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Tuesday 5/28/2019: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Jupiter Makes It BIG

Happy Tuesday!

If you’re adding an extra day to the Memorial Day weekend, good for you. The Moon is in Pisces — and void of course since 12:21 AM ET. It won’t enter Aries — with verve and focus — until 2:32 PM ET. Avid Readers know that Moon voids are apt times to avoid launching an initiative you hope will be of consequence. That includes major purchases. Stick to routine concerns; allow yourself to wander, even if you never make it to the office. Know that crises which crop up are likely much ado about nothing. Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. One of those flakes could even be you. Today I almost poured cold water over my freshly-ground coffee; my mind was not quite focused.   If you are new to this forecast and unfamiliar with Moon voids, here’s a primer.

Once the Moon enters Aries at 2:32 PM ET, see if you notice the energetic shift. An Aries Moon needs to pick up the pace and charge ahead — possibly even falling down stairs or off a cliff in its rush to get wherever it’s going FIRST. That me-me-me Aries Moon will drive the week until 12:43 AM ET on Friday, when a Taurus Moon demands that we consolidate our great ideas into something establishing a status quo.

And what great ideas we are likely to see in the headlines this week — some of which may not be based on reality! Right now we’re under the influence of a challenging pattern (a square) between Mercury (how we need to think) and Neptune (vision, deception and fog).  That’s exact on WEDNESDAY at 9:23 PM ET. On THURSDAY, a need for idealism in matters of women, art, values and money is reflected by a harmony (sextile) between Venus and Neptune, exact at 12:51 PM ET. Pushing the envelope at 11:12 PM ET is an opposition between Mercury (ideas) and Jupiter (expansion). I anticipate big initiatives involving publishing, sports, courts, foreigners and/or horses, with this caveat: while Mercury and Jupiter are both in signs they rule (Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively), each is also in the sign of the other’s detriment. A traditional astrologer would say that Mercury is not at its best in Sagittarius; Jupiter is not at its best in Gemini. Let’s see what happens.

On THURSDAY we will also have the Moon’s weekly clash with patriarchal Saturn and potent Pluto, at 5:16 AM ET and 11:08 AM ET respectively. An authoritative advance/wet blanket, followed by an emotional catharsis or power play may make headlines.  On FRIDAY, the day begins with the Moon’s weekly clash with rebel Uranus, exact at 9:26 AM ET. That’s followed by a harmony between a high-functioning Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This pattern supports that day’s Taurus Moon in its efforts to preserve the status quo in matters of of women, money, art and social expression. On SUNDAY Venus will trine Pluto, facilitating depth and potential transformation and/or extremes.

We will have a New Moon in Gemini on MONDAY at 6:02 AM ET.

In other news, here is Tarot Diva Beth Owls Daughter’s Card of the Week. It’s the Five of Cups — same card that was pulled for the week of April 8th-14th. Here are some of the headlines from that week, with corresponding planetary patterns. As with this week, we see Mercury in a challenging relationship with Jupiter. The Five of Cups suggests a potential loss, but Beth’s weekly card pulls are usually spot-on.

And now, the news.

Two major patterns dominated the headlines last week — and will continue to do so. First is the highly toxic austere/patriarchal/authoritarian crush of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node closerthanthis — but not quite exact — in corporate Capricorn. This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up. The second pattern is the second of three squares (a challenging aspect) between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. To recap Jupiter square Neptune, from  January 6th:

Another dominant pattern for 2019 in this New Moon is the first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune (exact on January 13th, June 9th and September 21st). Pushing the limits of faith? In Sagittarius, Jupiter refers to expansion and/or excess in matters including, but not limited to: opinion, dogma, horses, liver, pancreas, optimism, bombast, foreigners, media, law. In Pisces, Neptune refers to fish, oceans, drugs, spirits, lies, fog, refugees, victims, gurus, viruses, chemicals, toxins, suicide, etc.  Here’s one of many headlines reflecting this pattern: “Japan’s Sushi King Pays $3 Million for Giant BlueFin Tuna.” That’s one BIG (Jup iter) FISH (Neptune), and it wouldn’t command such a high price if it weren’t so SCARCE (Saturn-Sun-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn).

Isn’t it interesting that with the second Jupiter (big!) – Neptune (fish! lies!) square just days away from being exact, we saw this headline in the NYT: “He Claimed He Caught  a Record-Breaking Fish. Now He’s Being Called a Liar.”

As you know, Jupiter turned retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius in April. It backed up to 22 degrees Sagittarius on May 11th; 21 Sagittarius on May 21 and will hit 20 Sagittarius on May 30th. Why is this signifcant? As you know from prior posts, P45’s Moon and toxic South Node are at 21 and 20 Sagittarius; his Sun is at 22 Gemini (directly opposite 22 Sagittarius). So we were able to anticipate months ago that he would be pushing boundaries yugely during this time.

Also note that transiting Jupiter at 21-22 Sagittarius activates the wiggy Mars-Neptune square in the horoscope of the United States, expanding our national idealism/fixation in matters of cowboys, guns, religion and glamour (to name a few).  After Jupiter turns direct on August 12th at 14 Sagittarius, it will hit 20-22 Sagittarius for the third and last time (in this cycle) in October. That’s when we will see more boundary-pushing action from P45, resulting in headlines similar to these:

Random counterpunch: “Texas secretary of state resigns after botched voter purge that questioned the citizenship of 100,000 people.”

Meanwhile, in VP Land, note that Mike Pence has Mercury at 21 Gemini — tied to the U.S. Mars-Neptune square — and activated by transiting Jupiter:

In other news…

As you know, Neptune refers to drugs and Jupiter is still BIG“Oklahoma takes on drugmakers Johnson & Johnson and Teva in landmark opioid trial”

Meanwhile, you may recall that when Chiron entered Aries back in March for an eight-year stay, one of the themes we could expect to see addressed in the headlines was “toxic masculinity.” Earlier this month I neglected to mention a gripping NYT Sunday magazine cover story on that exact subject. And even though I expected to see it addressed, it was still a “wow!’ when it was published. Astrology is amazing.

In countries that are not the United States:

In other news, with Uranus (upsets) now in Taurus (retail, stuff, food, banks, cows), we expect to see disruption/shocks in those areas over the next seven years:

UPDATE: CNN’s Jim Acosta was discussed back in November. Given patterns observed back then, it is no surprise that he’s just published a book called “The Enemy of the People.” Plus, transiting Jupiter is squaring his Venus at 22 Pisces.

Random boundary-pushing stories with cosmic (Neptune) themes:

And finally, Randy Rainbow’s horoscope is right on schedule. I wrote about it in the Jun/Jul issue of Mountain AstrologerBack in January, Rainbow released his brilliant satirical take on All Things P45, set to “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago. That was when transiting Jupiter was at 22 Sagittarius, triggering his Mars-Neptune opposition at 22 Gemini-Sagittarius. We can expect another creation any minute now — and oh lookie, here it is, hot off the press, and it’s called “Just Impeach Him.” But wait — there’s more! Posted on WaPo just two hours ago: “Randy Rainbow’s witty world: how a musical nerd reinvented political satire for the YouTube age.” 

I have yet to find a more empowering tool for understanding why you are the way you are and why things happen when they do. Have  you? To find out when things are likely to happen in your life, why not consider scheduling a personal consultation to discuss your horoscope. Plan B: if you find this forecast engaging and informative, you may support the work by making a one-time or monthly contribution to the Cosmic Tip Jar.

With gratitude.

Thank you for reading this forecast.








Monday 2/6/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Aries is for Action

Good morning!

The pixie chatterbox buzz of the Moon in Gemini drives the day, questing for information, wit and entertainment. It all goes swimmingly — with a potential wet blanket or executive reach at 5:53 PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by controlling Saturn. Moon then goes void until 2:03 AM ET TUESDAY; stick to routine in the evening and avoid making mountains out of molehills.

Your other Moon voids for the week: WEDNESDAY 5 PM ET until 4:41 AM ET on THURSDAY; SATURDAY 12:52 AM until 8:52 AM ET. In other words — no real Moon void flakes and twists to disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone — so it’s onward, onward, onward!

Planetary patterns of note this week. On TUESDAY, Mercury finally leaves Capricorn, where it’s been for most of the past two months. At 4:36 AM ET it enters Aquarius, seeking to organize thinking and communication into a cerebral and  socially significant form. On THURSDAY, the Aquarius Sun is in harmony with Uranus — look for headlines involving technology, aviation and humanitarian concerns — the more idealistic, the better, given that on FRIDAY, Mercury and Venus will also be in harmony. On SATURDAY the Sun will be in harmony with expansive Jupiter — how potentially nice for you if you have a planet or angle around 23 degrees of Aquarius, Gemini or Libra.

So — no tough patterns — except brief ones to the Moon.  Don’t squander this easy flow — do something! Wednesday is the most volatile day, as the Moon makes its weekly contacts to Uranus and Pluto. Note that emotions are building to a crest this week. On Friday the Moon will be full at 7:33 PM ET — in love-love-me-do Leo. This Full Moon is also an eclipse — and we’ll write more about that later this week.

And now, the news.

Hard to believe that the last time I wrote about Alec Baldwin’s horoscope — almost three years ago — he was announcing his retirement from public life. How things change! Like….a  series of Jupiter transits to his Aries Sun, the first of which happened on November 12th, suggesting opportunities for ego expansion that are likely to continue through the first half of the year. If you didn’t see Mr. Baldwin’s latest star turn on SNL, here it is.  And here is another show-stopper: Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer — a Moon-in-Gemini newsy buzz yesterday morning.  As one of my writing teachers used to say, “Comedy is a coping strategy for pain.” Enjoy!

On Friday, a federal appeals judges upheld the stay on P45’s efforts to ban Muslims from seven select countries, reflecting the stubborn “keep things as they are” resolve of Friday’s First Quarter Moon in Taurus. Meanwhile, art and women continued to pull focus, as we would expect with Venus at the Aries Point. In New York, MoMA made headlines when it replaced some of its permanent collection with works created by artists from those seven targeted countries. That night, “art” made national news again when riders in a Manhattan subway car worked together to remove deplorable graffiti that was scrawled all over the interior. Did you know that hand sanitizer removes Sharpie ink? I didn’t, and am now resolved to carry a little bottle with me at all times, along with a pack of tissues.

In other news, half a million Romanians are protesting its newly-installed prime minister, who has been in office for barely a month. See? It’s not just us. The patterns we are experiencing now — similar to what we had in the mid-60s and early 30s — have a global reach.

Here are the alleged best and worst ads from the Super Bowl. As written here two years ago, the “Deflategate” scandal proved to be of no consequence. The Patriots won. Here, a psychologist explains how fans could be A-OK with their  team’s questionable behavior .

Two things in closing. First, we’ve got Venus and Mars in Aries and we’re working with New Moon energy. This is a week that screams action — but some may hesitate. Why? Do you need some inspiration and motivation? Let me introduce you to one of my former bosses — Bill Hartnett — who has learned a lot since his horoscope was hit by Uranus and Pluto simultaneously a few years ago. As you will see from his blog, he’s a changed man. Here is the post that can help you get out of your rut. Consider the proactive needs of  Aries as the wind at your back. Do it!

Other posts on Bill’s site are well worth the read, especially if you are feeling frustrated by your search for the Next Big Thing.

Second, Beth Owlsdaughter has posted her Tarot Card for the Week — and as always, it is in tune with planetary patterns. Beth is a wise and wonderful writer.

You may remember that I mentioned back in August that Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s been doing an extremely harsh series of chemo since then. She hasn’t been able to work, but she has written her Card of the Week without fail — she a fighter with a generous heart. Tomorrow Beth  is scheduled for surgery — a  double mastectomy, to be followed by a series of radiation treatments. I would not wish this experience on anyone.

Several months ago, a friend of Beth’s created a GoFundMe page — collecting donations to help Beth with deductibles, co-pays, loss of income, etc. The statistics on the GoFundMe page are fascinating. I love quantitative data. Check this out:

  • The campaign goal is $20,000.
  • In six months, 212 kind-hearted people have given a total of  $12,358
  • That averages out to $58.30 per person.
  • This is not the fascinating part.

The fascinating part is that the campaign has been shared on social media by 729 people. 729 — subtract 212 — and that means that at least 517 people were moved enough by the noble goals of the campaign to SHARE the post, but not actually SUPPORT it with energy in a material form. But if those 517 people had each contributed $14.78, the $20,000 goal would have been made!

Why did those 517 people share the fundraising campaign, but not be moved enough to contribute actual dollars to the effort? This is what I want to know. What are the consequences for society as a whole?  I am pondering this deep question, as I ponder the wisdom of Bill Hartnett’s blog post on how he realized that he wasn’t doing what needed to be done to move forward. Perhaps this will inspire you to ponder…and then DO SOMETHING, too.

Thinking of Beth with much love...and much love to each and every one of you, too. What’s that quote?

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

Maybe that’s the answer to the question.

But still…$14.78…geez….

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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We will have an excellent discussion together.