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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/18/2012: Mark Zuckerberg & the Facebook Obsession

Information about worth and  thinking about the way things should be could dominate the day, as mental Mercury runs wild in the materialistic, resistant-to-change sign of Taurus. And that’s where the Moon — the planet that drives the need of the day — is, as of 6:03 AM ET.

Add to this mix a separating — but still optimistic and expansive Sun-Jupiter hook-up (also in Taurus). Toss in an over-the-top waste of emotions, suggested by loving Venus retrograde in an obsessive connection with ruthless Pluto, plus an equally obsessive connection between old guard Saturn (corporations, structure, discipline) and avant garde Uranus (innovation, rebel, technology). Mix it up with the lingering afterglow of the dazzling pixie dust of the challenging Mars (action) – Neptune (illusion, ideal) opposition that’s been reflected in the news since March.

Sounds like a perfect backdrop for the most talked about IPO in history — a.k.a. the sale of publicly traded stock in Facebook. And with regal Leo on the Ascendant at 11AM ET in New York, it’s hard to imagine this event disappointing in terms of projected confidence and regal glamour. Overvalued? With Venus retrograde, perhaps. Venus is the co-ruler of the MC (public status) of the IPO chart (assuming it starts on time), suggesting it may not be “full speed ahead” as it adjusts to its new public status. And really, who launches anything on a dead Moon just days before an eclipse? Someone who has not consulted an astrologer! Looking at the chart for the launch of Facebook on February 4, 2004, we immediately see Pluto and Uranus right on Facebook’s Saturn (structure)…suggesting a disruption of the status quo & enormous effort and controls required against a threat (real or imagined) of possible loss. Let’s see where that stock is a year from now.

In your own personal world, note the inspired visions that hit you around lunchtime on the East Coast. How will they influence your management of the potentially overwhelming flow of information likely driving this day? The need here is to make visions real…and on a Friday, no less. It’s usually lovely to have the Moon in sensual Taurus through the weekend, giving you time to indulge in feel-good activities — whatever makes you feel comfortable and secure. Do your major shopping on Saturday, as the Moon is void of course from 8:35AM – 7:05PM ET on Sunday.

More on Facebook — specifically, Mark Zuckerberg (5/14/84 — time unknown — White Plains, NY). Today I was watching an interview with him from several years ago. He comes across as very calm and controlled  on camera — a rock solid Taurus. But was that a bit of a stare I saw in his expression? Where was the Scorpio in his horoscope, I wondered (the “Scorpio stare” is not an astrological myth; it’s a fact).

Sure enough, Moon, aggressive Mars and disciplined Saturn are all  together in Scorpio. How this man needs to be seen as a person of depth and substance, using knowledge for the sake of power and control! How he could build all the way down to hell…or all the way up to heaven! Rebel genius Uranus in pie-in-the-sky Sagittarius runs wild in the horoscope — seeking an anchor with two key midpoints that suggest a need for a strong sense of purpose and a soulful need to be of service. Ruthless Pluto — also in Scorpio — challenges mental Mercury, suggesting incisive thinking and a mind that could shred you to pieces if provoked. Driving passions…to the point of obsession? Sure, the horoscope suggests those, too. Nebulous Neptune is at the Aries Point, suggesting a need to become known for working with intangibles. Other measurements suggest an instinctive nose for business and an earthy, practical generosity.

Happy Friday!




Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/26/2011: Jupiter square Pluto

The big aspect today is the third and final occurrence of a potent square between “resistance is futile” Pluto and expansive Jupiter, challenging us to examine our resources and our philosophy/group think about said resources. Are they stable and sustainable? (the question applies to our group think and our resources). This series of squares began July 24 and August 2 of 2010 (check out earlier forecasts on my website); the influence has been effect since then. Resources and/or the lack thereof, and the need for us to adapt accordingly will likely continue today, as in: (on the potential down side) food and oil prices going up, budget crunches, etc. — but look for news and/or opportunities for renewed resources, too.  In other news, I expected to see Deepwater Horizon back in the headlines this week (Pluto: Deep; Jupiter: Horizon) — and it was — a study now says certain workers on the rig could have prevented the disaster, had they been in the loop:

In your own personal world, the potential for incisive perception is high today. What do your instincts tell you? Can you see clearly now? Are you writing a book about it? You could, with today’s mental focus at your disposal. What is seen clearly today will surely be talked about — with passion and perhaps a call for a “do-over”. It may be Friday, but don’t phone this day in — much can be accomplished, and you may have reason to celebrate a profound sense of transformation or renewal by happy hour.

OK, one last thing about Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. As we’ve seen, Walker’s horoscope is formidable. Moon and Sun in Scorpio — born the day of a potent total solar eclipse — Mercury (mindset, communication) is also in Scorpio…already we’re running screaming down the hall — Scorpio does have that reputation — and add to Walker’s chart the other hardcore aspects we noted earlier this week. Who in the world would dare to pierce the inner sanctum of such a man? (you’ll love this) Would you believe the blogger who placed the prank call to Walker was born on October 31, 1978 (source:Wikipedia), and has not only Sun and Moon in Scorpio, but Mercury and Mars (conjunct) AND Venus and Uranus (also conjunct) — ALL in Scorpio! Catch an interview with Ian Murphy here and pay close attention to Murphy’s “Scorpio stare.” (Walker has it too, and so does Sun-Moon in Scorpio gal Whoopi Goldberg). Credit nebulous Neptune, currently making a charismatic connection to Murphy’s Mars (action) and Mercury (mind), for stimulating his imagination and giving him the art of guile.

Will write more on the weekend later. Stay tuned…