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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/8/2012: Venus in Aries: More on Mitt & Rick

Process whatever emotional fallout remains from yesterday’s big, bold Full Moon in Leo while the Moon wraps up its sojourn in Leo this morning. You’ll have plenty of grounded energy to work with, suggested by a steady connection from Moon to sober Saturn, exact at 11:42AM ET. Then, after a brief Moon Void (blink and you’ll miss it), Moon returns to earth at 12:32PM ET, when it enters Virgo (an earth sign) and is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 12:52PM ET.

On the plus side, this combination of practicality and attention to detail (the Saturn influence and Moon in Virgo), along with the inspiration suggested by Neptune can facilitate most excellent progress in bringing intangible ideas into tangible form. Toward the end of the day and into the evening, enthusiasm and resources for creating tangible forms will likely be evident, as the Moon moves into harmonious connections with Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (resources). All eyes are on the markets right now — will we reach a new high? Given the supportive planetary patterns that have been active in the horoscope of the United States for the past few months (involving the aforementioned Jupiter and Pluto), it seems likely…though I can’t rule out a possible surprise or upset when Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, makes an exact aspect with US’s Venus (which relates to finances) later this month. Perhaps a surprise to the upside…

Speaking of Venus, the planet of money, beauty and social expression entered Aries this morning at 1:01AM ET — and won’t that be wonderful for Rick Santorum, who has Venus at 5 degrees of Aries (yes, it will be wonderful — for Santorum and others with planets in early Aries). Santorum, in case you hadn’t heard, was declared the winner in the Republican primaries of Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado last night  But this should come as no surprise to readers of this forecast, who were briefed on planetary patterns consistent with Santorum’s sudden surge in popularity vs. the Neptunian fog affecting Mitt Romney’s personal projection in earlier posts (search the archives for the details). That fog in Mitt’s horoscope is here to stay for the rest of the year; managing it successfully will likely continue to be challenging.

Venus is Aries is a bit of a flirt, frankly. It needs a much more personal and passionate expression than…say…Venus in “I love you but don’t take it personally” Aquarius (Mitt has that placement; Venus in Aquarius wants to be your best friend, not necessarily your lover. For this, it is often accused of being somewhat cool and detached). Venus in Aries right now should spice up our social interactions for the rest of the month and inspire you to connect with new people. This week you may even connect with some weird, wacky people, suggested by a hook-up between Venus and rebel Uranus that is exact tomorrow at 9:30PM ET. Get out and mingle over the next few days; the experience could be just the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/21/2011: Patterns Repeating

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview past experiences, so that we can REmember important details. As the saying goes, those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Thus I was struck by an article in yesterday’s NY Times about “tsunami stones.” These are stone tablets, some apparently 600 years old, which can be found along the coast of Japan. Chiseled on these stones are helpful warnings, such as, “Do not build your homes below this point!” Imagine survivors of a tsunami that happened 600 years ago putting up a billboard so that future generations might avoid disaster.  The writer of the article mentions one village in particular whose citizens heeded stones’ sage advice; their homes were not destroyed by the most recent tsunami.  Here’s the article

Point is, tsunamis have been happening for a looooong time, and they will continue to happen. This is a fact of life. Planetary patterns have been happening for a looooong time, too. They run in cycles that repeat over and over. Astrologers can see them coming. Some cycles are longer than others; these would be cycles involving the outer planets: Pluto (yes, PLUTO), Uranus and Neptune. So if we can look back at past cycles and note what happened during those times, and we can see the next cycle coming, we should be able to prepare ourselves — and avoid mistakes we might have made in the past, right? For example, for the past few years and continuing over the next several years we will be experiencing a cycle between “resistance is futile” Pluto and disruptive Uranus that was active in the 30s and the 60s. What happened during those decades? Does anyone remember? What did we learn?

So much for big picture theories. Now on to today: Venus, representing the way we need to express ourselves socially, zips into impulsive Aries just after midnight EDT. Venus in Aries is a bit of a flirt; if you’re looking for a spring fling, this transit just might bring it, especially as Venus gets closer to electric Uranus on Friday. Impulsive, fresh, pioneering, courageous. Just be advised that Venus-Uranus attractions can vaporize as quickly as they materialized. And yet they can be oh-so exciting. 

Moon goes void at 12:57PM EDT in the sign of Sagittarius. Do something creative and/or relaxing that will broaden your horizons, even if it’s just a walk in the woods. Or mingle with an international, offbeat crowd.