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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 6/29-30/2016: This Space Intentionally Left Blank

The dust of the start of a volatile week settles somewhat with the Moon’s ingress into Taurus at 6:03AM ET. A Taurus Moon seeks stability, comfort and security. It is often resistant to change, preferring to keep things “the way they ought to be,” whatever that means to a Moon in Taurus mind. A harmonious connection between the nurturing Cancer Sun and the sensual Taurus Moon at 8:29PM ET suggests a easy flow of matters “touchy-feely.”  Taking pleasure in creature comforts — with gratitude — would be an apt part of this day. And now I’m laughing because a discussion has just popped up on my Facebook feed about the expression “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Synchronicity!

Meanwhile, thoughts and communication related to emotional/family/homeland security are likely to be prominent, as Mercury enters Cancer. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that planets at very beginning of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra need prominence. Also prominent today — but for other reasons — is Mars, planet of men, action and aggression. Mars is pulling greater focus because it is at a dead stop (from our perspective on Earth), about to turn direct at 7:38PM ET. Planets pull focus when they change direction.  If you were born around the 15th of November, August, May or February…or if you have a planet or angle around 22-24 Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo, you’re feeling the heat more than most in June and July.

Humming in the background is an approaching face-off between Venus (women, money, arts, social expression) and Pluto (resources, power, perspective, the murky depths), exact at 11:29PM ET. This adds another dose of emotional intensity to the mix, potentially clearing the air and changing perspective, but not without a power struggle.

Keep ego and outbursts in check, and you can have a productive THURSDAY, using the Taurus Moon’s consolidating energy to advance your plans for world domination. Be aware that the Moon goes void at 8:19PM ET on a face-off with Mars. The Moon-Mars pattern suggests tenacity or a stubborn clash of will, for better or for worse. The void suggests you roll with any flakes or twists, and CHILL over “crises” that may crop up. Moon enters Gemini at 7:44AM ET on FRIDAY…and I can’t believe that half the year is over.

And now, the news.

Speaking of the above Venus-Pluto face-off, the Washington Post reports:

There’s great news for women who dread that annual pelvic exam (i.e. basically everyone). On Tuesday, a panel made up of medical experts that advise the government said that there’s not enough evidence to support doing them for women who are healthy and not pregnant.

It could be great news. Although right now, these annual exams are covered in all insurance policies as being medically necessary. Will women get a big break on their insurance premiums if it is decided that they must now pay out-of-pocket going forward? Women, resources, perspective. Venus-Pluto. Is less really more?

Mars at a standstill in Scorpio, ruthless and effective — in an uncomfortable relationship with sudden, erratic Uranus. Moon in rambunctious Aries, meeting up with Uranus and discordant Eris on Tuesday. We could see the potential for destruction in the headlines, starting with the suicide bombing at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Then there’s the story of former Colts running back  Zurlon Tipton accidentally shooting himself  at a car dealership.   Athletes, guns, accidents and cars — how much more Mars-Uranus can you get? Mr. Tipton did not survive.

Adding Venus-Pluto and a prominent Mercury (language, communication) to the mix we have  “The Marines Just Took ‘Man’ Out of 19 Job Titles, and People are Losing Their Minds.”   Add Saturn in Sagittarius’s need to control opinions, comedic and otherwise, and we have another ex-football player, Paul Gascoigne,  standing trial in the UK for allegedly making a racist joke at a…comedy show.

Earlier this week we were talking about the astrological symbolism of Eris and its current tension between Mars and Uranus:

…Eris, named for the Goddess of Discord, discussed in the April 2016 New Moon forecast. In the language of astrology, one manifestation of Eris would be outrage expressed by those who do not feel they have a place at the table. It would be the “have-nots” rising up against the perceived “haves.”  Eris will be in a tight meet-up — a conjunction — with rebel Uranus into 2017.

Today’s NYT has an op-ed by Bernie Sanders, whose Virgo Sun was graced by expansive Jupiter for the third and final time on June 18th. An op-ed published in the NYT is pretty expansive, don’t you think? When Senator Sanders announced his campaign last year, the strong potential for his social expression and action to heat up this summer (and into 2017) was noted. Last year, I was thinking of transiting Uranus supercharging his 22 degree Venus in Libra and 23 degree Mars Rx in Aries. With Eris involved, we can better understand why the Senator is so focused now on expressing outrage over income equality in the world. While he has vowed to vote for Hillary Clinton in November in order to defeat Whatshisname (thank you, peace-keeping Venus in Libra), he has not endorsed her yet.  He is not going to shut up about the wealthiest 62 people in the world having more wealth than half of the world’s population, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter (enthusiasm, bloviation, publishing) conjunct Trey Gowdy’s Mercury retrograde at 17 Virgo (“what I think in exacting detail, except for my double agenda”) has coincided with the release of the Absolutely Final Benghazi Report, an 800 page document that cost $7 million to produce.  The report has produced not much of interest, if you read the New York Times, or, if you read the Washington Times:

“There is new information on what happened in Benghazi, and that information should fundamentally change the way you view what happened in Benghazi. And there are recommendations made to make sure it does not happen again,” said Mr. Gowdy, pleading with Americans to read the full report and draw their own conclusions.

Mr. Gowdy then produced another 800 page report with recommendations to make sure that the daily toll of 27 Americans who are killed in gun homicides never happens again, either. All of the pages were blank.

OK, I made that up about Mr. Gowdy producing a second report.  But the “daily toll” stat is true.

In Mrs. Clinton’s horoscope on June 27th, we see a fast-moving, yet significant planetary pattern between the Sun and Moon, suggesting the potential for “seeing the light.”

Thank you for reading this forecast. To schedule a consultation to find out what all of these planetary shifts means for you, here’s the 411.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Friday 9/30-10/2/2015: A Mooon in Taurus & Politics As Usual

What a difference a day makes. In your own personal world, did you notice the shift between the charging forward  Moon in Aries and the comparatively calm, material comfort-oriented, “let’s not make any drastic changes” Moon in Taurus? The change happened at 2:57PM ET on Tuesday, and the Taurus Moon continues today. It goes void of course at 6:44AM ET on Thursday, and won’t shift into Gemini until 4:03PM ET. So if you must ship, get it off your desk today and focus on routine concerns during the Moon void portion of tomorrow.

A Taurus Moon facilitates our enjoyment of sensual pleasures: good food and drink, music and a snuggle with your sweetie. Indulge. Taurus also facilitates earthly concerns such as material security, organization and making tangible forms out of fiery ideas.

Today — right as I’m typing — we even have a brief Grand Trine happening, as the Taurus Moon makes harmonious connections between Mars-Jupiter in discerning Virgo and Pluto in status-seeking Capricorn. Grand Trines suggest self-sufficiency and an easy flow of energy that some label luck and/or abundance. Markets are up across the board this morning.   Coincidence or conspiracy? Who remembers the easy flow we experienced during a much longer-lasting Earth Grand Trine in March of 2012?

When the Moon enters Gemini at 4:03PM ET on Thursday, the drive of the day becomes one of information-sharing and communication. Some of what is circulated around 5:53PM ET may be experienced as a wet blanket, as the Moon is opposed by controlling Saturn. An argument over details and perfection may well be part of your experience around 11:30PM, as the Gemini Moon is challenged by Mars (action) in Virgo.

Note your dreams upon waking on Friday, as the Moon makes contact with visionary Neptune at 4:56AM ET. The last day of the work week offers an easy flow of expression in the morning hours (ET), followed by an expansive, expensive or exuberant release around 11:06AM ET, as the Moon is challenged by Jupiter.  Get the word out — but double check the details. Mercury is still retrograde!

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, it is an excellent time to finally screw up the courage to book that personal astrological consultation you’ve been contemplating for the past few months. You’ll learn where you are at now in the planetary cycles of life. Plus you’ll gain confidence, clarity and validation for whatever you’re wrestling with right now.

And now, the news.

Update: Kim Davis, whose horoscope suggests she’ll be feeling loved, loved, loved now and in the near-term future, went to Washington and met with Pope Francis, who reportedly advised her to “stay strong”. Ms. Davis also has a personal “above the law” Grand Trine. I wrote about her horoscope here and here.

Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren is stepping down as head of his empire.  With transiting Uranus having made the first opposition to his Libra Sun, we would expect him to be seeking greater independence and freedom of expression through 2016. At his stage in life, we can appreciate why he would choose to lighten his load.

With John Boehner also stepping down, two names have been bandied about as potential successors. Kevin McCarthy is the current House Majority Leader. He’s also an Aquarius with Moon in either Sagittarius or Scorpio – we do not have a birth time & time does not permit me to labor over his potential exact horoscope. But how interesting to see that Rep. McCarthy has an Earth Grand Trine — among Jupiter, Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and an exact conjunction between Mercury-Venus in Capricorn.

How lucky is he? When he was 19, he won $5000 in a lottery and he used that cash to start a business. What’s notable in his horoscope now is that transiting Uranus is exactly square to his fiercely idealistic Mercury-Venus conjunction. When he speaks now, people take notice! Other measurements of note: one between Mars and Neptune suggesting pixie-dust,  and another between the Sun and the Aries Point — this one gaining in strength over the next two years, suggesting prominence.

But what about Trey Gowdy?  And what was he thinking when he chose that garish tie for his official portrait? “With my Moon in Aquarius, I need to be appreciated for being unique?” Rep. Gowdy was elected during the Venus retrograde in November 2010, when we were alerted to the higher probability of aesthetic choices made that would later prove regrettable. He is a Tea Party Republican, and currently chairs the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which perhaps explains why, of the 11 bills he’s sponsored in his Congressional career, one of them was to “prohibit Libyan nationals from engaging in aviation maintenance, flight operations, or nuclear-related studies or training inside the United States,” a top legislative priority for his South Carolina constituents, I’m sure.

Anyhoo. Turns out that yesterday’s buzz about his potential leadership expansion was a Moon-void much ado about nothing, even though it did reflect the windfall potential of transiting Jupiter to Gowdy’s Uranus.  Interesting to note that like, Rep. McCarthy, he also has a self-sufficient, “law unto himself” Grand Trine — but in water signs: Venus-Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Scorpio and Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces.

Gowdy’s  Venus-Mars conjunction at 14-15 Cancer has been supercharged by Uranus and Pluto over the past couple of years, and focused on matters of homeland security, perhaps most visibly in the form of Benghazi. The shock value and disruptive potential Uranus might have added has passed, but Pluto’s power and persuasiveness will continue to amplify Gowdy’s social expression (Venus) and actions (Mars) through November 2016. Currently, transiting Saturn to his Sun and possibly his Moon suggests ambition or advance, but one which is streamlined and focused, not necessarily expansive. He’s staying put and staying focused.

Now there are rumors that Rep. Gowdy may leave Congress in 2016. They are unconfirmed, but they are being published anyway. I bring this to your attention because during Mercury retrograde, we note a higher probability of rumors garnering attention. Thus we are advised to slow down and VERIFY before rushing to conclusions….

…which has made writing this forecast today particularly challenging. For some reason I opted to write about the potential candidates for a new Speaker of the House, and this story just won’t stand still. Now Kevin McCarthy has — as anticipated — said something disruptive in an interview this morning — and certain people are howling that what Mr. McCarthy did was admit to what seems screamingly obvious to Those Howling: that the true purpose of the Benghazi committee –established in May of 2014 — was to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, spending millions at taxpayer expense.

With regard to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, we do not have an exact birth time and thus can’t be sure of her horoscope. There are two in circulation — one at 8:02AM and another after 8PM.  Astrologers disagree about which one is correct. Regardless, in both horoscopes under consideration, significant disruptions to the status quo impacting public status are strongly suggested in March and September.

The House will vote on a new Speaker next Thursday. If it happens before 3:50PM ET, the Moon will be void. Regardless, Mercury will be stationary direct (it moves forward on Friday, October 9th). Sounds like politics as usual.

I’m throwing in the towel for the day. Out of curiosity, I searched my archives to see if I’d tagged anything else about Benghazi in past forecasts. I found one reference — curiously written on another day with a Grand Trine. Remind me not to write about anything remotely involving this morass ever again.

Thank you for reading this forecast!