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– S.L.
New York, NY

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Monday 8/28/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Houston & Other Horrorscopes

Good Morning!

Intense, deep, stubborn, controlling and wet — those are a few keywords for the Moon when it is in Scorpio, where it’s been since early Saturday. As of 5:38 AM ET, it’s also void of course — i.e., traveling without focused direction until it enters the next sign — Sagittarius — with a huge sigh of relief. That shift happens at 3:48 PM ET. Until then, roll with the flakes and twists. Stick to routine. Crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill! Your other Moon voids this week happen on THURSDAY 12:42 AM ET – 4:18 AM ET and SATURDAY 12:30 PM ET – 4:06 PM ET.

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, everyone is sure to have an opinion — the more boundary-pushing, the better. Get out of your rut; expand your mind; connect with nature; catch a foreign film; think positively; avoid putting your foot in your mouth and/or tripping over the furniture.

On THURSDAY retrograde Mercury backs into Leo at 11:29 AM ET, where it will slow to a crawl as it prepares to move direct on Tuesday, September 5th. What does this suggest? Note that Action Hero/Angry Bird Mars will be at 28 Leo on SATURDAY and SUNDAY. Last week’s awesome solar eclipse happened at 28 Leo. A planet that travels to the degree of an eclipse serves as a trigger — i.e., a release of energy/action bottle-necked by the eclipse. Got that?

Mercury (information, communication, travel) will meet up with Mars at that same degree — 28 Leo —  on SUNDAY at 5:39 AM ET. What will be the fallout (sometimes, literally)? What secrets will be revealed? What royal edicts will be issued (when cooler heads really ought to prevail)? Mercury will hang at 28 Leo until it turns direct. Could be an interesting few days for those with significant planets and points at that degree. Consult your local astrologer for details.

And now, the news.

A harmony between Mars and Uranus on SATURDAY at 8:13 AM ET suggests headlines including, but not limited to tech breakthroughs and aviation. We shall see.

Meanwhile, water, water everywhere — in Texas.  Hurricane Harvey continues to rain on Houston, reflecting the wretched potential of a depth-seeking Scorpio Moon. Why Houston? Why now?  Are there any astrological patterns suggesting this heartbreaking horror show?

Well, it is interesting to note that the chart for the August 21 solar eclipse set in Houston has a Midheaven (public status) of 0 degrees Virgo — with the eclipsed Sun and Moon sitting right on top of it, separated by just one degree. The chart set in Houston has a 23 Scorpio Ascendant, challenged by the North and South Nodes. I’d translate that potential as an image of depth and control, while feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place. Mars is at 20 Leo, physically challenging that image when it hit 23 Leo early Saturday morning. We will see more Mars action in this Houston New Moon chart between September 2nd and 5th.

New Moon in Houston

It is also interesting to see Neptune running wild in the chart, yet in an obsessive-compulsive relationship with the Sun and Moon. Neptune refers to water, floods, displaced persons, dissolving of boundaries. This pattern was in the chart for the New Moon/Eclipse in every location. Neptune also refers to oil, oceans and naval matters — and here I would be thinking of another recent big headline: the collision of a oil tanker with the U.S.S. John McCain, in which ten U.S. sailors perished.

Meanwhile, the city of Houston also has a horoscope — born on August 24, 1836 at 12:38 PM. Houston’s Sun is 1 Virgo — also hit by the August 21st eclipse. Coincidence or conspiracy? We see Mars hot in this horoscope late next week — the 7th through the 9th. We anticipate action and/or assertion.

Of course there is always the possibility that the real culprit here is Mother Nature, aided and abetted by climate change caused by human activity, like most scientists say. And that it doesn’t really matter to Mother Nature that U.S. government agencies, under the dangerously deluded direction of the P45 adminstration, have scrubbed the words “climate change” from their websites.  Guess they haven’t gotten around to NASA yet.

Thinking of all Avid Readers in Harvey’s path — hoping you are safe and sound. If you are not in Harvey’s path, here are ways to help.

In other news…

Some weeks ago in Astrologer Land there was an article published arguing that the time on the birth certificate released by P45 wasn’t correct, and that we should be using the birth time cited by his mother.  I don’t know about that, given the responsiveness of the horoscope calculated with the time on the birth certificate. For example, we’d expect a public assertion of regal machismo on or a day before the morning of August 27th, when transiting Mars (action) challenged his Midheaven (public status).  Sure enough, late on Friday when many were focused on the impending Hurricane Harvey, P45 “pardoned” Joe Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County (AZ). Here is the must-read article on Mr. Arpaio, if you’re not quite sure what heinous things he has done.

We don’t have an exact birth time, but here is what we know of Mr. Arpaio’s horoscope.  OMG, he shares a birthday with P45 — June 14th. Gemini Sun — Libra or Scorpio Moon, likely squared by patriarchal Saturn. That can be lean…and downright mean. Macho Mars at 24 Taurus — conjunct wounded healer Chiron and the wretched Fixed Star Algol; retrograde Venus is conjunct Pluto; Neptune and Mars are running wild. Translation: we see the potential for a man on a misguided mission;  prone to over-the-top emotions in matters of homeland/family, inflicting aforementioned meaness on others as a twisted retaliation for the misery he likely experienced in his early home life. It will be interesting to see what squeeze he may be feeling in October/November, when transiting Saturn opposes his Gemini Sun for the third time this year.

Over the weekend, P45 also reversed an Obama-era rule that prevented local police departments from getting their hands on military equipment. Because what local police department would be complete without its very own grenade launcher? Earlier this month he rolled back Obama-era flood standards for taxpayer-financed infrastructure projects. Will that one be REconsidered, as one might hope with a bright idea that launches during a Mercury retrograde? Meanwhile, macho militant Mars hits P45’s regal Leo Ascendant on September 5th. Actions are sure to make news. Stay tuned….

…and ending on a fun note. Lost objects have an odd way of turning up when Mercury is retrograde. In Canada, a woman was delighted to find her engagement ring when it was pulled out of her garden….wrapped around a carrot!

How’s your Mercury retrograde REorganizing, REpairing, REtreating, REconnecting going? Yesterday I ordered a file cabinet and took my broken vacuum cleaner to the repair shop.

Housekeeping note: if you ordered and paid for a personalized report about last week’s solar eclipse, it was prepared and emailed to you. If you have not received it, please let me know (to Avid Reader Mary — thanks for emailing me to say you did not receive the report. Please check your spam folder — it was sent on the 19th).

Thank you for reading this forecast. Contributions to my Cosmic Tip Jar are always welcome. If you curious to know how all this talk of planetary patterns mean for you personally, here’s the 411 on consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.


Thursday-Sunday 2/16-19/2017: Weekend Forecast

Allll-righty then!

The energy of the day is driven by the Moon in Scorpio, which it enters at 1:41 AM ET. A Scorpio Moon seeks depth and substance for the sake of power and control, and we don’t get a break in the emotional intensity until Saturday afternoon. The only exact pattern is a harmony between Mercury (thinking, speaking) and Mars (doing) at 1:15 PM ET. Make your innovative and inspiring pitch; paint a solid picture of how you will walk your talk. Color the evening a shade of rose, courtesy of a harmony between the Moon and Neptune. Music, spirits, art — or some other visionary escape?

On FRIDAY, a clash of opinion over control is suggested by a challenge between Mercury and the Moon at 9:18 AM ET. Perhaps it will light up your Twitter feed.  Moon goes void with a sigh on a harmony with Pluto, digging up dirt and consolidating power. Whatever crisis crops up between 2:38 PM ET and SATURDAY at 1:52 PM ET may well be much ado about nothing. You can skip out early for the holiday weekend without consequence. Chill!

At 6:32 AM ET the Sun enters Pisces. Happy birthday to your favorite fishies! Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive energy that at its best expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One.  Being such a sensitive soul is not always easy. Pisces has been known to wallow in suffering. It can go to extremes of surrender in order to escape life’s hard knocks, drowning its sorrows in the nearest rose-colored glass. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a dreamy energy that can be challenging to integrate, but oh what sublime creative visions it can bring to life, when effectively channeled.

Pisces folk born between February 28 and March 4th should chat with Fish born a few days earlier about how spacey life has seemed in  past two years. Lots of potential for creativity and soulful questing, though. Pisces folk born between March 10th and March 19th will be feeling the pressure of Saturn, demanding streamlined plans for advance. May be time to check in with your local astrologer…  And that’s not a bad idea for Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo folk born 10-14 days and 21-28 days into their respective signs. And while we’re on the subject of hot horoscopes, if you are an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn born about 20 days into your sign, you would benefit from an astrologer’s perspective, too.

At 1:52 PM ET on SATURDAY  the Moon enters Sagittarius, needing to express its righteous opinion and push boundaries with enthusiasm. Activities that expand your horizons are favored: a walk in nature; a foreign film. The afternoon is charged by the Third Quarter Moon, advancing the whatever illumination and/or release you experienced on last Friday’s Full Moon and eclipse.

The last time Moon entered Sagittarius this foreign perspective hit the airwaves, soon going viral.  Have you seen “America First; Netherlands Second,” a a satirical video introducing The Netherlands to P45? Many other countries have since offered their own introductions; the latest is from India.

Patterns on SUNDAY are dreamy and playful. Patterns on MONDAY are active — mentally and physically. Big ideas and daring action will be front and center for the next two weeks. If you thought this week was full of surprises and shifts, just wait and see. We’ll have Mars (action!) and Jupiter (expansion!) supercharged by disruptive Uranus and power player Pluto…and much, much more.

The news is up next.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12/27-29/2013: The Healing Power of Sudden Breakthroughs


East Coasters who are working during this holiday week may have experienced a slow start or twist to the morning, courtesy of a three-hour Moon void between 6 and 8:58AM ET. Now the Moon is fully engaged in Scorpio, seeking depth and substance for the sake of power and control. But before you run screaming down the hall, which some people do at the mere mention of the word “Scorpio,” consider that this depth-seeking energy is well-supported by positive contacts from visionary Neptune, mental Mercury and the enterprising Capricorn Sun. Put it all together and you have the potential for mastery and healing — even for a few sublime moments. What projects and visions are you seeking to move forward? Pay close attention to the quality of seemingly “random” encounters, even the ones you experience in your dreams.

Exact lunar aspects on Saturday are equally supportive, save for a potential downer of a hook-up between the Moon and stern Saturn. On the upside, this serious aspect (exact at 7:58PM ET) can a facilitate a necessary reach for ambition, driven by a sense of lack. Go for it, with all the idealistic fervor you can muster, aided  by a flash of disruptive genius. That’s the potential of mental Mercury aligning with the Sun and challenging rebel Uranus on Sunday. Far out!

Sunday, like today (Friday) may get off to a wandering start, given that the Scorpio Moon will be void for a few hours starting at 8:54AM ET. Please hold off on those super-duper after-Christmas sales until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:37PM ET. After that, the Sagittarius Moon drives the day with a need to broaden horizons, express opinions or take a gamble or a gambol. “The sky’s the limit” might even be too conservative, given the breakthrough potential of another challenge from rebel Uranus, this time to the Sun in patriarchal Capricorn, exact just after midnight on Monday. Disruptions of the status quo — in aviation, technology, revolutions, energy resources and “news from underground” are likely to make headlines. Also on Monday — but likely to be reflected in headlines beforehand — a challenge between aggressive Mars and ruthless Pluto that suggests extreme action and persuasive force, for better or for worse.

If you were born around the 1st of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet or angle around 8-11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you are more likely to feel the pressure to “make it or break it” continuing on for the next few days. Book an appointment with your local astrologer for guidance and strategies. As someone who happens to have a planet at 8 degrees of Aries, I can say from personal experience that sharp knives and other metal objects should be handled with great care. I’ve cut myself twice this week doing utterly mundane tasks, making typing this forecast quite a challenge. D’oh!

And now, the news.

I confess I was expecting a truly freaky (Uranus)  act of aggression (Mars) to hit the wires by Christmas Day  and was somewhat miffed by its absence when I started writing this last night. Yeah, OK, there was a big ice storm that knocked out power in Maine, Michigan and Canada…a father who threw his young son off a building and jumped to his own death in New York (factor in the potentially cold, cruel behavior of Venus retrograde in Capricorn)…and yet another story of anger involving airplanes. Oh, and the markets are going nuts. Then the BBC reported an “exceptional” event in Argentina, in which 70 bathers were injured by a school of ravenous piranhas. Truly freaky. Astrology strikes again.

But planetary patterns don’t just show up in the headlines; they can be reflected in daily life, too. Here’s an example of how the visionary potential of  mental Mercury aligned with Neptune in Pisces and the “sudden breakthrough” potential of action hero Mars with rebel Uranus was reflected quite unexpectedly (Uranus) in my day yesterday.

I’d made an appointment with the lovely and talented Claudia Rosenhouse Raiken,  whose exquisite hands and loving energy make her one of the most extraordinary cranio-sacral therapists I’ve ever worked with (New Yorkers, take note). Claudia’s unique approach also includes visualization techniques (Neptune!), which facilitates healing (more Neptune) and breakthroughs in consciousness (Uranus!) Claudia is also an extraordinary doula (her true calling), and has assisted in over 200 births since 2011.

Now what is a birth if not a profound push forward, and thus a perfect higher expression of Mars-Uranus energy? And how perfectly timed could it be that Claudia’s work is included in a book that will published next week called Dreambirth: Transforming the Journey of Childbirth with Imagery? This powerful tome is chock-full of empowering and healing visualization exercises for every aspect of the birthing journey, including pre-conception, postpartum, miscarriages and abortions. There are exercises for prospective fathers and same-sex partners, too, including some super-cool visualizations that facilitate connections with the soul of the unborn child.

Point is, in a period of heavy Mars-Uranus-Neptune-Mercury activity, you could be attacked by a school of ravenous piranhas (Neptune does rule fish)…or you could make the startling discovery of a book about dreams, birthing/breakthroughs and healing. Planetary patterns have many levels of expression…for better or for worse…and often, the choice is up to you. What healing breakthroughs have you manifested this week, hmmm? Better to choose that option than to slice off a small chunk of your index finger with a pair of scissors…

Plan your strategy for the the New Year with a personal astro-logical consultation! Here’s how to contact me.

Donations are always welcome, with gratitude for your expression of appreciation. I’ll also mail you a nifty Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide bookmark, so you’ll always know when that trickster planet is doing its backwards shuffle — and how to handle it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/18/2012: Mark Zuckerberg & the Facebook Obsession

Information about worth and  thinking about the way things should be could dominate the day, as mental Mercury runs wild in the materialistic, resistant-to-change sign of Taurus. And that’s where the Moon — the planet that drives the need of the day — is, as of 6:03 AM ET.

Add to this mix a separating — but still optimistic and expansive Sun-Jupiter hook-up (also in Taurus). Toss in an over-the-top waste of emotions, suggested by loving Venus retrograde in an obsessive connection with ruthless Pluto, plus an equally obsessive connection between old guard Saturn (corporations, structure, discipline) and avant garde Uranus (innovation, rebel, technology). Mix it up with the lingering afterglow of the dazzling pixie dust of the challenging Mars (action) – Neptune (illusion, ideal) opposition that’s been reflected in the news since March.

Sounds like a perfect backdrop for the most talked about IPO in history — a.k.a. the sale of publicly traded stock in Facebook. And with regal Leo on the Ascendant at 11AM ET in New York, it’s hard to imagine this event disappointing in terms of projected confidence and regal glamour. Overvalued? With Venus retrograde, perhaps. Venus is the co-ruler of the MC (public status) of the IPO chart (assuming it starts on time), suggesting it may not be “full speed ahead” as it adjusts to its new public status. And really, who launches anything on a dead Moon just days before an eclipse? Someone who has not consulted an astrologer! Looking at the chart for the launch of Facebook on February 4, 2004, we immediately see Pluto and Uranus right on Facebook’s Saturn (structure)…suggesting a disruption of the status quo & enormous effort and controls required against a threat (real or imagined) of possible loss. Let’s see where that stock is a year from now.

In your own personal world, note the inspired visions that hit you around lunchtime on the East Coast. How will they influence your management of the potentially overwhelming flow of information likely driving this day? The need here is to make visions real…and on a Friday, no less. It’s usually lovely to have the Moon in sensual Taurus through the weekend, giving you time to indulge in feel-good activities — whatever makes you feel comfortable and secure. Do your major shopping on Saturday, as the Moon is void of course from 8:35AM – 7:05PM ET on Sunday.

More on Facebook — specifically, Mark Zuckerberg (5/14/84 — time unknown — White Plains, NY). Today I was watching an interview with him from several years ago. He comes across as very calm and controlled  on camera — a rock solid Taurus. But was that a bit of a stare I saw in his expression? Where was the Scorpio in his horoscope, I wondered (the “Scorpio stare” is not an astrological myth; it’s a fact).

Sure enough, Moon, aggressive Mars and disciplined Saturn are all  together in Scorpio. How this man needs to be seen as a person of depth and substance, using knowledge for the sake of power and control! How he could build all the way down to hell…or all the way up to heaven! Rebel genius Uranus in pie-in-the-sky Sagittarius runs wild in the horoscope — seeking an anchor with two key midpoints that suggest a need for a strong sense of purpose and a soulful need to be of service. Ruthless Pluto — also in Scorpio — challenges mental Mercury, suggesting incisive thinking and a mind that could shred you to pieces if provoked. Driving passions…to the point of obsession? Sure, the horoscope suggests those, too. Nebulous Neptune is at the Aries Point, suggesting a need to become known for working with intangibles. Other measurements suggest an instinctive nose for business and an earthy, practical generosity.

Happy Friday!