptor to go with the grain (and not destroy the source material) is good character. Hmm. Something to consider  for those rushing to leave their mark on Earth during this lunar cycle.

Speaking of marks — I’m still putting my 2018 Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Bookmarks in beautiful envelopes with handwritten notes of appreciation. Today I sent a pack of 10 to Australia — what fun! You can order one bookmark  for $3.88 — or splurge on three for $6.99 and gift them to your friends.  Gods willing, you can click on the link above and toss payment into  my Cosmic Tip Jar — or contact me here.  Don’t forget to include your snail mail address. 

Other major patterns this week: first, Saturn enters Capricorn at 11:48 PM ET tonight (Tuesday), just two hours after the Moon meets up with Pluto. A prominent power play and/or assertion of government structure and control? Watch the headlines.

These next few years of Saturn in Capricorn can be put to most excellent use in your own personal world. Wherever it is transiting  in your horoscope is where you can turn your fears of lack into a plan for advance.  Your success depends on your willingness to grow up, assume responsibility and authority, already. Time to get real and practical!

A long list of keywords for Capricorn can be found here. Watch for streamlined, focused and controlling efforts in those areas over the next two years.

In the horoscope of the U.S., Saturn in Capricorn is likely to put a squeeze on its usual need for abundance and nourishment. Saturn will oppose the U.S. Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and Jupiter (abundance, expansion) in 2018. Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, here’s looking at you.

Meanwhile,  a harmony between Venus and Uranus on WEDNESDAY at 6:12 PM ET suggests unconventional attractions, friendship, humanitarianism and expressions of unity among eclectic groups. Here’s how Venus trine Uranus was reflected in the last Emmys — on September 17th.

Next up:  the Winter Solstice — a turning point — on Thursday at 11:29 AM ET. That’s when the Sun enters Capricorn.  What’s so important about a Winter Solstice? Here’s a post from the past.   — A few hours later, at 4:09 PM ET, the Sun meets up with Saturn, suggesting  prominent and/or sobering news involving heads of state and business.  The gravitas of this  annual conjunction will be felt more personally if you were born 1-2 days into the signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra….or if you have a planet or angle around 1-2 degrees of those signs. Potentials of this transit include feeling restricted and controlled. Some may find this transit grounding, facilitating an ambitious reach.

Finally, Mercury turns direct on FRIDAY at 8:51 PM ET. Easy does it on the roads — and in all communication and transportation endeavors.

There’s a ton  of news to report — will do a clown car full of it next time. Meanwhile, let’s bid farewell to Saturn’s efforts to control free speech and collective beliefs with these seven words that officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention were reportedly banned from using:

  • fetus
  • transgender
  • science-based
  • evidence-based
  • vulnerable
  • diversity
  • entitlement

Mercury being retrograde, those who thought that CDC had been banned from using the words when communicating with the public may have been outraged, but apparently for the wrong reason. According to a former federal official:

…the move[is]  unprecedented.

“It’s absurd and Orwellian, it’s stupid and Orwellian, but they are not saying to not use the words in reports or articles or scientific publications or anything else the C.D.C. does,” the former official said. “They’re saying not to use it in your request for money because it will hurt you. It’s not about censoring what C.D.C. can say to the American public. It’s about a budget strategy to get funded.”

Ah. Yes. I see.

These words are currently being projected — in shades of green and purple — on the facade/front entrance of the P45 International Hotel in Washington D.C. If you’re more of an audio person than a visual person, you might enjoy these seven words set to music.

Take that, Saturn in Sagittarius! And order your Mercury Rx bookmarks while we still have books!

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/3/2014: Feet on the Ground; Pie in the Sky

Pull it together today with innovation, as you work to build something solid out of Monday and Tuesday’s innovative, proactive spirit. The Moon has been in steady, comfort-seeking Taurus since 12:15AM ET, where it will stay until 5:25AM ET on Friday. Oh the joyful sensual indulgences that can be yours for the next two days, supported by an easy connection between Venus and Jupiter that’s exact on Thursday! Anyone with a planet or angle around 22 degrees of virtually every sign may be personally feeling the love, or at least a potential expansion.

Meanwhile, as Uranus and Pluto move closer and closer to their sixth exact square on December 15th, those with planets or angles around 12 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer are likely feeling the “change or die” buzz. If you don’t know where your planets are, consider getting the Astro-Basics Report — third item down on this list here. Really, you’ll get even more out of this daily forecast if you take the time to learn more about your personal horoscope, and I’m happy to help.

And now, the news.

Divorce rates are down. Are you surprised? Apparently they peaked in the late 70s and early 80s. So of course I had to check my ephemeris to see exactly what going on in the cosmos that would reflect a breakdown and reality check in the contractual institution of marriage.  Let’s see….breakdown…reality check…marriage. Sounds like Pluto…Saturn….Libra. And in fact, Pluto was in Libra in the late 70s — just past 15 degrees — the halfway mark. Saturn was in Libra in the early 80s. Libra refers to marriage and other one-on-one partnerships.

Pluto will flirt with the halfway mark of Capricorn next year, and then move full speed ahead at 15 Capricorn in January of 2016.  Saturn will join Pluto in Capricorn in January of 2018. Capricorn refers to the Establishment, financial and government institutions. That would be a good time for a bit of restructuring.

Meanwhile, the good folks at NBC have picked a fine feel-good evening for their second foray into live musical theater broadcast: Peter Pan, tomorrow night. Planetary patterns support technical and technological endeavors, and from this write-up, they are going to need them. Compare it to planetary patterns on their first effort — last year’s ratings success story, “The Sound of Music”.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends. The more new readers I reach,  the longer I will be able to continue providing it freely. Your referrals do help.